Salomon Snowboards Review | Epic Snowboard or Rip Off? [2021]

Brands do not matter for most people. However, others trust brands because they trust the products’ quality, and brands provided them with the best experience. After all, buying from a branded product is surer than buying from a newly established or unbranded one.

For snowboarding, one of the trusted brands is Salomon. Salomon has been around since 1947, making it one of the most reputable and trusted in the industry. That is why it is no wonder that some athletes and snowboarders trust this brand more than the others. 

If you are curious to get to know more about Salomon and their snowboards, read on. You will get a glimpse of information on which of their snowboards are the best. Among them are the Salomon Assassin and Salomon Huck Knife. 

Aside from that, you will also know how to pick the best snowboard to use. 

In this section, you will know the top Salomon snowboards. You can select among these lists to determine which snowboard to buy for your next snowboard journey. 

Top 7 Best Salomon Snowboards Reviewed

  1. Salomon Assassin Snowboard – Best Overall
  2. Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard – Best Value
  3. Salomon Super 8 Snowboard – Editor’s Choice
  4. Salomon Wonder Snowboard for Women 
  5. Salomon Pulse Snowboard 
  6. Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard 
  7. Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard for Women 

#1. Salomon Assassin Snowboard – Best Overall

Salomon Assassin Snowboard

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The Salomon Assassin is your best choice if you are looking for the best snowboard to use for your all-mountain or freestyle ride. This model has a medium flex rating and one of the best in its category because of its responsive turnability and edge hold on the hard snow. This snowboard is advisable for snowboarders who have advanced to intermediate snowboarding skills.

This model has a hybrid camber profile and has a directional twin shape. It also has a sintered base that is why you can trust that this snowboard is durable and light. It works excellently on a groomed snow, but not the best for the powdery one, although it is better than average.

Besides that, this model provides excellent carve and maneuverability at high speeds.

#2.  Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard – Best Value

Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard

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If you are a park snowboarder, the Salomon Huck Knife is worth considering. This model boasts a quad camber that provides excellent playfulness and agility.

It also has a medium flex and true twin shape that allows you to ride your board in various directions, making it an excellent choice for freestyle snowboarding. It has a symmetrical tip, tails, and core profile with a centered stance in binding.

This model uses a sintered base material. That is why this model is durable and lightweight. It also gives a moderate balance in speed and wax retention. Additionally, it uses a medium stone finish to improve the base glide and make the board responsive in various snow conditions. This model is advisable for intermediate to advanced snowboarders and has rocker/camber/rocker type.

#3. Salomon Super 8 Snowboard – Editor’s Choice

Salomon Super 8 Snowboard

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If you are an advanced or expert snowboarder, who is looking for a snowboard for the freeride, powder, or all-mountain ride, you will never go wrong with the Salomon Super 8. 

Although this model offers an all-mountain ride, beginners should stay away from this board at this time because it is for the advanced and expert snowboarders. This model offers a lot of features that professional riders can enjoy. It uses a backseat camber rocker with camber at the back and flat at the nose. This profile provides better control at carving. 

This model’s shape is tapered directional that provides looseness for turning initiation. Aside from that, it provides excellent flotation when you have to ride the deep powder snow. This model has a stiff flex that provides excellent, responsive turns.

The base uses a sintered material that provides a fast glide even when you ride the spring’s sticky snow. Although this model uses sintered material, it retains wax effectively. It uses gallium for impact resistance with Electra and fine stone finish for better glide and speed.

#4. Salomon Wonder Snowboard for Women

Salomon Wonder Snowboard for Women

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If you are a woman who is looking for the best snowboard to use for all-mountain, you might appreciate the Salomon Wonder Snowboard for Women. Although it is a snowboard for all-mountain, beginners should look for other options. This model is advisable for snowboarders with intermediate to advanced skills. This model has a directional twin shape, useful for looking for the best snowboard for freestyle riding.

The rock out camber with rocker/camber/rocker profile provides excellent pop and agility. This model is unique because it is flat between the bindings and uses a camber profile near the feet, making it excellent for stability and responsiveness.

This model has a medium flex, making it a versatile snowboard that is perfect for all-mountain use. The base material is sintered, making it durable, light, and fast. You should go for it if you are looking for a snowboard that provides stability at high speed, edge control, and excellent cruise, carve and jumps. You will love its user-friendliness.

#5. Salomon Pulse Snowboard

Salomon Pulse Snowboard

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If you are looking for a perfect snowboard for beginners and intermediate-level snowboarders, you should look at the Salomon Pulse Snowboard . This snowboard is for freestyle and all-mountain ride, providing you a forgiving and enjoyable experience.

This model has a soft flex that adds to its maneuverability when snowboarding at a slow speed. The flex it offers is excellent for beginners who want to experience its maneuverable feature. Aside from the soft flex, this model also has a directional twin shape, allowing you to control your snowboard in various directions. You can do many various movements even while you are still at your training because of these features.

This model also has a flat/camber/flat profile that provides stability.  This model is an all-mountain surfboard, and it is extremely versatile. It allows you to experience various snow conditions and take this snowboard anywhere you like.

#6. Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard

Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard

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The Saloon Sleepwalker Snowboard is your best option if you look for a snowboard that allows you to jib and ride the rails smoothly and fast. Because of this, this snowboard is advisable for snowboarders with intermediate to advanced skill levels. Because the board’s design is for a freestyle ride, you can count that it is fast, providing you the best way to deliver your tricks and maneuvers.

This model uses a rock out camber, which is flat between the bindings with camber near the feet. Because of this snowboard’s profile, it provides responsiveness and stability. Besides that, its soft flex provides excellent maneuverability while being forgiving at the same time. 

This model has a true twin shape that allows you to ride your board in any direction, which is a crucial feature for freestyle riding. This model uses an extruded EG base, durable enough to handle the park ride’s challenges. Although it is not as excellent as the sintered, the base is easier to repair, and you do not need to maintain it by waxing.

Additionally, the medium stone finish improves the base that improves the snowboard’s glide. 

#7. Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard for Women


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If you are a woman with a beginner to intermediate skill-level in snowboarding, you will love the Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard for Women. You can use this snowboard for an all-mountain ride. If you want to try the freestyle, you can do that too. Because of its features, you can take it almost anywhere because of its versatility.

This model features a rock out camber that provides excellent maneuverability and speed. It also has a true twin shape that allows you to ride it in any direction. The soft flex makes this board maneuverable and forgiving.

This model uses extruded EG as a base, which is not as good as the sintered, but excellent enough to handle smooth terrains. You also do not have to maintain it by waxing. Like the Sleepwalker, this model uses a medium stone finish that improves the base’s gliding performance.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Snowboard

When buying a snowboard, you cannot just pick randomly at the store and pray that it will provide you the best experience. You need to do your part by choosing your snowboard carefully by knowing the features that you need based on your riding style. That is why before you go to your nearest store or before visiting your favorite brand’s website, make sure to know what to look for when buying a snowboard.

Snowboard Types

Snowboarders are different. Everyone has personal preferences and riding style.

Because of this, knowing the different snowboard types and the type that you want will help you find the best snowboard features that you need. 

The different snowboard types are freestyle, freeride, splitboards, all-mountain, and powder. The basis of this difference is the terrains where you can use a type of snowboard the best. 


If you are a freestyle rider, you can ride anywhere on the mountain and in terrain parks, but not for ungroomed snow because of the snowboard’s lack of stability.

The snowboards used for freestyle riding are light, flexible, and short, with twin tips that allow you to ride in various directions. Snowboards should have these features because freestyle snowboarders are up for a playful ride.


Freeride snowboarders love to ride the ungroomed snow. The type of board they use is directional because they typically ride from the top of a slope up to downhill. The snowboard’s flex is also stiff.


Splitboard is a unique kind of snowboard. It is because this snowboard is splittable in half, allowing you to climb up and snap the halves together to give you directional ride downhill.

What makes this snowboarding more unique is that it includes other additional equipment.

Snowboarders who use splitboards are commonly advanced because they usually go on unpatrolled slopes.


If you are a beginner, the all-mountain is the best type of snowboarding for you. The all-mountain is a versatile type, allowing you to have various experiences, so you can pick which to focus on as you improve your skills.

For the all-mountain snowboarding type, you can ride anywhere on the mountain. You can ride the groomed snow or ungroomed snow. 

The snowboards used for all-mountain snowboarding are either twin or directional. 


The powder refers to the deep, ungroomed snow. The snowboards used for this type of snow use a feature rocker for better stability and flotation. These characteristics of a snowboard are necessary so that you will not sink once you get there.

Aside from the rocker, it also has the ideal shape that allows you to say on the surface. 

Snowboard Length

The general way to find the snowboard that best fits you is to stand the board with the tail on the ground. If the tip reaches your chin up to your nose, that can be the best board with the best length that you want. However, knowing that there is always an exemption to the rule is not a precise measurement.

If you want a snowboard with the best measurement, you should also provide more precise measurement variables to find the best for you. These variables that you should consider are your height, weight, and your preferred snowboarding type.

Manufacturers come up with charts for you to refer to and find the best snowboard length based on those variables. Commonly, their suggested snowboard lengths are in ranges. 

For example, for a 160-pound man, the manufacturer’s suggested snowboard length is 159 to 167. You can refer to this range to determine if you want to go for the shorter range or, the longer range. The shorter is more maneuverable, while the longer provides more stability.

An expert snowboarder can pick outside your range and go for an even longer or shorter one. 

Snowboard Width

The right width is also a crucial consideration because it helps provide stability in snowboards. Having much width is not advantageous because it may increase the drag that might lead you to lose control.

To know the best width, You should make sure that your boots fit the snowboard’s waist, extending a little on the edges of up to two centimeters.

If the width is broader, edging will be more difficult for you. If the snowboard is extremely thinner than the boots, it will provide a draggy feeling that might lead you to lose control. 

Gender and Age

Gender and age are also a crucial consideration so that you can snowboard at your best.

The snowboards specific for women have narrow widths on the waist part because women commonly have a smaller frame than men. The snowboards also have a softer flex and less camber.

Snowboards are not entirely gender-specific. Men with a smaller frame and feet can benefit the most by using women’s surfboards. Otherwise, women, whose feet are larger than size nine, can use men’s surfboards. 

If you are buying a surfboard for your children, do not be tempted to buy surfboards for adults with the hopes of cutting more expenses, since children can grow into them anyway. If the surfboards used are not appropriate for your children’s skills and size, they will be unmanageable for them, which may hamper their learning or even lead to accidents.

Snowboard Shape

The shape of the snowboard can affect its performance and function. That is why you should also consider the best snowboard shape for you to use.  

  • Directional

This snowboard travels only in one direction and provides a fast carving. It is a typical shape for some all-mountain and freerides snowboards.

  • True Twins

True twins are symmetrical in shape, which the snowboarder can ride backward or forward. It is an excellent shape for snowboards that are for a park or pipe riding.

  • Directional Twin

The directional twin combines the features of the directional and twin shape. This shape is common for all-mountain and freestyle snowboarders.

  • Camber and Rocker

Because snowboarders have different preferences and riding style, they should choose the snowboard with the best type of camber and rocker. Camber and rocker help in the snowboard’s speed and maneuverability.  

If you look at the lateral view of the snowboards at the store and compare them, you would see that they are not the same. Those differences are not only for aesthetics purposes or only because the manufacturers only want them. Those differences, known as the camber and rocker, provide added functionality.

  • Camber

Most of the time, the camber is for more experienced snowboarders. Snowboards with a camber design provide excellent stability, responsiveness, and popping. This snowboard type is perfect for snowboarding in hardpack or groomed snow, and it provides powerful turns.

  • Rocker

The rocker is excellent for beginners and experienced riders. The rocker is the opposite of the camber. If you look at a rocker snowboard, you will see the upturned tail and tip, resembling the curve of a smile. 

Rocker is the best for powder snowboarding and jibbing and riding the rails. Rocker snowboards are commonly softer and surfier, and they provide responsive turns.

  • Flat

Flat snowboards are almost flat underneath. This design provides quick turns and excellent floatation. 

  • Flat/Rocker

The snowboard’s flat/rocker design is flat in the middle with rocker tip and tail. The flat middle provides a better edge snow grip, while the rocker tips are for excellent turnability and floatation.

  • Camber/Rocker

Looking at the snowboard with a camber/rocker design laterally, you will see that it resembles a wave-like shape. This snowboard is a combination of rocker and camber. 

This design provides excellent flotation and edge grip and responsive turns.

  • Effective Edge

The effective edge is the edge that touches the ground the entire time, and this part is always shorter than the board’s length. If the effective edge is short, the turnability is excellent. 

If the effective edge is long, it provides excellent stability even at high speed. It also provides an excellent grip when snowboarding downhill or when turning.


Snowboards use polyethylene (PE) for their base. However, PE comes in different types: sintered and extruded.

  • Sintered

Sintered provides many advantages because it is stronger, faster, durable, and lighter than extruded. This material is also more expensive, and you need to maintain it by waxing.

  • Extruded

If you do not have the budget or are lazy to wax your board, you can go for the extruded PE material. It is more prone to warping, but it is easy to repair.

Sidecut Radius

When you say radius, it refers to the half of a diameter, the measurement of a circle from one point to the opposite end. Because of this, the radius is a measurement from the center of a circle to the point of the circle’s edge.

The sidecut radius refers to the arc at the snowboard’s edge. If you complete a circle, using that arc and measure it from the center of the arc to the center of the circle, you will get the sidecut radius. Most manufacturers use the unit meter to describe it. You do not have to use a tape measure to determine how the sidecut can affect your snowboarding performance.

If the waist is narrow from the snowboard’s tip and tail, the sidecut radius is shorter, which provides tight turns. On the other hand, if the waist is wide, the sidecut radius is longer and provides long and big turns. 

Binding Compatibility

Besides the snowboard, you also have to consider the bindings if they are compatible with your snowboards.


Flex refers to the board’s overall stiffness. This feature can affect the snowboarder’s performance.

You will know the snowboard’s flex through flex rating that ranges from 1 to 10, in which 1 is the softest and 10 is the stiffest. Snowboards with a soft flex are ideal for beginners because of the responsive turnability and its forgiving nature. Lightweight and park snowboarders can benefit from soft flex snowboards.

Snowboards with stiff flex provide better hold when turning. It also provides excellent hold in speed, making it an ideal choice for backcountry snowboarding. 

History of Salomon

Salomon started from a small workshop in Annecy City in France in 1947. The man behind the legendary French brand was Francois Salomon. He started by creating ski edges in his workshop. His first employees are his wife and son. Now, it grew to become a global brand. This company has ventured on other snowsport products other than ski edges, such as snowboards and skis.

In 2019, Salomon became a part of Amer Sports, a Chinese-owned mother company of different sports brands, such as Wilson, Sports Tracker, etc.  

Now, the CEO Heikki Takala leads Amer Sports, while Jean-Marc Pambet is the CEO of Salomon. 

According to Salomon, their purpose is to encourage people to play and connect with nature despite the fast-paced society’s stress. They claim that they provide the equipment and gear that makes play more enjoyable. They claim that their personality is curious, optimistic, and playful, and they play by the rules to enjoy the experience.  They are open to what the experiences life can bring them. Salomon values imagination, commitment, family spirit, diversity, and simplicity. 

Salomon values imagination by constant invention and innovation. They value commitment because they offer the best of what they can give to people who rely on them, the consumers, partners, employees, and athletes. Salomon also places importance on family spirit because they want people to share their outdoor experiences with other people. Salomon respects life and diversity. They also take their work seriously while being humble, which is how they value simplicity. 


Because there are tons of snowboards on the market, it is not surprising that many athletes and snowboarders rely on brands in choosing the best snowboards to use. It is because brands will never intentionally taint their reputation by producing mediocre snowboards. People will choose to buy branded ones compared to the new brands in the industry and the unbranded ones.

One of the most trusted brands in snowboarding is Salomon. This company has been around since 1947. Its long-standing reputation and history is enough proof of its trustworthiness. It has never failed its consumers. By looking at its snowboards, such as the Salomon Assassin and Salomon Huck Knife, you will see why this brand is one of the best.

However, if you still do not like Salomon’s snowboards for some reason, you can choose your snowboard based on the features that you need as long as you know them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Pick a Snowboard?

Because there are tons of selections on the market and snowboards come in various types, sizes, and features, it is crucial to know how to select the snowboard that is the best to use. To know which snowboard to pick, you should know the snowboard type you like, whether you prefer all-mountain, freestyle, freeride, or powder. You also need to assess your height and weight to determine the best size of your snowboard. Besides that, you also need to consider the other features such as the base material, sidecut radius, shape, rocker or camber, etc.

Is Salomon a Good Snowboard Brand?

Salomon has been around since 1947. This information alone will give you a hint that Salomon is a trusted brand because of its long history of manufacturing snowsport products. Aside from that, this brand is famous internationally. It reached various media. Because of this and its long years in the industry, it will not taint its reputation by intentionally creating snowboards with mediocre quality.

What Is the Best Brand of Snowboards?

The best is a subjective term. It is up to you which brand will provide you the best experience. However, there are brands on the market that most people trust. Besides Salomon, people also love the snowboards from Burton, Lib Tech, Gnu, Public, Jones Snowboards, etc. You should know the snowboard features you need and find and compare them to these various brands. If you want, try the snowboards on various brands by renting at first to help you figure out which brand is the best for you.

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