Top 8 Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps | 2021 Reviews (Caliber)

For the residents of cold climates where it snows half of the year, using snowmobiles for getting around or for recreational purposes is quite common. If you are one of those people, you must have come across times when you had to load or unload a snowmobile from a truck. For such times, snowmobile loading ramps can be a bliss.


Loading ramps are a great tool for loading or unloading cargo from a truck. They come in all sizes and styles, and having the right loading ramp for your specific operation can increase efficiency beyond the shadow of a doubt.

You will come across some of the best snowmobile loading ramps available on the market as you read on. When looking for such a device, you must keep in mind a number of considerations, which are also discussed in detail in the article.

Top 8 Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps Reviewed

  1. Caliber PRO 2.0 Universal Ramp – Best Overall
  2. Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps – Best for Budget
  3. YUTRAX Tri-Fold XL Loading Ramps – Best Premium Pick
  4. Ultra-Tow Bi-Fold Arched Loading Ramp Set 
  5. Vestil RAMP-72 Van Ramp 
  6. Titan 7.5 FT Aluminum Plate Top Ramp
  7. Black Widow Ramps
  8. GEN-Y Hitch Aluminum Trailer Ramps


#1 Caliber PRO 2.0 Universal Ramp – Best Overall

Caliber PRO 2.0 Universal Ramp

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Key features:

  • Item Weight: 50 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 26 x 4 inches
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs.
  • Folding dimensions: 27” wide and 5” thick

We have listed the Caliber Universal Ramp as our top pick because it is the most innovative snowmobile loading ramp available on the market. It is designed to load and unload ATVs, snowmobiles, and golf carts, thus providing great versatility. Its 11. 5″ Low Pro Grip Glide provides enhanced adaptability to the ramp on the power sports market.

Ramp Pro 2.0 has a very neat build that does not harm the vehicle being loaded or unloaded and provides a safe and comfortable loading angle. The Caliber’s Retrax helps to easily secure the ramp to your vehicle.

Finally, this product is manufactured well-enough to support you for lifetime; however, it must be used with care. Most customers declare it worth the money.

Contains an 11. 5" Low Pro Grip Glide that increases versatilityThe latch is not well designed for folding
Provides the safest walk when the vehicle is entered and exitedHeavy on the budget
Delivers a safe, effective, and comfortable loading angle
Has a very strong build
Easy to transport
Can be folded

#2 Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps – Best for Budget

Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps

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Key features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Length: 3′
  • Width: 8″
  • Height: 1-1/2″
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity: 1,500 lbs. per pair
  • Weight per Unit: 4 lbs.

These Guardian shed ramps are certainly the best for the budget. For maximum stability and security, while loading and unloading, they possess a full-width attaching lip. They have a 750lbs-per-axle weight capacity and can accommodate very heavy equipment.

You can safely load your equipment into your vehicle with these aluminum-shed ramps. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and weight capacities, thus providing a solution for different problems. They are lightweight, well-built and can hold up to 1500 lbs. With all these characters, they are budget-friendly and last quite long.

Available in a wide range of styles and weight capacitiesBetter to use for loading or unloading smaller and lighter snowmobiles
Offers an option of permanent mountingSize shorter as compared to many others
Has a serrated texture for added traction
Lightweight so easily portable
Sheer, sturdy, and durable
Affordable price

#3 YUTRAX Tri-Fold XL Loading Ramps – Best Premium Pick

YUTRAX Tri-Fold XL Loading Ramps

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Key features:

  • Material: aluminum
  • Overall weight: 32 lbs
  • Dimensions Open: 50″ x 78″ 
  • Dimensions Closed: 17.5″ x 78″ 
  • Capacity: 1750 lbs.

YUTRAX ramps are definitely our best premium pick. They are constructed from highly durable, resilient, and lightweight aluminum, which makes their handling very easy. Their extruded rectangular side rails help to resist bending, and the taller rectangular cross-sections can sustain quite a lot of weight.

Another feature that caught our eye was that the hinges and joints are welded rather than riveted. This creates a rigid ramp to give your vehicle all the support it needs. Therefore, its high load capacity adds to the ease it provides when loading any heavy snowmobiles.

In addition, each of these folding ramps offers not only stability but also folds up for stress-free transportation and storage. These ramps possess rubber tabs that resist sliding and scratching of the vehicle. Thus, you do not have to worry that your snowmobile might get damaged while using these loading ramps.

Comprises of modifiable safety belts to secure the ramp to the vehicleA bit pricey
Rubber-coated flaps prevent scratching of the vehicle
Hinges and joints are welded to ensure strength
Can be folded for easy storage and transport
Comes with a one year warranty

#4 Ultra-Tow Bi-Fold Arched Loading Ramp Set

Ultra-Tow Bi-Fold Arched Loading Ramp Set

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Key features:

  • Material: durable, welded aluminum
  • Load capacity per ramp: 1500 lbs.
  • Load supported per pair: 3000 lbs. 
  • Dimensions of each ramp: 19” x 96”
  • Locked dimensions: 38” x 96”
  • Max spacing between bars: 4.13”
  • Spacing between each rung: 4”

Ultra-Tow 2-pc aluminum folding ramp system is present on our list because it is a very versatile tool. It can help you load snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, and more. Its two welded aluminum ramps can lock together to make a 38 x 96-inch ramp to load snowmobiles or heavy bikes. It can also be used separately for ATVs, mowers, and other 4-wheeled vehicles. 

What’s more is that it is manufactured with aluminum which is lightweight and makes these ramps easily portable when not in use. Also, its construction is rust and corrosion-free to ensure the long life of the product.

Crossbars provide excellent traction while loading snowmobilesHas sharp edges
Welded aluminum construction provides strength
Has an arched design that aids in loading
Comes with safety straps
Ramps can be separated

#5 Vestil RAMP-72 Van Ramp

Vestil RAMP-72 Van Ramp

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Key features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Length: 72 inches
  • Item Weight: 39.0 pounds

Vestil ramps’ friction providing design places them on our list. They are manufactured using steel and consist of a single-piece construction containing a bolt-on lip. Their structure is such that it minimizes slippage and provides steadiness, which really helps in easy loading even in case of rain or snow.

Also, these heavy-duty ramps are super easy to assemble, and you just need two nuts and bolts per ramp for assembling them. According to most recent customers, these are worth the price paid. They are sturdy ramps with straps that can tether them to the trunk if needed. 

Overlapping lip ensures smooth transfer into the cargo areaRequire greater storage space as compared to others
Single-piece manufacture which has a bolt-on lipNot foldable
Has a build of strong and durable material
Jagged ramps provide friction
Affordable price

#6 Titan 7.5 FT Aluminum Plate Top Ramp

Titan 7.5 FT Aluminum Plate Top Ramp

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Key features:

  • Material: aluminum
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs.
  • Item weight: 33 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 91” x 11” x 6”
  • Dimensions when folded: 45.5″ x 11″ x 6″

This Titan ramp has made its way to our list because of its capacity of 1,500 pounds, which makes it great for transferring heavy snowmobiles to a truck. The presence of two ramps makes this product multipurpose. A single ramp can be used to load a motorcycle, and both can be used together to load a snowmobile, ATV, 4-wheelers, or other heavy vehicles.

Their arched design is another great feature that allows a smooth lift every time. Also, safety straps are available in the packing, which decreases the tension of buying them separately. These ramps also consist of heavy-duty load straps to firmly attach them to the tailgate. This ensures their safe transfer.

In short, each component of these trailer ramps is designed with optimal function in mind.

Easy to transport even inside a cabInsufficient welding on edges
Two ramps provide more options
Has a foldable structure
Includes safety straps

#7 Black Widow Ramps

Black Widow Ramps

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Key features:

  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight per ramp: 28.4 pounds
  • Length per ramp: 7′ 5.25″
  • Width per Ramp: 11.125″
  • Total loading capacity: 1,500 lbs.

The Black Widow ramps permit you to smoothly load any snowmobile into a truck. Together, these ramps can be used to load 1,500 pounds. Separately, they can load up to 750 pounds. The punch plate surface provides an excellent grip. However, some customers report that it works better with smaller tires as compared to wider rungs.

Another feature that we found rather interesting was its high-traction design that makes loading of the vehicle easy in all weather conditions without worrying about tire slipping. Plus, it can be effortlessly set up by even a single person.

Finally, it possesses rubber-coated finger-style attachment points that avert the ramp from scratching your snowmobile. Now, isn’t that a feature to love!

Side rails and punch plate decrease slipping riskHas sharp edges
Rubber-coated fingers fix the ramp on the truck
Arched design makes loading easy
Provides outstanding traction
Have a foldable structure
Contains two ramps

#8 GEN-Y Hitch Aluminum Trailer Ramps

GEN-Y Hitch Aluminum Trailer Ramps

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Key features:

  • Material: aluminum
  • Item Weight: 70 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 84 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Capacity per ramp: 3,000 lb.

Many snowmobile owners trust GEN-Y Loading Ramps because of the reliability and durability they provide. These are light and easy-to-store ramps; however, they are not foldable. High strength aluminum is used in their construction, and they have a load capacity of as high as 6,000 pounds per set (3000 pounds per ramp).

They also feature a hybrid hook, plate ramp ends, wide plate style, and serrated cross rungs. These serrated cross rungs offer good traction. Another great feature is that they are quite light when compared to the load they can handle. This makes them easy-to-use by a single person. 

Offers reliability and durability that save time and energyCannot be folded
Constructed out of strong aluminum
Can handle a very heavy load
Certified by AWS welders


Top Pick Section

Caliber Pro 2.0 Universal Ramp is our top-pick because it has one of the most innovative designs for a snowmobile loading ramp. Its design enables it to load not only snowmobiles but also other vehicles like ATVs and golf carts, thus making it quite handy.

Not to mention, in snowy areas, using this ramp is really convenient as it provides exceptional traction and prevents slippage.

Ramp Pro 2.0 has earned a name for itself in the market as it keeps the vehicle safe during the process of loading or unloading. This is because its build is padded and, hence, does not cause scratches on the snowmobile. The Caliber’s straps secure the ramp to your vehicle.

Finally, this product is well-manufactured and can support you for a lifetime; however, it must be used carefully. Most customers declare it worth its price.

Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps Brands

There is an abundance of brands out there that manufacture loading ramps for snowmobiles. However, not all of them are known for quality products. Some brands that many satisfied customers include:


Caliber is one of the biggest names in the trailer industry. The company aims to create products, including loading ramps, that are of the highest quality. It does so by precise engineering and innovation while remaining competitively priced.


YUTRAX makes lightweight, durable, and portable loading ramps that are famous because they come in a wide range of options. They include straight, arched, and folding designs from which you can choose the best one to fit your needs.


Northern-tool consists of a number of sub-brands under it. While these make various products, one of the brands, Ultra-Tow manufactures premium quality trailers and towing products like ramps that help you keep safe and calm on the road (and even off the road).


Vestil Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1958 in Albion, Michigan, and has been involved in the production and distribution of material handling equipment since then. The company brings value to its customers by engineering new product designs that increase productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. Snowmobile loading ramps are one such product that they have put out.


Titan has earned its reputation over the years by making sure that no customer leaves unsatisfied. It makes good-quality products and offers great customer service. The snowmobile loading ramps they manufacture are sturdy and safe to use.

Black Widow

Black Widow was established in 2003. It believes in creating the most durable and affordable products for the power sports community. Black Widow offers a wide collection of premier loading and transporting solutions for both on-road and off-road recreational vehicles, including sophisticated designs for snowmobile loading ramps.

GEN-Y Hitch

GEN-Y Hitch, formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder, focuses on designing and manufacturing products that bring value to the towing industry. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously at GEN-Y as it ensures that the end-user has a quality product according to his needs.

Features to Look for When Buying Snowmobile Loading Ramps

Based on the snowmobile you have, the right loading ramp is essential. A few factors make a loading ramp worth buying, and you should be on the lookout for these when shopping for such a product. So, it’s not only important to look for the right shape and size; you also need to look for other things like adjustability, material, traction, as well as other features. Let’s take a look at the factors in more detail:


Snowmobiles are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, before buying a loading ramp, you must be well aware of the ramp size that will suit you best according to your snowmobile size. Its length and width must be appropriate to load it into the truck with ease by yourself. Having a ramp with the right dimensions will save you tons of worries.


The material of your ramp is important because it will decide how long it will stand the test of time and how much weight it can handle. Most probably, you will be using this ramp in snow. So, it is important that it is made of rust and corrosion-free material so that it can last long.

Load capacity

Before buying a ramp, you must determine the load of your snowmobile. Then you must ensure that the ramp you are buying is made to handle that load. If not, never risk buying such a ramp even if it is cheap. This is because it will simply break when it is made to carry a load more than what it can tolerate, and eventually, you will have to buy a new one.


Another important factor to consider is traction. When buying a snowmobile loading ramp, you must definitely determine the traction it provides. This can be determined by viewing the structure of the product and going through recent buyers’ experiences.


It’s no secret that purchasing a new loading ramp is very important for your snowmobile, which is why you must know exactly what you want before spending money. Remember, you must consider the ramp’s durability, size, structure, and loading capacity and match it to your snowmobile. 

For instance, if you have a large snowmobile, you must certainly buy a ramp of the appropriate size and vice versa. Regardless of what you expect from a ramp, one thing is for sure: there is a perfect ramp out there for your snowmobile. Just go find it!

FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

What is the cost of snowmobile loading ramps?

Snowmobile loading ramps are usually pricey. You will have to spend a good amount of money in order to buy a suitable loading device for your snowmobile. Their cost basically depends on the features they are ready to offer. These may include their durability, size, material, and sturdiness. 
However, when you look for a suitable ramp, you will often find its price above $100. As the features increase, the price also increases, and it can be as high as $500. However, normally, you can find a good-quality ramp around $300.

What surface is better – rungs or punch plate?

One of the two cannot be clearly marked as better than the other. Both rungs and punch plates have their specific characters. Rungs remove the extra amount of snow on the snowmobiles while the punch plate looks more solid and provides a more consistent grip on the vehicle. As a result, you do not have to worry about slippage.

What’s the difference between runners, bi-fold, and tri-fold ramps?

Runners have the width almost equal to that of your motorcycle wheel. They are made for loading bikes into the truck.
Bi-fold ramps are double-wide. They can fold vertically for compact storage. Some of the longer lengths might also fold in half horizontally to make the ramp even more compact.
Trifold ramps are triple-wide and are hinged or connected like bi-fold ramps. They usually fold vertically to provide compact storage. These are usually considered the best for loading snowmobiles into your trucks.

How long do these loading ramps last?

If you purchase a good-quality loading ramp, which is according to your equipment size too, it may likely last for many years (at least 10-15). However, buying a poor-quality ramp or using one for loading or unloading stuff beyond its capacity can result in breaking it immediately. That is why buying the right product is crucial.

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