Top 7 Best Snowmobile Studs | 2021 Reviews (Extreme Max)

Snowmobile studs are known as small metal projections attached to a snowmobile’s track to increase maneuverability and traction and decrease distance and stopping time.

For added safety and more enjoyment on snowy tracks, studs have become an essential addition to snowmobile machines. Studs offer several benefits, such as better traction, improved braking, and increased acceleration on packed slippery snow. More importantly, it optimizes your snowmobile’s performance and handling while keeping you extra safer.

Today, a handful of snowmobile equipment manufacturers are marketing the best snowmobile studs that offer the best traction performance and safety. However, if you are not familiar with its uses and features, purchasing snowmobile studs online can cause a huge dilemma. 

This snowmobile studs buying guide will give you a rundown of the best snowmobile studs this 2020. It will include an in-depth review of the best snowmobile studs when it comes to its performance. Additionally, you will also discover the leading brands for snowmobile product manufacturing and the essential features you need to consider when looking for snowmobile studs online.

Top 7 Best Snowmobile Studs| 2020 Reviews (Extreme Max)

#1. Extreme Max Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Snowmobile Studs – Best Overall

Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Snowmobile Studs

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  • item weight: 2.3 lbs.
  • radius shoulder design works best on all tracks
  • 1-inch head with 5/16 body diameter
  • industrial 80° carbide tip
  • military-grade stainless steel body
  • 48 Platinum Plus studs in one pack with nyloc nuts

Extreme Max’s Platinum Plus 1.4-inch snowmobile studs are sturdy and abrasion-free, ideal for all-weather use due to its military-grade stainless steel composition. It is suitable for all tracks with its radius shoulder design. Extreme Max designed these studs with 1-inch heads with a larger head area for reduced pull-throughs and smoother turn once it comes into contact with the track. 

One pack contains 48 Platinum Plus studs with nyloc nuts. It also comes with an industrial 80° carbide tips for better traction. The tapered design provides longer life as it protects the carbide tips. You can install or uninstall these stud heads with a Torx to prevent stripping and to provide a stronger grip to the base.  

Tapered designed tips for added durabilityTips have a weak bite and break off quickly
Works well on all tracksNot suitable for ply tracks
Not sold with backers

#2. Woody's Gold Digger 60° Traction Master Carbide Studs – Best Value

Gold Digger 60° Traction Master Carbide Studs

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  • 4.8 lbs. (weight)
  • ultimate push-through carbide stud
  • 60° carbide point for superb durability and penetration
  • one-piece stud/head design eliminates the need for T-nuts
  • packs of 1.450-inch and 1.325-inch studs with Woody’s Big Nuts; 920-inch studs in silver color 
  • 1-inch head with patented track trapping design

These Gold Digger carbide studs from Woody’s are your best choice if you want better holeshot and greater grip. The 1.325-inch push-through studs have a 60° carbide tip with a stronger grip that offers aggressive performance. It also comes with a unique 1-inch arc-shaped head, making it easier to install over your snowmobile idler wheels without causing any damage.

What’s more, these Woody’s studs have a one-piece design, so there is no need for T-nuts when installing. The entire package consists of 96 steel studs with 5/16-inch nuts and carbide tips.  

Superb penetration and durabilityOnly works best for two-ply snowmobile tracks

#3. Extreme Max Stainless Steel Fat Head Snowmobile Studs – Editor’s Choice

Stainless Steel Fat Head Snowmobile Studs

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  • 1.89 lbs. (weight)
  • designed for standard single-ply OEM tracks
  • oversized 1.160” heads to prevent pull-through
  • industrial 80° carbide tip
  • made of military-grade stainless steel
  • nyloc nuts included

Stainless Steel Fat Head by Extreme Max is an excellent option for a one-ply track. These snowmobile studs consist of sturdy military-grade stainless steel and can even hold-up full throttle ice racing. It comes with large 1.16-inch heads, which measures 1.345 inches for its length, allowing a larger surface area for contact with the track to eliminate pull-throughs.

It also features a three-stage brazing treatment and an 80° carbide tip for exceptional abrasion resistance and enhanced bite. The 36-pack studs package consists of nyloc nuts and works well with different types of tracks.  

Excellent studs for one to two-ply tracks Not an ideal option for icy conditions
No pull outs and no broken studs

#4. Woody's Grand Master Stud Package

Grand Master Stud Package

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  • 5.06 lbs (weight)
  • 60° carbide inserts designed for single-ply tracks
  • 1.200-inch head for the larger anchor to distribute pressure on a wider area on one-ply track
  • 2.52 pitch single-ply track does not accommodate Round Grand Digger support plate
  • uses the square and double grand digger
  • with anti-rotation lines

Woody’s sealed another position for this list with the Grand Master Carbide Studs, the most famous single-ply track for trail riding. Its stud head has a measurement of 1.2 inches in diameter for wider contact surface area that sits well on any thin track. These 1.325″ snowmobile studs come with a 60° carbide tip for deeper and firmer penetration. 

The steel studs measure 1.325 inches long, making it sturdy enough to last for a long while. However, it may require square and double grand digger support plates for firm installation. 

Most popular single-ply track studNot suitable in a traditional 2-ply track

#5. INS Products Ice Masters Screw-in Studs for Snowmobiles

Icemaster Snowmobile Track Studs - 1' Long (100)

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  • 3/8” high profile and solid carbide head-70
  • sharp, large, high profile carbide head
  • easy to install with no drilling required
  • less weight, cost, rotating mass than push-through
  • good braking, traction, and acceleration without drilling track
  • deep, sharp threads for best hold

The Ice Masters Screw-In Track Studs provide lateral traction, braking, and acceleration for your snowmobile sled without drilling your track. It also guarantees that its large 70° carbide tips will dig in. In truth, the Screw-In Track Studs are the largest in the snowmobile industry that will last for several seasons.  

The Ice Masters studs are known for their easy installation. They screw into the top of a lug for a better bite, with no drilling required. What’s more, it does not need tunnel protectors and will only take less than an hour for its installation. It only requires a 5/16 socket and cordless drill. The recommended installation tool is SR-31. 

Good braking, traction, and accelerationPerformance not as good as it claims

#6. Stud boy Power Point Carbide Push

Stud Boy Power Point Carbide Push-Through Studs - 1.375in. Stud Length 2166-P1

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  • 1.2 lbs. (weight)
  • great performance and easy installation
  • 60° carbide point durability and superior penetration
  • heat-treated for wear resistance and high strength
  • large 1-inch head to avoid pulling through
  • 24 thread size – 5/16 inches

Stud Boy’s Power Point snowmobile stud offers excellent lightweight performance and durability on track and trails. It has a 60° carbide point for superior strength and penetration. Its 1-inch diameter “tract trapping” head design delivers superior support while reducing its “cookie-cutter” effect that leads to track failure. 

These 1.375 snowmobile studs have a thin penetration profile, and a special tapered shank provides rigidity and traction. A standard lock-nuts is also included.

Easy installation and tightens easilyStuds suck into the track when tightened

#7. INS Products Hornet Snowmobile Studs

Hornet Snowmobile Studs w/Nuts - Overall Length 1.83' (144)

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  • provide better penetration
  • narrow, rimless tip bites deeper
  • thin barrel and head reduce weight
  • tough nickel finish for added durability
  • no break and no bend
  • 70° carbide tip

INS Products designed the Hornet Snowmobile Studs with a 70° carbide tip. Its rimless tips are narrow enough to bite a little deeper into the ice for a firmer grip. On the other hand, the barrel and head are a little slimmer to reduce the snowmobile stud’s overall weight. The nickel finish also makes it durable and tough.

Best penetrating trail stud on the marketNot the best choice for courses that don't have a lot of ice
Great for icy terrains


Top Pick for Best Snowmobile Studs: Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Snowmobile Studs by Extreme Max

Snowmobile studs are an essential part of your snowmobile’s performance. How you pick them may change your riding experience by giving you a great time traveling on snow.

This snowmobile studs buying guide offers an excellent number of options in terms of top-performing studs for your snowmobile. Each of these brands boasts of its unique features from traction, grip, penetration, etc. However, among all the brands featured, Extreme Max’ Stainless Steel Platinum Snowmobile Studs stood among the rest.

Extreme Max’s Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Snowmobile Studs work well on both one and two-ply tracks. This way, snowmobilers don’t need to worry about its compatibility with their vehicle.

Its outstanding feature is its ability to work well regardless of the snowmobile track used. These top-performing studs are also very versatile, so you don’t have to fret if they are working properly or not. Its large one-inch head provides more track contact area and prevents pull-throughs that may damage your snowmobile’s track.

The Extreme Max’ snowmobile studs also excel when it comes to minimizing chatter. It is made from military-grade stainless steel, so you can guarantee that it will remain in great shape for a longer period.

Best Brands of Snowmobile Studs

Top-performing snowmobile studs may not seem an essential component to your snowmobile equipment, but they can offer real difference. Here are the leading manufacturers of snowmobile studs trusted by many snowmobilers.

Extreme Max – Extreme Outdoor Equipment Provider

Extreme Max is an outdoor gear manufacturer that focuses on high-quality marine products, ATV, snowmobile, and other extreme outdoor equipment. Their vision is to produce outdoor gears that can handle high speeds, endure deep powder and low temperatures, and withstand long days in the sun, water, and muddy rough terrains.

Woody’s – Leading Snowmobile Equipment Manufacturer

Established in 1968, Woody’s is a family-owned business that exclusively produces snowmobile traction products for control and safety. For 50 years, Woody’s snowmobile studs have dominated the snowmobile industry from track to trail. They offer a variety of equipment that will satisfy the rider’s performance, control, and safety. 

Stud Boy – One-Stop-Shop for Snowmobile Studs and Backers

Founded in 1989, Stud Boy is a trusted provider of snowmobile carbide studs, carbide wear bars, backer plates, and accessories. They offer maximum performance and safety on their products while maintaining confidence in your snowmobile control.

Features to Consider When Buying Snowmobile Studs

For snowmobile riders, buying studs for their snowmobile track can make a huge difference in its performance. To know if you need studs, you need to identify its various features offered for your snowmobile. 

Snowmobile Studs’ Must-Have Features

  • Braking – Although the improved braking performance is the essential aspect of a studded track, riders often overlook this feature when getting a stud. A stud can save your life and your snowmobile by stopping quickly on hard and icy terrains. When a track gets locked, the studs will dig in to increase braking power.
  • Holeshot – A better holeshot is the most beneficial aspect a stud can offer. If you have studs on hardpack, they are less likely to spin out since they can hook up very quickly.
  • Hookup on Roads and Parking Lots – Maneuvering at a parking lot or crossing a road can be challenging when hooking up with a non-studded machine. With studs, you have an improved chance of hooking up more safely by getting out of the way of other cars in a parking lot or making it across a road.
  • Cornering – A stud can greatly reduce the chances of a back end coming around. A studded snowmobile can accelerate through corners easier and quicker on hard terrain.

Optimal Terrain

A studded snowmobile track performs better on icy terrain and hardpack. When you come across this type of terrains, the studs will provide more hook up and bite much faster. It can also greatly improve your performance on ice-covered lakes for lake running.

However, a studded snowmobile offers no advantage when it comes to deep and powder snow. Your traction can only come from the spinning lugs through the powder. Plus, a stud can only add weight by hindering a sled’s snow floatation. 

Push Through vs. T-Nut

Snowmobile studs have two types: push through and T-nut. More often, the push through style is the perfect choice among the majority of snowmobile riders. One reason is that the push through studs is easier to install. Additionally, it has a larger mass, making it easier to handle when installing and has lesser maintenance since they are less likely to pull or tear out due to larger backer plates. 

Meanwhile, T-nut studs are ideal for riders whose main concern is performance, like a snocross racer. Generally, T-nuts are lighter, which allows the track to spin faster due to their smaller rotational mass.

Installation Considerations for Snowmobile Studs

  • Stud Length – A stud point should at least extend 3/8” over the tallest track lugs. Once it exceeds the required length, the stud risks rolling or breaking, potentially damaging the heat exchangers, tunnel, or exhaust. If shorter in size, the studs won’t be effective.
  • Carbide Length – When adding tracks at the back of a sled, you should increase the traction in front as well. The more studs you add to the track, the more carbide it will require on the skis’ wear bars. Failure to increase the traction in front will make the snowmobile remain in a straight line and push through corners.  
  • Stud Scratch Lines and Patterns – The fastest and easiest way to layout a stud pattern is to use a template. Choose the ideal scratch lines to achieve your desired performance for your sled and preferred riding style.
  • Drilling Holes – Always use a track cutting tool when drilling stud holes, since they are cleaner and easier to preserve a track’s integrity. 


Studs are an essential component of your snowmobile track as it provides better acceleration, braking power, and turning performance. It also gives you enough confidence as you safely ride on slippery trails.

For this snowmobile studs buying guide, the Extreme Max Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Snowmobile Studs wins the race as the best snowmobile studs. With its military-grade stainless steel, you can guarantee that it is durable, top-performing, and ideal for all-weather use. It also works on both one and two-ply tracks, making it more versatile than other branded studs. 

Once you have decided which studs to buy for your snowmobile, look at the essential stud features, including its required number, pattern, and stud length. Getting all these features right will help you achieve safety and optimum performance for your snowmobile. 

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I install studs for my snowmobile?

Studs are essential for the snowmobile’s safety and performance. First, they provide better braking ability, especially when you encounter icy and slippery terrains. What studs do is stop the snowmobile by sinking into the snow while enhancing braking power.
Second, studs make maneuvering corners easier. When the terrain is slippery and rugged, a stud can help you turn on corners faster and easier without getting caught up in a slip-off. They also make it convenient to park in cramped parking lots and gas stations. Lastly, studs provide better hook up on packed snow. Studs provide better control by staying on course without spinning off-trail. 

Which type of snowmobile studs should I use?

The two common types of snowmobile studs include the T-nut type and the push-through. For the push through studs, these types are slightly bigger, which means they are easier to install than their counterparts. Plus, they add weight for your snowmobile machine. They are also easier to maintain since it doesn’t easily give in from the usual pull-off. 
Meanwhile, the T-nut studs are smaller and lighter. It allows them to spin quicker as they add minimal weight to the snowmobile. T-nut studs are also great performers. You can also get yourself a pre-drilled or pre-studded snowmobile track. This way, it will be easy for you to buy and install studs properly.

What are the disadvantages of snowmobile studs?

Studs can damage your trailer by putting them on the receiving end for an excellent deal of damage. One example is when you haul a snowmobile during loading and offloading. You can resolve this by investing in protective track mats. Ideally, the mat’s thickness should be more than the stud’s length. 
Another one is when country states ban the use of studded tracks. Studded tracks are known for causing damage to asphalt trails. While snowmobile studs have disadvantages, the benefits you can reap from them still outweigh its shortcomings.

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