Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop? [2021]

Choosing the best snowblower for your driveway can be a challenging task. Whether you shop online or offline, you will find an endless selection from single, two, and three-stage models with varying widths and a massive array of features. Those who haven’t bought a snowblower unit for a long time, you may get overwhelmed with the newer models packed with high-end features.

Troy-Bilt offers a massive range of snowblowers suitable for any snowfall. You will find single-stage blowers for the light powder to two-stage snowblowers that tear through thick layers and three-stage models for difficult snow conditions. These include popular units like the Squall 208E and the Storm 2890. 

This Troy-Bilt snowblowers review will give you a rundown of the best snowblowers that Troy-Bilt developed over the years. It will also include an in-depth product review, a summary of Troy-Bilt’s company history, and an FAQ section.

Looking around at Troy-Bit’s wide selection of snowblowers, you will find great selections of features and powerful engines. The problem comes in on how to decide which snowblower to consider. Have a look at this Troy-Bilt snowblower product review to help you decide.

Top 10 Best Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers Reviewed

  1. Squall 208E Single-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt – Best Overall 
  2. Storm 2890 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt – Best Value
  3. Vortex 2490 Three-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt – Editor’s Choice
  4. Arctic Storm 30 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt
  5. Polar Blast 3310 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt 
  6. Storm 2410 Two-Stage Snowblower by Troy-Bilt
  7. Storm 2460 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt 
  8. Squall 2100 Single-Stage Snowblower by Troy-Bilt 
  9. Vortex 2890 Three-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt
  10. Storm 2625 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

#1. Squall 208E Single-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt – Best Overall

Squall 208E Single-Stage Snow Thrower   

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Troy-Bilt’s Squall 208E is a single-stage snow thrower that works best for light snow. This snow thrower can help you tackle the heaviest snow conditions with its impressive performance and power. It has a 208cc engine with a clearing width of 21 inches, and 13-inch intake height, enough surface area for one person to walk through.

The Squall 208E uses an E-Z chute that rotates 180°. Instead of taking difficult steps, you can turn the E-Z chute with the two-way remote control for efficient snow displacement. Plus, it can throw snow up to 30 feet from your location. 

Another winning feature is the ergonomic folding handles for a secure and comfortable grip. It also comes with thick tires for effective traction on the ground. Getting it started is also easy. No need to punish your arm by pulling on a handle for recoil start since it has an electric start with push-button.


Push-button electric startHeavy snow may cause jammed wheels
Powerful and efficientNo padding on the handlebar
Adjustable chute
No headlights

#2. Storm 2890 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt – Best Value

Storm 243cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower (2890)   

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The Troy-Bilt Storm 2890 has one of the most silent engines for a snow thrower. This machine works best for homeowners who often go snow clearing at sleep-friendly hours. Its 243cc engine with a patented NoiseGuard Technology makes it less likely to wake up neighbors. Not only that, this machine comes with extra features that make snow clearing easier without exerting any effort.

The Storm 2890 offers a great combination of convenience and power, making it a smart purchase. It has a wide clearing width of 28 inches with a 21-inch intake height. The serrated steel augers can tear up snow and toss it through the manually adjustable chute. Plus, the machine gives you more control without exerting strength through the Just-One Hand Operation and Touch N’ Turn power steering.

The all-wheel-drive with airless tires gives the thrower better grip and traction. It also comes with six forward and two reverse speeds that make it easy to control. Once you’re in action, the Storm 2890 will you the ability to knock out snow a few feet tall. It also has incredible maneuverability that lets you work around tight spaces.

Easy control without too much effortIts quiet engine is not a standard feature.
Very quiet machine Difficult assembly

#3. Vortex 2490 Three-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt Editor’s Choice

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch Three Stage Gas Snow Thrower   

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For those who live in areas that experience extremely heavy and wet snowfall, getting a three-stage snow blower is an ideal choice. The Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 breaks down a snow’s structure to make it easier to feed into the machine and blow out at a further distance. Although the Vortex 2490 is one of their first three-stage models, Troy-Bilt assures that it delivers impressive performance.

The Vortex 2490 is ideal for extensive areas that encounter heavy snowstorms. With its 24-inch clearing width and intake height of 21 inches, it will help you tear through the toughest snow conditions. The 12-inch serrated steel augers and accelerator effectively demolishes heavy, wet snow to softer, processed snow. 

This snowblower also comes with several features, such as heated handgrips, electric start, headlight, and a single-hand, four-way chute control. It uses power steering by pulling the trigger to turn the machine in your preferred direction. Meanwhile, the four-way chute control lets you adjust the snow chute in four different ways so you can send the snow wherever you like.

Accelerator spins 10x fasterAuger and accelerator may need replacements
Four-way snow chuteNot practical for small yards with soft snow

#4. Arctic Storm 30 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

Arctic Storm 30 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower   

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The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm is a powerful two-stage snow blower that can handle the deepest and heaviest snow. This machine resembles a savage beast that plows through everything on its way.  It is a reliable gas-powered snowblower with all the helpful features you will need, including a 357cc engine that can tackle 18 inches of snow with a clearing width of 30 inches.

The Arctic Storm 30 has 14-inch serrated augers that break up snow and ice and comes to life with a simple push of its electric start button. Like other Troy-Bilt Storm Series, this model uses a one-handed operation system and Touch N’ Turn power steering to give you ultimate control with no extra effort. Meanwhile, it also has an adjustable chute on four different positions to prevent blowback.

Additional features for this snowblower includes in-dash headlights, heated handgrips, X-tract tires for superior traction, etc. Despite its relatively high price, the Arctic Storm 30 guarantees that it will help you tackle deep, heavy snow in all winter months of the year. 

Adjustable polymer skid shoes
A little pricey

#5. Polar Blast 3310 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

Polar Blast 3310 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower   

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Homeowners who own big front yards with wide driveways need a powerful snowblower with a wider clearing width. Troy-Bilt’s Polar Blast 3310 is the ideal choice since its serrated steel augers can tear through snow 33 inches wide with an intake height of 22 inches deep. It is ideal for areas with heavy snowfall or commercial use. 

The Polar Blast 3310 is suitable for heavy-duty jobs. It comes with a powerful 357cc OHV engine to help you clear large amounts of snow easier. Like other high-quality models, this snowblower uses a 16-inch impeller and auger for extra force. It can grind up pieces of snow and ice formed in thick layers. 

This model utilizes a one-hand-operation and Touch N’ Turn power steering to minimize exertion. The adjustable snow chute pivots 180° to prevent blowback issues. For smooth maneuverability, this machine uses thick, airless X-Trac tires to plow through easily on snow.  

Powerful machine for thick layers of snow
Two-year warranty only
Minimizes exertionRelatively expensive

#6. Storm 2410 Two-Stage Snowblower by Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt 24 in. Two-Stage 208cc Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower Storm 2410 Model   

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Is your driveway getting smaller with the snow piles mounting up? Reclaim your space with the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Snowblower. It works wonderfully on icy snow piles, as you can direct the machine where you want it to eliminate snow piles. The Storm 2410 is an entry-level, two-stage snow thrower that cuts drifts like butter and mounts to add drift cutters.  

The Storm 2410 has a 24-inch clearing width and a 21-inch intake height. It has big reflective stripes that serve as a great safety addition, and the paint job increases visibility. This model uses a 179cc engine that is quieter than other comparable competitors. Those who don’t like exerting effort on their shoulders, you may find the electric start button very helpful.

The engine comes with a dedicated oil drain tube for hassle-free maintenance and a metal fuel tank to keep it running for long hours. The machine utilizes a seven forward and two reverse speeds. It boasts of its impressive traction, thanks to its X-tract tires. When in tight areas, you can easily push the unit forward or backward at favorable speeds.   

Powers through compacted snow
Noisier than other units
Changing directions is easyNo power steering

#7. Storm 2460 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

Storm 2460 Two-Stage Snow Thrower   

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The Storm 2460 is a Troy-Bilt two-stage snowblower, featuring 15-inch airless tires that never go flat. It utilizes a 208cc engine that provides sufficient power and endurance to tear through snow easily. This unit offers loads of advanced features from its powerful engine performance to its superior ergonomic abilities.

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 uses a 12-inch serrated steel auger with 24-inch clearing width and 21-inch intake height. It comes with a self-propelled drive with six forward and two reverse speeds, giving you versatility and control in winter conditions. On the other hand, it uses an extended chute design that minimizes blowback on the operator.

This model provides a ‘Just One Hand Operation,’ allowing you to direct the machine with a single hand. Meanwhile, you can use your other hand to adjust the chute direction without stopping the engine. This way, clearing up the snow will not take a lot of time. You can also clear your driveway at night or dawn since it comes with an in-dash headlight for improved visibility. 

Long snow chute with a good throwing distanceVery pricey
High-quality snow clearing machine

#8. Squall 2100 Single-Stage Snowblower by Troy-Bilt

Squall 2100 208cc Single-Stage Snowblower   

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The Squall 2100 from Troy-Bilt is a single-stage snowblower ideal for smaller drives with light to moderate snow fall. Its standout feature is the 208cc four-cycle engine, where you don’t have to mix oil, and has no smoke emission. It has a respectable clearing width of 21 inches with drift cutters to cut through drifts. 

The Squall 2100 comes mostly assembled, but you have to add the chute and drift cutters, unfold the handles, and pour in the included oil. For cold starts, this unit has a built-in electric starter, where you can hook up the included extension cord, and you’re all set. Since it utilizes a four-cycle engine, you may expect that it is a little quieter.

This Troy-Bilt model comes with additional features to make snow removal convenient for you. It comes with a chute direction handle that you can easily lock into position. You can adjust the angle tension through the knob located at the pivot point. The key, primer, and choke are all accessible even you have gloves on. 

Easy to start amid cold weatherTires get packed with heavier, wet snow.

#9. Vortex 2890 Three-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 357cc Electric Start 28-Inch Three-Stage Gas Snow Thrower   

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The Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 is a heavy-duty snowblower that can handle anything whatever winter throws at you. It is a three-stage snowblower that uses a 357cc engine, perfect for heavy winter work with less time and effort. This model comes with convenient and easy-to-use controls despite being a heavy-duty machine.

The Vortex 2890 has a clearing width of 28 inches and a 21-inch intake height. In addition to this, Troy-Bilt includes a Touch N’ Turn power steering with a self-propelled drive system for smooth controls and easy maneuvering. It means you don’t have to exert too much effort on your shoulders to push or pull in heavy snow.

Another feature that contributes to its convenient handling is the one-hand operation. You can use a joystick to control the chute movement with one hand. It’s also efficient enough to throw snow over far distances and prevent snow blowback from harming you.

Power steering feature
Acts like a plower than a thrower on wet snow
Clears wide area rangeCan be a little noisy

#10. Storm 2625 Two-Stage Snow Thrower by Troy-Bilt

Storm 2625 243cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower   

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The Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 is a two-stage, gas-powered snow blower that uses a powerful 243cc four-stroke gasoline engine with a two-way start feature: the electric start system and the pull-start handle. This model rolls around with its 15-inch tires with excellent grip in snow. As a self-propelled blower, this machine has six forward and two reverse speeds.

You can use the Storm 2625 whether in paved or unpaved areas. It utilizes reversible skid shoes when you want to adjust the auger housing’s ground clearance. The 12-inch serrated steel auger and impeller blades are efficient enough to churn up and chow snowfall. What’s more, it comes with a two-way joystick chute control to help you change the chute direction while operating the unit.

The Storm 2625 has a clearing width of 26 inches and an intake height of 21 inches. Like other Troy-Bilt units, it comes with ‘Just One Hand’ operation to free your other hand to adjust other controls. It also has airless tires to eliminate the worry about having flat tires while providing strong traction in snowy areas.

Produces high throw powerRequires proper maintenance
Handle all types of snowChallenging on fluffy snow

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Troy-Bilt Snowblowers 

Troy-Bilt’s snowblowers come in three different categories, the first-stage, second-stage, and third-stage snowblowers. Each of these categories has a wide array of units with unique features and benefits. Here is a Troy-Bilt buying guide to help you decide the best snow blower for your snow clearing needs.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

Troy Bilt’s single-stage snowblowers are maneuverable, easy-to-store, and lightweight. It comes with handy features, like the push-button electric start. With the electric start, you don’t have to exert effort on pull starting a cold engine. It will start quickly, even in cold temperatures.

Troy-Bilt equipped each model with the AugerAssist drive system to make it easier for you to push the machine forward while clearing down. It also uses the E-Z Chute system with manual pitch control to allow the operator to change the snow discharge direction. Examples of this series are the Squall 208 XP, 280EX, and 179E. 

Second-Stage Snowblowers

Troy Bilt’s Two-Stage Snowblowers will help you clear more snow with the help of its additional features in times of heavy snowfalls. The ‘Just One Hand’ Operation allows you to guide your snowblower with one hand while allowing your other hand to adjust other controls without the need to disengage the drive.

Two-stage models use a self-propelled drive system that saves you from pushing too much effort since it does all the pushing for you. Also, the four-way chute control lets you control the chute rotation and pitch using a single thumb. Current units include Arctic Storm 30 and 34. 

Third-Stage Snowblowers

Troy-Bilt three-stage snowblowers are one of their toughest machines that can handle the heaviest snow. It uses a three-stage technology to crush ice and snow with a third-stage accelerator that spins ten times faster than typical augers.

Three-stage blowers from Troy-Bilt uses the Touch N’ Turn feature, a trigger-controlled power steering to adjust direction quickly. It also has a D-Track drive system for increased ground contact. Popular models include the Vortex 2490 and 2890.

Troy-Bilt Snowblowers: Company & History

Troy-Bilt has been in the outdoor landscaping industry for several years and has established a reputation for its extensive list of power equipment like snow blowers, lawnmowers, cultivators, and tillers.

Initially called Rototiller Inc, this New York-based company was best known for rotary tiller manufacturing. In 1937, Troy-Bilt produced their first rotary tiller model and got its first Troy-Bilt trademark. In the next 80 years, Troy-Bilt made efforts to build the most reliable, rugged, and handy outdoor equipment they could manufacture. 

Troy-Bilt subjects their products to hundreds of hours cutting grass, thousands of engines start, and endless cycle of drops on concrete, getting shaken like paint cans and running over metal ladders. Each equipment underwent extreme evaluation and testing to produce the best quality Troy-Bilt products. 

Today, Troy-Bilt is no longer manufacturing its products in Troy, New York. They are currently based in Valley City, Ohio, the head office of its mother company, the MTD Consumer Group. They currently manufacture a range of products from snowblowers, lawnmowers, pressure washers, generators, and tillers.


Snowblowers are a great convenience to those who experience thick snowfall conditions in their area. Thanks to reputable brands like Troy-Bilt, you can get premium-quality snowblowers with helpful features at a reasonable price.

Troy-Bilt has been a long-time competitor in the outdoor equipment industry. It has a reputation for manufacturing top-tier designs in its equipment line. They use cutting-edge engines and tools to make their snowblowers standout on the market.

This Troy-Bilt snowblower review included all the best snowblowers represented by this brand. These units have surpassed what other branded snowblowers offer, that is why they deserve a special mention.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

 Which additional features for snowblowers are really useful?

Every snowblower brand introduces various features that can be of great use based on the needs of the operator, clearing area, and snow conditions. An extremely useful feature is the chute deflector that keeps the snow flow concentrated and reduces blowback.

Meanwhile, the chute remote control enables the operator to adjust the discharged snow’s throwing direction without stopping the machine. You will also find the headlight useful as it allows clearer visibility in places with poor lighting.

Will any snowblower model can clear various types of snow?

Any snow blower can clear any snow. However, the effectiveness of the machine varies considerably. Single-stage snowblowers with smaller clearing path and capacity will require more time to remove heavy and wet snow.

Two-stage models utilize powerful engines that can pick up and throw a larger amount of snow per minute. Plus, smaller machines have a higher risk of getting clogged. Given all this, you should choose a model based on your area’s weather and snow conditions.

How loud is the noise a typical snowblower makes?

The amount of noise a snowblower makes depends mainly on its engine. Snowblowers that use electric motors tend to be the quietest, while machines with gas engines are loud enough. Generally, a two-stroke gas engine is louder than its four-stroke counterparts. There will always be varieties in sound since all engines come with different gears and designs.

Another cause of excess noise is when the operator fails to lubricate the engine’s metal parts. Ideally, it would be best to evaluate each unit’s noise production before buying one.

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