Silence Snowboards Review | Epic Snowboard or Rip Off?

Silence Snowboards were up and making a name during the mid-1990s until they had insurmountable financial obstacles and had to sell their brand to a larger corporation. They were once a good company that created new snowboards for budget-conscious riders.

Although Silence snowboards have never been the top for the line boards, they still became real contenders in the mid-range market and competed with brands like Sims snowboards and LaMar snowboards.

Silence Snowboards did not have any quality changes in the past years, but they continue to provide training decks to new riders.

Silence Snowboards offer cheap brands and offer a great line of snowboards for kids. Their target customers take advantage of these budget-friendly products and learn the sport before upgrading to a better brand.

Although Silence Snowboards are not the best for design, their products are very affordable, perfect for skiers looking for cheap alternatives. If you are a first-timer and looking for budget snowboards, take a look at the Silence Snowboards lineup. This article listed our top Silence Snowboards, which you can choose from.

Top 5 Best Silence Snowboards Reviewed

  1. Silence Autumn Snowboard 150 Womens – Best Overall
  2. Silence MRI Snowboard 145 – Best Value
  3. Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard – Editor’s Choice
  4. Silence Glider Snowboard
  5. Silence Temp Snowboard

#1. Silence Autumn Snowboard 150 Womens – Best Overall

Silence Autumn Snowboard

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  • Length (cm): 150
  • Waist Width (cm): 24.60
  • Tip/Tail Width (cm): 27.70
  • Effective Edge (cm): 116.50

The Silence Autumn Snowboard is designed with a full poplar/birch wood core and cap construction. This snowboard is ideal for all-mountain riding. It also features women’s specific geometry and flexes.

Has great symmetry for balanceMay not be effective enough for ice
All-mountain versatility

#2. Silence MRI Snowboard 145 – Best Value

Silence MRI Snowboard

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  • Dimensions: .4 in. H x 11.5 in. W x 62 in. L
  • Type: All-Mountain, Freeride
  • Shape: Directional
  • Camber: Camber
  • Country of Origin: China

Silence Snowboards are well-known because of their line of youth snowboards. Parents usually hesitate to buy their children expensive snowboards, so they always go with more budget-friendly options. It is a great move because splurging on a single snowboard for the kids may not be wise because they grow too fast. In that case, the Silence MRI Snowboard 145 is a solid choice as it is very affordable and is built with a long learning curve.

The Silence MRI Snowboard 145 is a great all-mountain snowboard that will help your children get the hang of the piste, the powder, the groomed stuff, and the park. It may not be a championship board, but your kids will surely develop the necessary skills to lead them to success. The Silence MRI Snowboard 145 is designed with a full wood core, sidecap construction, and a die-cut p-tex base.

DurableToo stiff for users who prefer constant dynamic movements

#3. Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard – Editor’s Choice

Silence Snowboard Astral

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  • Package Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 1 inches
  • Shape: Directional
  • Type: All Mountain

The Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard is designed to glide through the snow with ease. It is built specifically for speed and is a center of attraction when used on the slopes. The Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard looks great and is top-notch when it comes to durability. You will never be disappointed with these snowboards. It is very durable and will not break easily even after several wipeouts.

The Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard offers excellent response and seamless fit to riders. This line of snowboards provides riders personality, individuality, and confidence. It is great equipment that works at the highest standards. The Silence Snowboard Astral Snowboard is a perfect choice for the backcountry, pipe, or parks.

All-mountain snowboardMay demand more effort when the user shifts their weight for consistent popping
VersatileNot stable enough for faster rides

#4.Silence Glider Snowboard

Silence Glider

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  • Dimensions: .4 in. H x 11.5 in. W x 62 in. L
  • Nose/Tail (cm): 28.9
  • Eff.edge (cm): 116.5
  • Sidecut (m): 7.4
  • Waist (cm): 24.6

If you are a first-timer and looking for a toe-hold in the pipe profession, the Silence Glider Snowboard may be the ideal model for you. This snowboard is a great choice if you want to go for cheaper alternatives but still offer great quality.

The Silence Glider Snowboard is a freestyle snowboard built with a decent amount of lightweight materials. If you want a snowboard that you can use for learning the basics of rails, pipes, spinning, and jibbing, then go for the Silence Glider Snowboard.

The Silence Glider Snowboard features a full wrap steel edge, full-length birch and poplar wood core, and radiant sidecut. This snowboard is also built with triaxial fiberglass laminates and a 4400 extruded base.

This snowboard may not be the best beginner park board in the industry of skiing, but this is priced right. It is a great brand that offers a decent ride for beginners who are still learning the elementary tricks of skiing.

All-mountain snowboard perfect for powder, groomers, and parksNot good enough for a typically advanced rider
Has rocker sections for easier and better floating
Flex for balance and versatility

#5. Silence SNLC III Womens Snowboard Bindings - Size:Medium-

Silence Glider

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  • Dimensions: 59.5 in. L x 11 in. W
  • Skill Level: Beginner 
  • Recommended Use: All Mountain 

The Silence Temp Snowboard is a perfect choice for beginners who are looking for an all-mountain ride. If you are still exploring the right snowboarding style that fits you, you may want to begin with this snowboard as it is perfect for any terrain and mountain conditions. 

Just like what the name suggests, the Silence Temp Snowboard is a temporary snowboard ideal for practicing. You can take advantage of this snowboard while trying all the resort aspects before you narrow down and practice your favorite style. When you learn the basics of skiing, you can begin splurging on a better brand. The Silence Temp Snowboard is a great snowboard for exploring and learning the sport.

This snowboard can hold an edge and is very responsive compared to other snowboards in its price range. It is built with Versaflex all-wood core, 360-degree full wrap steel edges, and an extruded base. The Silence Temp Snowboard is also designed with an extruded base and has an edge link ABS sidewall.

The Silence Temp Snowboard is one of the most advanced snowboards in the line of the Silence brand. Although it may not stand out from the better brands in the market, this snowboard can still be a great choice for beginners. 

All-round and fun, a ski that works for the most partMay be hard to have a good edge grip on blue ice
Rocky and playful both inside and outside the piste
Stable and plowing through everything
Soft snow oriented

Top Pick Silence Snowboard

Silence MRI Snowboard 145

Silence MRI Snowboard 145 is our top pick from the line of Silence Snowboards because of its outstanding performance in a freeride board. The Silence MRI Snowboard 145 brings you the utmost quality construction that you can expect from its brand at an affordable price. It has a tip and tail wood core that can produce smooth rides. It is also built with side caps for durability and rigidity perfect for the trails or slopes. It is designed with understated graphics that is very pleasing to the eyes. If you want to have a classic ride, the Silence MRI Snowboard 145 is a great choice.

Key Features

  • Die-Cut Base
  • Full Wood Core
  • Sidecap Construction
  • All Mountain Design

Silence Snowboards Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying

The Silence Snowboards have a broad range of products, and choosing the ideal snowboard may not be easy. This guide will drill down all the factors you need to consider when choosing the ideal Silence Snowboards.

Silence Snowboards are known for providing great boards for beginners. Learning the basics of snowboards can be easy if you pair it with a good snowboard. Choosing a Silence Snowboard can help you improve your skills and practice your style.

Below are the things that you can consider when looking for the ideal Silence Snowboard for you.

Snowboard length

Generally, if you stand a snowboard on its tail, the nose of your snowboard must reach your nose or chin. You can also use the recommended rider weights and size charts to get the precise length that is ideal for you. The heigh and weight should also be considered when choosing the correct length for you. 

Types of snowboards

There are several types of snowboards that you can choose from the Silence brand. They vary from split boards, all-mountain, powder, freestyle, and freeride. The ideal type of board will always depend on the snow and terrain conditions you plan to ride in.

Below are the five categories of snowboards that can guide you. You can choose from these types depending on your snowboarding style:

  • Freestyle: best for the park
  • All-mountain: best for any terrain
  • Powder: best for deep powder snow
  • Freeride: best for ungroomed snow in any terrain
  • Splitboard: best for the backcountry

Snowboard camber and rocker

The Silence Snowboards have different rocker and camber profiles. If you want to ride fast on groomed runs, you can go for a cambered board. But if you want to ride on soft snow, it is better to go for a rocker, flat, flat/rocker, or camber/rocker board.

  • Camber can provide a stable and lively ride and be responsive and poppy on groomed runs and hardpack, especially when making turns. Speed-oriented and experienced riders usually prefer cambered boards.
  • Flat (neutral, or no camber) snowboards have flat or nearly flat underfoot. These kinds of snowboards can provide quick turns, and maximum feels while you increase your float.
  • Rocker (aka reverse camber) is ideal for making upturned tips and tails. These kinds of snowboards can excel in powder when riding rails in the park. Rockered snowboards can be softer compared to cambered snowboards, and they usually have a surfy feel that creates easier turn initiation. Rocker snowboards are a popular choice for novice riders. Experience riders, though, can still use these kinds of snowboards for powerful rides.
  • Camber/rocker snowboards combine these profiles to offer a great edge hold of camber underfoot. Different brands of snowboards have several variations of camber/rocker to address different performance attributes. It is important to choose the ideal snowboard that best suits your style.
  • Flat/Rocker snowboards usually have a flat section to provide a great edge hold when used on hard snow. It also has rockered tips and tails to make your turns easier and provide good float in soft snow.

Snowboard width

Choosing the right snowboard width should also be considered when choosing a snowboard. A right width board will have your boots extend slightly on the edges of the board. If they hang too much, they could drag you down and make you lose control.

Snowboard shape

Snowboard shapes vary from directional boards, true twins, and directional twin boards. For high-speed carving, choose a directional board. For park and pipe use, choose a true twin board. And for all-mountain riding, choose a directional twin. It is important to choose the ideal snowboard shape that matches your style.

  • Directional boards

Directional boards are built to be ridden in one direction. These kinds of boards are also great for high-speed carving. Most freeride and all-mountain boards are directional.

  • True Twins

True twins are constructed symmetrically and may not differ in performance whether you ride them backward or forward. Thus, it makes a great choice for pipe and park riding.

  • Directional twin boards

Directional twin boards are perfect for skiers who ride all over the mountain, from park to the groomers.

Other Snowboard Features

You can refine your search for the right snowboards by considering other features like board flex, sidecut radius, base material, and effective edge.

  • Flex

A snowboard can flex in two different ways. Torsional flex is the flex through the board’s width, and longitudinal flex is the flex on the board’s length.

Soft flex boards can be forgiving and can provide easy turns. These kinds of boards are usually for beginners and riders who have lower body weights.

Stiff flex board offers more grip when making turns. It can hold better speeds compared to softer snowboards. They also hold a great edge when descending fast.

  • Sidecut Radius

Sidecut radius is the arc of the edge of a snowboard. It is expressed in meters and can determine whether a board can make better tight turns or big arc turns. Generally, snowboards with a narrower waist will have a shorter sidecut radius, making it possible to create tight turns. Snowboards with a wider waist will have a longer sidecut radius and produce big and better long-radius turns.

  • Effective Edge

Every snowboard is built with metal edges that bite into the snow to give steering and control. An effective snowboard edge is the edge section that touches the ice or snow throughout your descent. An effective edge is usually shorter compared to the length of the snowboard.

Longer effective edges can provide stability even at high speeds and have good drip when making turns on icy slopes.

Shorter effective edges can provide easier spins and turns.

Final Takeaway

The Silence company has gone through a lot of changes. Although some of these changes may not be good, they still guarantee to offer super affordable alternatives to expensive snowboards. If you are looking for great snowboards but still want to opt for affordable ones, Silence Snowboard is a solid choice.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Silence Snowboards good?

Silence Snowboards may not be the best snowboards in the market, but they are affordable. It can work perfectly for beginners who are still learning the basics of snowboarding. You can go with Silence Snowboards for the meantime and upgrade to better brands when you are ready.

Is a longer snowboard better for beginners?

If you ride in powder, all-mountain, or freeride, you should consider longer snowboards or volume shifted boards. If you have average body weight, longer snowboards are ideal for you. If you are a first-timer, aim for shorter snowboards within your size range.

Should beginners ski or snowboard?

Skiing is easier, but it may be harder to learn and master while snowboarding is harder to learn but is easier to master. With skiing, basic techniques can be broken down into different approaches, but to master it, you will need to be extremely technical.

What is more dangerous skiing or snowboarding?

According to research, snowboarding can be less deadly compared to skiing. Snowboarders are most likely to have head and ankle injuries and less likely to die in an accident.

What happens if my snowboard is too long?

Picking the wrong size snowboard can make your board difficult to control. It can also hinder your improvement as a snowboarder. Boards that are too long can be hard to maneuver, while too short skateboards will be unstable to ride, especially at high speeds.

Can I teach myself to snowboard?

There are three options to learn how to snowboard. First, you can teach yourself. Second, you can ask a friend to show you the ropes. And lastly, you can go for professional lessons. The first option will most likely not work, while the second may help you get started. Getting professional lessons is the most recommended way to learn the basics of snowboarding.

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