Greenworks Snow Blowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop?[2021]

One of the worst household chores to do every winter season is probably snow shoveling. You get a painful and arching back, blister on hands, catch a cold, and other uncomfortable sensations. The only way to end your dilemma is to get the right snowblower.

Greenworks is a leading outdoor brand when it comes to yard tools. Their products are a reliable option for landscape professionals and homeowners looking for equipment to clear piled-up snow. These include the Corded Snow Blower and the Corded Snow Thrower.

This Greenworks Snowblowers Review will give you the best snowblowers they have sold over the previous years up to present. You will also find an in-depth product review, snow blowers buying guide, a background of Greenworks’ company history, and an FAQ section.

With so many snowblowers sold by Greenworks, you may get confused about which model works for you. Here are some of Greenworks electric snowblower models you can choose from. 

Top 10 Greenworks Snow Blowers Reviewed

  1. 13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Thrower 2600502 – Best Overall
  2. 10-amp Corded 16-inch Snow Blower 26022 – Best Value
  3. 13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Blower w/ LED Lights 2600202 – Editor’s Choice
  4. Pro 80V 20' Cordless Brushless Snow Blowers with LED Lights 2600402
  5. 8-amp 12-inch' Corded Snow Shovel 26012
  6. 40V Cordless 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel 2600702
  7. 40V Corded 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 4.0Ah Battery 2600802
  8. PRO 80V Cordless and Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 2.0Ah Battery 2600602
  9. PRO 80V Cordless Brushless Snow Thrower SNB403
  10. Greenworks 60V Snow Blower w/ 4.0Ah Battery

#1. 13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Thrower 2600502 – Best Overall


13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

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One of the most affordable snow blowers available on the market, the Corded Snow Thrower from Greenworks, has enough juice to clear out areas of light snow. It is a high-performing electric thrower that combines power and value in a single package. Those who live in smaller areas who like to keep their driveway snow-free, the Corded Snow Thrower is powerful enough to remove most snowfalls.

The Greenworks Snow Thrower is a great alternative to gas-powered snow blowers. Although many believe that gas-powered snow blowers tend to be more powerful, this Greenworks unit can perform as a single-stage gas thrower. It is also affordable and lightweight, weighing at 35 lbs., making it easier to guide and maneuver along paths. It works best on patios, decks, and paved areas around the house.

With a 13-amp motor, the Snow Thrower delivers optimum power to pick up snow and transfer at a great distance. This model can clear a 20-inch width and 10 inches of snow depth. Another remarkable feature is that it is quieter than gas throwers, perfect for those who live in a built-up neighborhood.

Powerful for an electric blowerDoesn’t do well with wet snow
Relatively cheapCord limits your range

#2. 10-amp Corded 16-inch Snow Blower 26022 – Best Value

10-amp Corded 16-inch Snow Blower 26022

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The Corded 16″ Snow Blower from Greenworks is an electric snow shovel that can clear a 16-inch path at a depth of over six inches and remove snow at over 600 pounds per minute. Compared to manual snow shovels, this snowblower does not leave behind little trails as the unit can blow snow up to 25 feet.

The problem with electric equipment is that the cord may pull out of the plug while using it. You don’t have to worry about this anymore as the Greenworks Snowblower has a built-in cord lock feature that prevents it from happening. Although it may sound a minor feature, the benefit of having a securely-attached cord is that it prevents you from tripping over it whenever it comes loose.

Since most garages can be a little messy, it can be challenging to store away heavy electrical units. The good thing about the Greenworks Corded Snowblower is that it is convenient to store as it only weighs 26 lbs., making it easier to lift and transport. It also has a foldable handle to squeeze it in a tighter spot. What’s more, you can hang it on a hook or store it on a higher shelf.

Comfortable and easy to operateRequires to push the unit upward or forward when there is a bump 
Good snow clearing efficiencySnow gets accumulated on the wheels

#3. 13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Blower w/ LED Lights 2600202 – Editor’s Choice

13-amp 20-inch Corded Snow Blower w/ LED Lights 2600202

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Heavy snow often falls at the most inconvenient times. That is why some people wake up before dawn to shovel it off their driveways. If this is you, you may consider getting the Greenworks 13-amp Corded Snowblower with LED headlights. It is one of the most powerful snowblower units at Greenworks as it acts as a big snow-eating machine.  

With a 13-amp motor, the Corded Snowblower can remove large mouthfuls of powder and pit back out at 20 feet away. It can plow through six inches of fresh snow down to your sidewalk or driveway. However, the machine may have a hard time plowing through snow compacted by your feet or vehicle tires.

The entire unit is completely lightweight to push it easier, but you need to make short shoves when mowing down the snow to remove the thick, wet stuff. Another great feature is the LED headlights, so you can see the path when plowing at early dawn or late at night.

Incredibly easy to operateHard to operate on compacted snow
Bright LED headlights Requires expensive extension cord

#4. Pro 80V 20' Cordless Brushless Snow Blowers with LED Lights 2600402

Pro 80V 20' Cordless Brushless Snow Blowers with LED Lights 2600402

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The Greenworks Pro 80V is the perfect snowblower tool whenever the snow hits. It is ideal for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and patios. As a single-stage snowblower, it features an 80V max Li-ion battery for convenient and easy-cordless operation. It also has a 180° rotating chute that can discharge snow over 20 feet according to your preferred direction.

The Greenworks 80V has a dual-LED feature as headlight illumination to increase visibility when removing snow at night or dawn. Meanwhile, the 6-inch rear wheels ensure easy maneuvering if you want to clear snow any time of the day. You can also transport the tool easier if you want to help a neighbor clear out their driveway.

When not in use, Greenworks designed the Pro 80V with an easy-fold system for convenient storage during the warmer months. Prepare for the winter season with the Greenworks Pro 80V to spend less time removing snow and dedicate more time in front of the warm fire.

Headlight illumination useful at nightPoor at eliminating plow pile at the end of the driveway
Effective throwing distanceThrowing distance is poor

#5. 8-amp 12-inch' Corded Snow Shovel 26012

8-amp 12-inch' Corded Snow Shovel 26012

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The Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower is an electric snow shovel with 12-inch clearing width and handles snowfall up to four inches deep. It has an efficient 8-amp motor that can remove snow over 250 pounds per minute. This Greenworks snow shovel can throw snow up to 20 feet away, which is more than enough to handle the average sidewalk or deck.

The Snow Thrower weighs 15 lbs., making it easier to maneuver and clear light snowfall around smaller areas, such as patios, sidewalk, or decks. Since it runs on electricity, you will find that it is noticeably quiet and more environmental-friendly than the gas-powered ones. It also has zero emissions and can help you save money on fuel costs.

Efficient clearing widthHeavier than other snow shovels
Competitively pricedGets bogged down in wet snow

#6. 40V Cordless 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel 2600702

40V Cordless 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel 2600702

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The Greenworks Cordless Shovel is the perfect snowblower for small jobs that helps you throw snow out of your way. With a 12-inch shoveling width and snow depth of up to six inches, this is the right tool for people who don’t have too much space to clear and don’t get a lot of snow.

This Greenworks 40V snow blower comes with a 40V lithium battery that can run up to 30 minutes, but it may still depend on the amount of snow to clear. For peak performance, you can store the battery at room temperature. However, the Snow Shovel may not start properly if the battery gets too cold. 

Another winning feature is that it only weighs below 15 pounds, making it light and comfortable to use. It also comes with an ergonomic handle and an easy-start button. You don’t have to pull cords as the unit starts by simply pushing a button. 

Powered by 40V lithium batteryNot ideal for big cleaning jobs
Light enough for most usersThrows the snow in front
Easy startRequires elbow grease

#7. 40V Corded 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 4.0Ah Battery 2600802

40V Corded 12-inch Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 4.0Ah Battery 2600802

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Those who encounter minor clearing jobs such as removing snow close to their home should go for Greenworks Corded Snow Shovel. It is an eight-amp snow blower with a shovel-shaped design and has a clearing depth at four inches and width of 12 inches for easy maneuvering. 

Its 8-amp electric motor is enough for homeowner use. The Corded Snow Shovel is a lot faster than manual shoveling as it removes snow at 300 inches per minute. It is also lightweight and compact, allowing you to clear out tight spaces more quickly. What’s more, it comes with a hassle-free start button and an adjustable auxiliary handle for added control and comfort while in use.

Faster than manual shovelingVery limited on the amount of snow to remove
No need to charge batteriesCord may limit traveling

#8. PRO 80V Cordless and Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 2.0Ah Battery 2600602

PRO 80V Cordless and Brushless Snow Shovel w/ 2.0Ah Battery 2600602

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The Greenworks Pro Snow Shovel is a cordless snow blower that comes with a 2Ah lithium-ion battery. When fully-charged, the machine can operate between 30 to 45 minutes. You can recharge the battery between uses with its 80V charger for only 30 minutes. It has a good charge time that gives it an advantage over other rechargeable snow blowers.

The Greenworks Cordless Shovel has a standard clearing width as other electric snow shovels at 12 inches and 6-inch cutting depth. It has a tough plastic auger for thrusting the snow at a good distance. It is also lightweight at only 15 lbs. and has an excellent handle design making it easier to use and control.

Excellent handle designClearing width is the same as other standard electric snow shovels
Quick charge timeCosts a little than other brands

#9. PRO 80V Cordless Brushless Snow Thrower SNB403

PRO 80V Cordless Brushless Snow Thrower SNB403

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The Greenworks Cordless Snow Thrower is a powerful snow blower that provides superior snow removal. It has a 180° adjustable chute, 22 inches clearing width and a 13-inch clearing depth. It also comes with dual LED lights for higher visibility during night time.  

The dual-battery port design allows one extra battery while the other port powers the snow thrower. You can easily store it since it has a quick-release aluminum handle that folds down for compact storage. Those who want to achieve the machine’s peak performance should store the battery at room temperature. Be careful not to store it in low temperatures because it may affect the machine’s performance.  

Extensive clearing width and depthNot ideal for small clearing jobs

#10. Greenworks 60V Snow Blower w/ 4.0Ah Battery

Greenworks 60V Snow Blower w/ 4.0Ah Battery

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The Greenworks Pro 60V Snow Blower is an electric snow thrower running on a 60V 4.0Ah battery. It serves as a brushless engine and a single-stage blower that can clear a 20-inch path at a depth of up to 10 inches of snow. Besides the snowblower, Greenworks also included a 60V 4Ah battery, 60V lithium-ion battery charger, and a user manual.

The Pro 60V resembles a prototypical snowblower without the gas tank. Instead of using gas, a 60V lithium-ion battery powers the tool. You can find it in the battery compartment with a plastic lid held closed by two magnets for easy access to the battery. It also comes with a 20-inch wide opening, where you can find the impeller blade and scrapper. 

On top of the unit, you will find a discharge shoot that can rotate 180° for directional control. You can also maneuver it over snow surfaces with its seven in-rear wheels. It has easy access to the safety switch button located on the padded ergonomic handle.  

Another main highlight is that the Pro 60V is incredibly quiet. You don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors when going for a late-night or early-morning snow clearing.

Excellent speed variationNo major/minor drawbacks
Steel deck construction

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Greenworks Snowblowers 

Snow clearing is certainly a tedious process, especially during a heavy winter season. However, with the right equipment, it can help you clear heaps of snow faster and easier. Here are the features to consider when looking for effective and efficient snowblowers.

Start Feature

Look for snowblowers that allows you to start the machine much faster when outdoors. They usually have two types: cordless or corded. Corded types require you to plug the unit into a suitable power outlet, while corded or battery-powered ones can immediately start with a single press of a button.

Electric Motor

The electric motor refers to the power of a snow blower or its snow-clearing ability. It means the higher the amperes (amp), the better.

Intake Height and Clearing Width

It determines the amount of snow a snowblower can take in. Greater height and width mean reduced chore time.

Single-Hand Operation

This feature includes easy adjustments when operating the blower.


The speed will let you choose the desired clearing pace, whether in reverse or forward.

Hydrostatic Drive

This feature provides a wide speed range and excellent control over a self-propelled snowblower. With this, you can choose the right pace for a specific condition.

Power Steering

The best snowblowers provide better maneuverability to make the snowblower easier to control.

Large Tires

Blowers with large tires ensure easier steering and better traction. 

Treads or Tracks

Different models come in different tractions for various terrain types. Tracked snowblowers will let you adjust the track system for better maneuverability, more speed, and efficient digging abilities.

Remote or Joystick-Operated Chute Control

Snowblowers often have 180° chute control that lets you decide which direction the blower will throw out the snow.

Deflection Extension or Extended Chute

This added feature reduces the blowback of a discharged snow. 

Drift Cutters

This part is responsible for cutting through deep snow and move it into the auger. 


Some blowers come with single or dual headlights for improved visibility when working at night or early dawn.

Heated Handles

Since you have to hold a blower’s handle for several minutes to an hour, you need excellent handles to make you comfortable for longer periods.

Cleanout Tool Attachment

Some companies include these attachments to clear a clogged discharge shoot. Your hands are not an ideal tool to clear out the snow from a snowblower.

Greenworks Snowblowers: Company & History

Greenworks is a global leader for battery-powered outdoor power tools for landscaping professionals and DIY consumers. They recently started in 2007 as a marketing arm of Global Tools Group. Its parent company focuses on lithium battery-powered outdoor equipment. Since then, Greenworks developed its global reach with professional and consumer products. 

Greenworks are best known for using cutting-edge technology that delivers optimum performance and power. Compared with gas-powered tools, Greenworks manufactures equipment without noxious fumes, mess, noise, and stamina-reducing vibration. 

Today, Greenworks distributes private label and Greenworks-branded products, including its extensive network of original manufacturers. It takes pride in its rich lineup of products, from battery-powered equipment, reel mowers, and corded equipment. 


Greenworks produces various battery-powered yard tools marked by optimum power and performance. Along with its rich history, global reputation, and personal user experience, Greenworks has become a leading brand among landscaping professionals and consumers. 

Greenworks may not only be the only brand in the battery-powered equipment industry, but Greenworks’s reputation gives them a competitive advantage with years of excellence under their belt. While other brands continue to catch up, Greenworks focuses on refining and innovating its product line.

Hopefully, this product review helped you pick the best Greenworks snowblowers applicable to your preferences and snow clearing needs. The Greenworks snowblowers mentioned in this review may be helpful enough to start your winter yard care.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a battery-powered snow blower?

A snowblower uses a rotary and air compression system to lift and throw off the snow. Before, snow blowers come with gas-powered machines, while its electric counterparts only became popular in the 1950s. Battery-powered snow blowers have several advantages over other snowblower machines. First, it doesn’t run over cords, which often leads to long-term problems. 

They are also much quieter with better mobility. It uses a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that recharges quickly and can work for a few hours. However, the run time may still depend on the type and amount of snow.\

What are the different types of battery-powered snowblowers?

In this review, the most common type of snowblower batteries are 40V and 80V. Volt (V) is the primary unit of battery output. The difference between the two is that 80V batteries have a lower operating current than the 40V with the same battery capacity. Also, 80V snowblowers have numerous advantages, such as higher motor efficiency, higher torque, and improved battery lifetime.

Meanwhile, 40V batteries are the most common type of battery-operated snowblowers. They come in different capacities from 4.0 Ah or 5.0 Ah, which can run-up to an hour.

What are the advantages of battery-operated snow blowers than gas and electric-corded ones?

Cordless snow blowers have several strong points than other counterparts. First, battery-powered models are eco-friendly and cleaner. They don’t need fuel that can endanger the environment. Second, cordless blowers are easy to store and don’t require special maintenance. Unlike gas models, you need to keep it out of the fire and change its liquids regularly.

Third, battery-powered snowblowers don’t need extension cords and nearby access to a power outlet. They are also easy to operate, lightweight, and portable, allowing you to do the job faster. What’s more, you can start by simply pushing a button. 

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