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Ice scratchers become essential when riders frequent hard-packed snow trails. To keep your ride lubricated and prevent it from overheating, you should invest in a good pair of ice scratchers. Once installed, they’ll take you through all sorts of frozen terrains and tracks.

Essentially attached to the snowmobile’s rear, the device scratches the ice off the dense and hard ground surface. After scratching, the ice becomes snowy dust, which is then distributed to the rear suspension. There, the scratchers cool down the heat exchangers located under the tunnel and also the slides. If not cooled, the slides can melt off and cause serious inconvenience.

Because they take care of the mobile’s engine and the rails, both of which are cheaper to protect than replace, the snowmobile accessory proves to be very useful. In this article, we will review some of the best snowmobile ice scratchers you can find. 

Top 7 Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers Reviewed

  1. Btl Designs Dura Flex Ice Scratcher – Best Overall
  2. Straightline 15-6386 Ice Scratcher – Best for Budget
  3. RSI Racing SS-1 Ice Scratchers – Best Premium Pick
  4. Ottp 15-6406 Ice Storm Reversible Scratchers
  5. Btl 15-6426 Hi-Roller Ice Scratchers
  6. Straightline 15-6385 Ice Scratcher
  7. StaCool Ice Scratcher Spring

#1 Btl Designs Dura Flex Ice Scratcher – Best Overall

Btl Designs Dura Flex Ice Scratcher

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Key features

  • Brand: Between the Lines.
  • Length: 12 inches.
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds.
  • Color: Metallic silver.

Equipped with plenty of useful features, this Between the Line ice scratchers enjoy vast popularity. They provide a great addition to any snowmobile, no matter what the model or type. A huge advantage is that they can be used with reversing mobiles as well as non-reversing. They do not provide resistance or dig in the ground when the vehicle is reversing. 

Moreover, the carbide tip helps scrape off snow easily into powdery snow. They have been seen to considerably lower the engine’s temperature and make for a reliable accessory for hunting, camping, and commuting in the snow. They don’t have to keep dragging on the floor when not in use and can be stored on the rail. 

But care must be taken to store them in a downwards position and not up. If stored up, the metal develops memory and does not bend below a certain point to reach fully to the ground. These ice scratchers will serve you for long if kept in the right conditions and treated with a little care.

Extremely lightweight; does not add to the drag of the vehicle.If they are stored up, the metal might develop memory and not bend down fully.
It can be used with reverse and non-reverse snowmobiles.Need to be bolted tightly, or they come loose.
Equipped with carbide tips for unbeatable performance.
Foldable when not in use to keep them off the ground.
Preassembled for easy one-bolt installation.

#2 Straightline 15-6386 Ice Scratcher – Best for Budget

Straightline 15-6386 Ice Scratcher

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Key features:

  • Brand: Straight line Performance
  • Length: 16 inches.
  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Color: Metallic silver and bronze

Made entirely from stainless steel, these ice scratchers are also an option worth considering. The stainless steel construction makes it less prone to damage by water and rust that may accumulate due to constant use in the snow. Since these scratchers are 16” long, they find great utility in snowmobiles with higher suspension as smaller scratchers might not suffice for such vehicles. The length of the scratcher counters the suspension of the car. 

Furthermore, this model is adorned with carbide tips that are known to better scratch the ice. But these can be replaced too if they wear out after several uses. These tips are available easily in many affordable options. 

In addition to all this, the scratchers have a design that has no spring parts. This favors the longevity of the accessory even further as springs tend to snap in upon repetitive contraction and relaxation in very cold weather. 

One and a half foot long scratcher scrapes ice quicker and easier.Works better for snowmobiles with higher suspension.
Less prone to breakage due to the absence of spring design.Bolts need to be checked constantly for loosening.
Uses replaceable carbide tips for reliable scratching.
Stainless steel construction for lifetime usability.
It can be mounted on the rail when not in use.

#3 RSI Racing SS-1 Ice Scratchers – Best Premium Pick

RSI Racing SS-1 Ice Scratchers

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Key features:

  • Brand: Race Shop
  • Length: 21 inches.
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds.
  • Mountable on the rail.
  • Color: Black

RSI Racing’s ice scratcher is one of the best-value products you can get for your money. This is because these scratchers, even with a spring design, are very durable. They are designed to be constantly used on hardpack ice and dig into the snow to deliver soft ice to the engine and the slides. 

With a 21-inch length, you can not only use it on low suspension vehicles, but it is also very effective on high suspension vehicles that often encounter the problem of scratchers hanging above the ground. Adding to the universality of this scratcher is its ability to be mounted on any snowmobile. Hence, if you have more than one vehicle, you can use the same scratcher on all of them one at a time. 

Doing this is made fairly convenient as well by the addition of the mounting kit to the package. When all of these factors are combined, the resulting deal you get is well worth you money.

The 21-inch long scratcher is very beneficial for high suspension vehicles.The scratcher might get stuck when reversing, and needs to be mounted on the rail in reverse gear.
The package includes a mounting assembly for hassle-free installation.Replaceable springs are available but sold separately.
Made of billet Aluminum and Spring Steel to withstand rigorous use.
Universal fit; one model is compatible with all snowmobiles.
It can be used with reversing mobiles as well.

#4 Ottp 15-6406 Ice Storm Reversible Scratchers

Ottp 15-6406 Ice Storm Reversible Scratchers

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Key features 

  • Brand: OTTP.
  • Length: approx. 12 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds.
  • It can be mounted on the rail.
  • Color: Black.

You can use these snow scratchers constantly for several miles. Many people who have used them and vouch for them state that they used these scratchers for over 500-600 miles without any problem. The 31 stainless steel is responsible for imparting undeniable strength to the scratcher, making it a very durable accessory. 

Another great thing about these scratchers is that they shower twice the amount of ice to the engine and slides as their counterparts. This, in turn, compliments the ease of a long ride as it prevents the vehicle from overheating. You can use the universal size on all vehicles and even on retracting vehicles. 

However, the rider needs to be careful not to reverse the vehicle too quickly, or the scratcher might get stuck in the gap between the ground and the vehicle. In such a case, reversing speedily might cause the scratcher to bend. Installing the product onto your mobile is easy and hassle-free, and you would be able to do it yourself within a few minutes.

Capable of digging up snow from very hard-packed ice trails.The package does not include a mounting kit or any replaceable springs.
Produces twice the spray compared to other scratchers.A little heavier compared to the rest of the options.
316 stainless steel construction to impart strength.
Easily usable with reversible snowmobiles.
Fits all ski bolts and late model skis.

#5 Btl 15-6426 Hi-Roller Ice Scratchers

Btl 15-6426 Hi-Roller Ice Scratchers

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Key features:

  • Brand: Between the Lines
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Color: Metallic silver 

The best thing about this product is its intelligent design. A lot of attention is given to detail to make it very easy to use by the riders and to bring out its optimal performance. Firstly, the scratcher is made up of wire rope. The rope is twisted around itself to add to the strength. 

A zinc coating covers the wire and protects it from operational abuse. To make for a stronghold at the mounting point, the surface is knurled. This prevents excessive spinning, which might loosen the bolts. The crimp has an improved design to strengthen hold and shape the scratcher so that it easily reaches the ground and scrapes a good amount of ice. 

Also, the tip touching the ground is sharp and wide, making deep cuts in the snow trails and scraping ice successfully.

All you need for installing this product on your vehicle is to screw in one bolt. A single bolt connects it to the rail securely. As a result, you don’t need to call upon a professional mechanic and can do it yourself in no time. 

Zinc-plated rope for increased down pressure that scratches more snow.The one-bolt mounting needs regular tightening.
Compliments a reversing vehicle as well as a non-reversing vehicle.It’s quite heavy for an ice scratcher at 6 pounds.
Pre-assembled for extremely easy one-bolt installation.
Improved crimp design gives a much better hold.
The mounting side is knurled to avoid slippage.
It can be mounted on rails when not in use.

#6 Straightline 15-6385 Ice Scratcher

Straightline 15-6385 Ice Scratcher

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Key features 

  • Brand: Straight line Performance
  • Length: 12 inches.
  • Weight: 6 pounds.
  • Color: White in the center with bronze tips.

Carbide tips have gained quite some popularity for their use in ice scratchers. Particularly owing to their solid build and weather resistance, they indeed make for a good addition to the scratcher. This model by Straight Line uses genuine carbide in its tip that is shaped to have sharp ends that can easily penetrate thick ice sheets. 

With a 12-inch long body, the scratcher is a very good option for any snowmobile. It works with both reversing and non-reversing vehicles. And even though you can stick them up to the railing when not in use, keeping them deployed at all times does not damage them. 

The product’s convenience and quality performance are further enhanced by an active customer service center by Straight Line that caters to the buyers’ needs and responds to their complaints and queries. In short, be it the product or the experience with the brand, this scratcher is bound to leave you impressed.

In the case of complaints or queries, customer service is very responsive and cooperative.Not a significant crimp in design to aid with downwards scrapping pressure.
Instead of buying a new scratcher altogether, replacing carbide tips suffices.The connecting bolt needs constant tightening.
Carbide tip does not corrode when used constantly in icy, wet conditions.
Uses a production carbide tip that scratches a good amount of snow.
Usable with reversing vehicles even when deployed down.
It can be retracted on rails when not in use.

#7 StaCool Ice Scratcher Spring

StaCool Ice Scratcher Spring

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Key features 

  • Brand: STACOOL
  • Length: 12 inches.
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds.
  • Color: Fully black body.

An easy fix for your overheating snowmobile, these scratchers by STACOOL are very inexpensive. These scratchers would suffice for someone who does not frequent long rides on their snowmobiles but needs a scratcher to use when on a trip. 

They are made from high-quality billet aluminum, which means they have a solid body. You can use them along snowy rough terrains without any issues. A scratcher layout with a spring might be a problem and may snap frequently, but the spring assembly used in this product has high tension. As a result, it packs more resistance to damage in its spring than those with low tension. This enables it to be used on bumpy paths as well. 

The pair could be easily mounted on the vehicle via two large bolts. These are very sturdy, tough, and bigger than the bolts usually used for securing the scratcher to the mobile. Hence, they latch on strongly and do not go loose easily. 

At such a low price, the STACOOL scratcher provides you with all the basic characteristics of a good ice scratcher. If cared for a little and used the proper way, they can last longer than you might expect them to.

Billet aluminum mounting posts connect the scratcher to the vehicle securely.It needs to be mounted on a rail when reversing the vehicle, or the spring might snap.
Springs used are made of steel and have high tension, making them sturdy.No replaceable parts; in case of any damage, you need to replace the whole body.
Prevents hyfax from overheating and enhances its longevity.
Very simple design for easy and hassle-free installation.
Comes with detailed instructions for installation.
It can be hooked to rails when not in use.

Top Pick Section

When deciding on a snowmobile ice scratcher, the build quality, compatibility with different vehicles, and the product’s ability to scrape ice well matter the most. This is why we chose the Btl Designs 15-6425 Dura-Flex Ice Scratcher Kit as our top pick, for it satisfies the criteria well. 

Starting with the tough build quality, it has a twisted design that does not bend easily, nor does it break. At the end of the rod is a carbide tip. Carbide tips are sharp and weather-resistant and make for excellent scrapers. They are capable of showering powder-like snow onto the slides and instantly cooling the engine.

As far as compatibility goes, the BLT Dura-Flex Ice scratcher fits the requirements here as well. It is 16” long, which means it is usable with both high and low suspension vehicles. The universal bolt fit for mounting really covers all vehicle models. Also, the scratcher could be used with reversing as well as non-reversing mobiles. 

It is very convenient to use. All you have to do to mount it is to screw the pre-assembled layout to the snowmobile’s rear rails. After that, they require little to no maintenance and serve for very long. 

Best Snowmobile Ice Scratcher Brands

Plenty of brands manufacture snowmobile ice scratchers, but not all can be passed as reliable. Mostly, the brands that specialize in other snowmobile accessories or snow sports equipment know the features that must be added in a scratcher. Hence, such brands are a better option to buy from. Let’s have a look at some of the reliable brands with good-quality scratchers.

Between the Lines

A family business located in Fairfield, Idaho, Between the Lines has a very reputable line of ice scratchers. It specializes in various designs of scratchers along with other adjustment tools and products for snowmobiles. Dedication is the secret to its success, along with innovation to keep its products updated with the latest technology or design origination. Moreover, the company has patent-protected products in the USA, which is a further testament to its originality and superb quality.

Straightline Performance

Raised in a family that loved snow sports, John Houle started Straightline Performance with his wife in 1997. Since then, the company has been working hard and succeeds in its goal of providing top-quality products and great customer service. It deals in everything from sleds to all sorts of tools and accessories, as well as ATVs and UTVs. Moreover, it provides some of the best services in ceramics coating, engine coating, etc. at its well-equipped workshop.

RSI Racing

Set up in Minnesota, RSI Racing deals in everything you will ever want for your snowmobile. The company releases innovative and updated products yearly to keep up with the customer’s changing needs. It is your one-stop-shop for all your snowmobile accessories and equipment, from scratchers to grip heater and throttle blocks to storage bags. Being so well-acquainted with the snowmobile industry, it really knows what to offer in each product and how to improve it to provide the best customer experience. 

Features to Look For When Buying Snowmobile Ice Scratchers 

Some features really need to be considered before buying an ice scratcher. These make all the difference and take a product from good to the best suited for you. Below are some of the most important features.

Construction material

A variety of different materials are used for making snowmobile ice scratchers. But whatever it is, it must impart strength to the scratcher and prevent it from breaking. Ice scratchers are in direct contact with icy paths all along the journey and encounter solid ice, rocks, and bumps along the way. 

Hence, it is crucial that they are made from a material that can withstand such operational abuse. The most common material used is stainless steel because of its strength, durability, and toughness. However, most metals suffice as long as they are not affected by moisture and are solid enough for rough use.

Compatibility with the vehicle

It is hard to find a scratcher built specifically for your snowmobile. In fact, most ice scratchers are universal in their compatibility. This means they can be used with almost any snowmobile and have wide installation capacity. The compatibility is usually seen in terms of the connecting bolts and whether they would connect to your vehicle’s rails. 

Another advantage of buying a universal scratcher is that you can share it between multiple vehicles, and it would serve each as well as any other. You also need to make sure that the scratcher’s length is usable with the suspension of your vehicle. High suspension vehicles often require a longer scratcher of around 16”.

Rigid or flexible

Rigid scratchers are used only for non-reversing vehicles, while flexible ones can be used for non-reversing and reversing both. Flexible scratchers have the ability to allow the vehicle to retract because they do not get stuck between the ground and the vehicle, resisting the reverse. 

They could either be left deployed and drag backward as the vehicle retracts, or they could be mounted onto the rails of the vehicle for reversing before they are deployed again for forward motion. Usually, it is best to buy a flexible scratcher because it is usable with both types of vehicles.

Scraping end

Make sure that the scraping or scratching end of the scratcher is sharp and tough. Some tips have pointed faces while others have a circular appearance that digs deep into the ground. Regardless of the tip’s shape, it should be sharp enough to scratch off enough snow to keep your vehicle cool. 

Moreover, there are models that have replaceable tips. These need to be tightly screwed on the scratcher rod to make sure they don’t fall off. But the major advantage associated with them is that if they become dull, you only have to replace the tips and not the whole scratcher, thus saving money.


For the optimal performance of your snowmobile, you will need a snowmobile ice scratcher. They are necessary to keep the vehicle cool and prevent malfunctioning from overheating. A simple, lightweight accessory can really save you from frustration. 

Make sure that the one you choose to buy satisfies the criteria of being sturdy and tough, is compatible with your vehicle, and throws enough ice to counter the heat produced by the vehicle.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I mount my snowmobile ice scratcher?

The scratcher is connected to the rear rails of your snowmobile. The rear rails usually have holes drilled into them where you can easily screw your scratcher in with the help of one to two bolts for each side. 
In case the surface of the rail is smooth and does not have any holes, you can always drill enough to put all the bolts necessary to attach the scratcher to the rail. Also, make sure you tighten the bolts well so that they don’t loosen during the ride.

How can I store the ice scratcher when not in use?

An inactive ice scratcher could easily be mounted on top of the rail. If you do not want to deploy the scratchers for certain reasons, you can always mount them back on the rail and deploy them again when wanted. If they are not in use, you don’t necessarily have to take them off for storage. 
Moreover, take caution that you mount them in their natural downwards position. Mostly if they are stored in an upward position, the metal develops memory and does not bend past a point to reach the ground, rendering the scratcher useless.

How much do ice scratchers cost?

The price of any snowmobile ice scratcher depends upon its quality and flexibility. Flexible models that can be used with reversible and non-reversible vehicles generally cost more than rigid ones. Higher quality ice-scratcher with break-resistant designs and lasting performance are usually priced higher. 
However, the features present provide good value for the money. Snowmobile ice scratchers vary in cost from $20 to up to $90+ depending upon the aforementioned features.

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