K2 Snowboard Bindings Review | Epic Bindings or Rip Off?

High-quality snowboard bindings are essential in your overall snowboarding performance. This gear directly transfers your movement and control to your snowboard. We can say that your snowboard bindings are your direct communication with your snowboards, and keeping your line of communication well-functioning saves you a lot of trouble.

If you search for a supreme quality brand to provide you this snowboarding essential, K2 is a brand you can trust. For decades, K2 has become a primary manufacturer of ski and snowboard materials and tools for many riders, partnering even professional and expert riders reaching the Olympics.

Indeed, there is a reason why this brand stayed and championed the industry for that long. Years of service has developed a brand that sets a high standard for its newer counterparts. This article will provide you more ideas about K2’s snowboard bindings and the quality the brand lives by.

These are some of the best snowboard bindings K2 offers. Know why these models remain top-rated in the market in the following reviews.

Top 7 Best K2 Snowboard Bindings Reviewed

  1. K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall
  2. K2 Bedford Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget
  3. K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings – Editor’s Choice
  4. K2 Sonic Snowboard Bindings
  5. K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 
  6. K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings
  7. K2 Cinch Tryst Snowboard Bindings

#1. K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall

K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings

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The K2 TC snowboard bindings are both a cinch to use but a monster in performance. This product testify to the quality K2 provides in the market.

This snowboard binding model’s design is much simpler than other top-rated brands, making it easy and convenient to use. It lives by the saying that less is more because its uncomplicated build also does not compromise a high-quality performance.

K2 Cinch TC’s uses a GF ProFusion Chassis, famous for being lightweight and tough, plus a seamless EVA foam footbed that ensures your feet rest at the utmost comfort. It has a slightly canted footbed that molds into the natural leg position while riding to give better support and control to your foot, even for poppy rides. This overall base design reduces fatigue and chances for serious injuries so you can enjoy a longer snowboard riding time in an excellent performance.

This model also uses a nylon highback that functions for almost all types of terrain conditions and surfaces, while providing an unbeatable comfort because of its temperature-resistant quality.

What makes this K2 snowboard bindings model a top pick for many riders is its simple strapping system that incredibly does the work. Cinch technology allows for easy entry and convenient use. Both toe and ankle straps form using durable PU laminates that hold your feet secure to your bindings. They also have a build that features maximum adjustability to ensure that it can fit almost any type of snowshoes or bindings. The whole strapping system uses a center lock adjustment to adjust easily even with your gloves on, perfect for a quick adjustment between rides. The adjustment is also 100 percent tool-less, so you won’t have to worry about additional baggage when planning to go on a hiking and riding trip.

What’s even greater about this model is that its mounting disc is multi-compatible, matching almost all snowboard types in the market.

Its all-mountain design built with a medium flex also makes it perfect for versatile riders practicing a range of skills, from beginners to experts.

#2. K2 Bedford Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget

K2 Bedford Snowboard Bindings

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K2 Bedford snowboard bindings are K2’s excellent women-specific model that comes at a low-cost but is of high performance. K2 pioneered the manufacture of snowboard bindings with designs specific for women snowboarders. Up to this day, it ensures that its women-specific designs always remain topnotch.

This snowboard binding model builds with a mid-flex control, perfect for more comfortable movements and an all-mountain type of ride. It features a comfy, slightly canted footbed that perfectly matches the natural leg and knee positions for initiating maneuvers and control while you ride.

The model also comes with a plush and multi-layered ankle strap that comfortably hugs your ankles in place while reducing unnecessary pressure that might cause fatigue and injuries, especially during prolonged rides.

Its tool-less adjustment also offers a more convenient way of customizing your snowboard bindings to your fit, making it match almost any type of snow boots without hassle.

The K2 Bedford snowboard bindings are simple, comfortable, and its design is overall sophisticated and chic for the girly riders. What’s more, is that this model also sells at an affordable price, so you know your high-performing snowboard bindings won’t leave you penniless for the next few days.

#3. K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings – Editor’s Choice

K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings

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K2 easily outdid itself when it introduced the K2 Lien AT snowboard bindings to the market. This all-mountain snowboard binding uses a comfortable medium flex that perfectly matches almost all riding styles that intermediate to expert riders enjoy. It is for the aggressive and high-performance type of riders that love venturing the backcountry.

One of the unique features K2 introduced through this model is its Tripod technology that comes with three interchangeable and tunable baseplate pods. You can customize your baseplate’s power transmission and performance by putting in either of the different sets of pods, depending on your desired flex, to three contact points. You can choose from either a soft, medium or stiff set of pods.

The three-degrees canted footbed also provides a more natural leg position for improved control and reduced fatigue.

This model’s strapping system is convenient and effective to keep you up on your boards instantly without sacrificing the firm hold. It features a tool-less center adjustment that you can easily use and adjust. Its toe straps provide a maximum grip that also flexes with your every move. This model’s ankle straps are not padded, unlike many other models, to ensure better responsiveness, but their flexibility also makes them comfortable even without the pads.

Overall, this product may be a bit pricier than the other snowboard bindings offered by K2, but all of its features and high-performing quality makes it worth every penny.

#4. K2 Sonic Snowboard Bindings

K2 Sonic Snowboard Bindings

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K2 Sonic snowboard bindings are one of the long-running snowboard binding models of K2 that are still getting an incredible amount of support from many snowboard riders. This model has simpler features that also already underwent innovations from its previous versions. If you are looking for budget-friendly snowboard bindings that still do not tradeoff quality and performance, K2 gives you their Sonic snowboard bindings.

This model uses a soft flexing, making the most forgiving among all the models mentioned to cater to riders who have just stepped into the snowboard riding trend. Its flexing and simple design is also an excellent feature that allows it to provide a surfy and softer feel while you ride.

K2 Sonic requires no adjustment tools, so using it is pretty trouble-free, especially for those who are these types of tools and equipment for the first time. The model’s easy strap system that features center adjustment also contributes to the convenience of this product. Apart from its convenience, the strapping system also ensures a tight hold of your feet without compromising flexibility.

It’s three-degrees angled footbeds also allow for more comfortable positioning of your leg and knees, promoting better balance and control when you ride. Indeed, these snowboard bindings will greatly aid you while still trying to master your ride. However, its soft flexing might be a turn off for advanced and expert-level riders.

#5. K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings

K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings

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If you enjoy playful park rides, doing all sorts of pops, twists and turns, and high lifts, the K2 Hurrithane snowboard bindings will work best for you. K2 introduced a high-performing snowboard binding lineup in the market, and this model is one of them.

Hurrithane delivers an incredible tweaking capability with its soft flex, letting you adjust the whole thing to your desired fit for better control and support. This feature allows the best flexibility needed for your all-around park presses and jumps. The model is also made from lightweight materials, keeping your snowboard bindings at minimum weight to give you no hurdles from flying and taking the park like a hurricane. Its lightweight feature also reduces the effort needed to control the bindings, reserving all your energy for your whole-day, high-energy ride.

Its EVA footbed also ensures that all landing impacts are kept off your foot to avoid unnecessary fatigue and injuries. It feels like you are riding off foam or pillow with the comfort the baseplate composition gives. These snowboard bindings are unarguably the best park and freestyle model K2 offers.

#6. K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings

K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings

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The K2 Indy snowboard bindings are another top-rated product from K2, and its hard-to-match comfort may be the one to blame.

This model is a soft-flex snowboard binding model that lets you playfully surf the mountain. This flex is highly advisable for newbie snowboarders but is still a good match for riders that want smooth rides. Aside from its comfortable flex, this model also uses padded features that hug your feet like a snuggly pillow. Its canted footbed that also goes with an EVA foam cushioning combines performance and comfort in one. With the footbed design, your legs will have an ideal position for better control and balance when riding, while the composition receives and dampens all impact beneath your feet.

Even its highback is an adjustable all-terrain nylon design, which is temperature resistant too, to support and protect your ankle and heel portion from extreme temperatures and impact, reducing the chances for injuries.

This model’s strapping system is also both durable and flexible enough to adjust to your desired hold and grip. These straps are also padded to reduce the pressure, especially that the strap positions hold critical parts of your feet. All adjustments, including the highback, footbed, and straps, are also tool-less so that use remains quick and hassle-free.

#7. K2 Cinch Tryst Snowboard Bindings

K2 Cinch Tryst Snowboard Bindings

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The K2 Cinch Tryst snowboard bindings is another sleek and sophisticated model for the lady riders. It uses a rear entry design that makes it the most convenient to use in this list. This snowboard binding design’s entry design allows a lightning-speed preparation time that only requires you to recline the highback for an easy in.

The Cinch tripod chassis also ensures a comfortable and secure ride for the whole day. It allows makes the rear entry design of this model to have the hold a traditional binding offers. The baseplate also features an adjustable power ramp for better control that uses urethane dampeners and seamless EVA foam footbed for maximum impact absorption, helping you last a day without injuries or fatigue.

This model’s flexibility is also at a medium stiffness, so a range of snowboarders from beginners to advanced riders can enjoy it. Finally, even with a rear entry design, the strapping system eliminates the design’s disadvantage on grip and fit. The fully padded ankle straps give you a perfect fit with easy an adjustment through a convenient cam-lock center adjusting feature.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide to K2’s Snowboard Bindings

There is a certain relief that goes with choosing a trusted brand like K2. The fact that the brand has a reputed quality that even experts and professionals praise and support guarantees that your investment will not be put to waste. Nearly any product that you decide to purchase will be an aid for better performance.

However, choosing a pair of snowboard bindings is also much like selecting a snowboard where the features and designs should be carefully considered. While these products’ quality is irrefutable, their performance also depends on their compatibility with their users. So, how do you know a snowboard binding models perfectly suit you? Here are some considerations to give you a guide in finding your best match.

1. Style

Just its snowboards, K2’s snowboard bindings also come in styles that will match your chosen snowboarding style. While most of the products you will see in K2’s product shelves are versatile enough to be useful for many activities, finding and using the right style to go with your riding style will help you achieve a highly-desirable performance. Some of the snowboard binding styles that you will find available from K2 are the following.

  • All-mountain – This style is the most versatile and all-around snowboard binding style. If you love doing a range of activities or someone who is still trying to discover his/her style, this one will be a great choice. All-mountain snowboard bindings have medium flex constructions that can usually handle many snow and surface conditions, whether deep powder, steeps, groomers, or terrains.
  • Park/Freestyle – Park or freestyle snowboard bindings usually have a softer flex and more comfortable construction, which helps more playful rides. If you enjoy doing a few tricks of powerful turns and pops and lifts, this style will be gentler to your feet. The construction also helps in balance, which is necessary for freestyle riders.
  • Freeride – This style is the one for riders who crave for high-speed and high-energy rides. This style uses stiffer bindings to enhance balance and control, helping you to have a great riding performance on steep terrains and off-trail courses.

2. Fit

K2’s snowboard bindings come in a broad range of sizes to cover for the needs of more snowboard riders. You must get the right fit when selecting a pair of snowboard bindings. Else, your whole ride will just become a series of being uncomfortable and frequent bindings adjustments.

In fitting your snowboard bindings, remember that you do not fit a pair of shoes. Think about your boot size rather than your foot size. The idea is that your boots should lay perfectly and comfortably to the baseplate of your snowboard bindings. Snowboard bindings usually have incredible strapping systems to give you a more customized fit, so you don’t have to worry about bigger sizes that much.

Also, K2 offers snowboard bindings with designs that are particular for women’s feet. These models were carefully designed, considering women’s unique feet shapes and sizes. They are also usually made to give more comfort features.

3. Entry and Binding Designs

The entry or binding designs of your snowboard bindings also determines the convenience of their use. Although they are not conclusive of quality and performance, it is still necessary to note that different designs have their own set of advantages and disadvantages you have to decide upon. Here are some of the snowboard bindings entries and binding designs K2 uses in their snowboard bindings product lineup.

  • Strap bindings – This is the most common design that many snowboard bindings use. It composes of rachet bindings that effectively hold your feet to your snowboard bindings. They provide a lot of support and control. However, although this design is already effective, may snowboard manufacturers and riders have veered away from it because of the inconvenience of its use. Especially if you are always on the go, manually buckling and unbuckling your snowboard bindings with this design might be a bit of a hassle.
  • Speed entry bindings – Speed entry bindings are much like the traditional strap bindings. The only difference is that its highback is also movable, making the whole bindings easier to adjust. However, because of more movable parts, stability and control may compromise, which is why many snowboard riders who require a lot of control and balance are not a fan of this design.
  • Rear entry bindings – This design is one of the latest innovations in the snowboard manufacturing industry. Rear entry snowboard bindings are the most convenient to use, only requiring you to recline the highback for easy entry and exit. It also has strap systems that ensure proper hold to your feet. However, just like the speed entry bindings, its convenience also sacrifices a lot of security and control, making it advisable for new riders but not for experts or professionals.

4. Flex

Snowboard bindings also vary in their flexibility or stiffness. K2’s snowboard bindings are classified using a one to ten flex rating system, with one being the softest and ten the stiffest. To put it simply, snowboard bindings with a softer flex are more forgiving for those who are still learning because they easily flex to match your movements. This ability is most useful for beginners or for intermediate riders who are still practicing their skills. However, stability may be a softer flex’s compromise.

On the other hand, snowboard bindings with a stiffer flex are more preferred for advanced to expert-level riders. This flex allows quicker and more stable control and more anchored balance.

5. Mounting or Snowboard Compatibility

There is no other solution for an incompatibility other than returning your purchased snowboard bindings and replace them with a new one. Thus, to save you this hassle, ensure that you are particular with the snowboard binding mounting design of your snowboard too. Ensure that the mounting holes in your snowboard match those of your chosen snowboard bindings. You can also check for snowboard bindings that do not require many mounting configurations to have lesser contact with your snowboards. This feature ensures that your snowboard’s flexibility will remain unaffected by your bindings.

Company & History

K2 is a brand that has decades of history in manufacturing topnotch ski and snowboarding products. It is an original ski and snowboard brand that was found in Washington in 1962. Since its establishment, it has become of the standards of ski and snowboard products in the industry, expanding more on snowboards in 1987. It has gained popularity primarily after successfully engineering and pioneering the first product for women in 1999.

K2 was formerly a part of a wider and bigger brand, Anthony Industries Inc., which originally focused as a swimming pool business before it acquired many other brands to diversify to industrial and recreational products. When Anthony Industries Inc. had a revamp and changed its name in mid-1996, it acquired the brand name of K2 Inc., which was the biggest brand under it at that time.

For years, K2 Inc. has been recognized as a leading name in the ski and snowboard manufacturing industry. Many of the products under this reputed brand had become the official partners of athletes and professionals, reaching and championing up to the Olympics. Although it has a name that dates decades back, this brand ensures that it doesn’t stop evolving and innovating to satisfy the growing needs of sports and recreational activity enthusiasts.

Apart from snowboards and skis, K2 Inc. is also a known manufacturer of a broad range of products for many outdoor recreational activities. In this brand’s product portfolio, you will find some of the highest-rated mountain-climbing apparel, paintball equipment, snowshoes, baseball products, fishing equipment, and many more.

With the years it stayed in the industry, we can say that K2 Inc’s seniority has let it establish a brand name that is challenging to match, even for the innovative and fresher brands.


K2 is an excellent go-to brand for those who are looking for quality snowboarding tools, apparel, gear, and equipment. This brand has spent decades of continuous evolving and innovating to ensure that its products remain top of the line. Even with the sudden burgeoning of the industry, with new and more innovative brands coming in, K2 still remains difficult to match.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it be snowboards, bindings, tools, and a lot more, K2 has something worthy to offer. The products in this brands list prove why even professional and expert riders are a fan.

K2 offers snowboarding products that are as sturdy, durable, and long-lasting as this company’s reputed name. Furthermore, if you are looking for tools that can partner you with your snowboarding journey, assisting you since your first rides to developing your skills and finally achieving heights through your expertise, K2 is the brand for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here are some of the questions customers frequently ask.

What other products do K2 offer?

K2 is a reputed brand that provides all sorts of essential products for skiing and snowboarding. You can find a range of apparel, boots, tools, equipment, and other products that complete your snowboarding and skiing kits. Aside from these products, K2 is also a known manufacturer of many other outdoor sports and activities, including materials for fishing, baseball, paintball, and many others.

Does K2 offer a warranty for its products?

Most of K2’s products have a limited warranty of one year. All products with materials and manufacturing defects can be subject to the warranty for at least one year upon purchase. Product replacements due to these reasons are also under this warranty period.

The snowboard bindings I bought from K2 are not compatible with my snowboard. What should I do?

You must check the compatibility of your desired snowboard bindings with your snowboard before you decide to purchase it. Most of the time, you can also ask the in-store professionals to assist you with your purchase about compatibility. However, if you have mistakenly bought an incompatible binding, you can always use the store’s 30-day return policy. However, you must be sure that your product is in an unused condition and still includes all original packaging and hangtags. Other fees, including shipping fees for online purchases, will not be under the store.

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