Top 7 Best Snowmobile Dollies | 2021 Reviews (Raider)

Snowmobiling is a fun, adventurous, and exciting sport to take part in this winter. You probably already have either bought yourself a snowmobile, or you are busy maintaining your existing one.

But if you don’t have the best snowmobiling dolly, pulling the snowmobile from inside the garage or carrying it back to store it until the next time becomes a major challenge. You can even end up damaging your snowmobile while trying to move it around. Hence, having a snowmobile dolly is a necessity.

With the help of a good-quality dolly, you can easily move your snowmobile from one location to another without having to risk your investment. So, let’s check out some of the best dollies you will find for your snowmobile.

Top 7 Best Snowmobile Dollies Reviewed:

  1. KASTFORCE KF 2014 Snowmobile Dolly – Best Overall
  2. Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System – Best for Budget
  3. Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Snowmobile Dollies – Best Premium Pick
  4. Performance Tool W41061 Snowmobile Dolly
  5. Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set
  6. Raider SM-12165 Mini Snowmobile Dolly Set
  7. Extreme Max MDM2-RW Red M2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly

#1 KASTFORCE KF 2014 Snowmobile Dolly – Best Overall

KASTFORCE KF 2014 Snowmobile Dolly

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Rubber.
  • Straps: Heavy-duty straps.
  • Weight Limit: 1500 lbs.
  • Material: Rust resistant heavy-duty steel.

KASTFORCE KF2014 might look basic, but it is very strong and powerful when it comes to lifting a snowmobile. It can lift between 500 and 800 lbs on average per dolly. In addition, it comes in a package of three roller dollies that can lift a total of 1500lbs on average.

These dollies have 2.5″ high-quality PVC swivel casters attached to them, allowing you to turn the caster wheels around 360 degrees. This makes it easier to push and pull your snowmobile around. However, the wheels are small and optimized to only function well on solid flat or smooth floors, rather than on gravel or dirt.

Furthermore, KF2014 has four tie-down straps attached to secure the slides. These are made of nylon, which makes them robust and durable. There are two 8-inch x 10-inch steel dollies lined to fit under skis with the help of tie-down nylon straps and a 7-inch x 7-inch dolly underneath the rear track that can be positioned accordingly.

These steel dollies are heavy-duty and can comfortably bear the snowmobile’s weight. The steel units don’t get strained or disfigured, and they roll very nicely even on a smooth surface. These dollies allow you to drive around your motorbike with just one hand.

Sturdy, powerful, and durable dolly.Doesn’t work too well on dirt or gravel.
Has a combined weight limit of 1500 lbs.
Carries your snowmobile without much risk of damage.

#2 Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System – Best for Budget

Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Rubber.
  • Straps: Velcro.
  • Weight Limit: 1000 lbs.

These snowmobile movers, which are advertised as economical dollies, are ideal for flat, smooth surfaces. The swivel caster wheels make it super easy to maneuver in tight spaces. You will be able to have more control, which means you are less likely to damage your snowmobile. These wheels are 2.5 inches wide.

The complete package includes two ski dollies that hold the skis in place with rubber pads and Velcro straps. It also includes a dolly row. All the dollies come pre-assembled so setting them up before you use them is not a hassle for you. They are ready to use, and the dollies are claimed to be sturdier than most other affordable options.

While it is not ideal for large snowmobiles, it works with smaller models. Furthermore, the dollies are small enough to fit in your gear bag and you can take them with you everywhere.

Highly affordable.Only suitable for smooth and flat surfaces.
Available in many colors.It might not work well with larger snowmobiles.
High-quality and durable straps and wheels.

#3 Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Snowmobile Dollies – Best Premium Pick

Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Snowmobile Dollies

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Key Features:

  • Padding: No padding.
  • Straps: Metal Hooks.
  • Weight Limit: 1000 lbs.
  • Material: Rust-resistant heavy-duty steel.

The package consists of 2 standard ski dollies and a dolly track for both motorized and non-motorized use. The wheels of these dollies are steerable due to the cotter pin assembly. They are very wide, with a diameter of 5 inches. Because of the Improved, 31% wider wheelbase, they give increased stability and make the entire operation much smoother.

Furthermore, you can carry snowmobiles of any size on these dollies safely thanks to the width of the wheels. There is no risk of your snowmobile overturning or falling sideways.

These dolly wheels can be easily used on grass, concrete, gravel, and dirt, and you can easily go up to 5 MPH speed. They are, therefore, ideal for use on any surface, even on rough terrains. The two dollies come with nylon-coated cables that help wrap the skis around safely.

Those dollies radiate simplicity in terms of design but deliver a robust construction. While they have a rough appearance, they protect the skis in the best possible way.

It can be driven on a proper road or on dirt, gravel, or grass.If not assembled properly, they can break easily.
Highly stable.
Comes with a 2-year warranty.

#4 Performance Tool W41061 Snowmobile Dolly

Performance Tool W41061 Snowmobile Dolly

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Thick rubber padding.
  • Straps: No straps.
  • Weight Limit: 1500 lbs.

W41061 dollies come pre-assembled and can be used straight out of the box. They have an amazing style. The black finish is certainly a good touch, and everything is polished, which gives a classy feel.

These dollies don’t just have the looks; they also promise great functionality. They can easily lift up to 1500 pounds of weight on them while standing firm.

The wheels measure 2 inches in width; while the width isn’t much, they are heavy-duty and durable enough to bear all that weight. A feature that distinguishes these dollies is the fact that their tops are absolutely covered with rubber padding. That is an important factor to remember when moving your motorbike safely since this means the dollies won’t slip easily.

These dollies don’t have any braces on the side, though, so if the rubber doesn’t support the skis, you’ll have some problems. But the fact that there’s a groove on the two ski dollies should help with that, stopping the skis in the center.

Highly stable.No straps to hold the dolly in place.
Nice and elegant design.
Has a very high weight limit.
Affordable pricing.

#5 Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set

Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Rubber.
  • Straps: Heavy-duty Straps
  • Weight Limit: 1000 lbs.
  • Material: Rust-resistant heavy-duty steel.

Thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction and high load capacity of up to 1000 lbs., the 9298 dollies by Shepherd Hardware boasts absolute power. The complete package includes two 7.125 x 7.75 inches ski dollies each, and a 7.125 x 7.125-inch track dolly. The steel plates are coated with black powder to prevent the dollies from rust and other weather factors.

Every piece of the package comes with rotating 2-3/8-inch wheels made from tough rubber to ensure a longer useful life. The two ski dollies also come with straps attached to protect your load as you pass it around.

However, the downside is that you will have to get an extension for the straps if you have a big ski, so they might not be long enough to protect it. Second, they only work best on even surfaces. However, they are very good at maneuvering in small spaces.

It makes it easy to maneuver your snowmobile in the storage area.Straps are very small, and you will need extensions.
Highly stable.Suitable for smooth surfaces only.
Easy to control in small spaces.
Steel is highly durable and will last you for a long time.

#6 Raider SM-12165 Mini Snowmobile Dolly Set

Raider SM-12165 Mini Snowmobile Dolly Set

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Very thin rubber padding.
  • Straps: No straps.
  • Weight Limit: 1500 lbs.
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel-coated with black powder.

These dollies have a special and stunning style. Crafted with heavy-duty steel with black powder coating for corrosion protection, these dollies feature 2.5-inch hard rubber casters that are designed for swiveling.

These dollies come in a package of three 4-wheeled dollies to be positioned underneath the skis and track. They make it easier to drive your snowmobile in and out of the garage or other paved surfaces. If the wheels often feel a little difficult to turn, use a little bit of grease or oil, and that should solve the problem.

The cherry on top is the black finish that looks very elegant and classy. It shines away when doing what it is supposed to do. Since it is made of heavy-duty steel, the dolly promises not to sag or break under the snowmobile’s weight, making it a highly durable option.

Sturdy and durable dolly.You might need to oil the wheels since they tend to get a little stiff.
Safely helps you move your snowmobiles.
Has a classy look.

#7 Extreme Max MDM2-RW Red M2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly

Extreme Max MDM2-RW Red M2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly

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Key Features:

  • Padding: Rubber padding.
  • Straps: No straps.
  • Weight Limit: 1500 lbs.
  • Material: Heavy-gauge steel coated with rust-resistant powder.

This dolly comes with monster wheels that measure a diameter of 20 inches. Not only this, but the extra-wide wheels are reinforced with rods mounted on oversized double heavy-duty bearings.

Other than the monster wheels, these dollies have a monster frame as well. Such a frame makes space for windshields and handlebars with risers, hooks, and mirrors. As a result, you can comfortably balance your snowmobile on the dollies. With heavy-gauge steel and rust-resistant powder coat finish, the biggest snowmobiles in snow or the shop can be maneuvered without any difficulty.

This product’s features are worth noting because these dollies have adjustable lift bars with dual lift points, providing full lift and an ideal fit. The extra-large, flexible lift strap equally distributes the weight, and then the dollies lift and fly your snowmobile across the surface with no difficulties. It helps you to quickly clean your garage or storage area by allowing you to simply move your snowmobile with as much ease as you will need.

Our Top Pick

After a thorough survey of the market, we came up with the top seven snowmobile dollies in the market. All of them are great in quality and provide you with great utility and value for your money. However, only one of them can be the best.

For us, KASTFORCE KF 2014 Snowmobile Dolly is the best snowmobile dolly in the market.

It can lift 500-800 lbs on average per dolly, and one set consists of three dollies. This means that you can lift a total of over 1500 lbs with these. They also have rubber padding and heavy-duty straps to support skis. Furthermore, they are made of rust-resistant heavy-duty steel, and they use high-quality 2.5” PVC swivel casters.

In conclusion, KASTFORCE KF 2014 is a sturdy, powerful, and durable dolly that carries your snowmobile without much risk of damage.

Best Snowmobile Dollies Brands

There are many big and small brands in the market with various product offerings. All of them have something to offer, but if quality is your first priority, then you should prefer the following brands.

●     Extreme Max:

Extreme Max is a very powerful brand that ensures that your outdoor products will withstand all kinds of tough circumstances and temperatures. It believes in promoting outdoor activities in people, and for that, it facilitates them as well with high-quality outdoor products.

●     Raider:

Raider has been around for almost five decades now. It always aims to be a top brand that is sold in every retailer and hardware shop. Raider did achieve this after working tirelessly for years, and the secret to this success has always been its focus on innovating products to provide customers with the best value.

●     Shepherd Hardware:

This is a B2B company that delivers top-quality industrial and household hardware products. It has aimed to prioritize value maximization for all its business stakeholders, and it delivers what it promises.

●     Performance Tool:

Performance Tool is a subsidy of Wilmar Corporation, and it provides a range of hardware products. Wilmar employs a dedicated team of industry experts who analyze the customers’ needs and provide them with what they want when they want it.

Benefits of Having Snowmobile Dollies

If you’ve ever owned a snowmobile, it’s very likely you’ve faced the dilemma of having to move it from Point A to Point B but not having the right equipment to do so. Having a decent set of snowmobile dollies will help you move your snowmobile dollies on and off trailers or in and out of your garage, etc. They are a small investment to make, but they can make repositioning your snowmobile super easy.

For other purposes, too, it can be helpful to have snowmobile dollies around. They can help you transport items like furniture, toolboxes, or anything else that’s heavy, bulky, or just difficult to move around. Snowmobile dollies often take up less space than other forms of dollies, so you can conveniently store them on a shelf in your garage or wardrobe without losing much space.

Features to Look For When Buying a Snowmobile Dolly

Before buying yourself a snowmobile dolly, you should keep in mind certain factors that will define the value that you will get out of it. We have listed the most important ones as follows.

●     Weight:

A snowmobile dolly must be heavy. The heavier it is, the better it will be. If it is heavy, then it will be more effective in lifting your snowmobile since it will be more powerful, which will ultimately make it easier for you to handle your snowmobile.

You need a snowmobile dolly to balance out your snowmobile’s weight so that you don’t have to struggle to keep it balanced while you drive around your dolly. This also ensures your safety since you won’t have to worry about the dolly overturning.

Furthermore, it will ensure that the snowmobile won’t get damaged due to being loosely balanced. In the end, because of its weight, you won’t notice the heavy weight of the machine since the dolly will carefully transfer it upon itself.

●     Material:

Another factor you need to remember when shopping for your next snowmobile dolly is the material used to make it. Besides the fact that this defines the device’s overall durability, it can also have a direct impact on its load capacity, which brings us to the point described above.

Just as you can imagine, snowmobile dolly systems need to be constructed from sturdy materials to support the total weight of the vehicle. This also ensures that it can fairly distribute the snowmobile’s weight so that you can drive it around safely.

The most common type of material used in snowmobile dolly systems is powder-coated steel, which has a range of crucial advantages, such as high load capacity, as well as rust resistance. It’s obvious that if you don’t want to spend money on a new snowmobile dolly every year, then you need to buy one that is made from the best materials so that it is highly durable.

Other than the built material, you also need to look for the materials and mechanisms that it uses to ensure its resistance to extreme temperatures and daily usage. If you’re making sure all these features are included in the device you’ve set your sights on, you shouldn’t have any problems.

●     Size and Durability:

Whenever you are looking for a new product, you should obviously look for one that is durable and will last you for a long time so you can get good value for your money. The same rule applies to snowmobile dollies. This rule will prove to be a cost-effective solution for your needs, and you will get to make a worthy investment.

It is important that the dolly is sturdy and strong enough for a snowmobile so it can secure the vehicle when you’re driving it around. Its size should be such that it can accommodate the snowmobile and all its units that need to be transported.

●     Safety Features:

It is also important for snowmobile dolly systems to have safety features like belts, buckles, and any other closure systems that hold your snowmobile firmly fixed to the track while you’re moving it. Regardless of whether you are looking at a model that comes with a Velcro strapping system or another choice, the straps should be long enough to fit the snowmobile.

●     Padding:

Rubber padding is one of the most essential things that a snowmobile dolly should have. This padding serves a friction mat that prevents your snowmobile from falling or slipping off dollies. You want to avoid any kind of damage that the snowmobile could sustain during the moving process, which is why you must consider rubber padding seriously.

Furthermore, you want to protect the snowmobile from any dents or scratches that could damage the mobile’s aesthetics. We all know that finding a new scratch is not fun, particularly if you really like using your snowmobile. The snowmobiling dolly should therefore come fitted with durable rubber padding.

Most models typically have this padding around the frame, which also acts as an extra measure of protection, as it also contributes to the stability of the snowmobile by holding it in place. Whatever type of dolly track you select, the padding should always be included, as this is crucial for keeping the unit safe from damage.

In addition, there are snowmobile dollies that include more than normal rubber padding, which is always a good idea. Of course, it’s important to make sure this padding isn’t going to cause any trouble while you’re boarding the mobile, but this is uncommon.

●     Stability:

Since we are talking about stability, it’s important to note that the snowmobile dolly should come with a large wheelbase to ensure the vehicle has the right degree of protection. This is especially important if you will be using the snowmobile dolly on some form of uneven pavement.

Surfaces like gravel or broken pavement will certainly pose a challenge in terms of the integrity of the entire ensemble. So, make sure you have one of the flexible snowmobile dolly systems that can be used for all surface forms. This way, you’re not going to have to think about this problem, so you get a lot of peace of mind.

After all, snowmobiles aren’t exactly inexpensive units to get and use, so you should do whatever you can to make sure you always move the machine safely. Moreover, if you go for a snowmobile dolly that comes with a broad wheelbase, you will also gain enhanced maneuverability as it works better when reversing.

The same applies if you need to drive the snowmobile in tight spaces or around corners. This can also depend on how your property looks, or where you need to manage both the dolly track and the snowmobile. Despite that, it’s always a good idea to have a flexible and reliable device that you can count on.

●     Buy a Complete System:

Another good recommendation is to always get full snowmobile dolly systems for your own use. A complete system will include a track dolly as well as the two sky dollies required for your snowmobile. By doing so, you will be able to complete the task at hand in the most efficient way, while also safeguarding the vehicle from any harm.

In addition, having a full system means you won’t have to think about finding additional and relevant parts or features of a dolly in the future when you need to get something done. You will be able to utilize your system as soon as you need to. Of course, the decision depends on how often you normally need your snowmobile. However, it is still a good idea to have everything you might need beforehand so you can move around stuff easily.

The decision to go for a full snowmobile dolly system is also closely related to the stability you can guarantee for the machine. However, besides getting everything you need, it’s also important to choose the right model to get the results you want, anytime you use the snowmobile.


We have time and again tried to understand the importance of a snowmobile dolly in this review. However, just to conclude and state it simply, we will state it one more time.

A snowmobile dolly makes it easy to move your snowmobile from one location to another while minimizing the risk of it getting damaged.

While understanding this, it is established that if you have a snowmobile, you need a snowmobile dolly as well. It is a simple product but choosing your ideal one can be a difficult task. Hence, we have also made a buying guide for you that you can refer to while making a purchase. Happy Snowmobiling!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Can I damage my snowmobile using a dolly?

It’s not common for people to damage their snowmobiles using their dollies. But it may happen in certain cases. For example, if you don’t abide by the weight limit, your dolly can break, leading to your snowmobile falling and probably getting damaged. Another popular cause for damage can be that you didn’t properly tie and tighten the straps. This can lead to your snowmobile slipping and getting damaged.

How to use a snowmobile dolly?

Using dollies is a fairly easy task. All you need to do is place the snowmobile on the dolly. Make sure it is centered properly and does not fall on one side. Then tightly put the straps on so that the snowmobile doesn’t slip. After that, you can just drag out your snowmobile easily.

What to do if the rubber padding on a dolly isn’t enough?

If you’ve set your sights on a specific model, but feel that a bit more padding could be needed, you can look for some tailor-made solutions. You can try making some extra padding yourself; it is a fairly easy task. You just need to buy the padding and the synthetic adhesive to stick the padding. Just make sure you don’t put on too much extra padding because it will affect the dollies’ performance.

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