Burton Snowboard Bindings Review | Epic Bindings or Rip Off?

Snowboard bindings are essential in your snowboarding activities and can greatly influence your performance and overall experience. It is important to consider your safety and comfort to maximize ease when using your snowboards. For advanced riders, the best bindings can make a huge difference when executing your dynamic moves in snowboarding.

Burton is one of the first snowboard manufacturers globally and one of the most reputable brands for snowboarding equipment. They manufacture snowboards, clothing, and other related accessories. It would be great to look for the best snowboarding equipment from one of the proven and tested manufacturers who have known the business for a long time already.

Dive in the list below of the best Burton snowboard bindings we could find for you and grab one now while they are still available. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?

Top 6 Best Burton Snowboard Bindings Reviewed

  1. Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall
  2. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget
  3. Burton Step On Mens Snowboard – Editor’s Choice
  4. Burton Genesis Mens Snowboard Bindings
  5. Burton Mission Snowboard Binding
  6. Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings

#1. Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings – Best Overall

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings

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This freestyle binding is one of the most popular among freestylers and all-mountain riders. Technically, these bindings can be an all-around riding binding for your snowboards. Experienced snowboarders are investing in these high-performance bindings even for a hefty price. It showcases Burton’s top-technologies and offers consistency with its high-quality materials.

Its base plate comprises only one material, which gives its consistency and responsiveness needed for a playful ride in any terrain. It equalizes the control you need for various conditions. It has a medium flex that has a stiffer highback feel but a softer baseplate, which gives an overall medium feel.

The straps give a unique feel because their leather material comes in Re: Flex and EST versions. It wraps around your boot perfectly, which will make you feel better connected with your board.

These bindings will satisfy all-around riders who like to do various activities and snowboarding. If you are an advanced snowboard rider looking for a binding that can keep up with your versatility, this is for you.

Great for advanced riders who wants a solid all-around bindingRiders who lean more on the stiffer side would prefer the Cartel
Versatile, all-around best for various stylesExpensive
Give consistency and responsiveness
Unique material for straps

#2. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings – Best for Budget

Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings

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Burton’s Cartel Snowboard Bindings are versatile and can be good for the park, groomers, and all-mountain needs. Their stiff highback gives great control, which intermediate to advanced snowboarders would love.

The Hammock strap would be the best feature of Cartel bindings as the ankle strap wraps nicely around the boots and locks well without making pressure points allowing a secure yet comfortable experience.

It has a flexible connection that completely lays out all the folds, allowing your boot to enter without obstruction into the bindings. The toe cap also has a rubber feel that fits nicely with the shape of your boot.

Unlike other bindings that put a stable angle to the base of their bindings, Burton bindings have adjustable angles. They also provide soft padding on the inside with harder padding outside while aligning your foot joints. As you use the bindings, the soft padding will adapt to your foot’s shape to give the right angle you need for a more comfortable snowboarding experience. It also has a shock absorber on the heel part that can protect you from strong impacts.

You can conquer various terrains by adjusting your base’s angle, giving you the right reaction. Suppose you plan to pursue snowboarding as a regular hobby or a profession catering on the stiffer side, you should opt for these bindings because it will be worth the price for a long-lasting and enjoyable snowboarding experience.

Versatile and specializes in stiff flex activitiesIncompatible with beginners to early intermediates
Comfortable and adjustableNot for riders who are not used to stiff flex
Give more control

#3. Burton Step On Mens Snowboard Bindings – Editor’s Choice

Burton Step On Mens Snowboard

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Burton has innovated strap-free step-on bindings that allow the user to step on the buckle even with hands-free mode. Your skiing friends will never again call snowboarders, slow boarders again. You can easily proceed to the icy and snowy slopes without any hassle of fastening and adjusting binding straps. You can try and race your friends in putting on your equipment, and they’ll never have a chance with your step on bindings!

These bindings feature toe hooks, placed on each side of the bindings, allowing you to connect and withdraw from the baseplate in one single motion. The heel buckle features a Smooth Glide Technology that ensures easy lock with the heel cleat.

When removing the bindings from your boot, you only pull the release lever found on the heel cup and step out from it easily. It is secure, reliable, and can be accessed easily.

These bindings exclusively go with Burton boots, which ensures the compatibility of both your boots and bindings. What’s more is that there are various boots to choose from at Burton’s that will give you recommended use if you would like to go all-mountain, park, or backcountry. You can also pick boots if you’d prefer stiff rather than medium support, and vice versa. With this, you can be sure that you’re getting the full experience and quality of this incredible innovation.

Fast and convenient to put on and step out ofCan only be used with compatible Burton boots
Great for beginners and kidsDifficult to lock in if there’s a snow build-up

#4. Burton Genesis Mens Snowboard Bindings

Burton Genesis Mens Snowboard Bindings

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These bindings are loved by all-mountain riders. It has a medium to stiff flex. Its base plate is made soft in the middle, but stiffer as you get to the sides. These bindings will give you a comfortable yet responsive ride as you shred mountains.

Its highbacks are blended from different materials, which makes them stiff with a little bit of flex. It has a kickback hammock feature, which is a lighter version of the heel hammock. It gives a lighter feel and response.

You can choose between two versions, the ESTs, and the flex. ESTs are only compatible with Burton’s channel system, while Re: Flex is compatible with all major mounting systems. These will bring out the best in parks, powder, or piste.

The cambered baseplate aligns your ankles, knees, and hips for a less fatigue ride. Its straps are lightweight with no pressure points. It also has shock absorption technology for your rough moves and jumps, which will make you rule parks with confidence. These bindings are all about comfort, and sweet smooth turns.

If you want bindings that are great for an all-mountain ride that gives the comfort you seek when riding your snowboard, these are for you. You’ll never get tired of shredding mountains all day!

Medium flex gives a balance in control and responsivenessOther riders would prefer bindings that are more responsive
Comfortable with shock-absorption properties
Gives you two options for your binding system
Gives a versatile all-mountain ride

#5. Burton Mission Snowboard Binding

Burton Mission Snowboard Binding

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These all-around bindings have a medium flex that is suitable for all-mountain riding experience. It has a feature of having a solid feel on the inside and more flexible as you get outside. It is designed for anyone looking for a versatile binding that can take your jumps, carves, and tricks for your backcountry escapades.

These bindings offer great power transmission and are one of the most comfortable bindings for your all-mountain missions. Its striped back straps have a slick design and offer more security and fit for your foot. The footbed has comfortable cushions that will absorb shocks and vibrations that may distract you.

Its canted profile will align your knees, which will lessen your fatigue when riding your snowboard. The highback’s lean is also easily adjusted by simply rotating a lever at the highback. There’s also a 2.0 super grip cap strap and hammock strap to give a snug fit for your boots.

If you are an experienced rider that seeks an all-mountain comfortable ride, these bindings are for you. These bindings will secure your backcountry and mountain shredding missions.

Has a medium flex great for all-mountain ridingSome riders may prefer other stiffer bindings
Easily adjustable strapsIncompatible for beginners

#6. Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings

Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings

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These mountains are beginners’ high-end bindings, which gives a perfect blend of responsiveness and forgiveness at a cheap price on a Burton product! Unlike other bad beginner bindings, these bindings won’t fail in bringing you the technology for the comfort and performance you need when starting your snowboarding journey.

The soft to medium flex of these bindings will make it more forgiving for beginners and even for advanced riders who want a chill ride. It has cushioning in the footbed for comfort and shock absorption. The chassis is made of a single component called the Reflex Chassis has no plastic in between that prevents blind spots for a natural flex with your board.

It also has a highback EVA padding for comfort and support for shock absorption. The Micro-flat adjustment offers you different angles when riding your board. It has an easy adjustment knob that you can modify in a split second.

These bindings’ straps are also adjustable and have 3D paddings that will maximize your comfort and support. Overall, these bindings give comfort and support, which will be great for those trying to start snowboarding.

These bindings are for those looking for beginner-friendly bindings that don’t compromise the material and technology to give high performance. You can get these Burton bindings for a cheap price.

Cheaper than most Burton products yet high performingIncompatible for high intermediate to advanced riders
Perfect blend of forgiveness and responsiveness
Easy adjustable straps and highback
Comfortable yet durable

A Buyer’s Guide in Buying Snowboard Bindings: Key Features


It is important to check if a binding product has the size that will fit you and your boots. Any other feature that will make you want to buy the product will be deemed useless if you can’t even wear them. Ensure that you don’t compromise your true size for the other features that may come with your bindings, or your comfort and snowboarding experience is compromised.


The baseplate material should exhibit durability, good attachment abilities, and comfort. The foot foam should be comfortable enough and would be even better if it has shock absorption features. This part of the bindings should be sturdy enough for stability and safety.

This feature is crucial because it’s the material that bridges your boot with your snowboard, so make sure that the latching ability is strong and has a good hold so you can do your moves with confidence.

Binding Compatibility with Snowboards

Most models will be compatible with any binding arrangement, but you should still check if your bindings match your board.

The most common type of mounting system is the standard traditional 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 mounting system that uses the Standard and Mini-Disk mounting plates with four holes.

The second most common type of system is the channel type, a strong, customizable mounting system. It has a two-screw mounting design that gives infinite width plus angle versatility, which you can adjust to your liking. This type can also be compatible with the exclusive mounting system of Burton boards.

Another type of mounting system is the Burton 3-D, where the exclusive equipment of Burton will work. Burton is known for being exclusive in their products. Most of their bindings only work for Burton boards and vice versa.

Lastly, for splitboard mounting types, their mounting systems will only work for splitboard bindings as well.


Ensure that the bindings’ highback will provide comfort and ensure the stability because its main purpose is to give support for your legs and ankles. It will also influence the response and the control for the bindings’ overall flex.


Almost all bindings have straps to provide more support and control for the overall bindings. Step-ons are usually frowned upon due to poor mounting capacity when the snow gets in the way.

Straps should have strong material but be flexible enough for more freedom and control. It should also ensure comfort for your foot, giving attention to the main pressure points and having the technology of spreading the energy so the rider wouldn’t feel any discomfort from these.

Toe Support

Some bindings feature toe ramps that cover the baseplate to provide leverage and comfort for your toes. These should be adjustable to provide an overall fit for your boots.

Most bindings also put toe straps to provide more support for your boots and prevent slipping out of the bindings, or worse, your boards. However, step-ons have removed this feature and opted for a more secure latching system for the baseplate, heels, and highbacks.


Of course, you should check what your bindings are made to ensure the durability while keeping its lightweight features. If you are a beginner who wants to explore snowboarding basics, you can prefer lighter materials for more ease than more pricey strong materials.

You can invest in long-term high quality and relatively stiff bindings for more control when you have mastered snowboarding’s technicalities, and plan to pursue the activity in the long run.

A Brief History of Burton: Bindings

Jake Burton Carpenter, founder Burton Snowboards in the 1970s. Burton eventually expanded from Manchester, Vermont to Austria, and Japan, making them the largest snowboard company during the 1990s. They manufacture snowboards, bindings, clothes, and other relevant accessories.

Their products are somewhat pricier than most products due to their high-end materials and popular brand. They were able to sponsor popular personalities, which made their brand more well-known in the market. They are also known for innovating technologies that will make their products more serviceable to the snowboarding community’s needs. On top of all that, their products are also environmental-friendly, reducing carbon footprint while they continuously manufacture their products.

Burton Snowboard Binding Types


These are the most common types and the most widely used binding style in snowboarding. They typically have two straps, the ankle and toe straps, mainly. The ankle straps wrap around the heel towards the highback for added support.

This type of binding is great for all types of riders and different kinds of terrain. They can offer both control, support, response, and cushion.


Manufacturers reinvented the step in bindings to imitate ski riders who can lock-in their bindings in an instant. If you don’t like the hassle of putting on your gear, these would be great for you. However, these types of binding may not be compatible with other boots. Some snowboarders are complaining of lessened control because of a lack of stiffness.


These bindings work specifically for split boards only. Its baseplate has a “splitter” that would allow good traction, especially for uphill slopes. These bindings are very responsive as it caters to big mountain riding and has multiple adjustments usually not found on regular bindings.


Snowboarding is one of the most well-known snow recreational and sports activities. You would need a good snowboard and a binding to match it. Bindings with straps are the most popular kind of step in bindings. You should also consider other features to maximize the experience you want in snowboarding.

Step on kind of bindings came in the 2000s. However, snowboarders were disappointed by the difficulties in locking-in when there is snow build-up. The manufacturers’ exclusivity also became an inhibitor for purchasers because of the price difference with just buying the regular step in straps. The demand for step ons wasn’t that good, and more people kept buying step in straps for bindings.

Overall, you can try budget-friendly bindings yet have agreeable quality if you are a beginner who wants to explore and start your journey in snowboarding. Comfort should also be foremost in your considerable features if you are starting. However, if you are interested in maintaining a long-running relationship with snowboarding, you can invest in your equipment.

For advanced riders, stiffness and durability should be your topmost priority to ensure your snowboarding equipment’s control and long-lasting life.

You can find various Burton choices as they provide top of the notch snowboard bindings with great reputable performance with high-quality materials. Choose to invest in the best-proven bindings for a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience. Experience Burton’s innovative technology and expect the longevity of their products that are environmentally friendly as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I put on the bindings to my snowboard?

Before putting on the bindings, make sure that the mounting system is compatible with your snowboard. To bridge your bindings to your snowboards, you need binding plates with their corresponding binding screws. For a traditional 4 x 4 mounting system, you need a plate for each binding, with four screws to dig into and connect with your snowboard. Before putting the plate, adjust your bindings to the desired angle in your snowboard. After that, you can now place the plate atop your binding’s baseplate, sandwiching it with your snowboard. Once the items are in place, you can now attach the screws to lock in your bindings to your snowboard.

What type of bindings would be best for beginners?

Step in bindings with the step on feature would be best for newbies. It would be user-friendly for them because of the ease in putting it on and stepping out of it, as no additional effort for adjustment in straps is required. Experienced riders would prefer step ins bindings with straps for added stiffness triggering good response and control.

What is the composition (materials) of step in bindings?

The usual materials used in constructing bindings are aluminum, steel, plastic, and foam. A hybrid of these materials is also used to build your snowboard bindings.

Some manufacturers have innovated in including other high-grade materials such as carbon and titanium alloy for a lightweight feel without compromising its durability. However, expect that bindings with these upgrades would relatively be expensive.

Plastics have two types of uses in bindings. One is the rigid type for the frames’ structural integrity, while the other one is the flexible type used for ratchet straps.

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