John Deere Snowblowers Review | Top Quality or a Flop [2021]

John Deere snowblowers are some of the most robust and reliable machines if you’re on the market for one before winter hits. Snowblowers require a considerable investment, so it’s essential to purchase one with incredible performance and features worth your money.  

If you make the right purchase the first time, you can get a machine that can last for years. John Deere snowblowers are an excellent choice because they come with powerful engines that can handle the cold like no other. They have heavy-duty housing and augers to handle most snow types, even the wet, and heavy ones.  

Forget about the backbreaking work of shoveling the snow from your driveway when you can get one of the top John Deere snowblowers today. Check out the best-rated snowblower models from the brand and choose the ideal one for your needs.

Top 10 Best John Deere Snowblowers Reviewed

  1. John Deere 1338PE Snow Blower – Best Overall
  2. John Deere 1332PE Snow Blower – Best Value
  3. John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice
  4. John Deere 1130SE Snow Blower
  5. John Deere 1028E Snow Blower
  6. John Deere 827E Snow Blower
  7. John Deere 726E Snow Blower
  8. John Deere 522E Snow Blower
  9. John Deere SB12 Snow Blower
  10. John Deere SB11 Snow Blower

#1. John Deere 1338PE Snow Blower – Best Overall

John Deere 1338PE Snow Blower

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John Deere snowblowers are among the most feature-filled models in the market, especially its 1338PE snowblower model. It’s the largest snowblower from the brand, boasting an unmatched 38 inches of housing width. If you are looking for a snowblower that can handle a massive area, there’s no reason to look further than this one, especially as other brands mostly offer up to 30 inches only. 

Besides the massive clearing width, the John Deere 1338PE also boasts one of the market’s largest snowblower motor. It has a 4-stroke engine and can deliver 16.5 ft-lbs average torque power. The fuel tank can hold up to four quarts of gasoline, providing enough power to handle massive snow clearing jobs. The powerful motor is even more useful coupled with the friction disk drive transmission that gives you eight-speed controls. There’s also a ‘Quick Turn’ drive system, making it hassle-free to maneuver this beast of a machine.  

Besides its impressive power, this John Deere snowblower also packs durability, from its 14-inch auger made from robust high serrated steel to the extra larger deflector chute. What’s even better is it’s not noisy while working, unlike other powerful engines, thanks to its effective muffler. 

This beast belongs to the brand’s large professional line of snowblowers, and while it doesn’t come cheap, nothing can beat its performance. 

#2. John Deere 1332PE Snow Blower – Best Value

John Deere 1332PE Snow Blower

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If 38 inches and the price of the 1338PE is too much for you, there’s a slightly smaller self-propelled snowblower from John Deere. The second biggest model from the brand is the 1332PE snowblower that boasts an impressive 32 inches clearing width.  

It might have a slightly smaller housing that the 1338PE, but this snow blower is no slacker. Both models have quite similar features and performance. For example, the 1332PE also boasts a robust power with a 4-stroke engine that provides the same torque power as the 1338PE. It has the same 4-quart fuel tank, too, allowing you to work for several hours without refilling.

This model also comes with eight-speed controls, with six forward gears and two for reverse. Using this machine for hours during winter is also comfortable, thanks to its heated handles. Plus, the dash-mounted chute deflector can rotate up to 200 degrees, giving you more control over where you want to shoot the snow. 

Like all John Deere snowblowers, this one also features robust construction, from the chassis and the steel auger. Overall, it’s a dependable snow blower for professional and commercial uses.

#3. John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice

John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower

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Another large snowblower from John Deere is the 1330SE model, which delivers enough power from a similar engine used in much larger models like the 1332PE and 1338PE. It has 30 inches of clearing width, which should be enough to deal with larger driveways.

Using this snow blower is hassle-free, thanks to its 110-volt electric starter. The push-button jumpstarts the machine in without dealing with the nightmare of pulling a cord started during winter. Operation is also simple with its electronic chute deflector that supports up to 200-degrees rotation using a single switch. It’s less hassle to operate than older models with a joystick, keeping your hands comfortable even after hours of working in the cold weather.  

You can also get rid of snow from your driveway even at night or at dawn with the 1330SE snowblower. It has two built-in halogen headlights to keep the area visible while you’re working. Another advantage of this model is its X-Trac wheels that prevent accidents like slipping, even when driving uphill.

Like the two larger John Deere snowblowers above, the 1330SE is a bit pricey and is commonly used for professional and commercial use. 

#4. John Deere 1130SE Snow Blower

John Deere 1130SE Snow Blower

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Some snow blowers look like they can take on the job but delivers a disappointing performance as soon as you use them. However, that isn’t the case with John Deere 1130SE, as it can handle the toughest snow as much as it looks rugged. 

This model comes with a robust 4-cycle OHV engine that delivers maximum performance with less fuel and emission. It can clear 30 inches of snow in your driver in one go, perfect to get the job done faster if you have a wider space to tackle. Using this machine is extremely convenient, especially with its friction disk drive, giving you eight different speed options. There are six forward speeds and two reverse speeds for your convenience.

Most John Deere snowblowers have extra features that make them stand out from competitors. In particular, this snowblower model boasts a unique Easy Steer drive technology, giving you automatic speed adjustments and powerful movement. Steering this beast of a machine is also hassle-free, thanks to its X-Trac wheels that provide maximum traction and extra strength to the snowblower.

There are also additional features that make purchasing this machine worthy of the price tag. It comes with a robust steel auger, large mitten grip, easy chute rotation, and rugged gear case made from durable cast iron material.

#5. John Deere 1028E Snow Blower

John Deere 1028E Snow Blower

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John Deere snowblowers mentioned above are four of the largest machines from the brand, which can be expensive. They are large enough that makes them overkill if you’re looking for a snowblower for residential use. Meanwhile, the John Deere 1028E Snow Blower would make an excellent option for homes and smaller commercial spaces. 

This model is a dual-stage snowblower with a massive 28 inches of clearing width. It still has a 4-stroke engine, but with a smaller 0.35-liter capacity and 12.5 ft-lbs torque. Still, it packs enough power for its intended use. You can fill the gas tank with three quarts of gasoline and work for several hours on the ground. 

Besides power, this snowblower also boasts impressive and reliable performance using its 14-inch serrated steel auger that can cut through most snow types. The electronically controlled deflector also makes your job easier with its 200-degrees swivel function. 

It might be a smaller model, but it still comes with incredible features like its larger sisters. That includes the eight variable speed controls, heated handles, and an extra-large chute for quicker snow discharge.

#6. John Deere 827E Snow Blower

John Deere 827E Snow Blower

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Something smaller and much cheaper than previous models is the John Deere 827E snowblower. It comes with a snow series engine that can deliver a gross torque power of up to 11.5 feet-lbs.

This model is in the middle-scale of John Deere snowblowers, a dual-stage snowblower with a 3-quart tank capacity. The more compact size is its only difference from larger John Deere snowblowers, as this one comes with a feature-filled construction too. There’s a 110-volts push-button electric starter, allowing you to start the machine without much effort. 

Another convenient feature is the dual halogen lights, making it safe to do your yard work even late in the evening. Operation is also hassle-free, thanks to the snow blower’s six forward speeds and two reverse gears, giving you more control over how to handle the machine.

Larger John Deere snowblowers swivel up to 200 degrees, but this one can only handle up to 190-degrees rotation, which shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Meanwhile, it has massive 16-inches X-Trac wheels that glide through the ground without getting stuck or sliding. Plus, the 27 inches of clearance width is sufficient enough for most operations. 

#7. John Deere 726E Snow Blower

John Deere 726E Snow Blower

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Don’t let the size fool you, because the John Deere 726E snowblower has some power to offer. It’s a single-stage snowblower, and for this type, the nine feet-lbs torque power is more than what you need. Its 26-inch clearing width is perfect for clearing out mid-sized snowfalls, especially with the sturdy steel auger.

Old-school snow blowers with a pull-start cord can be a challenge to power up, especially during the winter. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with the John Deere 726E snowblower with its push-button start. Using this machine doesn’t have to break a sweat, thanks to the chute deflector that can swivel up to 190 degrees. That gives you enough control over the direction of where you want to discharge the snow. 

Plus, it comes with X-Trac tires around 5-inches wide that are sturdy enough to avoid slipping.

#8. John Deere 522E Snow Blower

John Deere 522E Snow Blower

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If you are looking for a standard snowblower for smaller driveways, this model comes with a 22-inches clearing width. It’s a single-stage snow thrower and the smallest one from John Deere.  

However, don’t let that fool you because this machine boasts a 4-cycle gasoline engine that can produce up to 5.25 feet-lbs torque power. It has enough power to clear out small to a medium height of snowfalls or up to 20 inches of snow during winter.

Like other John Deere snowblowers, using the 522E snowblower won’t give you so much problem. It’s easy to start using a push button, which is less of a hassle than pulling a cord while working in the cold weather. Plus, you can rotate the deflector chute up to 190 degrees, although you need to do it manually. 

This compact snowblower is perfect if you are looking for a space-saving option. It wouldn’t take much storage space in your garage when it’s not in use. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a flat as this model comes with polyurethane plastic tires instead of rubber inflatable ones in most snow blowers. 

#9. John Deere SB12 Snow Blower

John Deere SB12 Snow Blower

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If you have a John Deere tractor, there’s no need to purchase an entirely different snowblower. You can get the SB12 snowblower model that you can attach on the rear PTO of your existing tractor, and it’s available as a 74-inch and 80-inch snowblower. It can get the job done faster than any other snowblower mentioned above, especially when using the 80 inches version.

It’s a rear-facing snowblower that boasts a cutting-edge auger made of robust steel that comes with a durable finish for long-lasting use. Unlike any other snowblower, this one might need some getting used to as it only works by reversing the tractor into the snow. Plus, it has a hydraulic deflector chute that is extra convenient to operate.

Overall, it’s a fantastic option if you already have a John Deere tractor, and you can attach it to JD’s iMatch hitch or the category one, two, and three-point hitches. 

#10. John Deere SB11 Snow Blower

John Deere SB11 Snow Blower

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You can also attach another snowblower on many John Deere tractor models or a rear PTO using the SB11 snowblower. It’s compatible with iMatch hitches and categories one, two, and three-point hitches. 

This model is a large tractor-mounted snowblower that is efficient in clearing out the snow in your driveway. Like the SB12 model, this one also needs to work by reversing the tractor. And while that may take some practice, it’s convenient since the wheels won’t get a chance to compact the snow before clearing them out. 

The John Deere SB11 snow blower is available in a vast range of clearing width, including 48 inches, 54 inches, 64 inches, 74inches, 84 inches, and 94 inches. Another difference this one has from the SB12 model is you need to adjust the deflector chute manually.

Besides that, SB11 delivers the same power and performance. If you’re looking to clear out the snow from a much wider area, this model is a perfect attachment to your tractor. The 94 inches clearing width is more than what you can find in any other snowblower.  

What to Know When Buying Snowblowers?

When shopping for John Deere snowblowers, there are several factors that you need to decide on, as there are many to choose from. They function similarly, but each model comes with unique features that ideal for specific job descriptions.

Engine Type

Besides snowblower engines having different motor power, they can come in a variety of types as well. It defines how the engine gets its power, which is either from electricity or gas.

Choosing which engine type to get primarily depends on the work you need to do. Electric engines are usually used for single-stage models that are suitable for use in light-duty jobs. They can come in corded or cordless electric snowblowers, which have their advantages and drawbacks.

Cordless electric snow blowers offer convenience but do have limited power per battery charge. Meanwhile, corded electric snow blowers have limited power as long as there is electricity, but they come with the hassle of dealing with the cables. 

On the other hand, gas-powered engines are common is dual-stage and triple-stage models that have much power to handle tougher jobs.

Also, there is a difference in ratings for each engine type. Electric snowblowers get rated in amps, while gas-powered snowblowers get measured in horsepower.

Clearing Width

Another essential consideration when buying John Deere snowblowers is the machine’s clearing width. Most budget snowblowers have clearing widths between 21 to 25 inches, while wider ones are available with 28- and 30-inches clearing widths. John Deere even has a snowblower model that comes with a massive 38 inches clearing width.

Narrower snowblowers take mores passes before getting the job done, so they are more suitable for smaller areas. Meanwhile, a wider clearing width means you can clear the snow in your driveway or garden rapidly.

Electric Start

Snowblowers with a manual pull-cord start an be a hassle to start, especially in colder temperatures. That’s where an electric start for machines become extremely convenient. This way, you can start the snowblower with a push of a button, getting it ready for action in an instant. 

Fortunately, both gas-powered and electric snowblowers can have an electric start feature. 

Speed Control

Another essential feature when choosing John Deere snowblowers is speed control. Budget models mostly work at a single pace. However, if you want something that you have control over how it works, then a snowblower with variable speed control is an excellent choice.

Wheels vs. Tracks

Using a snowblower is much easier than shoveling piles of snow manually. However, pushing the machine still takes some effort, but the right tires can get the job much easier and hassle-free on your part. 

Snowblowers can either have wheels or tracks, and they have their benefits and disadvantages. Wheels are common, especially in snowblowers for residential use and in pavements. Meanwhile, tracks are perfect for tackling gravel and uneven terrains as they offer better stability. 

Extra Features

Excellent value snow blowers come with some incredible features that make them worth the money. Some of the features you might want to look out for include heated handgrips, drift cutters, and built-in headlights.

John Deere Snowblowers: Company & History

John Deere is a famous and well-rated brand of consumer and commercial equipment for a wide range of purposes. The company dates from 1837, creating the market’s first self-scouring steel plow. Over the years, John Deere became a well-known and respected brand of various consumer, commercial, and agricultural equipment, including snowblowers.

John Deere snowblowers are available for residential and commercial use. Their machines are famous for having powerful and strong engines, designed to be reliable snowblowers that can last for a long time. 

John Deere snowblowers are also well-known for having specially reinforced construction, with turdy serrated augers and robust gear cases. They can handle the heaviest snowfalls with convenience using their friction disk drive systems, good and easy rotation control, and multiple speeds.  

Overall, John Deere is a fantastic brand if you’re looking for a feature-filled and reliable snowblower. 


If you live somewhere that faces a lot of snow each winter season, getting a snowblower is one of the best investments that you can make. A reliable snow blower can save you hours in clearing the driveway from snowfalls compared to manually shoveling them out of the way. 

John Deere snowblowers are among the top choices if you’re looking for a machine that can handle the toughest snow and most rugged use. They come with the brand’s excellent reputation that spans decades, equipped with powerful engines that can handle up to two feet of snow.  

You can now clear your property every winter more efficiently with your choice from many John Deere snowblowers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is John Deere a good brand for snowblowers?

The company started in 1937, bringing decades of a fantastic reputation as an equipment and machine manufacturer. Although their snowblowers came on its product line much later, John Deere snowblowers feature incredible performance and function for most rugged snow clearing jobs.  

Should I get a single-stage John Deere snowblower?

It depends on how and where you intend to use the machine. Single-stage snow blowers are ideal for most residential uses or for clearing snow in smaller areas. If you need to tackle larger or wider driveways and lawns, you’ll need more power than what a single-stage snowblower can offer.  

Which is better, electric or gas-powered snowblowers?

Each type has its strong and weak points, and choosing the ideal model will depend on how you intend to use the snowblower. Electric models are suitable for light-duty works, while gas-powered ones often have greater engine power and are ideal for more rugged snow clearing jobs.

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