Top 8 Best Snowmobile Skis | 2021 Reviews (C&A Pro)

When you buy a snowmobile, you will realize that its components are more extensive than you think. It is more than an engine. It also composes other essential parts to make them work the way you want, and one of these is the ski.

The ski provides directional control for snowmobiles, and they perform a major role in preventing the snowmobile from plowing deep into the snow when you go forward.

When you buy a snowmobile, it usually comes in a complete set. However, experienced snowmobilers prefer to buy aftermarket skis for a more personalized experience and accommodate their riding styles.

There are tons of snowmobile skis on the market. Skis also come in different varieties. 

That is why, in this review, you will know what the best snowmobile skis on the market are. You find out the features to consider when you want to buy a pair.

Top 8 Best Snowmobile Skis Reviewed

  1. Boondocking Xtreme (BX) Technical Snowmobile Skis by C&A ProBest Overall
  2. Xtreme Performance Trail (XPT) Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro – Best Value
  3. All-Terrain Replacement Snowmobile Skis by Raider Powersports – Editor’s Choice
  4. Universal Touring Ski by Camoplast
  5. Black Rush Ski Complete Kit by Kimpex
  6. Razor (RZ) Performance Trail Snowmobile Ski
  7. OEM Type Steel Ski by Kimpex
  8. Black Ultra-Lite Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Snowmobile Ski by SLP

#1. Boondocking Xtreme (BX) Technical Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro – Best Overall

Boondocking Xtreme (BX) Technical Snowmobile Skis

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  • Length (inches): 42
  • Width (inches): 7.25
  • Keel depth (inches): 1.125
  • Weight (pounds): 7 
  • Construction material: UHMW

Suppose you are looking for excellent snowmobile skis for technical mountain snowmobiling. In that case, you will love the BX Technical Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro. These snowmobile skis have impressive features that include a rocker bottom, a deep center keel, and a wide tapered profile.

Its rocker bottom allows you to navigate effortlessly through narrow trees. The wide profile provides floatation and ease if you go for side-hilling. 

The top also has grooves for your feet for a better grip if you need to ride deep snow. These skis also come with an adjustable handle for a flexible tip.

Grooves on the top for better foot tractionCarbides and mounting kit sold separately
The deep keel for better grip
Excellent traction
Wide profile

#2. Xtreme Performance Trail (XPT) Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro – Best Value

Xtreme Performance Trail (XPT) Snowmobile Skis

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  • Length (inches): 44
  • Width (inches): 6.25
  • Keel depth (inches): 0.75
  • Weight (pounds): 6.7
  • Construction material: Ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene

If you are into a performance trail riding style, you will love the XPT skis. Just like what the performance trail skis should be, they provide tons of ski pressure. The keels at the center eliminate the skis’ tendency to dart and alleviate carbide lift.

The tail on the skis’ rear is elevated for a more responsive reverse. These skis work well with modern engines that are faster, stronger, and lighter. These skis provide better control and smooth steering.

Aside from that, these skis have adjustable handles that allow you to have a flexible tip to adjust depending on the snow depth.

Can go well with modern machinesCarbides not included
Durable construction
Alleviates darting
Excellent traction
Flexible tip

#3. All-Terrain Replacement Snowmobile Skis by Raider Powersports – Editor’s Choice

All-Terrain Replacement Snowmobile Skis

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  • Length (inches): 41
  • Width (inches): 7
  • Keel depth (inches): 0.88
  • Weight (pounds): 9.4
  • Construction material: blow-molded

If you are looking for snowmobile skis to ride all terrains, you should consider the All-Terrain Replacement Snowmobile Skis by Raider Powersports.

This model takes pride in using the only blow-molded performance skis created. It is durable and lightweight that provides excellent steering control. They are also gorgeous and easy to install.

Even though these skis can ride all terrains, they perform their best off-train and in powdery snow. They also perform at their best in old sleds. 

Durable because of blow-molded constructionNeed bracket kits for secured installation
Excellent for older sled modelsCarbide sold separately and hard to find 
Can ride all terrains Rigid
Easy to install

#4. Universal Touring Ski by Camoplast

Universal Touring Ski

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  • Length (inches): 36
  • Width (inches): 5
  • Weight (pounds): 8.17
  • Construction material: blow-molded plastic

If the universal touring ski is what you want, Camoplast can provide it to you. Like the All-Terrain Replacement Snowmobile Skis by Raider Powersports, it uses the only blow-molded one-piece performance ski. It takes pride in using advanced technological processes to create a blow-molded ski with the features you want.

Because they are blow-molded, these skis are durable, lightweight, and controllable. It is also available at a reasonable price. Many people like its rocker bottom with the keel that they like. They also love their reasonable price.

It performs excellently for distance without wearing out. 

Excellent performance for hundreds of milesMounting kit sold separately.
Blow-molded durable construction
Reasonable price

#5. Black Rush Ski Complete Kit by Kimpex

Black Rush Ski Complete Kit

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  • Length (inches): 44
  • Width (inches): 5.5
  • Weight (pounds): 4
  • Construction material: plastic

If you are looking for snowmobile skis that come in a complete set, you will never go wrong with the Black Rush Ski Complete Kit by Kimpex.

The manufacturer claims that their ski is the lightest on the market, weighing only four pounds. It uses integrated fixation to provide quick installation without sacrificing rigidity. This model’s skis have an elevated rear part. You can install the runners easily because of the pre-drilled holes. 

These skis also have a keel that makes steering easier and alleviates darting. It also uses a Kimpex handle.

The set comes with two ski adaptor skis, two skis, two J-Edge single carbides, and two black handles. 

Works great in older sled modelsA few complaints on missing bolts
Comes with extra bolts 
Complete set
Easy to install

#6. Razor (RZ) Performance Trail Snowmobile Ski

Razor (RZ) Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis

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  • Length (inches): 44
  • Width (inches): 6
  • Keel depth (inches): 0.75 
  • Weight (pounds): 6.7
  • Construction material: UHMW

If you have an old model of trail sled that is 2011 and older with a little ski pressure, you will benefit from the RZ Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis. These skis have v-shaped keels that help provide extra traction in difficult and narrow trails. These keels are also useful in alleviating the possibility of the snowmobile to dart.

This snowmobile ski model can make an excellent ski for recreational trail riding.  

Improves the performance of older sled modelsA few complaints on missing bolts
Excellent flex in the rough
Absorbs bumps well
Excellent traction 
Reasonable price

#7. OEM Type Steel Ski by Kimpex

OEM Type Steel Ski

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  • Length (inches): 42.5
  • Width (inches): 5.5
  • Weight (pounds): 8.87
  • Construction material: Steel

If you are looking for snowmobile skis with steel construction, the OEM Type Steek Ski by Kimpex is worth considering. These snowmobile skis use high-quality steel for its construction. That is why you will never regret it if performance and reliability are what you are looking for.

These skis can match the OEM’s version of the latest shock bracket. You can count on its durability and looks.

This model uses a finish of a black gloss.

Improves old snowmobile model performanceCarbides not included 
Easy installation
Attractive finish

#8. Black Ultra-Lite Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Snowmobile Ski by SLP

Black Ultra-Lite Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Snowmobile Ski

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  • Length (inches): 42
  • Weight (pounds): 5.5
  • Construction material: Plastic

If you want a snowmobile ski that provides excellent tracking in rutted and frozen trails, you should consider the Black Ultra-Lite Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Snowmobile Ski by SLP. This model features the patented SLT keel that ensures excellent tracking in rough trails.

It takes pride in its durable construction and lightweight profile. It claims to provide excellent flexibility and strength. Because of its features, you do not have to exert much effort in steering.

The ski is available in different colors. You can also mount it with keel blades and carbides for better performance. 

This model also comes with a black loop.

Available in a wide range of colorsUnable to select other loop colors unless bought as a separate item
Comes with a black loopCarbides and kit sold separately.
Attractive finishSold individually
Affordable price
Uses SLT keel

Top Pick

Snowmobiles are more than just an engine. It composes of many parts that work together to make up a functional snowmobile. Among the essential components are the skis. Without skis, you will be more prone to accidents.

That is why you should not take them for granted by buying skis that are subpar in performance. You want to buy the best ones in the market to improve your old sled performance or serve as replacements to your worn-out skis.

However, there are tons of skis in the market. That is why selecting the best skis to use can be overwhelming. That is why this review listed some of the best ones on the market.

What stands out among them the most is the Boondocking Xtreme (BX) Technical Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro, which is an excellent one to use if you are into technical mountain riding. This model consists of many impressive features that include a wide profile, deep keel, and a rocker.

Because of this, you can count that this model provides excellent traction and performance. Steering will not be an issue because of the excellent control it gives.

Helpful Terminologies to Know When Buying Snowmobile Skis

It is not enough to list all the best snowmobile skis in this article. As you read, you probably noticed some of the terms that must be foreign, especially for beginners or first-time buyers.

Knowing these terminologies can help you understand the features of the skis listed here better. Here are some of the words that you should know.


Because this review is about snowmobile skis, you should learn about these first. 

You probably already know the skis’ main function, which is to guide the snowmobile’s direction. However, these functions will not be possible without the carbides and wear bars.

The carbides and wear bars components are why your snowmobile goes to the direction you want it to go. Without these parts or not using the right type of these parts, you will have problems controlling your snowmobile, leading to accidents.

That is why checking the skis is one of the crucial maintenance routines that you should not forget. 


The handlebars are one of the components of a snowmobile. If it is the steering wheel for a car, it is the handlebars for snowmobiles. You control the skis through the handlebars.

Ski Tip Handle

The ski tip handle is useful for moving or lifting the snowmobile. Some skis have adjustable tip handles to allow you to ride snow on various depths. 

Ski Spindle

The ski spindle is the one that makes your skis functional. It is the one that bridges the skis to the steering and suspension systems. 

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is the part of a snowmobile that lifts the track when it plows into the snow. It helps support the snowmobile’s rear by also serving as a shock absorber for a smooth ride.


The keel is a longitudinal protrusion on the underside part of the snowmobile ski at the centerline. It helps provide traction for the ski.


Snowmobilers have different connotations to boondocking. It depends on who you ask. 

Boondocking means exploration of the unknown. It is what you do when you try something different. For example, if you are a trail rider, you want to boondock to a big mountain.


As from the word itself, edges refer to the sides of the ski. 


It refers to the steering issue wherein the snowmobile goes into the direction against the direction you want. It usually happens when the ski gets caught to a pre-existing trail created by the sled before you.  As a result, either your sled locks on that track or will jump to another track that is beyond your control. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Snowmobile Skis

Now that you have information on some of the best snowmobile skis on the market, it is time to learn how to select the best ones to use. In choosing the best skis, you need to consider the best carbide to use and your riding style.

Carbides or Steel Runners or Wear Bars

Carbide is most of the brands’ term for ski runners. Ski runners come in different length, depth, and sharpness. These differences are the ones responsible for the ski’s traction. 

The ski runners bend according to the shape of the ski upon installation. 

Wear bars refer to replaceable carbide or steel runners under the skis.

These components of the skis are the ones that are mainly responsible for the proper snowmobile steering. You cannot control your snowmobile on the trail without these parts.

Thus, these parts are what most snowmobilers check first when they see that their snowmobile is getting out of control or if they are facing issues with steering.  

To choose the best carbide, you need to consider your riding aggression and the snow’s condition.

If you have to sled through cold, fluffy snow or a beginner, you will need something more forgiving. Because of this, you need to use less of the carbide, which most snowmobilers know as factory-installed runners.

These runners are more forgiving. They are rounded and provide less carbide and less traction.

Meanwhile, if you have to sled through a muddy, wet show or an experienced snowmobiler, you will benefit more from ski runners that provide more control. It is because you are more aggressive with your stylee, and you need an aggressive carbide.

Ski runners that are the best for advanced riders provide excellent grip. These runners commonly have convex, squarish, and aluminum construction. 

Many recommend a six-inch carbide if you are looking for a versatile type, which is ideal because of its price.

Snowmobile Riding Style

Snowmobile skis come in different varieties and colors. To determine the best ski to use for your snowmobile, you need to match it on your snowmobiling riding style. Manufacturers commonly create their skis based on the four major riding styles: trail, mountain, crossover, and race.


For snowmobile trails, you will do a lot of twists and turns. The snowmobiles used for this type of riding style are commonly lightweight, and the conditions are predictable.

This type is best for beginners because there are no advanced snowmobile features needed. 

There are two common types of trail riding: performance and recreational. Most performance trails typically use skis for sleds with modern design, and the recreational types are for the old ones.

The common type of performance skis must provide more ski pressure, rider forward design, and raised tail. The raised tail feature is essential for the rider to have a more responsive reverse.

The keels should situate in the middle of the underneath part of the ski to improve track and eliminate dart.

Meanwhile, the recreational trail commonly works excellently with old models. The underneath features, though, are more extensive. It is ideal for the keels to have a pyramid-like or V-shaped design, which also aims to alleviate darting.


The snowmobiles used for mountain snowmobiling can work in high altitudes. These sleds have higher horsepower engines to prevent loss of engine power because of the thin air.

Mountain snowmobiles commonly use long skis because, in this riding style, maneuverability and traction are crucial, especially when you have to ride the steep mountains.

The best mountain snowmobile skis to have deep keels. This design provides excellent traction. They also have a side to side rocker and tapered tail.

It is best if you can find skis with traction ridges for a better foot grip.

Some models come with an adjustable handle to allow you to customize the tip height depending on the snow depth. 

If you aim for mountain snowmobile skis that provide better floatation, go for wider skis that are versatile enough to handle the terrains.


The crossovers combine the features of other snowmobiles. As the term itself states, crossover describes the versatile riding style to handle various snow conditions. Snowmobiles used for crossover riding typically have long tracks and lightweight chassis.

These snowmobile features allow you to ride groomed or powder trails. It also features an excellent suspension system that provides a smooth ride in any type of snow.

Because you will be transferring between on-trail and off-trail most of the time, you need skis with snow scoops to provide a strong grip. It is advisable to choose skis with long keels at the center for traction.

It is also advisable to choose the ones with prominent outboard keels for extra grip and alleviate darting.


if racing is what you want. Your skis should pass the standards for racing. 

There are two types of races for snowmobiling: SnoCross and WaterCross.

The best skis for SnoCross typically have a deep center keel that can trudge through tough conditions. 

Snowmobiles used for watercross races are typically mini-sleds that use small skis. Despite their small size, these skis provide excellent floatation and grip.


Because skis are the snowmobile’s crucial components, you cannot just take any ski where you first lay your eyes on in stores or e-commerce websites. You need to know the best pair to use based on your riding style and the typical snow trail of the trail you perform.

It is crucial to know that snowmobile skis come in different varieties. That is why you need to buy the ones that fit your style.

Although this review provides information on some of the best ones on the market, you cannot select just any of them. The items listed in this review are different ski types that fit certain riding styles and snow conditions. Thus, you ought to know the features of the ones you need.

If you are into mountain riding, you can consider the Boondocking Xtreme (BX) Technical Snowmobile Skis by C&A Pro. It consists of all the features you need for this riding style. 

This model provides an excellent grip because of the deep keel and rocker. It also provides floatation because of the wide profile, and it has grooves on top to provide traction for your feet.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are the Best Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis?

No item can completely satisfy all its users. You can only find out the best snowmobile ski for you by knowing what to look for when purchasing. When you buy a snowmobile ski, the most important consideration is your riding style. Snowmobile skis come in different varieties that suit various riding styles. For example, the ones used for mountain snowmobiling should provide better traction than others because you will be riding steep trails. When you are a racer, you also need to make sure that your ski passes the sport’s standards.

Why Should I Buy New Skis?

When you buy a new snowmobile, it usually comes with skis. However, if you want to have a customized experience, you should buy new skis to match your riding style. Besides this purpose, you might also want to buy new skis if you are already experiencing steering issues. Do not go straight to the shop to buy skis when you experience this issue. It means that you should check your skis or your carbides for a problem. Either you only need to replace the carbide or the whole ski, depending on the issue.

How to Maintain My Skis?

Skis typically have plastic or metal construction. Because these are responsible for the snowmobile’s forward and turning direction, you need to check their alignment with your snowmobile. You can check it by turning the handlebars straight when you put your sled on a solid surface and check the distance between the skis’ rear and front part. You should check your manual to determine the proper measurement of alignment. If you think that the skis are out of alignment, do not try to align them yourself. You should seek a professional’s help.

How Long a Snowmobile Ski Should Be?

When referring to the length of snowmobile skis, there is no much difference. However, the ones used for watercross are commonly shorter. If you want your skis to have better floatation, go with more width, which is the best choice for mountain snowmobiling.   However, the average length of snowmobile skis is around 41 to 44 inches. The average width of snowmobiles is between size to eight inches. The weight ranges from four to seven pounds.

How Much Are Snowmobile Skis?

The price of snowmobile skis vary based on the color, type, and size. With 125 USD, you can already buy skis with basic features. If you want the most advanced, you can go for as much as around less than 500 USD. Skis at this price range have a lot of features to offer. Most of them provide precision for control, adjustable tip, premium material construction, and more.

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