Ego Snowblowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop? [2021]

Clearing heavy snow is one of the most challenging and troublesome chores, but it can be hassle-free with the best Ego snowblowers.

Ego snowblowers showcase some of the best-looking designs and construction, a refined design that isn’t only outside. Besides the look, Ego snowblowers boast efficiency and peak power, making them ideal choices if you are shopping for a dependable snow blower before winter hits.  

The brand, a well-known manufacturer of electric snow blowers, has some excellent lineup of sturdy and highly capable machines. They can handle the toughest snows but are far faster and lighter than their gas-powered competitors.  

If you’re shopping for an excellent value snowblower, this Ego snowblower review and buying guide will give you everything you need to make a well-informed and smart purchase. Check out the best-rated snowblower models from the brand and choose which one is perfect for your needs. 

Top 7 Best Ego Snowblowers Reviewed

  1. Ego Power+ SNT2114 Snow Blower with Steel Auger – Best Overall
  2. Ego Power+ SNT2110 Snow Blower with Steel Auger – Best Value
  3. Ego Power+ SNT2405 2-Stage Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice
  4. Ego Power+ SNT2400 2-Stage Snow Blower
  5. Ego Power+ SNT2103 Snow Blower with Peak Power
  6. Ego Power+ SNT2102 Snow Blower with Peak Power
  7. Ego Power+ SNT2100 Snow Blower with Peak Power

#1. Ego Power+ SNT2114 Snow Blower with Steel Auger – Best Overall

Ego Power+ SNT2114 Snow Blower with Steel Auger

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Snowblowers can be a bit expensive, but they don’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you’re looking for one ideal for residential purposes. A single-stage snow blower like the Ego Power+ SNT2114 snowblower is an incredible option.  

It might have a single-stage design, but the power comes from robust dual 56-Volts batteries. It’s an upgraded model that now boasts a sturdier and more rugged steel auger, ideal for clearing up the toughest snows in your driveway, even the frozen snow-plowed drifts. It can even discharge the snow up to 40 feet away from you, which is pretty impressive for a single-stage snowblower. 

It’s one of the latest Ego snowblowers that comes with greater efficiency. If you want a monster machine that can clear out a massive driveway, this one is perfect. It has a runtime for tackling a 17-car driveway with up to eight inches of snow for a single charge.  

Operating this machine is as hassle-free as ever, getting rid of the hassle of pulling a cord when using gas engines. You can get this snowblower moving in a second using the one-button push start. Plus, it has excellent chute control settings using a single lever that you can modify to aim the chute for discharge at a maximum of 180 degrees. 

When it’s dark, clearing your driveway is also possible as the Power+ SNT2114 snowblower features built-in LED headlights. It illuminates the area, giving you enough visibility if you want to clear the snow at night or early in the morning. Storage is also easy for this model, another advantage with the foldable handles. 

#2. Ego Power+ SNT2110 Snow Blower with Steel Auger – Best Value

Ego Power+ SNT2110 Snow Blower with Steel Auger

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The Ego Power+ SNT2110 Snowblower is the original version of the redesigned SNT2114 model, but both have similar features. It’s the middle-range snowblower from the brand that boasts a sturdy steel auger. It can cut through snow and ice 50% faster and smoother than plastic augers. Plus, they weather-resistant and can last for a long time. 

It’s among the first models to feature the unique Peak Power technology. It combines two highly efficient 56-Volts Arc Lithium batteries that deliver power enough to crush through wet and heavy snow and throw them up to 40 feet away using the convenient remote chute. Most electric snowblowers can only discharge snow up to 30 feet, and this one’s long-distance performance is a bonus.  

The high-efficiency brushless motor is combined with the maximum battery power, perfect for tackling the most challenging snow. The 21-inch clearing width is also sufficient if you have a small to a medium-sized driveway. Meanwhile, the variable gears give you better control over the auger and how fast you want to get the job done.

Other convenient features in this machine include a handle-mounted chute adjustment and two built-in LED lights for maximum visibility during the night. Storing the equipment after use is also hassle-free and space-saving, thanks to its quick-fold handle.

Overall, the Ego Power+ SNT2110 Snowblower is an incredible choice for a compact and weather-resistant machine to handle challenging snowy conditions. The only drawback is the package doesn’t include the batteries and the charger.

#3. Ego Power+ SNT2405 2-Stage Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice

Ego Power+ SNT2405 2-Stage Snow Blower

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If you want maximum power and performance, the Ego Power+ SNT2405 snow blower can give that to you. It is a two-stage snowblower that showcases everything you need from dependable equipment, thanks to the two 56-Volts 7.5Ah Lithium batteries. It provides unmatched power to the snowblower’s brushless motors that drive the steel impeller and auger.

The 7.5Ah batteries are more than what you can get from electric snowblowers from competitors. It delivers an impressive runtime to clear an entire 8-care driveway with up to 14 inches of snow in between recharges. 

Besides that, this electric snowblower is highly capable, thanks to its 21-inch tall steel box. It comes ramped up with maximum durability, especially with the retractable drift cutters. While other brands have steel augers, this Ego snowblower boasts a much better and tougher ballistic grade polymer material that promises long-term service. 

The 24-inch wide steel box is also perfect for clearing out more snow from your driveway. It even comes with a massive 15 inches diameter and five inches wide tires that keep the machine firmly on the ground while you work. That wider wheels also help void accidents like slipping when traversing through icy terrains. 

The burliest snowblower wouldn’t be as efficient if you find it hard to operate it. Fortunately, Ego knows that, so it included comfortable controls on this model. It supports one-hand operation so that you can have your other hand controlling the chute direction.  

Operation is simple and hassle-free with the adjustability on the speed of the impeller and auger, allowing you to customize your throw. What’s even better is the adjustable handle for your customized comfort. There are also built-in LED headlights to keep the area visible even during the night. 

If you’re looking for a burly two-stage snowblower, this model will make an incredible purchase.  

#4. Ego Power+ SNT2400 2-Stage Snow Blower

Ego Power+ SNT2400 2-Stage Snow Blower

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The power + SNT2405 is a redesign of the SNT2400 snowblower model, and there isn’t a lot of difference between the two except for some design tweaks. It’s a two-stage snowblower that boasts incredible features and performance of a gas-powered engine without the toxic fumes, noise, and the fuss of using gasoline. 

This cordless snow blower comes with a rugged steel auger that can break up heavy and wet snow, even iced ones. Its unmatched power comes from the dual 7.5Ah Arc Lithium batteries equipped with Peak Power Technology, allowing the machine to handle any snowy conditions and terrain. It has enough power to tackle an 18-car driveway with around eight inches of snow for every single charge. 

Besides the power, you can get the job done quickly using the power + SNT2400, thanks to its 24-inch clearing width that eats out more snow in one go. The 20-inch intake height also allows it to handle thick snowfalls right down to the ground.

Operating this machine is a breeze with its simple control dashboard that contains a variable speed auger. There are self-propelled forward and reverse gears, plus the chute control that can swivel up to 200 degrees. If you decide to clear out the driveway at night, using this snowblower is safe with four built-in LED lights. 

Overall, it’s a heavy-duty and weather-resistant snowblower that can handle the most challenging conditions. The only downside is you need to purchase the batteries and charger separately as this snowblower doesn’t come with either. 

#5. Ego Power+ SNT2103 Snow Blower with Peak Power

Ego Power+ SNT2103 Snow Blower with Peak Power

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The Ego Power+ SNT2103 Snowblower is among the best-rated model from the brand, and it’s simple to know why. It’s one of the few cordless electric snowblowers ideal for residential use and commercial settings that face light snowfalls. 

Buying a massive snowblower might be overkill and super expensive, especially if you are only dealing with two to three inches of snow in your driveway. That’s where the power + SNT2103 would make an excellent choice. It’s a powerful and highly efficient machine that is more lightweight and easier to handle than those mentioned above.

Plus, it comes with more fantastic features, like the quick adjustment chute, a directional level that you can use to control the chute from left to right. It allows you to pick a convenient place where you want to discharge the snow up to 35 feet. This 21-inch snow blower can efficiently get the job done, especially on narrow driveways and walkways.

Another design feature that makes this snowblower model a favorite is its fold-down design, an ideal option if you have limited storage space. It has a single-stage snowblower size, but with an impressive power from a pair of 56-Volts batteries.

It’s not a self-propelled snowblower, which is a shame, although the variable speed auger makes pushing this machine on a snowy driveway hassle-free. Other features that you can take advantage of this model is its push-button start and LED headlights. Plus, the steel construction is weather-resistant, designed to last for a long time. 

#6. Ego Power+ SNT2102 Snow Blower with Peak Power

Ego Power+ SNT2102 Snow Blower with Peak Power

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Clearing heavy snow is surprisingly easy with the power + SNT2102 snowblower. It can deliver unmatched performance comparable to gas-powered snowblowers but without the hassle and harm with using gasoline.

This Ego snowblower is fantastic outside and inside. It is the same size as most snowblowers but much lighter and easier to maneuver at 53 pounds. The lightweight design gives you more control over the machine, especially when traversing through uneven and slippery terrains. The brand also designed it with convenience and comfort in mind, especially with the adjustable handles for customized comfort. The handle is also collapsible for more space-saving storage.

Operating the machine is simple, thanks to the control system that is within your reach. You can use it to adjust the chute direction, auger speed, and the throwing distance. 

Ego designed this model to deliver incredible performance using its high-efficiency 56-Volts Arc Lithium batteries. Another advantage is you can choose between using a 5.0Ah or a 7.5Ah battery, with the smaller option giving you 40 minutes runtime. 

This product boasts a 21-inch clearing width and 13-inches intake height, allowing it to handle snowfalls up to ten inches. Traversing through the snow is hassle-free, thanks to the 7-inch wheels robust enough to perform well even on slippery terrains.

#7. Ego Power+ SNT2100 Snow Blower with Peak Power

Ego Power+ SNT2100 Snow Blower with Peak Power

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If you want a dependable machine that can handle low to moderate snowfalls without spending a fortune, a single-stage snow blower like the power + SNT2100 is a fantastic choice. Ego designed this machine to be efficient in handling most types of snow up to eight inches thick. Plus, it can clear out the snow from a smooth pavement, leaving a smooth and cleared surface behind. 

If you think an electric motor can’t get the job done, the power + SNT2100 will prove you wrong. It boasts an incredibly powerful motor, especially with the high-output Lithium batteries. Plus, this unit’s brushless motor comes with a high speed, making it powerful to deal with most workloads.  

This model is also a true cordless snowblower, with an easy single-push button start, making it easy to power up the machine even during the coldest temperature. Another convenient feature of this snowblower is its chute adjustment that supports up to 180 degrees rotation. All of that, including the 35 feet discharge distance, make this snowblower a powerful system. 

Lastly, it comes with a 21-inch wide housing that can tackle up to eight inches of snow. It’s an efficient compact snowblower with foldable handles, variable speed auger, and two built-in headlights for maximum visibility.

What to Know When Buying Snowblowers?

Gas-powered snow blowers dominated the market for a long time, well-known for providing power and performance that any electric model can’t match. However, Ego snowblowers are different, as they come with unique technology to bring you the best of both worlds. They deliver power comparable to gas-powered models, but with an electric snowblower’s convenience and lightweight body.  

With the reviews of the best-rated Ego snowblowers above, you should have an idea of what a fantastic machine you can get for your money. However, if you’re still a bit confused over the best snowblower for your needs, check out these key factors that you should consider when making a purchase. 

Power Output

Power is incredibly important for a machine like a snowblower. It determines how efficient the unit is in clearing out the snow, especially if you’re dealing with tough and hardened snow. It is especially important when buying cordless electric models like Ego snowblowers. Power output will be limited on the battery, but fortunately, Ego snowblowers come with Power Peak technology that uses dual high-efficient Lithium batteries.

The only downside is some of its snowblower models doesn’t come with batteries and charger. You need to purchase them separately, although you can purchase an interchangeable 5.0Ah or 7.5Ah batteries. Also, you have a choice between a regular battery charger from Ego or its fast-charger, which are also interchangeable. 

Type of Snow

Ideally, you’d want a snowblower that can handle the job efficiently and effectively. After all, buying a snowblower is no cheap investment. One of the best ways to identify which snowblower is perfect for you is to know what type of snow you are most likely going to face. 

Check out where you live and find out what type of snow does the area faces every winter. If you know whether your place experiences heavy and watery snowfalls or dry and fluffy precipitations, then you can easily find a snowblower that can handle it.

Knowing the average snowfall where you live will also help as Ego snowblowers come rated with the amount or depth of snow that they can handle in one go. 

Property Area

Your property area is a significant consideration when choosing Ego snowblowers. Ideally, you want to clear out the snow from your driveway with the least time and effort to get the job done as possible. If you have a narrow driveway, a cheaper and smaller snowblower is a smart choice. However, if you’re dealing with a long and massive pathway, then a snowblower that has 28 to 30 inches of clearing width will get the job done faster. 

Ego snowblowers, especially, are cordless models, which uses a battery for power. It means that you get a limited runtime, so it’s essential to know that a snowblower can handle a specific area in a single session.

Blade Width

Ego snowblowers are available in a wide range of sizes, and that usually defines their blade width. The ideal cutting width for a snowblower will primarily depend on your property or driveway area. If you have a narrow and short pathway, a 21-inch or 24-inch snowblower is sufficient enough. Meanwhile, if you have a massive space that you need to clear out, you can get it done fast using a snowblower with a 28-inch or 30-inch cutting width. 

Auger Material

The auger material is a key consideration, especially if you want a machine that can handle tough snowy conditions. Most budget-friendly snowblowers come with a plastic auger. And while it is less harsh on pavements, plastic isn’t the most weather-resistant and durable material. Another option is a steel auger, which comes with maximum durability, designed for rugged use. Steel materials last long, but they can scratch your driveway if you’re not careful. 

Lastly, there are steel augers with rubber edges that deliver the best of both worlds. They are sturdy enough to smash through hardened snow, but the rubber edges protect the pavement from damages.

Ego Snowblowers: Company & History

Ego is a part of an international manufacturing brand that started in 1993 and grew to become one of the largest cordless technology manufacturers worldwide. Ego produces more than 10 million cordless units every year, servicing more than 65 countries on different continents.

Ego boasts innovation and quality in its products, especially in its line of snowblowers. The brand doesn’t have the widest selection compared to its competitors, but its products boast unmatched quality and performance.  

Ego delivers one of the most advanced battery technologies for all Ego snowblowers. It boasts the Peak Power technology that delivers performance like gas-powered engines without the toxic fumes, noise, and the fuss of using gas. This unique battery design also helps snowblowers maximize power and runtimes with the fastest recharging time of around 25 minutes.

Overall, Ego snowblowers are well-rated and excellent options if you want to buy one before winter.


Gas-powered snow blowers may deliver excellent power and performance, but they can be a challenge to use and maintain. If you don’t want the hassle, the noise, or the toxic emissions, going for an electric snowblower is your best bet.

There is no other brand that dedicates itself to making top-quality electric snowblowers than Ego. If you want a hardcore machine that can handle tough snowy conditions but is still lightweight and easy to handle, Ego snowblowers are the answer. They may be compact and light, but Ego snowblowers deliver a powerful performance similar to what you can get from a gas-powered model. 

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question’s):

What charger can I use with electric Ego snowblowers?

All batteries for Ego electric snowblowers are compatible with all Ego chargers. You can purchase two types from the brand if the machine you bought doesn’t include one already. There are standard chargers and rapid chargers, with the latter charging the battery faster. However, you can use them interchangeably, and it wouldn’t damage the battery nor the snowblower.

What extra features should I look for in a snowblower?

Many features make a snowblower safer and more comfortable to use, especially outdoors. For instance, a push-button start makes it easy to power up the machine, and luckily, all Ego snowblowers come with that feature. LED lights are also convenient to have, especially if you’re clearing out snow in the driveway at night. Those with foldable handles are also convenient to save on storage space.  

Is a single-stage snowblower better for household use?

It depends on the size of your driveway or lawn. Some will only have narrow pathways where single-stage snowblowers are sufficient enough. Meanwhile, if you have an 18-car driveway, you’ll need more than what a single-stage blower can offer.

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