Salomon Skis Review | Epic Skis or Rip Off? (2021) + Guide

In Annecy, France, near the Swiss border, a French company began its story in the French Alps. For 70 years, Salomon is at the forefront of innovation in the snow sports industry. Their passion for new technologies, craftsmanship, and outdoor sports led them to produce progressive sports gear to help nature enthusiasts challenge themselves in the great outdoors.Salomon’s commitment to technology and innovative products led them to create a wide range of revolutionary ski concepts, such as the QST 106 and QST 92. Their ski line is known for its performance-driven designs that push everyone to its limits. 

This Salomon Skis Review will reveal some of their notable skis in the previous years. You will also find a product review, a glimpse of their company history, Salomon skis buying guide, and a handy FAQ section.

Salomon offers a wide range of top-notch skis for beginners to expert level skiers for all-mountain terrains, freestyle skiing, powder, and frontside carving. Read below for some of the best Salomon skis from the previous years up to 2020.

Top 10 Best Salomon Skis Reviewed

  1. QST 106 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Best Overall
  2. QST 92 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Best Value
  3. QST 99 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Editor’s Choice
  4. XDR 80 Ti Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon
  5. XDR 76 ST Men’s Skis by Salomon
  6. QST 118 Skis 2020 by Salomon
  7. QST Myriad Women’s Skis 2019 by Salomon
  8. BBR 10.0 Skis by Salomon
  9. BBR 7.9 Skis by Salomon
  10. Aira 76 ST Skis by Salomon

#1. QST 106 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Best Overall

QST 106 Men’s Skis 2020

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Conquer the steepest terrains, lay trenches in hardpack, and slash through soft snow with confidence. Salomon’s QST 106 Men’s Skis have an amazing versatility that can handle anything you throw at them. Redesigned for 2020, the QST 106 boasts of its unique blend of power and float.

Skiers who want to cover a variety of snow conditions and terrain should consider the QST 106. This time, the Salomon ski 2020 model acquired the best qualities for a soft-snow ski by being more maneuverable and lighter. Salomon ensures that the QST works well on fresh snow but can draw stable and precise curves even on the groomers and hardpack.

The QST 106 boasts of its 3D wood core with C/FX 3 reinforcement in linen fiber and carbon to release power when needed. The addition of cork to the tails and tips makes the skis decrease vibrations while having a lower swing weight. Overall, the QST 106 2020 is a sturdy and capable performer in most conditions.

Excellent ski for spring and mash snow Some were less enthusiastic about riding the skis on icy and mixed snow

#2. QST 92 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Best Value

QST 92 Men’s Skis 2020

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Intermediate and advanced level skiers who wants to rip around snowfields, look no further. Salomon introduces the QST 92 2020 for all-mountain performance. Now redesigned, the QST 92 is more powerful and energetic than ever.

The Salomon QST 92 has a versatile shape that suits a wide range of skiers. Its new design pushed a bit further by replacing the lightweight Koroyd with cork for enhanced drivability and increased damping. 

Salomon also added more carbon into the backbone to make the skis livelier. The rocker profile is very handy and pivots well while providing more energy when carving and holding a rock sild edge.

Salomon 92 is a great option for those who want to dip a little off-piste while improving their skills. Available lengths include 152cm, 161cm, 169cm, 177cm, and 185cm. 

Reacts well to skier inputNot the quickest skis

#3. QST 99 Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon – Editor’s Choice

QST 99 Men’s Skis 2020

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The QST 99, also known as the Quest 99 from Salomon did a very good job as a great all-mountain ski. Ski testers described the QST 99 as an efficient and pleasant ski due to its versatile and comfortable performance on all terrains. It produces an easy and balanced feel on various conditions.

When on-piste, the QST 99 made a sound performance. Despite its 99mm underfoot, the QST 99 is extremely stable with very good gripping at high speed. This ski also does a good job of making you feel comfortable on big curves.

Off-piste skiers described the QST 99 as very efficient due to its excellent buoyancy in powder. When on choppy snow, its stiffness allows the ski to make way through lumps of snow without getting distorted. It makes QST 99 a real big freeride ski that can go on full speed on all terrains. 

At 2090g, these Salmon skis are among the heaviest ski in its line. It is more of a freeride than a freeride touring ski. However, the skis make an ideal tool for experts and skiers who love big curves and high speed in all types of conditions.

Can handle speed and big curvesLacks character and poor handling

#4. XDR 80 Ti Men’s Skis 2020 by Salomon

XDR 80 Ti Men’s Skis 2020

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The Salomon XDR 80 Ti Men’s Skis offer an easy ride for all conditions whether on and off the piste. As a great all-around ski, the XDR 80 Ti is perfect for smooth and non-aggressive skiers who want to try their skills on different terrains with a 50/50 split of powder and piste. 

With only 80cm at waist width, the XDR 80 does not fall short in width at the tip and tail for its 176cm length. Salomon combined the slight tip and tail rocker to give it an excellent flotation on powder. The wider tip and tail with a narrow waist give the skis a tighter radius. 

The XDR 80 makes easier short turns on the piste due to its rocker technology for an easy pivot at the beginning of a turn. Meanwhile, its sandwich construction with titanium top sheet and wood core provides the skis great edge hold. 

All in all, the Salomon XDR 80 Ti is a very popular ski for non-aggressive skiers who want to enjoy the terrains in all conditions.

Very smooth and light feeling through a transitionA little on the narrow side for steep and deep powder day 

#5. XDR 76 ST Men’s Skis by Salomon

XDR 76 ST Men’s Skis by Salomon

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With effortless glide at all speeds, the Salomon XDR 76 ST is the perfect ride for all intermediate skiers. It is more of an off-piste oriented ski that rides well in deep powder. Due to its versatility, these skis are fun on groomers. 

The XDR 76 is a great choice for beginners and intermediate skiers ready for their first adult skis. Salomon designed the skis with a Semi Sandwich Construction, a full cap construction for the tip and tail for easy sliding and skidding of turns. It also has a sidewall underfoot that grips the snow on firm conditions.

Salomon uses the All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 with a rocker in the tip and tail, allowing skiers to ease them in and out of turns on a snowplow or linking parallel turns. It also comes with a Pulse Pad with vibration dampening properties that dampen out vibrations for a smoother ride. What’s more, it’s wood core construction provides a decent mix of stability and forgiveness to help skiers gain their confidence and enhance their skills on the mountain.

Perfect for beginner-intermediate skiersNot ideal for advance and expert skiers

#6. QST 118 Skis 2020 by Salomon

QST 118 Skis 2020

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Now updated for winter ’19 to ’20, Salomon’s award winning QST series introduces its burliest big mountain skis, the Salomon QST 118 2020. With a retail price of $559.99, the QST 118 makes a real luxury ride. This pure freeride ski works best for aggressive skiers who to push their ski to the limit. 

The QST 118 is the widest Salomon ski in the QST range that helps you float in the deep powder and increase ski-to-snow contact for ideal terrain adaptation, so you can always charge every line with sheer confidence. Skiing on groomers will not be an issue, but it has a strong bias towards powder runs due to its fairly wide waist. Nevertheless, QST 118 is a real cruiser that loves long turns.

Salomon designed these skis with a full-length poplar wood core for its installment, complemented by a Titanal sheet and flax laminate in its underfoot. This way, turning the ski onto a landing pad will give you the biggest drop you’ll ever find. Meanwhile, the tip-to-tail basalt and carbon fiber and dampening caps made of cork improve the ski’s balance and reduce the chatter once you go on full speed.

Lastly, its camber underfoot with the tip and tail rocker provides float and stability, turn initiation, and improved maneuverability even on steep terrains.

Improved balance and lesser chatterLow rise on the tip gets you stuck both up and down

#7. QST Myriad Women’s Skis 2019 by Salomon

QST Myriad Women’s Skis 2019

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Salomon’s QST Myriad 85 is an agile ski for female skiers that rides smoothly while offering confidence at full speed. It may not have the wider QST models’ fancy technology, but it still flaunts Salmon’s fantastic shape concept and poplar wood core. Compared to other QST skis that use carbon fiber, Myriad 85 offers a more forgiving performance level.

While the Myriad 85 doesn’t have the same energy and responsiveness of other QST lines, it is very maneuverable, extremely versatile, and provides a lot of fun for non-aggressive skiers. The Myriad 85 has a 16m turn radius, 85mm waist width, early taper, and rocketed tips and tails. These features suggest that these skis perform well on soft and firm snow and handle different terrains.

Perfect for advancing intermediates looking for a variety of turn shapesIdeal for intermediate skiers only

#8. BBR 10.0 Skis by Salomon

Salomon BRR 10.0 Skis

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When Salomon released the BRR series in the previous years, many believe they will become game changers. While it has a unique shape that got many skiers interested, advanced skiers found them a bit under-gunned. After listening to feedbacks, Salomon introduced the Salomon BBR 10.0.

The BBR 10.0 will make it impossible to sink your tips in powder as they want to stay in the plain with its aggressively tapered tail and unique rockered surfboard top. It also has a more substantial flex and longer radius sidecut to make the ski stable at high speeds, making them a suitable option for advanced skiers. 

These skis have a very surfy feel whatever the conditions are: crud, deep powder, or groomers. Its Total Edge Reinforcement enhances its durability against rocks along with the snow. Meanwhile, the vertical sidewalls provide carving ability to the skis’ unique shape. 

All in all, the Salmon BBR 10.0 is an excellent choice for those looking for a powder ski that gives you the feel of riding the waves. 

With ultra-wide V-shaped shovel that doesn’t sinkA little heavy and doesn’t float enough

#9. BBR 7.9 Skis by Salomon

Salomon BBR 7.9 Skis

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Launched in 2012, the Salomon BBR 7.9 introduces a new design for its side cut and shape technology. The BBR 7.9 has an oversized, surfboard tip for great flotation in terrain absorption and snoft snow. It combines with its short radius sidecut and narrow tail for precise carving on-piste. 

The BBR 7.9 delivers a slimmer version to the BBR line with precise slalom turns with its quicker and shorter turn radius. This way, the skis will float in deep snow with a full-out pintail and water ski sensation.

Salomon boasts of its V-Shape features, a next-generation sidecut design that offers a wide, rockered surfboard tip for superior terrain adaptation and superior flotation. Its semi twin tip tail enhances the ski’s stability and snow contact at faster speeds. The Edgy Monocoque provides a better edge grip and efficient energy transfer from the skier to the snow during freeskiing.

Great terrain absorption and flotation in soft snowA little pricey

#10. Aira 76 ST Skis by Salomon

Aira 76 ST Skis

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The Salomon Aira ST uses the same shape like the Aira CF but comes with a softer and more forgiving structure. The ST skis used a lightweight wood core and softer basalt technology than the Salomon CFX technology used for other models. This ski is more forgiving but less stable at high speeds, making it an ideal option for non-aggressive recreational skiers.

Aira 76 ST uses a semi-sandwich construction that adds to the skis’ forgiving and soft nature with easy turn initiation. It is also made of ABS sidewall underfoot with monocoque construction in the tips and tails. ST models like Aira 76 have a cork tip inlay and pulse pad to reduce chatter or vibrations at high speeds and variable terrains.  

The Salomon Aira 76 ST is an inexpensive investment for any recreation skiers who want to gain confidence while having fun. It is a playful and forgiving ski at a real bargain price.

A very forgiving and fun skiLacks stability at higher speeds

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Salomon Skis

Unleash your real passion for skiing with Salomon’s unbeatable skis. But before you get yourself a pair, Salomon has two categories for their ski line: Nordic and Alpine. Both of these categories have different types that you need to watch out for.

Alpine Skis

Whether you are a newbie skier or a skilled one, an adventurer, or an acrobat, a lover of powder or speed, you’ll find a range of Salomon alpine skis that meet the most demanding needs. 


Stance is Salomon’s latest collection of all-mountain skis that boast of its top to bottom power that you can maneuver. These are full-metal laminated, all-conditions skis crafted to charge. Some of its newest models are the Stance 102, Stance 96, and Stance 90. 


Salomon wanted to create a freeride versatility ski meant for big days in the mountains. That is why they released the QST series, an award-winning ski line with advanced technologies that deliver playfulness, power, and confidence, from the backcountry to the resort. Popular examples include QST 106, QST 118, and QST 99.


Perfect for big days in the backcountry, Salomon’s MTN collection provides the maximum balance of power, dampening, and flotation. Its product line includes MTN Explore 95 and MTN 79. 


 Skiers who like to aim for the edge should go for Salomon’s S/Force skis. It is the fastest skis in their alpine collection and the most versatile hard snow skis worldwide. Classic favorites include S/Force Bold, S/Force 11, and S/Force 9.  

Nordic Skis

For skating or traditional cross-country skiing fanatics, Salomon offers a wide range of Nordic skis. Salomon designed these skis to meet the various needs of the most demanding cross-country skiers.


Salomon designed the S/Series for the high-achieving athletes and skiers who take pleasure at full speed. Their newest S/Series are S/LAB Carbon Skate, S/LAB Carbon Skate Blue, and S/LAB Carbon Skate Red. 


Salomon’s endurance skis are perfect for a full-body workout on the cold outdoors. You can stay fit during the winter to prepare for your summer body. You can pick from RS Skate, RS Skate X-Stiff, and RS 8. 

Escape, and Snowscape Series

These series are perfect for skiers who want a safe activity while enjoying winter conditions. Some of the classic selections include Snowscape 9 Skin + PSP, Snowscape 7, and Snowscape 7 Posigrip. 

Salomon Skis: Company & History

Salomon began their story in Annecy, France, in the heart of the French Alps. In 1947, its founder Francois Salomon started a metal workshop with his family, where they initially produced saw blades. Ten years later, Salomon modernized cable bindings on ski boots and created a machine that creates a steel edge for skis.

After their humble origins in Annecy, Salomon’s bindings made their first appearance at the World Alpine Championships in 1966. With their technical innovations in binding technology, Salomon became the world’s leading manufacturer for bindings in 1972. 

Salomon continued to expand its collection by moving onto skis in 1990. Since then, Salomon has ventured into producing outdoor gears while maintaining its focus on providing cutting-edge products for the active adventurer. Today, Salomon produces a massive range of technical ski products, from goggles, helmets, ski clothing lines, poles, bindings, skis, etc.


From mountain trails to winter terrains, French outdoor sports company Salomon has produced high-performance products for several decades, including some of the best skis and bindings worldwide. Salomon takes pride in its reputation as the leading manufacturer of high-performance skis for all winter conditions.

Through Salomon’s performance-driven design, they deliver progression and innovation to snow sports, convert new ideas, and expand their limits. Salmon’s culture and commitment led them to be the world’s leading ski company.

May this Salomon skis review help you pick the best Salomon skis that fit your preferences and needs as a skier. You can never go wrong with Salomon’s full line of skis, as they result from Salomon’s heritage and passion for winter sports.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the right length when choosing my skis?

A ski’s length does not primarily depend on your height. It often depends on your technique, abilities, and preferences. Longer skis deliver more stability at a higher speed so you can go faster while having the power to steer your skis. On the other hand, shorter skis tend to be more agile and engage quicker. They are also less stable at making long turns and high speeds.

What is the best binding recommended for my skis?

Ski brands like Salomon sell skis with an integrated binding, so you don’t have to waste time finding the perfect binding for your skis. However, if you a more personalized binding, good bindings are available online. Pick a binding with a brake width that fits over the width of the ski. Take note that the binding’s DIN range is essential. The DIN determines the binding’s release force. A higher DIN setting means smaller feet, more advanced ski ability, and more mass. 

How should I choose the best skate skis?

When choosing your skate skis, always consider the snow type. Salomon offers three types for each ski length for race skate and premium skis to ensure better performance on all snow types.

First are the universal skis, which are the most versatile skis ideal for all snow types. Second is the cold snow skis perfect for hardpacked snow with a stiff flex for cold. Lastly, the wet and slush snow skis with a high camber that promotes gliding on wet snow.

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