Top 5 Best Women’s Snowboard Pants | 2021 Reviews (Burton)

It is difficult not to fall in love with snowboarding during the winter season. Adventure-seekers and winter sports enthusiasts flock many snowboarding or skiing destinations around the country each year. And though the winter sports world is heavily populated with men, the growing number of lady riders are also rapidly keeping up.

In recent years, manufacturing industries have acknowledged this growing number of women consumers for these sports, specifically skiing and snowboarding. Thus, manufacturers have opened a broader portion of their brands to produce women-specific collections. Today, you can already find some of the best snowboarding or skiing essentials that are made specifically to match women’s needs. You will find women-specific snowboards, boots, snowboard bindings, and other apparel that perform equally well compared to men’s essentials.

One of these essentials includes snowboard pants. Here are some of the snowboard pants that made it to our best list.

Top 5 Best Women’s Snowboard Pants Reviewed

  1. Burton Gloria Snowboard Pants – Best Overall
  2. Volcom Women’s Frochickie Shell Snow Pants – Best for Budget
  3. DC Women’s Viva Snowboard Pants – Editor’s Choice
  4. APTRO Women’s High-Tech Insulated Snow Pants
  5. Burton Women’s Avalon Bib Pant

#1. Burton Gloria Snowboard Pants – Best Overall

Burton Gloria Snowboard Pants True Black Womens

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  • Fabric: Polyester, Spandex, Polyurethane
  • Liner: Taffeta
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm
  • Style: Shell pants

Burton has already been supplying the industry with high-quality snowboard tools and accessories for decades. Each product even outdoes previous models. One of the trendiest snowboard pants that it developed specifically for women riders are these Burton Gloria Snowboard Pants. These pants are nearly a genius combination of durability, functionality, and performance with integrated style. This product allows you to have a great riding performance in different backcountry conditions without compromising your overall look.

The Burton Gloria snowboard pants are made of comfortable and breathable Dryride 2-layer polyester fabric that blocks all unwanted external elements to keep you warm and dry the entire ride. This outer material has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm, repelling both snow and light downpours of rain.

This construction’s breathable capabilities also allow you to be both warm and cool inside to avoid overheating.  These pants’ design is also slim, making it perfect for the lady riders who are particular with their pants’ cuts. Its tight fit is also not an issue because the polyester material makes the pants stretchable enough not to restrict your critical movements. Apart from these features, the Burton Gloria’s outer layer is also enhanced further with durable Cordura fabric with incredible abrasion-proof properties to protect you during your rides. Cuffs are also reinforced for improved durability.

Burton Gloria also uses a thermo-regulating lining made of mesh and other materials that include spandex, taffeta, polyester, etc. These components offer the best comfort when worn, providing proper heat regulation, so your legs remain at a desirable temperature. It also features adjustable vents that you can open whenever heat becomes a bit intolerable inside your pants.

Will also find its multiple zippered pockets useful in keeping all your valuables with you when you ride. Its gaiters are also expandable and snow-proof to extend your protection from the cold snow up to your feet. However, one tradeoff is that these shell snowboard pants do not come with a built-in insulating liner. You can add additional leg apparel for better insulation, especially when the temperatures become too low for you. This design also comes with 25 colors and a range of sizes that include up to plus sizes, so finding one that will match your style and size will not be that difficult.

Dryride 2-layer polyester outer layer with great waterproofing qualitiesThe fitting might be a bit tight for some riders
Slim fit design that is also stretchable enough to support movementsDoes not have a built-in insulation lining
Comfortable and breathable heat-regulating inner line
Enhanced breathability through adjustable vents
Many sizes and colors are available
Reinforced durability

#2. Volcom Women’s Frochickie Shell Snow Pants – Best for Budget

Volcom Women’s Frochickie Insulated 2 Layer Shell Snow Pants

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  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Liner: V-science breathable lining
  • Style: Shell pants

The Volcom Women’s Frochickie serves you the snow protection offered by shell-type snowboard pants, plus insulated pants’ insulation and warmth. This design is made of 100 percent polyester material that is ensured to be rigid and flexible enough to support and withstand your snowboard riding activities for years.

This design is tailored with a Chino-style fit, making a little baggier but extremely comfortable. These snowboard pants feature two layers of protective shell that uses just the right amount of waterproofing to keep your legs from the snow or rain. But what makes these pants remarkable is the warmth these pants provide.

The Volcom Frochickie uses an innovative V-science breathable lining system that offers one of the best insulation abilities partnered with comfort. It uses critically taped seams that further enhance insulation inside the pants, allowing you to have the capacity to endure even sub-zero temperatures.

Apart from these, you will also enjoy brushed tricot-lined pockets that serve as hand warmers, giving your hands the warmth that they need, especially at freezing temperatures. These snowboard pants also ensure to protect you up to your feet with functional boot gaiters that feature a lace hook that easily covers your boots to ensure snow or rain do not get into your way while enjoying your ride.

Durable material compositionDoes not provide the best waterproofing
Excellent insulation lining
Stylish Chino fit design
Handwarmer pockets

#3. DC Women’s Viva Snowboard Pants – Editor’s Choice

DC Women’s Viva 15K Water Proof 5 Pocket Snowboard Pants

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  • Fabric: Polyester, Taffeta
  • Liner: Taffeta
  • Waterproofing: 15,000mm
  • Style: Insulated pants

These Viva Snowboard Pants from DC has a unique slim design that snugs into your legs to keep you warm while still staying in style. These pants are made from 100 percent polyester composition, so you know that it is lightweight and comfortable, to give you easier and less-restricted movements when you ride.

Compared with other pants on our list, these snowboard pants have incredible waterproofing properties. The design uses a 15,000 Weather Defense technology, which is unique to DC’s products. It ensures that these snowboard pants’ whole composition can withstand even the harshest weather and temperatures you can expect in the mountains during the winter season. When it comes to protecting you from snow, rain, and other elements, these pants are supreme.

These pants also have fully taped seams to block even the cold winds from further reaching your skin. This construction also further enhances the product’s durability, so you know that even with the most extensive movements when riding, your pants will not easily rip off. You will also find these pants’ taffeta lining comfortable and warm. It features a 40g insulation capacity that can block even sub-zero temperatures. Thus, using these pants at the peak of the winter season, where temperature can get extremely low, is a great idea.

The insulation capacity is greatPolyester may not be the most durable material
Excellent waterproofingBreathability is compromised
Fully-taped seams

#4. APTRO Women’s High-Tech Insulated Snow Pants

APTRO Women’s High-Tech Insulated Snow Pants

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  • Fabric: Polyester, Fleece
  • Liner: Fleece
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm
  • Style: Insulated pants

If you are a fan of fancy and flashy colors, the APTRO Women’s High-Tech Insulated snow pants’ designs will excite you. This design comes in nine available colors, most of them with bright cotton candy colors. But what makes this design remarkable is its performance under extreme temperatures.

APTRO’s snow pants build on a durable and high-quality polyester fabric that gives a great layer of insulation for snowboarders. This composition can also withstand any harsh weather conditions in the mountain with its waterproof and windproof properties. It has a waterproofing capacity of 10,000 and can provide insulation inside your pants even if the outside temperature reaches up to negative 30 degrees. It has fully sealed seams inside, further enhancing these pants’ weatherproof capacities. This construction also guarantees incredibly durable snowboard apparel you can use for many seasons.

Adding to the pants’ insulation is a comfortable fleece lining also added to the design. This inner lining provides an additional layer of insulation while still controlling and regulating heat inside. You can also use the pants’ mesh-lined vents to release heat for better breathability, reducing sweating, especially when moving rigorously.

Finally, these pants also come with multiple useful pockets and an adjustable waist, so you do not have to worry about losing or gaining weight during the season.

Excellent windproofing and waterproofingThe fleece lining does not offer the best comfort
Built-in mesh-lined vents
Available in nice colors
Enhanced durability
Adjustable waist

#5. Burton Women’s Avalon Bib Pant

Burton Women’s Avalon Bib Pant

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  • Fabric: Dryride 2-layers fabric
  • Liner: Taffeta
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm
  • Style: Bib pants

This Burton Women’s Avalon is a bib-type snowboard pants we have included in our list to give you more options for style. This design gives you an overall weather protection from your chest area down to your boots. Unlike other styles, this design obviously has a broader coverage, thus, enhanced level of protection.

Although the pants’ design extends up to your back and chest area, the composition is made stretchable and comfortable to ensure no restrictions can affect your movements and overall performance. This design, style, and comfort are only some of the reasons why many women riders prefer bib pants over the usual shell or insulated ones.

This product, in particular, provides supreme durability and breathability while not compromising warming capacity. Like many of Burton’s snowboard pants, this product uses two layers of Dryride fabric with an excellent waterproofing quality. This composition ensures that no weather conditions can affect your enjoyable ride in the mountains.

It also uses a Living Lining technology inside to ensure both comfort and insulation. The lining is made of taffeta fabric, which is incredible in insulating and regulating heat inside and flexible enough for your movements. Its mesh-lined vents are also useful in releasing and regulating inside heat. You will also like the multiple pockets that this design has, letting you keep your essentials always close to you.

The bib design adds extra protectionSome riders find the bib design a little too restrictive when it comes to movements
Flexible and comfortable linings
Durable and waterproof

Top Pick: Best Overall Pick for Women’s Snowboard Pants

Cut your selection process short for the best snowboard pants for women riders. If you are having a hard time identifying which from among tons of products and models in the market can satisfy your needs, consider our top pick for this category

The Burton Gloria snowboard pants let you have the best comfort and performance in style when riding. This design is much famous for lady riders because of its slim fit cut. Even with a tighter fit, these pants are stretchable enough to support all your movement while surfing the backcountry or ripping through groomers.

The components of this model include an outer shell made of Dryride two layers of polyester that offer incredible waterproof qualities, ensuring no external elements penetrate through your pants. It also has thermo-regulating linings composed of mesh, taffeta, spandex, and other materials of great breathability properties. It also has vents that you can use to regulate heat further, avoiding any unnecessary overheating or sweating, especially during your movements.

Its multiple zippered pockets, reinforced cuffs, and expandable and snow-proof gaiters are additional reasons why love the product. Overall, these snowboard pants testify that Burton does not know how to disappoint.

Brands With the Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants

An increasing number of brands already started manufacturing women-specific accessories, tools, apparel, and equipment for many snow sports. Many brands now compete with providing high-quality products that are specifically designed for the women riders. Thus, searching the industry for the best products, such as snowboard pants, may be challenging. If you are trying to find the best snowboard apparel, most specifically snowboard pants, here are some brands you can consider.

1. Burton

Burton always pops in any “best” lists, and it is already not that surprising given the quality of the products it manufactures and introduces in the market. Burton has already been a leading brand that produces many of the best snowboarding gear and accessories many professional and expert riders up to today. Since entering the industry in 1977, Burton has already built a trusted and prominent name that never ceases to develop. One of its latest ventures is the development of products specifically designed for women. We can say that with the broad experience of Burton in manufacturing nothing but high-quality products, every purchase you make from this brand will be a sure worthy investment.

2. Volcom

Volcom is another experienced company in manufacturing products for snowboarders, skiers, and skaters. This brand has already been in the industry since the early 1990s and since then been continually evolving and developing its quality. The Volcom products you will find to this date are guaranteed to have maximum durability and longevity, so you know that your investment will not be put to waste just after a few uses. Comfort is also a top priority of this brand, and it is something they know not to tradeoff in all products they manufacture. If you are looking for a convenient fusion of comfort and durability, Volcom has the answers.

3. DC Shoes Inc.

DC Shoes Inc., or simply, DC, is also a prominent American brand. This brand became famous for producing high-quality action sports gear. You will find a range of products you can use for snowboarding or skateboarding in its vast product portfolio. What makes this brand stand out is its particular focus on style and design, which is perfect for women who do not want to lose their sense of style even when doing sports. If you are looking for high-performing products that will enhance your overall snowboarding performance without sacrificing the look, this brand can be your go-to.

Choosing the Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants: Buyer’s Guide

Snowboard pants are a necessary component of your whole snowboarding gear. They provide you comfort, protection, and of course, style. Snowboard pants come in different designs and features, making it somehow intimidating to explore at times. Many snowboard pants, especially those for the ladies, come in flattering styles and designs matched with tons of other alluring features. Sometimes, we get tempted just to consider what meets the eye. However, putting a little more effort and time in selecting which to purchase is always worth it.

Don’t worry, ladies. We got you. Your choosing process should not be as challenging and difficult. Let us walk you through an easier guide on the things you have to consider when selecting the best snowboard pants.

1. Design and Size

Just like any other clothing and apparel, the size is a priority. You do not want to buy and use a pair of snowboard pants that are either too tight that it is already restricting your movements or too loose that you feel uncomfortable, thinking it might drop off with any of your moves. The size is a great determiner of comfort, so it should not be taken for granted.

In looking for the right size, you should also consider that losing some weight or gaining a few inches in your waistline is also possible throughout the season. Ensure that your snowboard pants can also support these sudden but anticipated size changes. Many snowboard pants come with adjustable sizes, especially in the waist area, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one every time your sizes also change.

We can also only but agree that the design of your snowboard pants should also be a consideration. They sort of complete the look, and being on the mountain should not hinder you from expressing and making a statement using your style. Thus, the design that includes the style, color, and the overall look of your chosen snowboard pants do matter. Here is a list you can check to give you a background on what designs or styles you can find in the market.

  • Stretch Pants – This style is probably the most preferred by many women snowboarders. Unlike other styles or designs that are baggier, stretch pants are usually tighter, giving your legs a comfortable and snug fit. This style is also usually made of elastic and stretchable materials to not restrict mobility, plus it also comes with ultra-lightweight waterproof materials to keep you comfortable and warm.
  • Shell Pants – Shell pants do not have an additional inner lining for better insulation. The outer shell alone is already enough to block the freezing temperature outside to get in contact with your skin. They are usually made of windproof and waterproof outer layers that are still breathable and lightweight. But in extreme temperatures, you can also add an extra piece of inner lining for improved insulation.
  • Insulated Pants – These pants already have a built insulation inner lining, so an additional piece of inner pants is already unnecessary. If you do not like an extra piece of leg apparel to restrict your movements while riding, this one is for you. This type usually comes with fleece linings that are great for insulation and offers ample breathability to ensure your legs don’t sweat or overheat.
  • Bib Pants – These pants feature an extended coverage to your chest and back, to ensure that you are properly and amply protected from frigid temperatures. They often come with an extra fabric covering the chest and back area, making the design look like high-waisted pants with suspenders. If you like an extra level of protection from snow and other external elements up to your body, bib pants will be the answer.

2. Protection

The primary function of your snowboard pants is to keep you warm from the harsh winter weather. It is the reason why you cannot just use your regular walking pants. Your snowboard pants should be able to protect you from cold and other external elements that you will have to deal with while riding, including snow, wind, and rain. Thus, above all, the snowboard pants in your selection should at least perform the bare minimum of its functions.

But how do you know that the snowboard pants you are eyeing can excellently perform on different snow and weather conditions? You can check for two main indicators.

  • Fabric – The fabric used in your snowboard pants perform a great role in ensuring that you get just the right protection when riding. Most snowboard pants come with wind and water-resistant abilities, to ensure your legs are fully protected. These snow-particular pants also come with a waterproof rating of 5,000 to 20,000 mm. Generally, the higher the waterproof ability rating, the greater your chosen pants’ performance in keeping you protected.
  • Seam Taping – The seam taping is the waterproof fabric tape that is either glued or heat-bonded to your pants’ seams. The seam taping also prevents water and wind from getting into the tiny holes of your pants’ seams. Seam taping also usually comes in two types.

Pants with fully taped seams tend to be more expensive, but the protection quality is also unmatched. This seam taping type fully covers all seams of your snowboard pants and is more advisable for riders who like exploring the backcountry terrains.

On the other hand, snowboard pants only use critically taped seams, where only the critical portions of the pants’ seams are taped. These are less expensive and more friendly to a broader range of riders but are less warm than fully taped pants.

On an additional note, your snowboard pants fabric and seams also determine the product’s durability. Always check for pants that use durable fabrics and whose seams are properly sealed.

3. Insulation

Not all of the types of pants come with a built-in lining. However, considering this feature in your pants are also necessary. The linings of your pants have direct contact with your skin. Thus, your snowboard pants’ overall comfort heavily lies on this feature. Linings are also necessary for maintaining proper insulation and heat ventilation within your pants. Especially when moving, your legs can sweat and overheat. Linings with proper insulation and breathable abilities can prevent these hurdles from happening.

4. Other Features and Components

It will also not hurt for you to consider additional features in your snowboard pants. Most of these features are already standard and snowboard pants already usually come with these. However, properly assessing and carefully checking their functionality is also an important step in identifying which pants have the best quality.

  • Venting System – Snowboard pants usually come with adjustable venting systems that you can use whenever necessary. This feature also avoids overheating and over-sweating inside your pants. They usually come in a zipper-locked vent, usually located in the inner portion of your thighs.
  • Pockets – It would be a total hassle to keep on coming back to your lodge to check on your essentials. Thus, pockets are extremely functional in your snowboard pants. These features usually come with zippers or other forms of lock, so you can easily keep your valuables, including keys, wallets, gloves, and others.
  • Boot Gaiters – Snowboard pants also usually come with built-in boot gaiters that cover your boots to protect it from snow and other elements as well. Good gaiters will help in keeping your boots warm and dry. They are usually built inside the lower portion of your pants in the form of elastic bands, zippers, or other materials and designs.


Snowboarding is a high-energy winter sport that is not only limited to men riders or athletes. As the activity increases in popularity and reach, an increasing amount of support from women riders who also have great adventure passions is also evident. More and more riders get hooked with this activity’s charm over recent years, and women are not exempted.

Thus, one of the many innovations that the industry embraced is developing snowboarding tools and accessories that are particularly designed for women.  In the market, you will find tons of options for women for many types of apparel, tools, equipment, and many other products. One particular gear that has famous women-specific designs are snowboard pants.

Most of the time, snowboard pants for women come in various stylish designs while still having the regular designs’ performance and functionality. One that caught our attention the most is the Burton Gloria snowboard pants. Not that it is still surprising, given that Burton has been serving nothing but high-quality and topnotch products for decades already. These Gloria snowboard pants are just of Burton’s many masterpieces.

These snowboard pants have a slim fit cut that any woman rider would surely love. The slightly tighter cut should also not worry you if you are an aggressive snowboarder because this model’s construction made it stretchable enough to allow and support even your most complicated and critical movements while riding.

It is composed of two layers of Dryride polyester for its outer shell with a waterproofing capacity of 10,000mm, making it almost impossible for snow, water, and wind to have contact with your skin. You are given the guarantee that your entire ride will be dry and warm. It also has a layer of lining made of mesh, spandex, other materials that are great in regulating heat inside. This construction is breathable enough, so you can be sure that you only have a tolerable inside. If not, you can always use the adjustable vents of these snowboard pants.

These snowboard pants are also designed with reinforced outer material and cuffs to enhance the whole product’s durability. It also has the other standard features many riders, both beginners and experts, look for in their snowboard pants. Here, you will find some very useful zippered pockets that can easily hold your valuables like your keys or money with you. There are also designed expandable gaiters to cover your boots, protecting it from snow too easily. The only disadvantage is that because this is mainly a shell type of snowboarding pants, no insulating layer comes with it. However, it is something that you can solve by adding a layer of leg apparel.

If you have some difficulties identifying what snowboard pants can best help you in your snowboarding journey, Burton Gloria may be an easy answer. Functionality, performance, and style are only a few things you can expect from this product. If not, the market is still vast, offering many designs and styles you can explore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between fully taped seams and critically taped seams?

Fully taped seams have an extra layer of fabric “taped” over all the seams of your snowboard pants to ensure no external weather elements will get into contact with your skin inside. Critically taped seams only have taped fabrics on critical seam areas. Generally, pants with fully taped seams are more expensive but more durable than snowboard pants will only critically taped seams.

Are snowboard pants really necessary when snowboarding?

Yes. Your regular pants are never designed to let you last the extreme weather and frigid temperatures you usually have to endure during your snowboard rides. Snowboard pants are snow-particular, and their construction and composition are made to ensure you will neither get cold nor sick because of the temperature outside. They have special waterproofing, insulating, and heat-regulating qualities that most regular pants do not have.

Do I need extra leg apparel inside my snowboard pants?

Not all the time. Snowboard pants are already usually made with extra linings to further enhance the insulating and heat-regulating capacities of the pants. Thus, an extra layer of clothing is already almost unnecessary. However, depending on the type of pants, for example, shell pants, and the weather or temperature condition, you can still opt for an extra piece of lining for better protection.

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