Rome Snowboard Bindings Review | Epic Bindings or Rip Off?

Your snowboard bindings are essential if you are looking for the best snowboarding experience. They function in all areas, from comfort to balance to control. Thus, the selection process of which snowboard binding to trust should be just as critical and careful as choosing your most valued snowboards.

Like snowboards, there are also all sorts of snowboard bindings in the market. They vary in styles, sizes, designs, components, and many more, so being confused and overwhelmed by the abundance of choices is understandable.

Don’t worry because we got you covered. We have searched the current market to find the snowboard bindings with the best quality. In our search, we have come across Rome snowboard bindings, and we kid you not when we say that each model this brand manufactures deserves to be at the top of your choices.

Here is our list of the most top-rated snowboard binding models of Rome. Check out these products to help you decide which snowboard bindings to use.

Top 8 Best Rome Snowboard Bindings Reviewed

  1. Rome D.O.D Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall
  2. Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget
  3. Rome United Snowboard Bindings – Editor’s Choice
  4. Rome Crux Snowboard Bindings 
  5. Rome Flare Snowboard Bindings 
  6. Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings
  7. Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings 
  8. Rome Shift Snowboard Bindings

#1. Rome D.O.D Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall

Rome Snowboards D.O.D Snowboard Bindings

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The D.O.D Snowboard Bindings is one of the most top-rated snowboard binding models from Rome, easily making it at the top of our list too. This product is undoubtedly developed to withstand years of extensive winter use to give you the best comfort in your rides.

The Rome D.O.D snowboard bindings are built with just the right flex that will be more forgiving for beginners or intermediate riders, but advanced-level riders will also enjoy.

These snowboard bindings use the traditional strap system but with better security and comfortability. Like most of Rome’s snowboard bindings, this model uses three trap positions to customize a better fitting snowboard binding better. The model’s ankle straps use a light, comfortable, and mid-flexing ankle strap that easily adjusts to your movements while you ride. It is padded with EVA foam to ensure comfort while holding your feet secure. On the other hand, the toe strap has a design that adjusts to almost any boot model. This design also produces a more distributed pressure and weight to deliver excellent foot control without too much fatigue.

This model’s highback is also fully adjustable and can rotate so riders can easily align it with the heel portion. A more stable highback means better edge hold and power transfer. What makes the highback even better is that it has an improved anti-shock function, absorbing all the impact of your high-energy and high-speed rides to guarantee nothing but comfort.

Lastly, the baseplate features a padded footbed with a customizable canting level to give you better stability control. It also a V-Rod subbase pad that provides edge-to-edge power and side-to-side flexibility, allowing the minimum contact of the bindings to your snowboard, so the snowboard’s flexibility is not affected. Rome also built these snowboard bindings with their UnderWrap platform that allows sturdy and responsive use.

#2. Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget

Rome Snowboards Katana Snowboard Bindings

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The Rome Katana snowboard bindings is the best companions of riders who thrill on riding down steep and harsh slopes on the mountain. If you excite over high-speed downslope rides, Rome Katana will be your best choice.

The materials used in this model are extra lightweight to allow you to almost fly over many snow surfaces and conditions. It also uses a stiff flex that allows enhanced maneuverability to make your movements quickly translated to your snowboard.

What makes these snowboard bindings excellent in the all-mountain ride is that they have a shock-absorbent baseplate that absorbs impacts of almost 30% more than the regular designs. This baseplate material ensures that high-energy rides don’t injure or tire your feet that much, allowing a more extensive and prolonged riding experience.

Another user-friendly and convenient feature of this model from Rome is its adjustable highback that doesn’t need any adjusting tools. Your snowboard bindings’ highback usually needs frequent adjustments to customize its tilt, depending on the surface, but many models still come with a tool to adjust it. The Rome Katana allows you to climb up a mountain without additional baggage for adjustment tools.

It also uses a strap system that is divided into two parts. It has ultralight ankle straps that keep your ankles in place while riding, avoiding as many injuries as possible, plus toe straps that can be adjusted to the size of your boots. Although this model is usually loved by advanced to expert riders who like trying out new heights and adventures, it can also be beginner-friendly.

#3. Rome United Snowboard Bindings – Editor’s Choice

Rome Snowboards United Snowboard Bindings

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The Rome United snowboard bindings are the best option for intermediate riders trying to improve their skills. The construction of this product is flexible, and it features fully customizable features that you can adjust while you build your riding skill on the terrain or in the less stressful parks.

Its highback allows full rotation so that you can fully and perfectly align it with your heel. This feature allows for better power transfer, maneuverability, and a more stable edge hold. The highback adjustment is also tool-free to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

The model’s snug-fitting adjustable straps also give your feet a comfortable but secure hug throughout your performance. The whole strap system features at least three-strap positions that you can customize to your feet size and adjust them according to your desired support level. Overall, this snowboard bindings model gives you more freedom to adjust it depending on your liking to give you the best comfort and optimized performance while still learning your style and developing your snowboard riding skills.

#4. Rome Crux Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards Crux Snowboard Bindings

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Rome SDS developed the Crux snowboard bindings with the model being budget-friendly in mind, so if you are looking forward to completing your snowboard essentials but are on a tight budget, this product will be the answer. You don’t even have to worry about the quality because Rome ensures that its low cost does not equate to a low quality.

This product uses a medium flex that is flexible enough to assist your maneuvers and stiff enough to let you ride on butters. Thus, these snowboard bindings are perfect for freestyle riders who like to do some tricks in the park.

One notable innovation that Rome used in this product is its AsymWrap technology, an asymmetric hoop design, connecting the baseplate through three points of heel hoop connection, to give you a surfy and playful ride without sacrificing control. It also has an EVA foam subbase pad that absorbs impact, especially during your pop and lifts landings.

Its AutoStraps are also worth noting, giving you multiple strap positions for a more customized and secure fit, using easy and convenient-access elastomer straps.

#5. Rome Flare Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards Crux Snowboard Bindings

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Rome Flare Snowboard Bindings is a remarkable combination of style and quality women riders would love. Except for it being aesthetically pleasing with berry colors for the chic rider, it is also perfectly designed to assist performance.

This model uses a medium flex that advanced to expert riders would love, but the unparalleled comfort it provides makes it a great choice for starters. It has a Flare Asym highback that is strategically designed to contour onto a woman’s claves. The EVA foam base provides excellent cushioning with a dampening system to ensure that your feet are of the best comfort while riding.

Its strap system is also simple and designed not to have pressure points, allowing for more comfortable movements that don’t stress your foot’s critical points. The model’s bindings are also highly adjustable to match almost any type and size of snow boots.

With its stiffness, these snowboard bindings are among the most responsive in this brand’s product line-up. They act quickly and transmits even the slightest movements to your snowboards.

#6. Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings

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Finally, a pair of snowboard bindings that can conquer the mountain. The Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings will be a great addition to the snowboarding set of our all-around riders. No matter what the riding style is, this snowboard model knows how to adjust its performance.

Its Full UnderWrap construction uses just the right flexibility and comfort that allows an edge-to-edge distribution and transfer of power from the tails to the tips. This design adjusts to the movements you will need while riding the mountain. Whether you like surfing down the groomers or having more powerful pops, this design allows optimal performance.

The padded and comfortable straps will also make you feel strapped securely, with self-adjusting toe straps and mid-flexing ankle straps that you can adjust to your style and size. Its highback is also adjustable to serve you more of your style.

#7. Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards Vice Snowboard Bindings

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Light, flexible, and comfortable are only some of the words that will hit you when you experience this all-new Rome Vice snowboard bindings. This model has a medium flex construction made of lightweight materials that offer smooth power transmission from you to your bindings to your snowboard. This construction is perfect for those freestyle enthusiasts like performing a few rounds of pops and twists in the park. The smoothness of the snowboarding ride offered by this model and its forgiving stiffness also makes it beginner-friendly.

This model features a ProGrip toe strap that offers supreme hold and grip, ensuring your feet are secure, even for high-energy rides. Apart from this feature, its armed wish pivot technology also features a three-position strap system that lets you customize your fit, allowing you to control the snowboard bindings’ responsiveness. The new design of its highback also makes powerful tweaks and pops. The baseplate is also a combination of lightweight and durable nylon and fiberglass.

#8. Rome Shift Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards Shift Snowboard Bindings

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The Rome Shift Snowboard Bindings is another perfect model for women riders who are particular with comfort and performance. This model has a soft flex rating, making it the most forgiving snowboard bindings model in this list.

Its multiple positions and minimalist strap system offers comfort partnered with stability. The ankle strap is woman-specific, comfortably adjusts to your ankle parts’ contours, while the toe straps are flexible enough to allow easier movements and smoother control.

It also has a shifting highback that is lightweight and smooth-flexing to give you an all-day comfortable ride. The highback also has full rotation features that allow you to adjust it for better heel edge alignment, giving you better balance support and swifter response and control.

Buyer’s Guide

Snowboard bindings may sometimes be neglected in the complete set of snowboarding essentials. But in reality, they are not as trivial as many people think.

Snowboard bindings can be as important as your other snowboarding gears like your snowboard itself. It contributes to your ride’s comfort and ease of control. As the direct connection of your feet to your snowboard, your bindings are the direct transmission of your control and maneuver intentions to your board. They are your literal connection with your snowboards. Thus, a high-quality snowboard only deserves to be paired with a high-quality set of snowboard bindings too.

Here is a list factor that you can consider if you would like to have the best snowboard bindings purchase.

1. Snowboard Compatibility

Nothing is more disappointing than investing so much on a high-quality snowboard binding to find out later that it does not go with your snowboard. The first thing you should consider is the snowboard binding’s compatibility with your snowboard to avoid this regret. Many snowboard manufacturing companies already provide you with choices for snowboard bindings when buying a snowboard. If not, you can always ask about compatibility upon purchase.

2. Fit

Just like in snowboards, snowboard bindings come in various sizes too. Many manufacturers and brands also create models with a range of sizes, including those for riders of narrower or wider feet. Sizes usually range from small, medium, and large, but some also use extra-small or extra-large sizes. However, even if you already know your normal foot size, fitting is still important because sizes might differ from each manufacturer. The goal is to have a size where your snow boots can comfortably land on the snowboard bindings’ baseplate. Snowboard bindings normally have excellent strapping systems to give you a more customized fit.

3. Style

There are also different snowboard bindings made for specific snowboard riding styles. You also have to identify which snowboarding styles you usually perform using the snowboard bindings you are about to use. Like in snowboard types, snowboard bindings can also be classified as all-mountain, freestyle, freeride, or powder. The snowboard bindings’ construction is meant to help you perform a certain style better, so identifying a snowboard binding that will match your riding style is also necessary.

4. Flex

The flex of your snowboards or your snowboard bindings is generally the flexibility or stiffness of the product’s construction. Manufacturers usually use a one-to-ten rating system to classify their snowboard bindings’ flexibility. According to their ratings, snowboard bindings can be classified into three: soft flex for beginner to intermediate riders, medium flex for intermediate to advanced riders, and stiff flex for advanced to expert riders. In general, a softer flex is more forgiving, and it provides more comfort, while a stiffer flex allows more balance and speed.

5. Type

Snowboard bindings also come in styles. The traditional snowboard bindings use strap systems that consist of two divisions, with one covering the toe part and the other the ankle part. Although this binding typically results in a better fitting, it is more complicated to use. The pressure put into the foot’s critical parts through the strapping sections may also cause injuries and fatigue. In recent years, the rear entry snowboards have gained popularity among many rider and manufacturers because of their ease of use. However, you also have to know that both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is something that you have to balance.

Company & History

Rome Snowboards entered the industry with one vision in mind – change the market that is teeming with overrated and over-advertised but “mediocre” products.

In late 2001, three snowboarding enthusiasts, Josh Reid, Paul Maravetz, and Dan Sullivan, established the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, otherwise known as the Rome SDS. Both Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz are former employees of another snowboard brand giant, Burton. After working as marketing and product development employees, the two decided to leave the company to develop their brand with another partner. Since then, Rome SDS has quickly climbed its way up to the top of the snowboard manufacturing industry, developing some of the best snowboard products many riders now enjoy.

Unlike many other brands, Rome SDS is not under a ski company. It has always focused on advocating the snowboarding culture we know of today. The brand has always stood with its anti-establishment attitude and “from snowboarders, for snowboarders” advocacy. This move was to defy the existing snowboarding industry, which they think heavily focused on the Olympics and its athletes rather than the sport itself.

One of Rome’s strategy of ensuring and maintaining its quality is by involving the direct consumers of its products through their programs such as the “get involved policy.” The brand encourages people to try their products, especially their snowboards, to give the company feedback that will help further develop the quality.

Besides snowboard, Rome also provides an excellent portfolio of gears that you will need in your snowboarding journey. You can find in the brand’s product shelves some of the best bindings, boots, apparel, and many other essential items.

Rome also prides in its roster of reputed riders, including Laurent Nicolas-Paquin, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, and some other giants in their UK team, including Scott Penman and Angus Leith. The company also produces several web series like the successful 12-months series, where they produce an episode from a different location around the world monthly.


Since its establishment, Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate has been revolutionizing the snowboard manufacturing industry. Over the years, it has introduced products with qualities that are still difficult to match even today. This brand has introduced many innovations in the industry that also led and motivated other brands to improve and innovate their product collections.

Even up to present, Rome SDS remains loyal to its commitment it made at the beginning of its journey, which is to veer away from the mediocrity of the industry’s products. It focuses on creating a higher standard for snowboarding products, including different apparel, tools, and equipment.

If you are starting with your snowboarding journey, Rome SDS is a reputed brand you can trust. The products are worth every penny. We can say that every product Rome SDS manufactures will give you a different and authentic snowboarding culture feels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here are three frequently asked questions:

Does Rome SDS offer a warranty for its products?

Most of Rome SDS’ products, specifically its snowboard bindings, come with a limited lifetime warranty. Whenever you encounter problems with the products, you can always contact the Rome shop you bought it from.

I cannot find my exact size for the snowboard bindings. What size should I use?

Remember that snowboard bindings do not usually fit the way your shoes should fit. They are an entirely different tool, so most of the time, finding your exact feet size is not necessary. What’s important is your boots land comfortably to the baseplate of the snowboard bindings. Snowboard bindings come in fully customizable strap systems that you can adjust to your size. If you cannot find the right size, it’s most recommended that you use a bigger size since the strap system may do the tightening for you.

What other snowboarding products can I buy from Rome SDS aside from its snowboard bindings?

Rome SDS primarily creates some of the best snowboards, so if you are looking forward to starting to complete your set with a nice snowboard, Rome is a brand you can trust. Apart from these, Rome also offers some other snowboarding essentials that include apparel, boots, gloves, and many more. It is great that it can be your one-stop shop for all the essentials you will need to start your snowboarding journey or to supply your snowboarding set.

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