Top 7 Best Snowmobile Jackets | 2021 Reviews (Arctix)

As far as keeping you warm and comfy on your sled goes, there is a wide range of snowmobile riding jackets from which you can choose. But picking the best snowmobile jacket is essential to having a warm, dry, safe, and pleasant ride on the trail, mountain, or whichever place you want to have your snow adventure. With a myriad of options, it’s challenging to know what to buy, but if you have an idea of the outer shell that best suits your style of riding, your choice becomes easier.

So, we have created a list of our favorite snowmobiling jackets to get you started. However, the right snowmobile coat for you will depend on your type of riding. If you often ride in the mountains, for example, and are thrilled by wide-ranging activities on your sled, go for a lightweight coat that won’t get you soaked in sweat or make you overheated. But if you are riding in chilly conditions like negative twenty degrees or lower, then you’ll need a thicker jacket to keep out the cold air.

The fit of your snowmobile coat is also a vital factor to consider. A high-end jacket should allow for free movement both on and off your sled. And considering that what works for one rider may not work for you, here are seven of our favorites.

Top 7 Best Snowmobile Jackets Reviewed:

  1. Castle-Platform-Mens-Snowmobile-Jacket – Best Overall Snowmobile Jacket
  2. Arctix-Performance-Tundra-Jacket-Visibility – Best for Budget
  3. Ski-Doo-Helium-Enduro-Snowmobile – Best Premium Pick
  4. Klim-Inversion-Mens-Snowmobile-Jacket
  5. Mossi-90-305BG-15-Impulse-Snowmobile-Jacket
  6. Klim-Allure-Womens-Snowmobile-Jacket
  7. FXR-Monosuit-Hi-Vis-Black-Charcoal

#1. Castle-Platform-Mens-Snowmobile-Jacket – Best Overall Snowmobile Jacket


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  • Insulation: Castle ColdShield
  • Weight: 1270.06g
  • Closure System: Adjustable Velcro cuffs
  • Hood: Not available
  • Material: Polyester and Nylon shell

If you are in the market for a snowmobile jacket that’s been buyer-vetted, the Platform G5 might be the best option for you. This model features a fleece-lined collar to ensure you are cozy at all times. Its top-quality construction materials will ensure you are warm and dry all day long.

To protect you from rain and snow, the Platform G5 by Castle X uses a water-resistant polyester and nylon shell with a Durable Water Resistant coating. It also comes with a 200g and 150g body and sleeves quilted insulation, respectively, for additional warmth. In this way, it eliminates the need for a midlayer, saving you more money down the line. Its double-stitched seams make it extremely durable. However cold the weather, the jacket’s 3M Scotchlite reflective fabrics will keep reflecting the heat to your body for a perfect micro-climate.

The adjustable Velcro cuffs are a nice addition. They play a vital role in keeping wind and snow at bay. You can use the jacket’s two external front pockets as hand warmers when the weather is too chilly, while the internal chest pocket with a zipper offers a safe place to store your belongings.

3M Scotchlite body heat control technologyIt doesn’t have a hood
Outstanding closure system
Available in multiple sizes
Tough construction
Excellent insulation

#2. Arctix-Performance-Tundra-Jacket-Visibility – Best for Budget


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  • Insulation: 120 grams ThermaTechTM
  • Weight: 997.9g
  • Closure System: Zippers and elastic cuffs
  • Hood: Removable hood
  • Material: 100% Polyester

The 8050 Men’s Performance Tundra Jacket by Arctix is a true winner if you are looking for winter apparel that will not only keep out the cold but also resist downpours while still keeping you warm and dry. But that’s not all you’ll get from this jacket. On top of the regular performance, the Tundra snow apparel goes the extra mile to cover safety needs by integrating a webbing in the front pockets to make you visible at night.

Besides, this piece of clothing does a great job of withstanding any weather conditions. It comes with a tough outer shell to resist weather elements and an interior moisture-wicking membrane, turning cold chills and uncomfortable perspiration into history. Arctix’s FXR is the only other comparable apparel as far as toughness goes. With 120 grams of ThermaTech insulation, the coat offers sufficient warmth in an ultra-lightweight piece of garment.

The Tundra is the only jacket in our list that comes with a removable hood, which is microfleece-lined. This ensures you stay warm at very low temperatures, along with adjustable elastic cuffs. And you’ll love the fact that all the seams in critical areas are fully sealed with 600D nylon material to reduce wear and tear while providing extra comfort. The jacket’s high-strength zippers and secured pockets are also a nice addition. Starting at under $40, it offers good value for money.

Integrated visibility featuresLimited fitment for women
Great insulation technology
Adjustable windproof cuffs
Snap closure pockets
A removable hood

#3. Ski-Doo-Helium-Enduro-Snowmobile – Best Premium Pick


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  • Insulation: PrimaLoft
  • Weight: 2540g
  • Closure System: Zippers
  • Hood: Not available
  • Material: Sympatex 2-Ply Laminated Polyester

The Helium Enduro is one of the most versatile outerwear in the market. It offers mid-level insulation with a complete waterproofing and wind-proofing layer. For extra protection against weather elements, its seams and zippers are fully sealed. And if you overheat when riding, there are up to four vents ready to cool you down.

Ski-Doo’s Helium Enduro comes with a host of additional features. For example, its silicone grip shoulders make it backpack-friendly. The jacket’s wrists, hem, and collar are fully adjustable for an easy fit and to keep out the snow. And for additional warmth, the cuff is lined with microfleece along with two hip pockets that double up as hand warmers.

If you are an avy-pack rider, this jacket makes a perfect option. It uses Cordura Nylon fabric to reinforce the back hem and lower outer arm against wear and tear. The reflective details on its back and sleeves help to improve your visibility at night, while the zippered pocket within the liner makes for a perfect storage compartment. There’s also a large mesh pocket that integrates a piece of cloth for your goggles.

Wired D-ring for the helmet cableIt is an expensive jacket
Backpack friendly construction
Branded insulation material
Outstanding shell material
Lifetime warranty

#4. Klim-Inversion-Mens-Snowmobile-Jacket


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  • Insulation: Non-insulated
  • Weight: 680g
  • Closure System: Zippers and adjustable Velcro cuffs
  • Hood: Not included
  • Material: Gore-Tex Windstopper

Klim is one of the most popular manufacturers for high-end snowmobile gear and accessories and their Inversion jacket isn’t different. The non-insulated snowmobile jacket is extremely versatile and does an excellent job of aggressive backcountry and mountain riding. To protect against weather elements, the coat uses Gore-Tex Windstopper fabric.

The material offers outstanding breathability, implying that it allows for moisture to escape as you ride, keeping dry and warm. What’s more, is that this snowmobile jacket was improved to feature low weight and is made with stretchy fabrics to ensure a perfect fit. Its welded zipper pockets plus arm pocket give you easy access to store and reach your small items.

Includes an MP3 pocket with a port for earphoneIt does not have a hood
Glove-friendly YKK zippersIt lacks insulation
Armpit ventilation system
Solid closure system
Adjustable hem

#5. Mossi-90-305BG-15-Impulse-Snowmobile-Jacket


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  • Insulation: Ice Force
  • Weight: 2720g
  • Closure System: Zipper panel and adjustable Velcro storm shield
  • Hood: Not available
  • Material: Polyester shell

You will get this 90-305BG-15 Impulse jacket for snowmobiling if you need the fiercest protection from weather elements. But that’s not all. The Mossi brand snowmobile coat comes in magnificent graphics that make it an everyday stylish wear. It also features the Mossi logo at the sides and front plus a tough polyester fabric that offers long-term use while accenting your style.

And if you need protection from wind, cold, and water, the 90-305BG-15 Impulse does not disappoint. The multi-layered snowmobile apparel combines Reissa PowerSkin core with Ice Force insulation to ensure it is windproof and rainproof while allowing for effective air circulation. Moreover, to increase its defense against weather elements, the jacket has a storm shield zipper panel and an adjustable Velcro closure, including a mandarin-style collar with neoprene liner.

Since you will need enhanced visibility when snowmobiling during the night, Mossi’s 90-305BG-15 Impulse winter coat has a highly functional reflective piping. Additionally, you will love its superior wide panel wrist adjustment Velcro system and the inner waist panel’s cord lock adjuster with an easy-pull cord. And for your small quick-access belongings, the Impulse snowmobile jacket has two zippered pockets on the outside for easy storage.

Excellent reflective technology for riding at nightIt is too bulky
Superior Ice Force insulation
Outstanding closure system
Durable construction

#6. Klim-Allure-Womens-Snowmobile-Jacket


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  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate
  • Weight: 635.02g
  • Closure System: Zippers and adjustable Velcro system
  • Hood: Not available
  • Material: Gore-Tex Windstopper

Klim’s Allure Parka is a great extreme weather outerwear for women. With a waterproof rating, the snowmobile jacket can persevere heavy rainfall without you feeling the pinch. For that reason, it is a perfect coat for those who plan to take part in snow thrill adventures throughout the year.

For maximum warmth, the Allure Praka uses the branded Gore-Tex outer layer with 3M Thinsulate insulation. And to prevent excessive loss of body heat, it features the 3M Scotchlite material that reflects most of the body heat to the skin while making you visible during the night. It also has a polyester taffeta lining for outstanding breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

You won’t have any issues fitting this jacket thanks to its Velcro adjustable cuffs and an adjustable side zipper hem. With covers for the hands and YKK zippers, the jacket goes a long way to make a fashion statement when riding. Its four-color scheme and an appealing pattern make this jacket a favorite for women.

Articulated elbows for a perfect fitIt doesn’t include a hood
Superior Thinsulate insulationOn the pricey side
Enhanced night visibility
Women-friendly design
Includes an MP3 port

#7. FXR-Monosuit-Hi-Vis-Black-Charcoal


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  • Insulation: Non-insulated
  • Weight: 2177g
  • Closure System: Waterproof zippers
  • Hood: Removable hood
  • Material: Polyester shell with HydrX coating

Moving to a monosuit is one of the greatest decisions you can make and once you make the move, you are unlikely to go back to using regular snowmobile jackets when riding. One of the biggest advantages of using this kind of outerwear is that it leaves no chance for snow to penetrate your outer layer. The FXR is an industry leader in the monosuit niche, with its signature vibrant colors and attractive designs.

Its tough polyester shell will give several years of aggressive snowmobile riding. On the inside is the meshed-fleeced lining that’s snowproof and offers moisture-resistant breathability. The zippered panel is waterproof and a removable hood allows you to use it in heavy downpours and active backcountry riding.

Excellent Mountain and backcountry outerwearIt has no insulation
Upper and lower body outer layer snow apparelOn the pricey side
Fleece lining for additional warmth
Includes a removable hood
Superior venting system

Top Pick – Best Overall Snowmobile Jacket

The Platform G5 snowmobile men’s jacket by Castle X is our top pick for good reasons. It comes in a classic design with incredible detail, giving it an edge over other ordinary jackets for snowmobile riding. It combines durable, water-resistant PU plus nylon for a tough outer shell and quilted Castle ColdShield technology for unmatched body insulation. And in wet weather, the jacket’s Durable Water Resistant coating will ensure your body is dry courtesy of its damp-proof properties.

Besides, its cuffs and insulated collar have a fleece lining to trap warmth and keep you cozy, irrespective of the weather conditions. The adjustable cuffs have a Velcro closure system, a valuable detail to keep out the elements. The Platform G5’s interior is made with 3M Scotchlite fabric, which creates a warm micro-climate by throwing body heat back to your body.

The drop back design and double-stitched seams are minor yet worthwhile features that enhance the jacket’s durability for a transformed snowmobiling experience. Weighing 1270.06 grams, the Platform G5 is a moderate weight for its properties. And there are extra features like the Tether D-Ring for hanging quick access items like tickets and a zippered chest pocket on the inside to secure your small belongings.

Best Beginner Ski Brands

Castle X

Castle X is one of the top brands for winter sports clothing. The company is popular for producing high-quality, affordable gear. The Midwest-based brand knows how to make outfits that can withstand any temperatures. While you may know them as a winter apparel manufacturer, the firm produces a wide range of snow, cycle, and ATV/UTV products using its progressive technologies and trailblazing innovations that continue to make history in the sector.


Since it was founded in 1942 by J.A Bombardier, the brand has been popular for creativity and quality. Currently, thousands of people in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe are keeping Bombardier’s legacy alive through Ski-Doo’s recreational vehicles and gears. The company’s forward-looking approach keeps its over 70-year tradition alive through creating innovative products that transform the world of power sports.


Owned by the Alpha 6 Distributions, LLC, Arctix is a well-known designer, manufacturer, and supplier of top quality, affordable outerwear. The company focuses on producing snow jackets, bibs, and pants for people of all ages. In addition, they also make the finest men’s rash guards and boardshorts. Arctix’s products and those of its sister brands like Mont Vert, Drift Seas, Zermatt, Allyance, and SkiGear are highly sought after in the market.

Snowmobiling Disciplines and Corresponding Jackets

Snowmobiling can be an extremely satisfying and exciting pastime if everything goes according to plan. And being warm, safe, and comfy is obviously part of your plan and an important thing for all riders. We all agree that suitable snowmobile gear can make a whole lot of difference when you are riding in the chilly winter climate. But if you don’t have the proper gear for the activity, it’s easy to find yourself wriggling in your apparel for mobility or shivering uncontrollably because you are too cold.

Apart from a snowmobile helmet, a snowmobile jacket is arguably the most essential piece of gear you’ll need for your winter outdoor adventures. And keeping your upper body warm and comfortable is top on just about any rider’s priority list. Gear brands have been developing and refining snowmobile clothing over the years and today, there are explicit jacket styles for virtually every type of snow riding.

To get the best of snowmobiling, you’ll want to pick the jacket style that best fits your riding style. Here are the three most popular types of snowmobile jackets based on the style of riding:

Trail Riding Jackets: The trail jacket is the most common type of snowmobile jackets, and for good reasons. Other than offering excellent protection against the elements, you’ll notice that trail snowmobile jackets are highly versatile and can match various riding situations. Also, these jackets tend to come with a signature cut that ends above the waist, though with an extending drop in the tail at the back.

You will find this cut especially handy if you often ride while seated. For seated riders, the cut helps to prevent bunching up. Even so, it is still good enough to cover your back.

Another thing that makes trail jackets popular is its perfect blend of full breathability and warm insulation. In this way, you can adjust your microclimate using one piece of clothing that can still accommodate an array of riding conditions. Also, it’s not uncommon to find trail jackets that have a removable liner, which makes them adaptable to various temperatures.

Backcountry and Mountain Riding Jackets: As the specialties of backcountry and mountain snowmobiling become more hi-tech, so does the attire that those riders wear. Many of the technical riding styles can only be done when the rider is standing. For that reason, the cut on backcountry and snowmobile jackets is usually a bit longer than a trail snowmobile jacket. To ensure that this jacket adjusts easily as you move, it is designed to be very flexible.

For purely mountain riding, the snowmobile jackets typically come with thin to no insulation. In this case, you’ll have to depend on your base and midlayers for warmth. And you can remove or add layers to regulate your micro-climate. This absence of insulation is on purpose to make the jackets highly flexible with less bulky.

Snocross Riding Jackets: These jackets are designed to be the most versatile without restricting your movements. Similar to the majority of trail riding jackets, the cut on snocross coats reaches just above the waistline. In this way, your waist area can bend without any restrictions.

As their backcountry and mountain apparel, snocross jackets have very little and sometimes no insulation. This is because the riders here are often working hard with brief exposure to weather elements. And as a result of lacking insulation, these jackets are sometimes known as racing shells.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Jacket – A Buyer’s Guide

Although each of the various styles of riding has unique defining features, some characteristics are common in all of the different styles. For instance, one of the shared characteristics is that the best snowmobile jacket should be water-resistant. Note that waterproofing does not just apply to the construction materials but the seams and zippers too.

It is also important to be visible at night when snowmobiling. Therefore, having reflective material on your snowmobile jacket is a crucial feature. Other vital features that can enhance the functions of a snowmobile jacket are a snow skirt on the inner side and a storm flap covering the main zipper. The two features will go a long way to ensure you are dry and warm while on the trail.

These four steps will help you buy outerwear for snowmobiling and ensure you have the best time outdoors during cold temperatures.

Step One: Identify your specific riding style and location.

Do you plan on trail-riding sleds in the Midwestern states such as Nebraska, Minnesota, and Michigan, or a Northeast state like New York? Or are you looking to trail ride only in Western states like Utah, California, and Montana? In this case, you’ll have to get well-insulated gear since your overall activity won’t be as much as in states with severer climates.

What if your snowmobile activity is restricted to deep powdered snow and boondocking in the trees for backcountry rides in areas such as Revelstoke and Wyoming? Here, you should get a more technical shell that doesn’t have insulation due to higher levels of activity. You’ll want to remember that backcountry riding involves more work and activity that will make you start sweating.

And when this happens, you should have picked the right moisture-wicking attire to allow for sweat to escape. If the sweat is trapped in your clothes, you will become colder.

Step Two: Find out the best snowmobile jacket brands and understand corresponding tags.

Do your homework around snowmobile clothing brands that specialize in manufacturing apparel for all riding conditions. It’s also important to figure out what the catchy terms and hashtags mean. Online retailers that sell multiple brands are a great place to do your research as they allow you to filter your results easily and compare all products side by side.

Whether you are buying snowmobile clothing at a dealership, online, or in person, it’s vital to check the hashtags attached to each jacket you are considering. The rule of thumb is that the more hashtags on a piece of clothing, the higher its quality or the more branded materials were used for its construction. Each hashtag usually corresponds to the building material for the cloth and is a great way to tell quality garments from generic products.

Branded Materials for Snowmobile Jackets

For instance, a ‘3M Thinsulate Insulation’ hashtag shows that the jacket was made with Thinsulate Insulation, a well-known 3M brand for reliable, top-notch insulation clothing items. Thinsulate and 3M run large laboratories for testing their insulation tech for quality to ensure they will keep riders warm. Apart from 3M and Thinsulate, there are several other high-quality insulation brands, including Thermal Flex and PrimaLoft.

Reissa is also a common tag on premium snowmobile jackets. This is a brand name for the covered layer on the coat’s back material to make it waterproof. While this is a trademark name for high-quality fabric, beware of manufacturers who create some catchy terms to signify certain materials when in real sense it is a generic version of the material. So, we recommend that you look for specific brand name tags and not a hashtag from the manufacturer listing bulleted features.

You should also check for other tags on the jacket you are considering, which represent particular fabrics like Scotchlite reflective material, which is also a 3M brand, and YKK zippers. The most important take away point in step two is that you should figure out the branded materials used to make the snowmobile jacket before purchasing. And it is even more vital to be able to distinguish between branded materials and generic ones from a manufacturer.

Hashtags and Pricing

You’ve probably been told that a higher price point does not necessarily mean high quality. While that notion is true in some instances, but in this case, the price often correlates better quality because each fabric used in the construction of a garment is bought from the respective brand. Like we’ve told you above, when a coat comes with few hashtags and a low price tag, it’s probably not made with the best quality materials compared to pricier snowmobile apparel with numerous, branded hashtags.

Step Three: Understand Layering For Snowmobile Riding

Once you determine your discipline in snowmobile riding and have some basic knowledge of what to consider in a good snowmobile garment, you can make informed choices in terms of the best apparel to buy for your needs. Let’s look at how you can layer like a pro snowmobile rider. Note that layering applies to all riding disciplines and will influence the best snowmobile jacket for your specialties.

  • Base Layer: A good base layer is critical to layering as it helps in regulating warmth and moisture. It should regulate your body temperature by wicking away sweat from your skin, leaving it warm and dry. Look for an anti-microbial base layer to shield you from odor-causing bacteria, which should also be stretchy for a more comfortable fit.
  • Mid Layer: It is an insulation barrier. The interlayer is designed to retain heat. It should have the right weight for heat retention without restricting your mobility.
  • Outer Layer: The outer layer or shell is for protection from weather elements. Other than protecting you, it should also set you apart from the rest. This is where most snowmobile jackets lie and in this case, you’ll want to make sure it is as fashionable as it is functional.

We told you that layering is vital in determining what snowmobile jackets will work best for you. First, you’ll want to determine if you need a mid-layer. Trail riders, in many cases, omit interlayers because they are purchasing a heavier snowmobile jacket with integrated insulation, which is sufficient to endure cold temperatures throughout the day.

On the other hand, active boon docking riders will need their interlayers with them at all times. It’s because you can ride the trail or start from the morning for you to reach the best backcountry or mountain riding spots, and you will require extra insulation to keep you warm. When you reach the perfect backcountry location and begin boondocking tree lines or climbing mountains in deep snow, you’ll start sweating.

With proper layering, you can lose the midlayer and remain with the base and outer layers. You will be well-prepared for changes in weather patterns and all conditions. Although midlayers use nearly the same fabrics as base layers, they are often thicker and come with a zipper to remove easily.

Step Four: Pick the right snowmobile jacket or outer shell to correspond with your base layer.

We have already discussed hashtags and how to tell the level of insulation you require in your layering system. Technical snowmobile jackets for aggressive riding are made of hi-tech fabrics with no insulation and without a removable liner, unlike a three-in-one jacket. The most popular high-quality snowmobiling jacket material brands include HydrX Pro, GORE-TEX, Hydraguard Pro, Sympatex, and eVent.

When picking your snowmobile coat, check out for these characteristics:

  • Weatherproof Outer Shell: A proper snowmobile jacket which is your outer shell should be made with a material that effectively prevents cold, wind, plus other weather elements. Gore-Tex, for example, is a tightly-woven synthetic fabric that is excellent at dispelling water vapor and keeping moisture at bay. It’s always a good idea to confirm if your snowmobile jacket is waterproof or water-resistant, based on the riding conditions. Other outer shell materials include microfiber, nylon, and polyester.
  • Breathability: This is a very important feature, especially if you’ll be engaging in aggressive activities. When sweat and moisture get confined in your winter jacket, you’ll be at risk of succumbing to hypothermia.
  • Liner: The best snowmobile jacket should come with a removable liner to help with moisture-wicking functions so your skin stays warm and dry.
  • Seals: The waist, cuffs, and neck should all have seals that are sufficiently tight to keep the elements at bay. How tight the seals are will determine how well your snowmobile jacket fits.
  • Reflective Surfaces: You’ll want to choose a jacket that can prevent heat loss by reflecting it into your body.
  • Additional Features: Find out if the jacket you are considering has essential additional features like a fixed or removable hood, pockets, and cuffed or zippered closure systems.

The majority of winter jackets with insulation can weigh anywhere between 70 and 300 grams, although the most popular and adequate warmth for extreme chilly conditions is 200 grams. A suitable base layer sitting next to your skin and a two-hundred-gram insulated coat with pants should keep you warm when riding trails. In your pursuit of the best snowmobile jacket with insulation, keep in mind the hashtags and tags we’ve highlighted above to make an informed purchase decision.


The winter jackets we’ve reviewed in this post stand out as the best performers as far as snowmobiling goes. In the end, your warmth, dryness, and comfort are of utmost importance. That’s why we recommend that you take your time to find the best snowmobile jacket for your needs. And as you figure out which coat to buy, you should also consider the under layers. While the proper snowmobile jacket will protect your torso from the elements, you need to think about getting the best mid and base layers to complement it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should you dress warmly for a snowmobile ride?

We recommend a lightweight liner for the helmet plus a thin, loose-fitting cap to protect your head and neck while keeping the wind at bay. And a fleece or polyester neck warmer and balaclava will guard your neck and face from chilly winds. Don’t forget your snowmobile layering system for the torso.

What should you know before getting a snowmobile jacket?

Irrespective of the snowmobile jacket you are considering, its size is vital. Before placing your order online, we recommend that you take your measurements carefully and compare the figures with the sizing guide of the manufacturer.

Can you use a ski jacket for snowmobile riding?

We don’t encourage riders to use their ski jackets for snowmobiling, especially if you are riding in extremely cold weather. Snowmobile jackets are designed to be thick to safeguard you from weather elements, unlike ski jackets that are more breathable because skiing is more vigorous than snowmobile riding.

Are snowmobiles worth the investment?

Snowmobile riding is a great experience that is worth the money if you can afford it. But if you are not so zealous about it, consider renting a snowmobile for a couple of days to save money.

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