Rossignol Skis Review | Epic Skis or Rip Off? [2021]

With the widest selection of skis, Rossignol carries a full ski spectrum. From groomer skis to hard-charging all-mountain skis, to fat powder skis and lightweight touring skis, Rossignol has it all.

For decades, Rossignol has been in the benchmark in winter sports, an athlete-driven innovation from alpine skis, nordic skis, and snowboards, making skiing and riding easier, more fun, and inspiring.

From competitive athletes to cautious first-timers, to any slopes you wish to ski, the brand has a ski to offer. Undoubtedly, Rossignol is one of the biggest ski brands in the market today, and you know it. From their years and years of experience, their ski collections have become broad.  Hence, we’ve reviewed most of their ski and listed only the best ones to help you.

In a rush?  Rossignol’s Experience ski collection is a great selection; specifically, the Experience 88 Ti has earned good reputable ratings from hundreds of expert ski shoppers.

Rossignol never fails to provide top-performing skis for any skier level and skiing. With the vast selection of skis in their collection, finding the best match for your ski needs can be an overwhelming job.

Good thing, we came prepared to lend you a hand. Here, we listed the leading Rossignol skis in the market in a full review. We also prepared a comprehensive buying guide at the latter part of the article, which might come in useful too, so stick with us until the end.

Top 9 Best Rossignol Skis Reviewed

  1. Rossignol Experience 88 Ti – Best Overall
  2. Rossignol Experience 94 Ti – Best Value
  3. Rossignol Soul 7 HD – Editor’s Choice
  4. Rossignol Experience 76 Ci
  5. Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis
  6. Rossignol 2020 Hero Elite LT Ti
  7. Rossignol Experience 84 Ai
  8. Rossignol Temptation 88 HD
  9. Rossignol Evo OT 65 IFP Positrack XC

#1. Rossignol Experience 88 Ti – Best Overall

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Skis Mens

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The Experience 88 Ti is well-equipped to handle all conditions well, but it requires an expert skier to pilot the ski. While the ski is not the best option for powder or soft snow, Experience 88 Ti is fun to take on groomers and firm snow. This ski is the best choice for anyone seeking true all-mountain performance. The ski performs on certain things well, staying stable at most speed and carving.

In an all-terrain rocker profile, it is adapted for every terrain and snow conditions but still prefers to be on a freshly groomed piste. Thanks to this feature, the ski speaks versatility, as it can be your balanced ski on hard snow precision and still be quite playful on soft snow conditions.

Sporting a unique HD Core Ti, which includes Titanal along with a new progressive sidecut, the 88 Ti is the perfect shaped ski for a playful, lively with a dynamic feel, and fluid feels that drifts, carves, and smears through all terrain and snow.

The Experience 88 Ti handles high-speed skiing very well. It delivers consistent dampness and stability to almost any speed, ensuring full edge contact throughout speedy turns with lots of camber underfoot and just enough rocker on the tip and tail. 88 Ti’s optimal operating is fast—powerful, responsive, and quick edge to edge with input from several aggressive skiers.

#2. Rossignol Experience 94 Ti – Best Value

Rossignol Experience 94 Ti Skis Mens

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The Experience 94 Ti holds the pinnacle of Rossignol’s all mountain chassis. It lends supreme confidence at speed, making turns easy and clean, as if you’ve been skiing all your life. Not for mellow skier but is up for hard-charging alpine skiing for weekend warriors alike.

With all-terrain rocker profile combined with progressive sidecut, the ski delivers playfulness, fluidity drift, smear, and carve in all conditions, plus a more targeted all-terrain performance and freedom to excel in all conditions.

The ski performs wonderfully on easy turn initiation with its exceptional power and stability underfoot, 94 Ti loves to go fast. Stability is one of the top classifications of Experience 94 Ti. Rossignol’s patented new LCT construction blended with HD Core Titanal infused construction, the ski gives balanced dampness, high-definition power, and stability for mixed snow conditions and changing terrain.

With 94-millimeter waist width, some skiers noted that the 94 Ti lends itself more to groomed and hard snow performance. Plus, thanks to these features, laying the ski on edge is easy. If you like the feeling of edges biting into the snow with much control and ease, Experience 94 Ti is your way to go.

#3. Rossignol Soul 7 HD – Editor’s Choice

Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis Mens

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The ski lends its soul more on the soft-snow but can still perform well on the way back to the lift. The Soul 7 HD is your soft-snow oriented skis and love a place where fresh snow is short supply. The ski holds one of the widest underfoot in the list, measuring in at a whopping 106-millimeter, Soul 7 HD is a true powder ski.

Rossignol positioned the Soul 7 HD as a great all-mountain ski with an obvious soft snow bias features and constructs. The generous and smooth graduated tip and tail rocker, the ski’s “Soul,” is designed to wander around the deepest powder days.

The traditional camber underfoot delivers an effortless floatation, instant speed control with powerful energy, and grip to get you back to the lift. It features a deep radius underfoot, thanks to its short sidecut underfoot combined with a unique tapered tip and tail, the ski lends edge grip and power exactly where you need it.

As the Soul 7 HD ski lends itself to certain things, be reminded to be more cautious with the ski when in a firm and variable conditions. It excels more at a short radius and quick carving turns. Soul 7 HD lives for powder; it is obvious that the ski is the best platform for pow days with its every design.  It is lightweight, which translates pretty well on playful skis, easy to swing and spin in the air, just where the soul resides.

#4. Rossignol Experience 76 Ci

Rossignol Experience 76 Ci/Xpress 10 Ski Package Mens

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Another entry from Rossignol’s Experience collection, the 76 Ci ski is most at home on piste but also playful off the edge of the piste, through variable terrain. The ski is ideal for intermediate progressing women skiers with big ambitions. The ski holds the limelight in the freeride line up.

76 Ci ski lends a smooth and stable ride even at high speeds and is fantastic through short turns, thanks to its use of all-terrain rocker with Rossignol’s progressive sidecut profile. The ski unleashes more targeted all-terrain performance and playful to drift, smear, and carve with a fluid feel.

At 76-millimeter waist width, going from edge to edge is easy, and turns become more enjoyable and fun. With its poplar wood core, versatility blooms, giving way for a perfect blend of power, flex, stability, and playfulness. Plus, with its utilization of Air Tip Vas in its laminates, the ski alleviates and absorbs shock, ensuring to keep dynamic control of your line.

The Experience 76 Ci is a great choice of the ski for someone looking for a fantastic, durable, and playful ski to last them for a few years. The ski will provide your much-needed aid to progress.

#5. Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis Mens

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The Rossignol Sky 7 HD ski staples the line between freeride versatility and lightweight agility. The ski lends playfulness on- and off-piste, through mixed snow conditions and soft snow with ease. Sky 7 HD ski can conquer crud, float well and smear, favoring long turns in soft or variable snow.

Rossignol did it again, featuring their progressive Freeride rocker profile, placing a longer, lower tip rocker, a tapered tail profile, and traditional camber underfoot. The ski lends an exceptional float and crud performance—designed for deepest pow days. Whether in terms of precision and permissiveness, stability and maneuverability, or grip and versatility, Sky 7 HD is up for it.

The core construction of the ski included premium materials of Paulownia wood with a carbon alloy matrix that boosted lightness and power transfer while being shock-absorbing and maintaining speed stability. This ski lends itself more to resort float, easy swing weight of the tips—Sky 7 HD ski is a great powder teaching ski.

The 98-millimeter underfoot favors long turn on hardpack and is almost like designed to be a bias for off-piste skiing. It cuts through crud, and smooth’s out turbulence. The Sky 7 HD is most versatile in backside conditions.

#6. Rossignol 2020 Hero Elite LT Ti

Rossignol 2020 Hero Elite LT TI Skis w/SPX 12 Bindings

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This ski is a hero for skiers who’s been looking for a ski that performs great on hard snow, making big radius turns. The Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti ski is a solid, powerful ski, blending strong edge hold, stability, and durability in a pair of sticks.

Rossi’s World Cap Titanal Sandwich with Power Turn Rocker, the Hero Elite LT Ti lends ease of turn initiation and excellent grip. The Hero Elite confidently flies trough groomed, hardpack, and even icy lope. This is not for short turns; Hero Elite is for speed junkies’ expert pilots who prioritize hardpack tracks.

With the requisite stiffness constructed along with the Rossi’s Powder Turn Rocker, the Hero Elite ski is one of the best skis that lend easy initiation. The chatter-free snow-to-edge contact allows you to take the ski right back into the gates with supreme ease.

The Elite is confident at high speed and consistently powerful on every hardpack conditions. It is an overall speed carver, as the Hero performs greater the faster you go. It has an amazing edge hold, stability, and ease-of-use that satisfied most aggressive skiers.

#7. Rossignol Experience 84 Ai

Rossignol Experience 84 AI Womens Skis W/Look Xpress W 11 GW Bindings Skis w/SPX 12 Bindings

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The Experience 84 Ai is ideal for women skiers with aspirations to take things to the next level. The ski is best known for its versatility and stylish graphics, an offering of Rossignol for all-mountain skis this season.

Rossignol uses much more rocker in this ski, especially in the tip, combined with a more early taper in the tip and noticeable in the tail. For this construction, Rossignol utilized their new Line Control Technology, eliminating the ski’s counter-flexing to ensure the line’s stability and dynamic control. With the HD Core Ai, hence the Ai in its name, the ski provides optimum absorption and enhanced stability, making the ski ideal for mixed snow conditions and variable terrain.

The ski feels lightweight on your feet, resulting in an energetic, easy to maneuver all-mountain ski. The shape of the ski focused on providing maneuverability and easy turn initiation. However, some users noted that the ski lacks weight for aggressive crud turns. If more stable ski at high speed is what you are looking for, the Experience 88 Ti is your ticket.

This ski lends itself more to easily turning initiation, providing effortless turns in whatever snow conditions you are in. Many skiers scored a nearly five-star rating for the skis’ quickness, maneuverability, playfulness, and forgiveness. But for reference, this ski is more fitting to use by précised, deliberate skier than blindly aggressive skiers.

#8. Rossignol Temptation 88 HD

Rossignol Temptation 88 HD Skis Womens

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The Temptation 88 HD is indeed a very tempting pair to have for skiers who love skiing on hard park and groomed runs, as the ski delivers tight and peppy turns as needed for carving groomers. The ski is extremely stable and very damp, giving you the confidence to go high speed.

These skis handle itself well in most conditions, from variable icy slopes to crust to chopped up chalk. On-piste is where the Temptation 88 HD truly shines, great for carving snappy, quick turns. The ski is much more appreciated by versatile skiers who love ripping up the groomers at high speed. It performs well as just when you choose to venture off the trails, a versatile ski for a versatile women skier.

Temptation 88 HD likes to go fast and make turns, offering superior maneuverability while maintaining stability. It performs flawlessly in rail turns at high speed with the amazing support of stable edge hold in any condition or slope.

This ski handles well on anything hard pack and earns a top score with its carving performance. With the just right amount of camber underfoot, any strong pilot can pressure the ski into a quick turn. The Temptation 88 HD is fun, responsive, and super loves to carve.

#9. Rossignol Evo OT 65 IFP Positrack XC

Rossignol Evo OT 65 IFP Positrack XC Skis w/Control Step in Bindings

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The Evo OT 65 skis has enough narrow waist width to allow efficient glide in the track and interestingly wide enough to stay afloat when stetting a track of your own. It is best use for skiers who prefer exploring the backcountry over groomed terrain around the classic track.

With 60-millimeter underfoot, the ski offers versatility on most terrain conditions. The waxless base lends a perfect blend of glide and grip, resulting in a much playful and versatile touring ski for off-trail Nordic explorers. Thanks to its soft flex with partial steed edges blended with Rossi’s low-maintenance Positrack base; the ski offers increased control and edge grip underfoot.

The Evo OT 65 skis deliver an exceptional backcountry performance, premium control on variable snow with predictable feel when making kick-turns up on the steep slope and tracking across the icy lake. The ski brilliantly utilizes a durable, lightweight wood core that includes Activ’ Cap, fiberglass construction, so the Evo OT 65 is up for swinging in the air or getting back the lift.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Rossignol Skis – Buyer’s Guide 2020

As a Rossignol supporter, we know that Rossignol always gets innovative in its products. No Rossignol skis are made the same. Every ski excels on certain things, accommodating all skiing types and skier level. They have a broad ski selection in their lobby, and finding the best pair can be overwhelming.

Though Rossignol skis are always guaranteed to be worth every penny, its greatness will show if it matches your needs. Here are a few major factors you want to keep in mind to purchase the best Rossignol ski catering to your needs.

1. Terrain

If you plan to ski on groomed terrains or carve on hardpack, your ski choice will differ. A ski designed for soft pow days will not perform well on firmer grounds. Some can also do since Rossignol is a very versatile brand, but to achieve the most of your skiing experience, it is best to match with skis that will guarantee to perform on your planned skiing.

2. Skier’s Level

Rossignol ensures to accommodate all skiers, from cautious beginners to aggressive skiers. Your ski choice is largely affected by what level you are currently in. If you are a progressing skier, make sure to purchase a Rossignol ski designed with features that can assist you. And of course, aggressive pilots would want to land with skis that are up for their ventures.

No need to take note of the ski’s durability because, with Rossignol, the skis are guaranteed to last you for many years. As long as it can still support your level and fits your terrain, the skis will deliver premium durability and withstand drops and challenging conditions.

About Skis Rossignol | History and Company Profile

Skis Rossignol, or simply referred by most the Rossignol, was born in 1907 in the French Alps. The French brand manufactures alpine, snowboards, and Nordic equipment—an iconic winter sports brand. It offers an array of outwear, accessories, and equipment for amateurs and experts in alpine skiing and other winter sports.

The brand draws strength from its 100 years of expertise, boasting with elegance and iconic codes and heritage. Rossignol never fails to be recognizable, always leaving a strong remark at first glance. Being one of the pioneers in the industry, Rossignol was the first to produce plastic skis.

Rossignol branded by its iconic rooster logo, and by the famous blue and red signature, the company raises the French sporting community flag. Rossignol’s subsidiaries include Dynastar, Lange, Look, Kerma, Risport Skates, Time, Raidlight, Vertical, Felt, and Dale of Norway.


With decades of expertise, it is no wonder why Rossignol is one of the biggest and most reliable ski brands in the market. The ski library of Rossi’s speaks elegance and legendary-profile. They’ve been around since we can’t remember and have been providing skis for every skier. The skis of Rossignol contributed to the success of many world champions. From Henri Oreiller to Jean Vuarnet, Rossignol is made for champions.

They have lots of attractive, well-made, high-performing skis in their collection, finding your best pair will not be too hard. All will last you for a long time, as long as you need the skis, Rossignol can withstand all season. The brand welcomes all skiers from any level with a great quality ski for any skiing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rossignol offer?

Rossignol’s catalog includes innovations of alpine skis, nordic skis, and snowboards. The brand also offers other ski gears and apparel, from winter jackets, ski pants, sportswear, and shoes.

Where can I buy Rossignol skis?

Rossignol offers its products on its website, but you can also rely on reputable ski shops that carry a selection of Rossignol skis like Amazon, Evo, eBay, and other web-based retailers.

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