Top 6 Best Snowmobile Handguards | 2021 Reviews (Rox)

If you are a snowmobiling enthusiast, you always desire to experience the great outdoors to the fullest. You want to relish your favorite winter pursuit safely, comfortably, and with confidence.

Nonetheless, your snowmobile rides will not always be perfect. After all, snowmobiling in Winter Wonderland involves unexpected get-offs. Besides, you get to feel inconvenienced by tree branches, filthy snow, heavy-blowing wind, freezing ice, and other harsh and unwanted elements in the environment.

These uncomfortable scenarios should not stop you from enjoying snowmobiling because the solution is within your reach: The snowmobile handguards. These two pieces of protective gear are typically plastic and mounted on the snow machine’s handlebars.

Buying the best snowmobile handguards is the best decision. You can undoubtedly feel reassured, knowing that there is another protective layer in your hands that can safeguard you from any accidents.

This online discussion will give you some insights regarding six of today’s best snowmobile handguards. These products offer outstanding protection for snowmobile riders’ hands in all weather conditions, especially harsh and cold ones, and they are the following:

Top 6 Best Snowmobile Handguards Reviewed:

  1. Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards – Best Overall
  2. Polaris Snowmobile White Handguards – Best for Budget
  3. PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel Handguard – Best Value
  4. Ski-Doo OEM Handguards
  5. Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack
  6. KTM Probend Handguards

#1. Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards – Best Overall

  Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards

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  1. Manufacturer: Rox
  2. Length: 12 inches long
  3. Width: 12.4 inches wide
  4. Height: 4.6 inches high
  5. Weight: 1.1 pounds
  6. Color: Orange
  7. Construction: Computer numerical control or CNC-Machined mounts

Other features:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 14 assorted colors, including Stealth and Ghost
  • Form Foam Liner

The Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards is one of the best snowmobile handguards available today. You will never regret selecting this product because it is the most secure handguards for skimobiles in the market.

The Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards’ manufacturer created the product for mountain, trail, and racing purposes. Rox’s offering is especially for snowmobiles. You will get tremendous value for your hard-earned money because the company is a famous sports brand specializing in the production of premium-quality gear.

The installation of the Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards is fairly effortless. The phenomenal pair can also handle the most demanding and toughest riding scenarios without changing position or getting loose while you are aboard your motor sled.

The Rox handguards feature extended lower flashing. Thus, you get safeguarded from the wind and the chilly temperature. Durability-wise, you will appreciate the Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards. It is a standout for its feature of two flexible, robust, and ingenious backbones.

In the event of a rollover, this advantage lets the pair of handguards flex and twist. Therefore, the product does not break on the trail. Besides, you get the necessary protection from frontal effects.

The Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards’ construction consists of 100-percent waterproof materials as well. The design creates a pocket. Hence, your hands remain dry, protected, and warm while driving the motor sled. The product comes with a Form Foam Liner. Besides, on the front of Rox’s offering, you will see a 3D Rubberized emblem. The Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards feature fully Computer numerical control or CNC-Machined mounts. The International Series of Champions or ISOC Snocross Circuit battle-tested this pair of handguards that feature 360-degree Double Bolt Clamping.

You can enjoy a lifetime warranty with the Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards. They work well with the pre-2012 model of Arctic Cat snowmobiles and all Ski-Doo snow machines.

Easy to installIsolated buyer complaint about the price being expensive
Highly protective on the hands
Warm and comfortable
Does not break easily
Made of waterproof materials

#2. Polaris Snowmobile White Handguards – Best for Budget

Polaris Snowmobile White Handguards  

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  1. Manufacturer: Polaris
  2. Length: 12 inches long
  3. Width: 7 inches wide
  4. Height: 12 inches high
  5. Weight: 5.2 pounds
  6. Color: White
  7. Construction: Impact-resistant and durable plastic

Other features:

  •     Available in red and black colors

Your hands can get the ultimate protection against different conditions with the Polaris Snowmobile Handguards. This pair of snowmobile accessories is sturdy and dependable. The manufacturer utilized reliable, impact-resistant plastic material. Thus, you can enjoy sheer security for your hands and expect them to stay dry and clean while snowmobiling.

Furthermore, the white Polaris Snowmobile Handguards can perform excellently in protecting you against tree branches, wind, snow, ice, and other harmful external elements. It works well in varying weather conditions, too. Plus, you get maximum safety with the snowmobile handguards’ shape that can cover the whole handles.

The Polaris Snowmobile Handguards are visually appealing, thanks to the various colors available for it, including white, red, and black. Besides, you can install and remove it effortlessly. The snowmobile handguards sold in pairs are field and laboratory-tested extensively.

As you can see, with Polaris, you can enjoy 100-percent confidence as a rider. The company meticulously crafted the snowmobile handguards for your skimobile. It is the ultimate establishment that delivers the most ingenious and broadest lineup of accessories and off-road solutions.

Very protective for the handsMounting hardware is not a part of the package
Features an ergonomic design
Compatible with a vast range of snow scooters
Easy to install
Highly durable

#3. PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel Handguard – Best Value 

PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel Handguard

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  1. Manufacturer: PowerMadd
  2. Length: 11 inches long
  3. Width: 3 inches wide
  4. Height: 6 inches high
  5. Weight: 13.9 ounces
  6. Color: Black/Black
  7. Construction:

 Two kinds of plastic material:

  1. Soft-colored core for flexibility
  2. Two-piece, stiff spine for sturdiness

Other features:    1) Made of two types of plastic for durability and flexibility 2) Available in other colors, including:

  • Blue/Black
  • Honda Red/Black
  • Blue/White
  • Red/Black
  • Yellow/Black
  • White/Black
  • Green/Black
  • Orange/Black 

If you are looking for affordable and dependable snowmobile handguards, you will appreciate the PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel Handguard. This product is quite budget-friendly, with its costing merely in the neighborhood of $35. This price is reasonable, considering that you get a pair of long-lasting snowmobile handguards in return.

Moreover, you will adore the Sentinel Handguards because they are stylish and deliver tremendous functionality. This product is reliable because the manufacturer utilized two kinds of plastic material. You get flexibility with the soft-colored core, and durability with the two-piece, stiff spine.

This product is also attractive with its sizable and sleek design. You can expect it to block tiny, unwanted elements effectively, such as small rocks and debris. Therefore, with the PowerMadd handguards, you can relish comfort, warmth, and great protection for your hands while aboard your snow scooter.

DurableSome customers complained about the mounting bracket or mounting kit excluded in the package
Excellent price
Easy to mount or install
Great appearance

#4. Ski-Doo OEM Handguards

Ski-Doo OEM Handguards

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  1. Manufacturer: Ski-Doo
  2. Length: 17 inches long
  3. Width: 8 inches wide
  4. Height: 8 inches high
  5. Weight: 5.6 pounds
  6. Color: Black
  7. Construction: Polypropylene

Other features:

  •     Available in various sizes
  •     Wind deflectors kit
  •     Pop-off plate

Snowmobiling is an enjoyable and rewarding winter activity. As an avid fan of this pursuit, your experiences, however, are not always impeccable. Hazards and inconvenient scenarios such as flying ice, strong winds, tough boondocking situations, and rollovers are among your concerns.

Nevertheless, did you know that the Ski-Doo OEM Handguards exist as an effective solution? This product allows you to relish your favorite winter activity. It comes with the complete wind deflectors kit that consists of all the hardware and mount brackets. These perks are of durable plastic construction. Also, they prevent the strong windy conditions from bending the snowmobile handguards.

The Ski-Doo OEM Handguards let you get better visibility when you use them with the optional mirrors. These Polypropylene-made gears are compatible with an extra-low and low windshield. Aside from better wind protection, the Ski-Doo OEM Handguards are available in pairs and promise more toughness.

Furthermore, the Ski-Doo OEM Handguards come with a pop-off plate. This advantageous feature facilitates more airflow around your hands. Also, the flexible motor sled handguards come in various sizes that you can select from to meet your specific requirements.

Highly durableMinor buyer complaints about the fitting and the plastic band being a little quite wide
Includes mounting brackets in the package
Easy to install
Tools and parts essential for installation included

5)  Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack

Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack

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  1. Manufacturer: Cycra
  2. Length: 18 inches long
  3. Width: 11.5 inches wide
  4. Height: 2.5 inches high
  5. Weight: 1.2 pounds
  6. Color: Orange
  7. Construction: Injection mold process and virgin material

Other features:

  •     1) Patented folding shield
  •     2) With alloy mounts
  •     3) Trick billet aluminum mounts
  •     4) Mounting hardware

The Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack is among the highly rated snowmobile handguards available today. You will discover that this brand is worth your trust. It is because Cycra is a leading manufacturer and designer of billet and motorcycle plastic parts. Moreover, the company specializes in producing the components essential for all-terrain vehicles, Supermoto racing, motocross, and off-road.

You will feel wowed by the Cycra handguards because they underwent vigorous testing. This procedure is for quality-assurance and durability. Besides, you can depend on the Rebound Handguards as their unparalleled robustness can safeguard you against trail debris.

The company utilized dependable virgin material. Hence, you get maximum strength and the highest-quality protection with the handguards. Cycra also employed the injection mold procedure. This advantage lets you get a precise finish and fit with the handguards.

The Rebound Handguards by Cycra are reliable and highly functional. They come with trick billet aluminum or alloy mounts and feature the patented folding shield with reinforced backbone.

You can benefit from this perk for sudden and fast departures. Also, you get the advantage of increased protection via the in-molded rubber edge.

With the Cycra Rebound Handguards, you can expect your hands to stay clean. Also, you can enjoy effortless installation with the over and under bars mounting.

The Cycra independent-mount handguard system is the sturdy and unique option to MX or wrap-around systems for woods. As you can see, the manufacturer created the handguards with ease of use, long-lasting service delivery, and efficiency in mind.

Easy to install and fitMinor customer complaint about the expensive price of this product
Protective for the hands
Excellent looks

6)  KTM Probend Handguards

KTM Probend Handguards

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  1. Manufacturer: KTM
  2. Length: 14.5 inches long / Product Dimensions: 36.83 x 21.59 x 92.71 centimeters
  3. Width: 8.5 inches wide
  4. Height: 14 inches high
  5. Weight: 3 pounds
  6. Color: Orange, black, and white hues in the body
  7. Construction: Aluminum

Other features:

  •   Extra cable clearance
  •   Mounting hardware

Investing in a pair of snowmobile handguards should not be difficult because you can avail of the top-rated KTM Probend Handguards. The manufacturer created a premium-quality product made of reliable aluminum. Hence, with KTM’s offering, you get the excellent protection for your hands when snowmobiling.

The company has heightened clamping pressure through mounting the snowmobile handguards to the handlebar’s lower portion. This advantage offers you unrivaled clearance for cable routing. Plus, KTM has removed the application variables.

These skimobile handguards by KTM are effortless to mount or install. They make a fantastic add-on to your motor-sled because they look fantastic, too. The KTM Probend Handguards possess great finish and fit. Indeed, with these advantages, you can expect to get tremendous value for your hard-earned money when you purchase KTM’s wrap-around handguards.

Highly robustMinor buyer complaint about the snowmobile handguards' quality
Offers excellent value for customers' hard-earned money
Easy to mount or install
Very protective for the hands
Excellent finish, fit, and overall appearance



The Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards has made it as the best snowmobile handguards in this list. Although the other five snowmobile handguards are also worthy of being hailed as “the best,” Rox’s offering has most of the advantages that make it deserving to be on the number-one spot.

First of all, the Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards promise unrivaled performance. It is waterproof and can handle the toughest riding conditions. Plus, Rox’s handguards do not get loose or alter its position while you are using it in your snow scooter. These benefits let your relish warm and dry hands throughout your riding session.

Another reason why the Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards made it to the number-one position in this review of the best snowmobile handguards is the durability factor. This product comes with two robust, flexible, and innovative backbones. During a rollover, the snowmobile handguards twist and flex, so you can expect the pair to remain intact.

Rox’s snowmobile handguards can protect your hands thoroughly during chilly and windy weather. Also, it is easy to install and comes with a Form Foam Liner. The snowmobile handguards by Rox come with a lifetime warranty, making you free to lodge your complaint or unhappiness with your purchase and getting your deserved replacement parts. You can choose from 14 assorted hues that match your snow machine.

These perks guarantee that you get tremendous value for your hard-earned money. Indeed, with the Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards, your hands stay safe, dry, clean, and warm while you drive your snow scooter and enjoy Winter Wonderland.


3 Elements to Consider When Buying Handguards for Your Skimobile

Riding your snowmobile in the snow requires you to wear protective gear. Hence, the usage of handguards is essential in snowmobiling. If you are new to this winter sport, you may need assistance finding the best snowmobile handguards.

These protective equipment pieces perform the essential action that gloves cannot do: Safeguard your hands from flying, filthy and cold snow. Also, snowmobile handguards keep your hands clean, dry, and warm.

There are, indeed, plenty of snowmobile handguards in the market. Considering the following three factors can help you find the high-quality, if not the best, one. Above all, they offer you an enjoyable and hassle-free snowmobiling experience.

(1) SIZE

The dimensions of the snowmobile handguards are the number-one element you must consider when shopping. The best ones are typically medium-sized and round. These skimobile handguards are comfortable for your hands.

Furthermore, they enable you to slide your hands conveniently and effortlessly on your snowmobile’s handles. Finding the motor sled handguards of the right size will help you in effectively averting flying filthy snow, water, ice, or wind from coming in contact with your hands.


When you search for the best snowmobile handguards, you will learn that they are usually made of plastic. You should find a product that is of strong construction. Therefore, you can prevent your hands from freezing since dirty snow could inconveniently blow your hands when snowmobiling. Besides being protective, tough snowmobile handguards do not bend much on the wind.

Moreover, you must find a waterproof product. In this manner, you can get tremendous advantages from the skimobile handguard’s capacity to deflect any incoming cold snow or ice pieces. Also, you will not get wet hands, and you can enjoy your snowmobiling sessions.


Snowmobile handguards come in various patterns, colors, and contours. You will notice that most handguards for snow machines appear like the backside of a car mirror. Plus, with technology penetrating the snowmobiling industry, you get to be stylish with your design choices.

The size, material used, and design are among the important elements you need to assess before availing of motor sled handguards. Besides, you should remember to read online reviews and ask store staff before buying. These essential measures help you find a suitable product according to your needs and preferences.


The best snowmobile handguards truly play a significant role in every snowmobiler’s outings. They highly affect your snow adventures. Indeed, there are plenty of snowmobile handguards, and they come in a variety of brands, colors, contours, and other features.

In this online discussion, the Rox Speed FX Flex-Tec Handguards is the number-one pick because of its capability to deliver snowmobiling enthusiasts’ important needs. This product offers the necessary protection, warmth, cleanliness, and dryness that every rider requires for their hands.

Besides, the price may not be the average, yet you will never regret purchasing the Flex-Tec Handguards for the durability and perks they provide. Shopping for the best snowmobile handguard should not be difficult through the help of this article that gives you some insights about how to select the best product.

Moreover, you get to read about one example of the most optimal choice. It helps to read other online reviews and the product specifications from the manufacturers’ website. Gathering more details by asking store staff online and in brick and mortar stores is beneficial for shoppers like you as well. These steps allow you to find the suitable snowmobile handguards for your snow machine.

Happy shopping for the best snowmobile handguards today!


How do snowmobile handguards protect snow scooter riders against the wind?

When you engage in snowmobiling, there is a tendency for you to drive into the direction of the heavy-blowing wind. This unintended action can cause injuries to your hands, eyes, and body. If you buy the best snowmobile handguards, these pieces of protective gear will cause the wind to alter its direction, keeping your safe.

What is the main function of handguards for motor sleds?

When snowmobiling, dirty, flying pieces of ice can get attached to your hands. Also, you can get inconvenienced by the harsh and chilly weather. The primary purpose of snowmobile handguards is to keep your hands protected, clean, dry, and warm.

If I ride during warm and sunny days, what kind of snowmobile handguards should I purchase?

Snowmobile handguards safeguard your hands from harsh and cold weather. Nonetheless, you can also utilize them when you want to ride during hot and sunny weather. In this situation, you should avail of the skimobile handguards with easily removable vents. These features are important for better airflow.

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