Craftsman Snow Blowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop? [2021]

Clearing out the driveway and digging out the car is much easier with craftsman snow blowers on hand. The brand has been creating powerful tools for every man and household for around 100 years. The snowblowers from Craftsman run from small and extremely portable sizes to some of the market’s largest snowblowers. You can find single-stage, dual-stage, and triple-stage craftsman snow blowers, available in more affordable price tags than competitors.

Whatever type of snowblower you have in mind, it’s no secret that any decent snowblower saves you both time and effort in doing hours of backbreaking work to remove snow in the pathway. If you are looking for the best snowblower options, check out some of the best craftsman snow blowers today. Read through this review to find out which one of them is perfect for you. 

Top 9 Best Craftsman Snow Blowers Reviewed

  1. Craftsman 88173 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower – Best Overall
  2. Craftsman 88396 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower – Best Value
  3. Craftsman 88874 (SB650) Electric Start Triple-Stage Snowblower – Editor’s Choice
  4. Craftsman 88394 (SB470) Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower
  5. Craftsman 88694 Electric Start Track Drive Dual-Stage Snowblower (SB710)
  6. Craftsman 21-Inch 179CC 88780 Single-Stage Snow Blower
  7. Craftsman 24-Inch 179CC 88172 Dual-Stage Snowblower
  8. Craftsman 21-Inch 123CC SB210 Single-Stage Snowblower
  9. Craftsman SB410 Electric Start Snowblower

#1. Craftsman 88173 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower – Best Overall

Craftsman 88173 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower

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Craftsman is a famous brand that knows how to put together an impressive snowblower model, and its 88173 has many impressive features to offer. It’s one machine that can make your life after winter much easier. 

This model is a dual-stage gas blower with electric start and has every function and performance you’d expect in a snowblower in this size and price range. It boasts a 208cc engine that isn’t only powerful, but low maintenance as well. Plus, it’s a tried-and-tested engine in terms of reliability and usability. 

What’s even better than the power is this engine’s maneuverability, which is extremely efficient to have in a snowblower. The electric start makes it even easier to use than the old-school pull-cord starter.

It’s also a 4-cycle OHV engine that boasts fuel efficiency with increased power and longer life. This setup is suitable for residential use, covering a large area in a small amount of time, a much better machine to handle than manually shoveling snow. 

This snowblower can handle up to 24 inches width in one go. It makes the job easier and faster, ideal for use in the driveway, patio, or the garden. This machine can also dig out 21 inches of snow, making it suitable for tacking small drifts without any hassle.

Another impressive feature that makes this snowblower among the best is its impressive chute design. The Craftsman 88173 is suitable for rugged use that requires optimum performance. It has the EZ chute and an efficient control system that allow you to control the direction and distance of where you want to throw the snow.

The snowblower also comes with 13 inches X-Trac tires, slightly different from the larger wheels in most snowblower models. However, these smaller tires ensure impressive results with their maximum grip on both hard and gravel drives. Meanwhile, the plow-style ergonomic handles offer an incredible grip with less strain on your hands for maximum control.

#2. Craftsman 88396 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower – Best Value

Craftsman 88396 Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a triple-stage snowblower if you want maximum engine power. The Craftsman 88396 may be a dual-stage model, but it has the workings of a triple-stage snowblower. It may only have two augers, but don’t let that fool you, because this one is a beast in tackling snow in the driveway.

The 357cc engine can handle the snow like no other. However, despite its power, it’s much quieter than what you’d expect. Plus, like most craftsman snow blowers, this model is also simple to maneuver, even when using the snowblower at higher speeds. However, it doesn’t mean that handling this machine wouldn’t take some getting used to, especially with the strong self-propulsion. Expect a little jogging while using this snowblower.

Meanwhile, the Craftsman 88396 has an electric-controlled chute rotation, making its hassle-free to choose the direction when you want to shoot the snow. The only downside about it is the impeller, which doesn’t give you a lot of control regarding the distance you want to dispose of the snow. Still, it can fly snow around ten feet away.

This powerful snow blower is suitable for use in larger snowbanks. It can clear snow rapidly at 30 inches width, perfect for handling wider areas. The depth clearance of 21 inches also makes it ideal for clearing out snow at the bottom of the garden or the driveway.

It’s rare to find a dual-stage snowblower with a super-wide mouth, making this one a unique purchase if you want to clear snow in the pathway with fewer passes than ever.

#3. Craftsman 88874 (SB650) Electric Start Triple-Stage Snowblower – Editor’s Choice

Craftsman 88874 (SB650) Electric Start Triple-Stage Snowblower

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If you want a beast of a snowblower, going for a three-stage model is an excellent option, and Craftsman has the right one for you. The Craftsman 88874 comes with a grave warning when handling, as this machine can be a real beast when dealing with snow. 

This model is a snow-easting machine that should get handled with extreme caution. Otherwise, you could end up with snow flying into the neighbor’s driveway, making this snowblower a bit much for most residential use. However, if you’re looking for a powerful snowblower to tackle massive areas, this one can reliably shoot snow up to 50 feet away. 

Dual-stage blowers are powerful enough, but if you want even more strength in handling snow, you won’t regret this snowblower’s performance, thanks to its 357cc engine. Besides a more powerful engine, this machine is also much quicker than its dual-stage cousins, pulling you along to finish the job at a much faster rate. 

One notable feature of this snowblower is its power steering, making the machine hassle-free to maneuver, although the joystick control does need some getting used to. 

Besides the robust engine and three augers, this snowblower is suitable for larger clearing areas with its 28-inch wide mouth. It can gobble up snow wider than most models in one go, and the 21 inches depth clearance allows it to perform even in worst conditions.

The additional headlights make this snowblower even safer to use. However, you have to expect to pay for a higher price tag than most dual-stage snowblowers, but this machine’s performance is worth the price. 

#4. Craftsman 88394 (SB470) Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower

Craftsman 88394 (SB470) Electric Start Dual-Stage Snowblower

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One of the best features of craftsman snow blowers, especially the dual-stage models, is their quiet-performing engine. It doesn’t disappoint, especially with the Craftsman 88394. This machine comes with a 243cc engine, and while it’s powerful, it works much quieter than snowblowers from engine competitors. 

Although this Craftsman model is a dual-stage snow blower, don’t let that fool you. It can handle all types of snow, clearing your driveway, whether the snow is heavy or wet kind. This snowblower can even deal with consistently raining sheets of snow. 

The built-in headlight is a bonus, making the machine much safer to use under most trying conditions, even late at night. The 28 inches width clearance and 21 inches depth clearance make the entire job faster. Speed isn’t a problem for this machine, although it does have a downside, especially the first-forward speed. It can run down the driveway a little too fast that, sometimes, it can’t pick up all the snow along the way. 

The machine also doesn’t throw now farther than you might expect it to. However, if you are looking for craftsman snow blowers that can handle both heavy and wet snow and operate quietly, the Craftsman 88394 is your best bet. 

#5. Craftsman 88694 Electric Start Track Drive Dual-Stage Snowblower (SB710)

Craftsman 88694 Electric Start Track Drive Dual-Stage Snowblower (SB710)

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If you’re looking for the best machine to handle clearing out six inches of snow from the driveway, the Craftsman 88694 snowblower can handle the job without breaking a sweat. It has many incredible features like most craftsman snow blowers. For one, this machine boasts an impressively strong 208cc engine that is surprisingly quiet to operate. It’s around 45% quieter than older Craftsman snow blowers. What’s even better is the 4-cycle engine eliminates the need for an oil-gas mixture.  

Despite the gas-powered engine, this snowblower features an electric start, allowing you to quickly run the machine in a single push of a button. 

Like most craftsman snow blowers, this one also features eight different speeds, giving you more freedom to get the job done your way. The six forward and two reverse speeds also help compensate when dealing with uneven grounds and inclines. 

Another advantage of this snowblower is its simple chute control using a joystick. Plus, the chute can rotate up to 200 degrees, giving you more options on where you want to throw the snow. It comes with ergonomic plow-style handles, allowing you to drive the machine without hassle, even when only using one hand. It also helps minimize strain on your arms, hands, back, and legs, making snow throwing jobs as easy as possible. 

The Craftsman 88694 is among the feature-filled craftsman snow blowers. It comes with large tread tires for maximum traction and poly-skid shoes for driveway protection. 

#6. Craftsman 21-Inch 179CC 88780 Single-Stage Snow Blower

Craftsman 21-Inch 179CC 88780 Single-Stage Snow Blower

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Single-stage snowblowers usually come with electric engines, but not the Craftsman 88780. It has a gas-powered engine that might be small, but a strong one. If you want an incredible value for the price you’re paying, this model is ana excellent choice for most household uses. 

The 179cc engine is powerful enough to handle most snow throwing jobs but lightweight for more comfortable handling. Despite having a gas-powered engine, this machine comes with an electric push-button, making it easier to start than those with a pull-start function.

No single-stage snowblower can clear out big banks of snow, so don’t expect this one to handle that. However, it can take out light snowdrifts without much hassle, although it may take some patience as the machine isn’t the fastest in this bunch.

Despite its slower performance, the Craftsman 88780 offers a reliable clearing ability, suitable for walkways and driveways. You don’t have to worry about getting a flat while on the job, thanks to this snowblower’s solid wheels. And like most craftsman snow blowers, this mini machine can also tackle different settings.

If you are looking for a smaller snowblower that can fit in the garage and can handle clearing out light to medium snow, then this one is your best bet.

#7. Craftsman 24-Inch 179CC 88172 Dual-Stage Snowblower

Craftsman 24-Inch 179CC 88172 Dual-Stage Snowblower

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Most dual-stage snowblowers, even those from the competition, are quite similar. However, some features make the Craftsman 88172 slightly different from the rest, both positive and negative.

This model comes with a less powerful engine that what most dual-stage snowblowers have. It has a 179cc engine compared to others that have at least a 208cc engine. While that makes this machine a bit slower, that’s the only downside to it. It’s still a powerful engine that can get through most snowy settings. One of the craftsman snow blowers can handle all snow types, from wet and fluffy to heavy snows. This machine can even tackle clearing icy banks.  

This snowblower doesn’t come pre-assembled, but it’s easy enough as putting the chute on and tightening a few nuts. After that, this machine should be ready to tackle clearing jobs, and it can handle a 24-inch width and 21-inch depth of snow in one go.  

If you’re clearing out snow from concrete driveways, this snow blower comes with skid shoes for extra protection to both the machine and the pavement. It’s also a great thing that they are reversible, allowing you to adjust them as necessary. The only downside with this machine is it doesn’t have a single-hand operation, which takes some practice.

However, if you are looking for a two-stage snow blower at an affordable price tag, the Craftsman 88172 is a fantastic choice for you.

#8. Craftsman 21-Inch 123CC SB210 Single-Stage Snowblower

Craftsman 31A-2M1E793 Gas Snow Thrower, 21', Liberty Red

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For residential purposes, buying a snowblower doesn’t have to break the bank, and they don’t have to be power workers than necessary. The Craftsman SB210 has the basic feature you’d need from an affordable but high-quality machine.

This model boasts an impressive 123cc engine. Although it does have a pull-start function, this engine type eliminates the hassle of mixing oil and gas. The 4-cycle OHV engine gives that advantage, saving you time and effort. 

Compared to its snowblower cousins, the Craftsman SB210 has a limited reach. Its clearing width is only 21 inches and a 13-inch intake height. However, the unique auger design allows it to grip the ground, giving you optimum snow blowing power. The machine also allows you to have maximum control over where you want to discharge the snow with its 190-degrees chute control. You can shift its direction easily as well. n

The compact size of this snowblower also comes with an advantage. If you want to clear snow from your driveway faster than doing manual shoveling but have limited storage space, the Craftsman SB210 is your best bet. Plus, it can handle most residential snow clearing jobs, suitable for snowfalls up to six inches.

#9. Craftsman SB410 Electric Start Snowblower

Craftsman SB410 Electric Start Snowblower

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One of the downsides of using most snowblowers is pull-starting a cold engine, which is a hassle if you’ve tried to do it before. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore, especially with the Craftsman SB410 snowblower. It comes with an electric push button that makes starting the machine much quicker and easier. 

The power behind this snowblower comes from its 208cc engine. Adding to its impressive performance are two strong augers made from serrated steel for maximum durability and performance. These augers save you time clearing out the snow from the driveway even in frigid mornings and tough snowy conditions, thanks to its 21 inches intake height and 24 inches clearing width. It allows you to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Another favorite feature of the Craftsman SB410 snowblower is the 180-degree chute rotation that makes it easier to maneuver in the direction you want it to.

This machine boasts a self-propelled drive with six forward and two reverse speeds for maximum versatility and control, even in harsh winter conditions. The adjustable poly-skid shoes also add to the machine’s overall performance, especially when going over concrete driveways. It’s suitable for keeping the driveway and garage from scuffing and rust stains. 

Performance aside, the design and construction of the Craftsman SB410 are also robust. It comes with a durable housing made of reinforced steel, suitable for rugged use.

Buying Guide – Types of Snowblowers

If you live in areas where you often see harsh winters, getting a reliable snowblower can transform your life as you’ve never thought possible. You can now forget about the hassle of manually shoveling snow from your driveway. Craftsman offers different snowblowers to fit your needs and budget.

Before buying a snowblower, you need to take into account some key considerations. The first thing you need to choose is the ideal snowblower type for the job, and you have three options for that. 

Single-Stage Snowblowers

If you are in an area that only gets a typical winter snowstorm, a single-stage snowblower is sufficient enough to handle clearing out your driveway or garden. This type comes with a single auger that acts as a paddle and scoops the snow before funneling it to the chute for discharge.

Single-stage snowblowers come equipped with performance suitable for smaller areas. Most of them deliver up to two feet or 24 inches clearing width. They have a more compact build, ideal for households with limited storage spaces.

If you are dealing with up to eight inches of snow, this snowblower type is excellent for the job and your wallet too. 

Two-Stage Snowblowers

This snowblower type is a level up to the single-stage with the addition of an impeller fan. It’s an extra feature that increases the machine’s power by propelling snow into the intake chute, increasing its speed, and throwing distance.

Two-stage snow blowers from Craftsman ranges from 24 to 30 inches clearing width, depending on the model. They are efficient in clearing out over eight inches of snow.

The only downside with two-stage snowblowers is the auger doesn’t come in contact with the snow surface. It limits its performance, leaving a thin layer of snow on the track. 

However, the key when choosing the best two-stage snowblower is selecting one with a higher horsepower or has better generating power. 

Triple-Stage Snowblowers

If you want maximum power, then you might as well go for a three-stage snowblower. It wouldn’t be cheap, but this type can handle even the toughest snow. It’s a worthy investment if you live in an area that faces extreme winter conditions or has a massive space that needs clearing.

While two-stage snow blowers have an auger-fan setup, this type includes an accelerator in the mix. The accelerator is another auger that allows faster snow collection and a much wider clearing width. Besides that, most triple-stage snowblowers come with extra features that make it more convenient to handle. Some common features include power steering, electric start, ergonomic handgrips, and longer throwing distances.

Craftsman Snow Blowers: Company & History

Craftsman has been in business for nearly a century, creating reliable and high-performance tools and equipment for homeowners and enthusiasts. 

In terms of snowblowers, Craftsman has many options to offer. It has single, dual, and triple-stage snowblowers that boast reliable performance. You can choose from many options, especially in terms of clearing width and engine power.

And while most craftsman snow Blowers look like those from its competitors, they have several notable features. For one, craftsman snow blowers are well-known for their quiet operation despite having a strong engine power. They also boast ergonomic handle designs and convenient controls. 

Besides the brand’s history, the performance of its snowblowers makes Craftsman a trustworthy option.


All craftsman snow blowers have unique features that make them better for specific jobs than others. Choosing the best one will always depend on the preferences and needs required to handle the job effectively and efficiently. Craftsman snow blowers are well-known for their incredible performance and construction, quiet operation, and worthy price tags. With the right Craftsman snowblower, you can even get a machine that can clear out nearly two feet deep of snow, even when it’s wet and heavy. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are snowblowers similar to snow throwers?

Technically speaking, single-stage snowblowers don’t blow the snow to the chute for discharge. Instead, the auger scoops out the snow and throws it out o the chute, making it a snow thrower.

What is the best way to store a gas snowblower after the winter season?

The key to storing gas-powered snowblowers after use is draining out the gas 100% to avoid gunk build-up, corrosion, and other damages.

What’s the easiest way to decide on the ideal snowblower type to purchase?

The decision to get a single, dual, or triple-stage snowblower is the amount of snowfall you are dealing with. Single-stage blowers are sufficient for up to eight inches of snow while you need a dual-stage for clearing out much deeper snow than that. Meanwhile, triple-stage blowers can handle up to two feet of snow without breaking a sweat.


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