K2 Skis Review | Epic Skis or Rip Off? [2021]

When K2 is your ski brand, you know you are in for a good time. K2 is one of the best leading ski brands in the market and has earned a nearly five-star rating from hundreds of thousands of skiers.

It is not groundbreaking news that K2 offers an enormous attraction of top-notch quality skis, from all-mountain skis, powder skis, to downhill skis, and everything in between. K2 offers a wide selection of skis, catering to skiers from beginners to experts.

If you are more of an aggressive skier who enjoys critical and challenging terrains or a beginner to soft intermediates who’s searching for a pair of sticks that is forgiving enough to let your learning mistakes pass, K2 is your best go-to brand.

Are you in a hurry? K2 Mindbender 108 Ti Skis will be a great choice if you are an intermediate to advanced skier. Simultaneously, if you are a beginner skier, K2 Anthem 76 Skis would be a great skiing pair to kick-start your skiing career.

Here, we will look closer at the top ten leading skis in K2’s ski selection. We’ve reviewed most of the skis in their collection and selected only the best ones to help you further. Proceed reading to know more about the most reliable K2 skis. A buying guide follows the complete review—make sure to check that one too.

Top 10 Best K2 Skis Reviewed

  1. K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020 – Best Overall
  2. K2 Poacher Skis 2020 – Best for Budget
  3. K2 Mindbender 99 Ti Ski – Editor’s Choice
  4. K2 Press Skis 2020
  5. K2 2020 iKonic 84 Ti Skis
  6. K2 Missconduct Skis
  7. K2 Sight Skis 2020
  8. K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis
  9. K2 Disruption MTI Skis
  10. K2 Catamaran Ski

#1. K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020 – Best Overall

K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020

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The K2 Mindbender 108 Ti Skis is one of the brightest skis in K2’s new Mindbender collection. The 108Ti is best for skiers from advanced to expert pilots, who appreciate the dampness of Titanal layup and the stability of a longer turn radius.

The skis have an all-terrain rocker, giving a gradual rise at the tip for versatility in all conditions, with a subtle, low rise in the tail for enhanced control on variable snow. Mindbender 108Ti skis also offer a progressive ride, with precise, accurate turn initiation and smooth and consistent turn release in all snow types.

The Y-shape delivers precision in the ski’s forebody, maintaining maneuverability and drift control for freeride ripping. With the sidewall extending into the ski’s core, energy transmission from skier to edge is direct and précised.

The Mindbender 108 Ti ski is built with premium core materials, giving you a lightweight, resilient, and impact-resistant pair of skis. This ski has been tested worldwide from the past seasons, delivering a better standard of big mountain confidence you can rely on when things get steep and icy.

#2. K2 Poacher Skis 2020 – Best for Budget

K2 Poacher Skis - 2020 - Men's

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Do you enjoy switching naturally as you go forward and want to trick it up off any hit on the mountain? The K2 Poacher Skis is absolutely rip on groomers, has great torsionally stiffness offering a decent edge hold and even detuned. Plus, they are nice and table on jumps too.

The Poacher’s profile is an all-terrain twin rocker, a low camber, and a significant rocker length that makes the ski playful enough to swivel and smear turns. The extended rise on the tip and tip delivers added versatility and control in all conditions.

The skis flexibly will be appreciated by intermediate to advanced pilots who prefer a nice and damp flex with not much pop but are very predictable.  The ski mostly relies on wood and carbon for stiffness and snap—pretty stable for a ski without metal.

At its “just right” 96-millimeter waist width, the Poacher ski is wide enough for all-mountain terrains, while maintaining nimbleness and lightness, thanks to its softer, lighter core construction, fitting for bumps, trees, and yes for pipe and park. This ski certainly does its job great at blurring lines.

#3. K2 Mindbender 99 Ti Ski – Editor’s Choice

K2 Mindbender 99 TI Ski

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Another entry from K2’s Mindbender collection, the 99 Ti ski straddle the line between on-piste carver and off-piste charger with its 100 mm wide waist width. The 99 Ti ski paves strongly on super fun and playful skiing, and just at quick and powerful when set on an edge for a perfect railed turn back on piste.

Like most of the skis in K2’s Mindbender collection, the 99 Ti ski features a Y-shaped layer of Titanal, hence the “Ti” in its model name. This feature works charmingly as power transfer is dramatically enhanced and maintains maneuverability and drift control for freeride skiing.

The 99 Ti is made to go fast on edge while maintaining strong stability. The ski hold offers extra edge hold thanks to its oversized ABS sidewalls that are integrated throughout the forebody, enhancing power and stability on underfoot. It offers a perfect blend of sharp bleeding carve with soft, butter knife smear on all-mountain conditions—high-performing ski with forgiving quality.

#4. K2 Press Skis 2020

K2 Press Skis 2020 - Men's

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K2 Press is your pair of ski to have the successful skiing experience you’ve always been dreaming to achieve. It is forgiving enough for beginner’s mistakes and is still fuel adventures of intermediate to advanced skiers.

Solid, stable, and durable, the K2 Press ski is the home for skiers looking for a progressive platform to hone their skills. Includes ‘easy-to-ski Aspen wood wore’, Press is certainly the great value ski for emerging park skiers.

If your plan includes a daily park and pipe skiing and you need a pair of ski to rely on, K2 Press is a great option. The ski features a Carbon Boost Braid laminate for increased pop and DuraCap construction for an extra durability dose. Twin Tip construction if for your perfect switching and get playful on carve, pop, and jib.

At 86 millimeter waist width, the K2 Press is not a versatile ski for nothing. Feel free to smash the tips of these skis into front side walls of moguls; the Press picks up very well not just on pipe and park, but also for all-mountain.

#5. K2 2020 iKonic 84 Ti Skis

K2 2020 Ikonic 84Ti Skis w/MXC 12 TCX LT Bindings

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K2’s Ikonic 84 Ti skis are indeed one of the icons for most versatile skis in their collection. It can rip hard on-piste while have the versatility to handle soft snow and side country variables with aplomb.

With its Speed Rocker profile, having a short and low rise at its tip and tail for added agility when quickly transitioning between turns. K2’s Konic technology is integrated of the ski, featuring lightweight wood core down the center blended with more dense wood and metal laminates on the edges.

It is one of the expert-oriented skis in K2’s collection; this ski loves to go at a really fast speed. It is very reliable when at the highest speed, maintaining responsiveness, maneuverability, and of course, stability—great for aggressive adventurous pilots.

When you pick the iKonic 84 Ti up, you’ll be surprised at just how lightweight they are, but will still gladly support you on speed—this ski handles very well at nearly any speed you push it to. Carving is what the iKonic was built for. At 85 millimeter underfoot, the ski holds an edge to edge very well and quick— giving you supreme confidence in the hold throughout powerful arcing turns.

#6. K2 Missconduct Skis

2020 K2 Missconduct Women's Skis w/Tyrolia Attack2 11 GW Bindings

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A lightweight pair park ski that works as well on all-mountain, the K2 Missconduct ski is a great introduction to park skiing or playful everyday all-mountain ski. The ski delivers confidence to hit big lines in the park, with tons of pop and power, the Missconduct is K2’s offer for nimble freestyle. Hop onto a twin tipped carbon-boosted jib pair of sticks and show off on the mountain.

The ski is perfect for taking on groomed turns, happy whether at high or low speed. The Missconduct ski delivers consistent performance in all areas, leaving you with a grin ear to ear. It is energetic throughout short, snappy turns, a good pair of the ski to have a good time in all terrains.

With multiple podium appearances notched in its belt, the ski boasts playfulness, precision, and quick energy transfer, perfect for women skiers who love to freestyle. The ski not just looks amazing, but shows amazing performance too. Durable, poppy and playful, Missconduct ski is ideal for the girls who love to shred on parks.

#7. K2 Sight Skis 2020

K2 Sight Skis 2020 - Men's

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For freestyle, freeride versatility, look no further, K2’s Sight Skis is packed with features to support you all-around. The Sight skis is wider than previous models, offering extra hold on icy pipe walls while performing well on stomping big lands and retaining playfulness for rail switch-ups—a versatile sight indeed!

Starting with the lightweight and resilient Aspen wood core, the ski is light in weight while still having a sturdy base to build off and balances dampening and spring. K2’s patented Triaxial Braid inserts allow more pop, balances stiffness, control, and rebound.

The symmetrical flex lends more confidence and ease when riding switch and buttering, while the early rise in the tip aids for more maneuverability. Plus, the Cap construction combined with a durable sidewall construction makes the top edge more resistant from ski to ski impact damage.

For a durable, solid, all-mountain ski and stable and reliable freestyle, the K2 Sight ski will lead you to a playful, poppy, loosey jumpy skiing, yield durability to withstand your all-around skiing.

#8. K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis

K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis 2019-170cm

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The Pinnacle 95 Ti ski fairly holds the standard all-mountain construction, with all-terrain rocker, this is easy to ski and playful in soft snow. It is best when you want a more laid back skiing, not picking up speed too much, and want to take into a much mellow laps in firm terrains.

Though Pinnacle is not the most versatile, jack all trades ski, the ski is best performing on soft snow—lively, playful, and stable on moderate speed. The ski is easy to turn and a little floppy in smooth surfy turns. At 95 millimeters, the ski is great for quick edge to edge transfer. With a soft rockered tip, the ski adapts well to skied up pow.

This ski shines well at moderate speed, with slower speed as its comfort zones, the Pinnacle 95 ski is best for beginner skiers. The Pinnacle shape speaks for thick, refrozen, or referred to as the ‘crud.’  It may not be for powder, but this ski is a serious asset when in tricky snow conditions. It offers easy turn initiation and quick release from a turn, thanks to its lightweight yet durable construction.

#9. K2 Disruption MTI Skis

K2 2021 Disruption MTI Skis with MXCell 12 TCX Bindings

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The K2 Disruption MTI is the most badass looking ski in this list—all black graphics with subtle gray linings, the Disruption lends confidence for every skier. The ski sits on the frontside carving line, with an almost tip to tail metal runs through the middle of ski but does not extends along the edges.

It utilizes Powerwall sidewalls, having an extra-thick sidewall underfoot that milled into the ski’s wood core. The ski has square tips, resulting in a much longer effective edge. The Disruption MTI ski lends confident turns with a stable feel than most carving skis.

The ski performs amazingly on imperfect terrains, lessening vibrations and shock, you can achieve smooth and précised turns. With Titanal I-Beam laminate, the ski utilizes titanal that runs from tip to tail, offering stability and precision through your entire turn.

These bad boys sit in the “GS” range of turn shapes, designed to give optimum edge control and stability, ready to carve up the piste. You can push faster, harder, and pull in to the turn with more grip and control like how skilled skiers do.

#10. K2 Catamaran Ski

K2 Catamaran Ski

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The Catamaran lands squarely on the kinder, forgiving side of skis. Building success, the Catamaran ski is embedded with K2’s asymmetric shape. Asymmetrically shaped skis can be confusing, but many skis utilize this shape construction. The feature offers versatility, utilizing different shapes for the inside and outside edge, allowing you to rip the powder while carving your way back down the lift.

The ski uses a double-barrel core, using a lighter aspen wood throughout the ski center with a denser yet heavier Fir along the ski’s edge. Thanks to these brilliant features, reducing the overall weight without sacrificing performance and durability.

A traditional sidewall constructs the rest of the ski while carbon bands are layered on the top of the wood core, offering more pop and stable performance. Having the longer effective edge on the inside, you will love the Catamaran on groomed laps—the ski carves a turn beautifully.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Best K2 Ski – Buying Guide 2020

K2 is a very versatile ski brand, offering all-types of the ski for all skiers from beginner to expert, K2 has it all. Plus, the brand does not disappoint on its ski designs and graphics. Their every ski collection proves how creative they can be.

K2 has an enormous attraction of skis in their collection, and finding your best pair can be an overwhelming job. Here are a few major factors you should never overlook when shopping at K2.

1. Ability Level

K2 skis are constructed distinctively. Remember to check if your chosen ski can accommodate your abilities. If you’re a beginner, you want to have a ski that is forgiving enough and provides maximum comfort and durability as you progress. Simultaneously, for aggressive pilots, a ski that is down to all your adventure will be great.

2. Ski Type

K2 produces all types of skis, from all-mountain, freeride, to freestyle skis. No skis are ever made the same. They are designed to perform according to their type. If you are to ski on groomed or off-piste or plan to hit big jumps and drops on steep terrains, freeride skis are your best choice. For park and pipe, freestyle skis are the ones for you. In comparison, all-mountain skis are designed to perform anywhere on the hill and in all snow conditions.

In terms of durability, K2 skis are always packed with premium quality technologies and materials; hence all are reliable. Stiffness of skis often differs on the skier ability that the ski accommodates and its ski type.

About K2 Sports | Company Profile

K2 Sports is a ski and snowboard brand founded by the Kischner brothers in Washing State, 1962. It pioneered the production for women in 1999 with their Women’s Alliance™. The brand is now based on Seattle, a world-renowned brand that gives innovative and quality products. With over fifty years of experience, K2 has won numerous awards proving that its products are guaranteed and reliable.

K2 Skis, K2 Snowboards, and K2 Skates encompass K2 Sport’s alliances. Striving to innovate technologies while taking sustainable responsibilities in every produce, K2 is more than just a brand; they are a legend. The company donates a minimum of $50,000 per year to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


You will never go wrong with K2 skis. This is backed by hundreds of skiers that have experienced the greatness of the K2 skis. There is no doubt that many skiers loved skis from K2, leaving a nearly five-star rating in most of their products.

They are one of the most versatile ski brands, offering skis for any skiing and skier level. Experience it first hand and purchase your new skis with K2. We take a stand that the brand can offer you your ski needs; just be reminded to check important ski features to match your best pair of sticks.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are K2 skis worth buying?

K2 skis are designed for excellence. Plus, with their wide selection of skis, you will match with the best. They have gained reputable reviews from hundreds of shoppers and insist that K2 skis are worth every penny. Reviewing features of your K2 skis will help.

Who should use skis from K2?

K2 accommodates all skiers from any level. They have a wide attraction of skis for any skiing and skier level. You can verify if the K2 ski fits your ability level by taking a closer look at the ski’s specs and features.

Where to buy K2 skis?

K2 has its shopping website, but its products are also available on numerous online store sites, including Amazon, Evo, eBay, et cetera.

Does K2 ski products have a warranty?

K2 offers a 2-year limited warranty for skis.

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