Toro Snowblowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop? [2021]

Snowblowers, also known as snow throwers, provide fast and efficient snow removal. In countries that experience heavy snowfall during winter seasons, these machines are alternatives to save labor and time instead of manual shoveling. Snowblowers come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your driveway surface, snowfall type, and personal preferences.

Toro is one of the leading brands that manufactures outdoor equipment like snowblowers. It has attached its name to various equipment, like snow blowers, lawn maintenance machinery, irrigation equipment, etc. Their famous snowblowers include the Power Curve Electric Snowblower and Power Max 826 OE Snowblower.

This Toro Snowblowers review is your ultimate buying guide about the best Toro Snowblowers. Your purchase decision will be easier as it includes product reviews on the latest models of Toro Snowblowers, a snowblower buying guide, a brief company history about Toro, and an FAQ section.

Toro has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of snowblowers worldwide. This company offers over 30 Toro snowblowers that come with unique features. Here are some of Toro’s key models of its snowboarder lineup.

Top 10 Best Toro Snowblowers Reviewed

  1. Power Curve Electric Snowblower by Toro – Best Overall
  2. Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower by Toro – Best Value
  3. Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower by Toro – Editor’s Choice
  4. SnowMaster 824 QXE Snowblower by Toro
  5. SnowMaster 724 ZXR Snowblower by Toro
  6. Power Clear 721 E Snowblower by Toro
  7. SnowMaster 724 QXE Snowblower by Toro
  8. Power Max 826 OXE by Toro
  9. Power Clear 518 ZE Snowblower by Toro
  10. Power Clear 721 R-C Commercial Snowblower by Toro

#1. Power Curve Electric Snowblower by Toro – Best Overall

Power Curve Electric Snowblower (38381)   

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Designed for small clearing jobs, the Toro Power Curve Snowblower works best on snow clearing driveways, walkways, and sidewalks that can park around four cars. It runs off a larger 15-amp electric motor and weighs 25 lbs. This machine has a capacity of 700 lbs. per minute and throws snow up to 25 feet 

Based on its previous model, the Toro 1500, this Toro electric snow blower has an improved motor system and clearing capacity. It has an improved clearing width of 18 inches and an intake height of 12 inches deep. It also comes with a zip deflector to direct the throwing distance. Plus, it includes a chute lever to change the chute angle and horizontal rotation at the rear handle. 

With the new 15-amp motor, the Power Curve Snowblower has loads of power compared to other Toro snowblower units. The Power Curve technology consists of inverted funnel housing and curved rotors to shuffle more snow in a shorter period that clears right down the pavement. It also has added maneuverability with its 25 lbs. weight and large six-inch rear wheels. 


Improved motor based on previous weak pointsActivating the start and safety simultaneously

#2. Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower by Toro – Best Value

Power Max 826 OE Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snowblower (37802)   

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The Power Max 826 OE is a premium four-cycle engine that provides proven performance and power to make clearing jobs easier in extreme winter conditions. For this latest model, Toro included an innovative Quick Stick to change the chute deflector and direction within a smooth, single motion. 

Toro has gathered the most advanced features with the Power Max series. The Power Max 826 OE allows single-handed operation with one-hand levers to change chute control or speeds without stopping the machine. This machine can throw snow up to 45 feet with 26 inches clearing width and 20-inch intake height. 

Toro also included the Anti-Clogging System, the latest breakthrough in snow blowing technology. It means that you can now monitor the snow intake to maximize clearing efficiency and prevent clogging. Meanwhile, the Heavy-Duty Auger Gearbox contains large, hardened shafts and gears to resist stress and eliminate the need for shear pins.  

Extremely powerful engine with a good throwing distanceThe Anti-clogging system doesn’t work
Convenient single-hand chute controlsNo heated handlebars

#3. Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower by Toro – Editor’s Choice

Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower (38472)  

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For those who want to try gas snowblowers but don’t need the features of a two-stage or three-stage snowblower, the Toro Power Clear 518 ZR Snowblower is a perfect choice. It is a compact, single-stage gas snowblower with loads of versatile abilities than other single-stage snowblowers.  Whether you have deep snow, four inches of wet snow, or an inch of fluffy snow, the Power Clear 518 ZE can cater to all your snow clearing needs.

This machine uses a 99cc four-cycle OHV engine that has the power to move 1,100 lbs. of snow per minute. The rotor-propelled drive system performs well on smooth or paved surfaces since its auger’s rotation pulls the unit forward. It has a clearing width of 18 inches, perfect for homeowners who live in smaller areas, where large snowblowers can’t maneuver. 

Despite the coldest weather, you can always rely on Power Clear 518 ZR with Power Curve technology. It has an inverted funnel housing and curved rotor to reduce further clogging and enhances clearing efficiency. Plus, it has a throwing distance of 25 feet and 210° chute rotation so you can direct the direction of discharged snow.  

A great choice for small paved surfaces
Not ideal for clearing large spaces

#4. SnowMaster 824 QXE Snowblower by Toro

SnowMaster 824 QXE Snowblower (36003)   

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The Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE is one of the best snowblower machines for the next winter season. It has a speed that blows everything on its way with simple, intuitive controls making snow clearing an activity you will enjoy. This machine works faster and does a better job than larger and more expensive brands, thanks to its unique design on its drive and auger control.

Compared to other typical blowers with manual-shift speed controls, the Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE uses an intuitive Personal Pace drive system to synchronize the speed of its wheels with your walking speed. It has a convenient electric start and a smoother joystick for its chute control, allowing you to change the throwing direction.

At $850 to $900, you get a high-performing snow blower than its comparable competitors. It can throw snow at 40 feet and works best on paved two-car driveways at about 80 feet in length with snowfall range of 6 to 18 inches. 

Can handle paved two-car drivewaysNot the best pick for unpaved surfaces

#5. SnowMaster 724 ZXR Snowblower by Toro

SnowMaster 724 ZXR Snowblower (36001)   

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Rip through the roughest snow in record time with the Toro SnowMaster 724 ZXR Snowblower. It is a two-stage snowblowing machine that makes snow clearing effortless with its self-propelled Personal Pace System. It is Toro’s latest technology that makes hairpin turns easy and matches your walking speed while providing better traction in all winter conditions. 

Featuring the Toro Premium 212cc OHV four-cycle engine with two-stage recoil start, this snowblower tosses snow up to 40 feet and has 24 inches clearing with and 18-inch intake height. The Toro Snowblower 724 ZXR works best on concrete and asphalt surfaces that can park around more than four cars. It is easy to handle on tough snow and performs with impressive maneuverability.

Toro includes the latest snow blowing innovations for this model. These include the In-Line Two-Stage Auger Technology, an open auger housing with an all-steel rotor that breaks down and gathers snow quickly to reach far towards its tall chute opening. It also has a beveled chute design that allows the machine to clear snow 25% more and ensure cleaner plume and farther snow throwing distance.

Self-propelled Personal Pace SystemNeeds to refill oil out of the box

#6. Power Clear 721 E Snowblower by Toro

Power Clear 721 E Snowblower (38753) 

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The Toro Power Clear 721 E is an ultra-compact, highly-affordable, single-stage snowblower that works best on clearing smaller driveways. This is the perfect unit if you are tired of dragging out your shovel on your small driveway. It has a single-stage engine with a powerful output and light enough for anyone to operate. 

The Toro Snowblower 721 E is the perfect choice for a high-performing snow clearing machine without heavy-duty components. It can clear snow up to 6 to 12 inches over a 21-inch width. It comes with foldable handles and a chute to make it easier to store. Plus, you can move around with minimal effort with its power propel system. 

This machine comes with Power Curve Technology, allowing the unit to move snow faster. The curved, heavy rotor cuts down the snow to the surface while allowing it to move. Meanwhile, Toro also included the Premium Power Clear 212cc OHV four-cycle engine for higher performance when digging and throwing snow over a distance of 35 feet.

Self-propel system that minimizes pushing effortNot strong enough for heavy snowfall
Perfect for small and paved areas
Works only on paved surfaces

#7. SnowMaster 724 QXE Snowblower by Toro

SnowMaster 724 QXE Snowblower (36002)   

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The SnowMaster 724 QXE from Toro is a medium duty, two-stage snowblower featuring Toro’s snow blowing technologies. Those who live in areas with a fair share of snow, you need a high-quality snowblower that won’t let you down when the heavy snowstorm hits. Toro boasts that this model works 30% faster than other branded competitors. 

While other snowblowers on the market feature manual speed controls, the SnowMaster 724 QXE uses the Personal Pace system that allows the unit to sync with your speed. Plus, it also comes with a functional electric start without pulling cords repeatedly.

The SnowMaster 724 QXE is packed full of features to make snow clearing a lot easier and faster. The single-handed control allows the machine to function efficiently despite using one hand. It also comes with a joystick chute adjustment, where you control the direction of the dispensed snow. Plus, this machine won’t let you down as it clears snow up to 24 inches wide and 12-inch deep in a single pass.

Can adjust speed depending on your walking paceNot ideal on non-paved areas
Clears snow at fast speedsSlightly noisy

#8. Power Max 826 OXE by Toro

Power Max 826 OXE (37799)   

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The Toro Power Max 826 OXE almost has the same clearing abilities like the Power Max 726 OE as they can process snow up to 1,900 lbs. per minute. This machine is a dual-stage blower that can toss snow up at higher speeds. It has a clearing with 26 inches, allowing you to tear through large piles of snow quickly. 

Inside its wide opening, you will find the Power Max auger, a 14-inch serrated steel auger that efficiently chops down and brings it towards the steel impeller. Its steel impeller blade is 12 inches wide, improving the machine’s throwing ability by forcing snow out at rapid speeds. The throwing distance can go further up to 45 feet. 

Toro uses the four-stroke Briggs and Stratton that starts with a recoil starting mechanism or electric start switch. The friction disk transmission gives the machine six forward speeds and two on the reverse. The power gets transferred to the wheels allowing the operator to make hairpin turns 180° with minimum effort. Plus, it uses the Quick Stick system that controls the expelled snow out of the steel deflector chute. 

Easy hairpin turnsNo heated handlebars

#9. Power Clear 518 ZE Snowblower by Toro

Power Clear 518 ZE Snowblower (38473)  

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The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is a compact, single-stage snowblower that can handle light to moderate snowfall. For those who live in areas prone to heavy snowstorms during winter months, this is the perfect machine to clear snow from your patio, driveway, sidewalk and other areas of your property. It is a modern snowblower that combines the convenience of a powerful gas motor and electric start.

Featuring its electrical pull-cord start function, the Power Clear 518 ZE is a versatile snowblower that delivers powerful snow clearing capability. It uses a premium engine for its Toro Power Clear System, the 99CC four-cycle engine, designed to separate the gas and oil tank to eliminate the need for gas and oil to premix. This way, it saves you time by reducing waste and inefficiency.

The Power Clear 518 ZE has efficient clearance power as it clears snow up to 18 inches wide and an intake height of 12 inches. Although this unit is a small, single-stage blower, it delivers optimum performance like its bigger models. This way, snow clearing becomes faster and easier. 

mbines gas-powered performance and electrical convenience
Difficult to remove gas cap
Ideal for compact storageRelatively small wheels

#10. Power Clear 721 R-C Commercial Snowblower by Toro

Power Clear 721 R-C Commercial Snowblower (38754)   

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For those who need a professional snow clearing contractor and a powerful tool to clear out snow, the Power Clear 721 R-C Commercial Snowblower is the ideal pick. This machine uses a premium engine, extended life paddles, and a heavy-duty drive belt. With this snowblower, Toro ensures that you can get a lot of work done in a limited period. 

The Power Clear 721 R-C is a single-stage commercial snowblower that uses a 212cc four-cycle engine that delivers sufficient power to tear through heavy snow. It also comes with a newly-improved reflective ergonomic handle that reduces operator stress, while the extended life paddles last twice as long as other standard paddles. 

With sufficient power to handle heavy snowNot ideal for heavy-duty use

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Toro Snowblowers 

Over the years, Toro has introduced countless snow blowing technologies from a handful of Toro snowblower series and models. They currently have six series that caters to various snow clearing needs. Here is a helpful buying guide when buying Toro snowblowers to help you with your buying decision.

Power TRX

The Power TRX series offers unmatched stability with tracks, letting you tackle the most challenging slopes and steepest terrain. It provides smooth handling and requires minimal maintenance with self-propelled operation through the Hydrostatic transmission. For smooth, tight turns, Toro uses a 420cc engine, controlled with power steering. Models include the Toro Commercial Snowblower 1428 and 1432. 

Power Max HD

When the snow gets extremely serious, counter it with Power Max HD. Toro utilizes premium engines so you can enjoy years of consistent performance. It provides snappy tight turns with its power steering system. An example of this series includes the Power Max HD 828, 928, and 1030. 

Power Max

The Power Max series boasts of its snow-clearing strength in all winter conditions. It is made of steel construction that efficiently tackles the toughest snow and ensures years of reliable use. Popular models under Power Max include the 824 OE, 826 OAE, and 826 OHAE. 


Tear through the toughest snow in a shorter period with Toro’s SnowMaster series. It can rip through heavy, wet snow with its powerful engineered auger, change chute and deflector with Quick Stick, and follow your walking speed with Personal Pace technology. Current units include 724 ZXR, &24 QXE, and 824 QXE.

Power Clear

The Toro Power Clear series guarantees quality, speed, and convenience. It includes Toro’s two exclusive features, including the Power Curve, which helps you clear down to the pavement while Power Propel makes maneuvering easier and faster. One example is the Electric Battery Power Clear Snowblower Bare Tool.

60V Power Shovel

The 60V Power Shovel boasts of Toro’s legendary performance that can tear through the snow with the steel Power Edge Auger. It is a battery-powered snowblower that can clear over a 12-car driveway on a full charge. Its newest lineup is the 60V Max Electric Battery Power Shovel.

Toro Snowblowers: Company & History

Toro is a worldwide manufacturer of precision irrigation systems and turf maintenance equipment. They started building engines in 1914 for the Bull Tractor Company in Minneapolis. The company’s founders decided to use the Spanish word of “bull” as their company name due to its close association with Bull Tractor.

In 1918, when Bull Tractor ultimately collapsed, Toro came in and rebranded as the Toro Manufacturing Company. In the following years, Toro experienced great expansion and rapid growth with wartime operations and manufacturing abilities. They built anti-aircraft gun parts, cannons, and tank parts, during World war II.

Since then, Toro Company spent over 100 years building its reputation as the world leader in snow-removal, farm, equipment, industries, irrigation, and turf. They take pride in helping landscaping professionals and homeowners enrich their land’s productivity, sustainability, and beauty.


Toro is a reputable outdoor equipment brand with a rich history of providing maintenance machinery from snowblowers, mowers, and specialty equipment. They thrive on innovation and its extensive legacy on developing technologies and designing products that improve productivity, performance, and efficiency.

Whether you are a landscape professional or a homeowner, may this Toro snowblower review helped you with your buying decision. Each of these machines has unique features that can help you decide which Toro snowblower will provide the most efficient snow clearing ability. The essential factor to remember is to choose the best snowblower that will keep your home safe out there in the cold.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question’s):

How do I maintain the snowblower’s cylinder and piston in my two-cycle or four-cycle engine for off-season storage?

With four-cycle oil and gas engines (separate), you need to remove the spark plug and add one tablespoon of oil through the spark plug hole. Then, slowly rotate the engine several times with the key starter or starter rope to distribute oil. Reinstall the spark plug, but do not connect the spark plug wire.

Those who own two-cycle engines with oil and gas mixture, slowly pull the recoil starter until you feel the resistance due to compression pressure. Release starter tension slowly to prevent the machine from reversing due to compression pressure. The position will close the exhaust and intake ports to prevent outside air entry.

How should I add a fuel stabilizer or conditioner to the engine before storing it?

Remove old fuel. Then, add a fuel stabilizer or conditioner to the fuel container. For five minutes, run the engine to distribute the new conditioned fuel within the fuel system. Afterward, stop the engine, let it cool, and drain the fuel tank. You may run the engine until it stops.

Restart the engine once again and let it run until it stops. You may either prime or choke the engine and run it for the third time until it stops. Continue running the engine until it no longer starts.

Why does my snowblower discharges snow very poorly?

Before doing the maintenance, make sure you disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Then, make sure the snowblower is running at full throttle. Otherwise, you can contact an authorized service dealer to check the snowblower’s RPM. Make sure you have verified if it has properly adjusted belts. You may also consult the Owner’s Manual that comes with the unit.

You may also take a smaller pass or wait until the snow conditions and temperature change during extremely wet and heavy snow conditions.

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