Fischer Skis Review | Epic Skis or Rip Off? (2021)

When it comes to the world’s leading ski producer and full-service provider of Nordic and Alpine ski equipment, Fischer takes the lead. They have been at the forefront of ski innovation in the last few decades, often leading modern ski technology development.

Fischer’s first ski production started with a single pair in the early 1920s. From there, Fischer encountered a rapid rise in ski production in the years ahead, leading to Fischer’s global reputation as a leader in ski tech. The RC Fire SLRC Pro Skis and Pro MTN Fire Skis are just one of the few ski models they have released that define Fischer for its technological leadership in the ski industry.

This Fischer skis review will give you the promising Fischer skis for 2020. You will also find a brief discussion about Fischer’s company history and a handy ski buying guide. Read to discover Fischer’s best skis of all time.

Not sure which Fischer skis you should get? Here are some of their popular high-performance skis Fischer has produced in the previous years. Get to know each of them by reading the following product review.

Top 10 Best Fischer Skis Reviewed

  1. RC Fire SLRC Pro Skis w/ RD9 Bindings 2020 by Fischer – Best Overall
  2. Pro MTN Fire Skis w/ RS 9 GW Bindings 2019 by Fischer – Best Value
  3. Ranger 94 FR 2020 by Fischer – Editor’s Choice
  4. RC4 World Cup SL Junior w/ RC4 Z9 Bindings by Fischer
  5. Affinity EF XC Skis w/Tour Step-in IFP Bindings by Fischer
  6. Voyager EF XC Skis w/ IFP Bindings by Fischer
  7. Twin Skin Pro IFP Medium XC Skis by Fischer
  8. RC One 86 GT Skis w/ RSW 12 GW Powerrail Bindings 2020 by Fischer
  9. SCS Skate IFP XC by Fischer
  10. Hannibal 96 Carbon Skis w/ Marker Kingpin 13 Bindings by Fischer

#1. RC Fire SLRC Pro Skis w/ RD9 Bindings 2020 by Fischer – Best Overall

RC Fire SLRC Pro Skis w/ RD9 Bindings 2020

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Bring your fiery passion to the slopes on the next ski season with Fischer’s RC Fire Skis. The RC Fire is Fischer’s latest design for 2020. The RC Fire skis almost have everything it can offer for a Fischer alpine ski. With its powerful black and red sticks, the RC Fire skis are suitable for skiers who want to enhance their skills. It is a completely stable ski with reinforced edges and composite frame construction with Ceradur. 

Fischer boasts of its exquisite butter-like carving abilities that let you enjoy your skiing adventure on the winter slopes. You will love its airpower construction with Fibertech and SLR two-plate design that will enhance your power and speed while skiing on snow.

It also has a side cut at 117.5-3-100 with a 15m radius. What’s more, it comes in three different lengths and sizes.

Composite frame construction with reinforced edgesSide surface susceptible to rust if not properly maintained

#2. Pro MTN Fire Skis w/ RS 9 GW Bindings 2019 by Fischer – Best Value

Pro MTN Fire Skis w/ RS 9 GW Bindings 2019

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The Fischer PRO MTN Fire Skis are the perfect pairing for skiers who want to level up their passion for skiing by investing in a premium pair of skis. Save yourself from the effort of finding separate skis and bindings suitable for hitting up the groomers. These Fischer skis boast of its lightweight Air Power core for easier maneuvering, making them a fantastic option for skiers building up confidence.

The Pro MTN Fire skis feature On-Piste Rocker and Fiber Tech to make it easier for you to turn and maneuver with minimal effort. They also have tip protectors to prevent dings and dents. 

Meanwhile, the RS 9 ski bindings have a full diagonal toe with a 2.5-9 DIN range, suitable for beginner to intermediate level skiers. Its camber underfoot and tip rocker provides a sturdy platform for learning the ski basics.

These skis are ideal for East Coast Hardpack lovers who ski aggressively on hardpack snow while getting off-trail.

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate levelNot ideal for advanced level skiers 

#3. Ranger 94 FR 2020 by Fischer – Editor’s Choice

Ranger 94 FR 2020

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Fischer introduces the Ranger 94 FR in response to its highly acclaimed sibling, the Fischer Ranger 102 FR. It comes with a fancy design technology, including a rounded top sheet to enhance torsional stability called Aeroshape, sturdy sandwich sidewall construction, and chatter-reducing carbon nose for better maneuvering.

This narrow-built ski will impress any on-piste skier for its ability to hold an edge and intrigue skiers who wants to add a tinge of variation on their everyday frontside routine. As part of the Fischer’s FR series, the Ranger 94 FR skis have symmetrical dimensions and additional tip and tail rocker for additional freestyle feel, optimizing every passionate skier’s ability to transition along ungroomed or groomed snowpack.

The Ranger 94 FR is one of the most playful skis under Fischer’s ski lineup as it prefers to get buttered and tip pressed. The added rocker in the tip and tail allows easy landings in either direction. It’s also relatively lightweight to ensure easy maneuvering in mid-air.  

Added rocker on tip and tail for easy landingsThe tip and tail rocker profile is a bit excessive when not in powder

#4. RC4 World Cup SL Junior w/ RC4 Z9 Bindings by Fischer

RC4 World Cup SL Junior w/ RC4 Z9 Bindings

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Fischer’s RC4 World Cup SL Junior is a ski and binding combination perfect for young aspiring racers who wants to improve their skill set in slalom events. It works on a range of ability levels, from first-time junior racers to champion youngsters. It comes in four different lengths, making the sidecut and dimensions perfectly tailored for children of all sizes. 

Newbie skiers can fine-tune their basic slalom skills with the superior balance and precision offered by Fischer’s slalom skis. Fischer guarantees that everything they put into their premium adult race skis runs down to their junior line. More importantly, the CURV BOOST race plate helps youngsters promote front of the boot carving turns and flex their full camber profile.

When mounted with the tough Z9 binding, young skiers can engage its tight arching turns into tight sidecut. On the other hand, the Air Carbon Ti layup controls the ski, consisting of a single metal laminate, wood core, and Air Carbon reinforcement.  

On tight races, the Hole Ski technology reduces swing weight, allowing quick micro-adjustments between gates. So if you want to conquer the junior World Cup stage, the RC4 SL Junior is your skiing partner.

Helps young slalom racers enhance their racing skillsLimited to aspiring junior slalom racers

#5. Affinity EF XC Skis w/Tour Step-in IFP Bindings by Fischer

Affinity EF XC Skis w/Tour Step-in IFP Bindings

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The Fischer Affinity EF is the perfect setup for beginners to novice cross-country skiers who love exploring the Nordic centers and groomed trails in classic skiing style. From getting your heart rate up, pushing farther into the winter wilderness, or spending time with your family, the Fischer Affinity is an ideal choice. You’ll love its ease of use and forgiving performance for your recreational skiing sessions.

Fischer uses the Efficient Forward Technology, a lightweight technology that adds elasticity for effortless gliding and faster skiing. Its fish scale pattern, called the Vario Crown, delivers efficient energy transmission and stable gliding towards the snow.  On the other hand, the Hybrid Air Channel Core provides a lighter feel and easier maneuvering for new and non-aggressive skiers. 

Fischer also included a pre-mounted Tour Step-in IFP bindings compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic cross-country ski boots. 

Ideal for in and off-track skiing for novicesNot suitable for skilled skiers

#6. Voyager EF XC Skis w/ IFP Bindings by Fischer

Voyager EF XC Skis w/ IFP Bindings

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Beginner to novice cross-country skiers will certainly love the Fischer Voyager EF perfect for classing skiing style along groomed trails. With a Tour Step-in IFP binding, you’re always winter-ready with full-packed exploration. It is the perfect pair of skis and bindings for those with lesser skiing experience to achieve an optimum recreational performance.  

These Fischer cross-country skis possess a Hybrid Air Core for lightweight performance and easy maneuvering. Fischer designed these skis with a softer flex and Efficient Forward technology so that kicking and gliding will require lesser energy, allowing you to journey father at greater speed. It also utilizes a Sintec base, allowing the Voyager EF to slide across various snow conditions.

What’s more, the Voyager EF comes with bindings, so you don’t have to worry about completing your gear. You will click in and kick-off, and you’re on your way to travel some serious distance in the winter woods. Nothing feels better when you get to the Nordic center and enjoy the Voyager EF skis’ versatile nature and ease of use.

With Sintec base for various snow conditions No metal edges

#7. Twin Skin Pro IFP Medium XC Skis by Fischer

Twin Skin Pro IFP Medium XC Skis

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Overcome the icy slopes and hard pack with Fischer’s Twin Skin Pro IFP Medium XC Skis. It uses the Twin Skin technology that provides skiers greater glide and reliable kick action. These pair of skins is ideal for intermediate-level skiers to perform better in all snow conditions. 

The winning feature of the Twin Skin Pro uses two mohair mix skin trips in an offset position to achieve balanced and smooth gliding performance without grip wax. The mohair skin ensures better kick action, whether on icy or hard conditions. With its Teflon skin coating, it minimizes subsequent icing and moisture absorption.

Compared to the Air Channel construction, the Twin Skin Pro features the Air Tec Basalite, special air channels in lightweight wood types that reduce weight. Its volcanic basalt fibers provide perfect flex regardless of temperature. Like other Fischer ski models, the Twin Skin Pro uses Efficient Forward Technology for an easy-going skiing experience and forgiving kick action. 

Provides better flexibility and dynamismDifficult to gain grip, pace, and momentum in uphill 

#8. RC One 86 GT Skis w/ RSW 12 GW Powerrail Bindings 2020 by Fischer

RC One 86 GT Skis w/ RSW 12 GW Powerrail Bindings 2020

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The Fischer RC One 86 GT is an upper mid-rage model with more than an average price of other all-mountain skis on the market. This Fischer all-mountain skis prefer groomed trails to powder runs as well as perfect edge hold on-piste. It works best for passionate skiers who prefers relaxed cruising while pushing the ski to its limit.  

The RC One GT 86 GT resembles fluid skis that go easy on the edges. They provide smooth performance even they are heavy with a little bit of inertia on its tips. You can feel the quality of its materials, including the titanal plate covering the ski’s entire length. 

The outstanding feature of the RC One is the Turn Zone system that makes it responsive and agile. These skis offer balance for dynamic turn initiation that sets your passion free regardless of your preferred skiing style. Overall, Fischer’s RC One guarantees extreme performance for fast and aggressive skiing. 

Turn Zone feature ensures dynamic turn initiation Poor glide on hard snow

#9. SCS Skate IFP XC by Fischer


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The Fischer SCS Skate IFP XC is the top pick for keen skiers who wants fast and premium quality skis without the hefty price of a top-tier gear. It is a solid choice for racing seasons as it offers smooth precision and plenty of speed. These skis are extremely lightweight with its air-channeled wood core, making them perfect for accelerating and easy maneuvering. 

These Fischer cross-country skis feature the Air Core Basalite Pro construction with Power Edge for smooth power transfer and highly stable riding. Meanwhile, the Ultra Finish World Cup Pro Universal Base allows the ski to perform in all snow conditions and temperatures. Plus, the computer flex control provides perfectly matched performance. 

What’s more, these Fischer skis boast of its Race sidecut with narrow tips for increased glide and speed. You can easily wax its base so you can customize it for any snow conditions. It also comes with tail protectors to prevent damaging the ski tail. For the next cross-country season, make better strides with Fischer SCS Skate IFP XC Skis. 

Perfect choice for ski racingNot ideal for beginners and intermediate level

#10. Hannibal 96 Carbon Skis w/ Marker Kingpin 13 Bindings by Fischer

Hannibal 96 Carbon Skis w/ Marker Kingpin 13 Bindings

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The Fischer Hannibal 96 Carbon ski is an-all around choice for first-timers to advanced backcountry skiers on a strict budget. It is a lightweight and well-balanced ski that excel on downhill. Its performance is quite consistent in various terrains and different snow conditions. 

From beginner to advance, mellow or steep, these Fischer all-mountain skis serve a range of skiers and settings, as long as the user performs on a backcountry pace. At an affordable price, you get an ice-carving and powder hunting powerhouse ski. Fischer designed the Hannibal skis with high-tech Paulownia wood core and carbon stringers that extend from tip to tail, boosting its surface-area-to-weight ratio and reducing its overall density.

The Hannibal skis’ winning feature is the Sandwich Sidewalls and long-turn radius that ensures surefooted steep-skiing performance, high-speed stability, and impact-resistance. The Aero top-sheet reduces the mass for low swing-weight, and easy kick turns. With this in mind, the Hannibal skis are indeed Fischer’s most advanced all-mountain skis filled with power and optimum performance.

Serves a wide range of skiers and snow settingsNot ideal for daily resort use

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Fischer Skis

To choose the best pair of Fischer skis, here are the key decision points:

Choose the type of ski, depending on your chosen terrain.

There are several types of skis: all-mountain, all-mountain wide, powder, backcountry, etc. Whatever type of skis you will choose will depend on the type of skiing you want to do.

Find your desired ski length.

It is a general rule among skiers that you should choose a ski length that reaches up between your chin and the top of the head. You can use a size chart for a more accurate fit. 

Confirm if your chosen ski dimensions can support the type of skiing you like to do.

Wider skis have excellent flotation in deep snow, while skinnier skis are suitable for carving turns on groomed trails. 

Find out how rock and camber can affect your ski performance.

If you like to ski on deeper snow, find a full rocker or tip and tail rocker for better flotation. On the other hand, if you prefer groomed slopes, you can pick a standard alpine camber or a tip rocker.

Decide if you prefer integrated bindings or buying bindings separately.

Integrated bindings that are already pre-installed are more convenient and guarantees smooth performance. However, advanced skiers prefer skis without bindings to pick their desired bindings to meet their specific needs.

Fischer Skis: Company & History

Fisher Sports is one of the leading global brands in Nordic and Alpine skiing. They are largely known for their cutting-edge technology and top-tier ski products. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of quality ice hockey sticks.

Fischer’s humble beginnings started in 1924 under the guidance of Josef Fischer, a tradesman in Austria. They initially produced wagons and toboggans, and later started their ski production in 1925. Three years later, they produced 2,000 pairs of skis.

The rapid rise of ski production went on for several years for Fischer. By the end of 1950, Fischer witnesses a speedy growth of their skis in just a few decades. From then on, Fischer established a reputation as a wide range supplier of Nordic and Alpine skiing hardware worldwide. 

Fischer’s principal vision is to be every winter sports athlete’s brand that provides outstanding ski products to explore new levels of individual ski performance. With their technological developments in the ski industry and over 90 years of company history, Fisher continues to make breakthrough innovations to improve every skier’s ski performance. 


Whether you are a beginner or advanced level skier, Fischer will always have great options for you according to your skill level. They can offer suggestions and guidance to find the perfect ski that best fits your ability and style. 

Since its establishment in 1924, Fischer has made a strong reputation for its world-class innovation and latest ski technologies. Today, Fischer has been at the forefront of ski innovation due to its cutting-edge technologies and a hundred years of service.

Hopefully, may this Fischer skis review help you find the right pair of Fischer skis that will provide better control of your movements while enhancing your performance on the winter slopes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I buy ski equipment directly from Fischer’s factory?

Fisher’s ski products are available exclusively from their online shop and specialist retailers. You can also try the nearest Fischer dealer in your area, who can give personal advice on your ski equipment and provide you with helpful information about Fischer products. You can easily find Fischer dealers on the Fischer Sports website under the dealer search locator. 

Unfortunately, Fischer does not allow placing orders via phone for security and data privacy reasons. You can only order Fischer products through their website.

How can I know the recommended Fisher skis for my ability level?

Finding the right equipment for your ski gears depend on several personal factors, such as age, gender, height, skiing ability, etc. You can find out about Fischer’s entire product line and special technologies on its website. You can get helpful suggestions about ideal ski models at the Fischer Sports website through their digital product advisor. You can also turn to their authorized sports dealer near your area to advise you in detail.

What is the proper storage for skis during the summer season?

Proper storage is essential for your skis to protect its base against outdoor contaminants. You can start by preparing a wax layer before the summer break starts.

You can do this by removing the wax residue from its running surface. Use cleaning agents like wax remover, which you can buy in sports retail stores. For 15 minutes, air out the skis outdoors. Then apply a gliding wax with a wax iron between 100° and 130° and iron the wax in the running direction in an even manner. 

Finally, make sure the wax remains on the ski. Store the skis horizontally with the binding facing down in a dark and dry storage room.

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