Top 5 Best Snowmobile Covers | 2021 Reviews (Rain-X)

As a snowmobiling enthusiast, hitting the trails with sheer confidence is your main desire. You surely want your snow scooter to always be in pristine condition – pure and untouched by any undesirable and hazardous elements. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid getting your snow machine exposed to harsh materials that can undermine its condition.

Grime, wind, and the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays are among these hazardous elements that can damage your skimobile as time passes. You can add the rain, dirt, and snow as among the other harmful factors that you need to guard your motor sled against and prevent them from keeping your snowmobile in maintaining its best form.

This online discussion will help you find the best snowmobile covers available. It features five of the highly-rated products today. These snow scooter covers are highly protective, affordable, and durable. Plus, they are available in the sizes and applications typically demanded by today’s winter powersports fanatics like you.

The following are the five best snowmobile covers in this article. They guarantee to safeguard your beloved skimobile against the destructive impacts of various harsh elements. Above all, they will let you relish your dream rides in the years to come:

Top 5 Best Snowmobile Covers Reviewed:

  1. Rain-X Snowmobile Cover – Best Overall
  2. Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover by Classic Accessories – Best Value
  3. Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider – Editor’s Choice
  4. Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover
  5. Snowmobile Storage Cover by Epic

#1. Rain-X Snowmobile Cover – Best Overall

Rain-X Snowmobile Cover

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  • All-weather protection
  • Ultrasonic seams
  • Trunk loop
  • Handy storage bag
  • Security straps
  • Fully elastic hem
  • Seven-year warranty

The snowmobile cover by Rain-X will make you feel truly impressed. Why? It is because you get absolute protection for your snow scooter. The non-scratch fabric of this snowmobile cover features a soft interior.

Therefore, you get a product that smoothly glides over your snow machine, safeguarding its windshield. Yes, the snowmobile cover by Rain-X eliminates your worries of your vehicle’s surface getting scratched.

Furthermore, Rain-X’s offering has an exterior constructed using fabric that offers breathable security. This benefit safeguards your snow machine against water, rain, dust, changing weather conditions, snow, the sun’s damaging ultra-violet or UV rays, dirt, and other external elements.

The snowmobile cover is water-resistant, too. Plus, the fully elastic hem or elasticized bottom delivers a snug and tight fit. You also get a better grip with the security straps. These perks come with non-corrosive buckles that keep the snow scooter cover in place.

Moreover, Rain-X’s skimobile cover features ultrasonic seams for tying down your vehicle. There is no need for you to use a lock or cable because of the five-way vehicle corner tie-down straps and grommets and the trunk loop.

The handy storage bag is also a component of the package. This add-on makes the snowmobile cover free from holes and keeps it compact during the storage season.

Finally, you will feel wowed by the seven-year warranty that comes when you avail of the snowmobile cover by Rain-X. This advantage is the best warranty when it comes to snow machine covers.

Excellent fitFew buyers complained about the snowmobile cover's fitting and getting ripped
Protective against ice, snow, rain, and other harmful elements
Affordable price

#2. Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover by Classic Accessories – Best Value

Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover by Classic Accessories

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  • Quick-adjusting and built-in straps
  • Rear reflective safety markings
  • Elasticized hem cord
  • Integrated storage bag
  • Tension panels
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Non-scratch hood liner

If you want the best snowmobile cover that guarantees sheer toughness and protection for your snow scooter, you will feel pleased if you avail of the Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover. This product is an offering of lifestyle specialist store Classic Accessories.

The Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover can safeguard your snowmobile even in the heaviest snowstorms. You can feel assured that your motor sled will not get harmed by the impacts of severe or light weather conditions, scratch, and dust.

Furthermore, Classic Accessories’ offering comes with quick-adjusting and built-in straps and an integrated trailering system. These benefits make this product perfect for transportation and highway journeys. They effectively secure the snowmobile cover to your snow machine.

The Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover also comes with non-scratch hood liner and tension panels for further security. These advantages prevent the snow scooter cover from getting blown off by the heavy wind. You can count on the ProtekXTM Extreme fabric used in constructing Classic Accessories’ product in terms of durability. This material is heavy-duty and highly sturdy.

Also, the ProtekXTM Extreme fabric can resist abrasion and does not scratch your snow vehicle. This material has polyurethane or PU backing that fights severe weather. Classic Accessories’ snowmobile cover comes with an elasticized hem cord as well. It keeps the snowmobile travel cover secure and with a tight and quick fit.

Do you feel troubled or worried about the visibility of your snow machine? You do not have to because you get the utmost safety with Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover, thanks to the rear reflective safety markings. Hence, when your motor sled is with the cover, it also has increased visibility for your protection.

Finally, the Classic Accessories’ product comes in three sizes you can select from, depending on the dimension of your skimobile: Medium, Large, and Extra-Large or XL. Also, storing it is effortless and convenient via the integrated storage bag included.

Excellent fitMinor buyer complaint about the skimobile cover getting ripped
Other features deliver quite well
Durable material
Highly protective

#3. Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider – Editor’s Choice

Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider

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  • A bag for storage
  • Ultraviolet or UV and weather-resistant fabric construction
  • Also available in camouflage hue
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Elastic hem
  • 2-year factory warranty

Do you feel concerned about your beloved snowmobile getting damaged by dirt, snow, rain, sun, grime, and wind? You do not have to because the Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider offers premium security against all of these damaging elements. This product is among the best snowmobile covers available today due to the optimal protection it is capable of delivering.

The Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider is available in Large, Extra-Large or XL, and Extra-Extra-Large or 2XL sizes. This black snowmobile cover will never make you feel disappointed because its manufacturer utilized dependable Polyester.

This fabric guarantees that your snowmobile is safe when you are not using it. Furthermore, the company treated the Polyester with ultraviolet or UV coating and sealant. Hence, your snowmobile receives the ultimate protection versus the sun’s harmful rays.

The Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider features the universal fit, and you can use it if your snow scooter is around 110 inches long. Plus, as a demanding power sports fan, you can expect this product to deliver quite well, thanks to the double-stitched reinforced seams. This advantage makes this snowmobile travel cover maneuverable. Besides, it can comfortably accommodate your skimobile without tearing.

You will not regret Raider’s offering because of the elastic hem. This perk assures you that your motor sled gets a snug fit around its base. Also, there are no sections of your snowmobile that get left exposed.

The dependable and high-quality Snowmobile Storage Cover by Raider also comes with a bag. Thus, you do not have to feel troubled about the snowmobile travel cover getting misplaced because this feature is for your easy storage.

Thick and tough construction materialMinor buyer complaint about the snowmobile cover's color fading
Excellent fit
Stays in place when in use

#4. Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

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  • Fully elasticized hem
  • Storage bag
  • 100-percent waterproof

You can expect to get superior protection for your snowmobile if you buy the Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover. This product is among the highly rated, best snowmobile covers today due to the many advantages it can deliver to avid snowmobilers like you.

The Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover is of heavy-duty Polyester construction. This feature assures you that your snow scooter gets long-lasting protection. Besides, this skimobile cover is 100-percent waterproof. You can expect to get your needed defense for your snow machine against dirt, rain, snow, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays, and many more.

Moreover, the premium-quality material for the Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover’s construction is non-abrasive to your vehicle’s finish. The Polyester is fully breathable as well. Hence, you can anticipate no mildew or molds growing under the snowmobile cover and in your motor sled.

Budge’s snowmobile cover, which fits motor sleds up to 130 inches long, features a fully elasticized hem, too. Therefore, this cover is secure in your motor sled, and you can expect a secure and tight fit. Keeping the Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover is also easy, thanks to the storage bag included for convenient storage.

Excellent fitFew customers complained about the sizes
Performs well even under extremely windy conditions
Color does not fade easily, and the cover does not wear fast

#5. Snowmobile Storage Cover by Epic

Snowmobile Storage Cover by Epic

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  • Sewn-in elastic cord
  • Double-stitched reinforced seams
  • Storage bag
  • One-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Snowmobile Storage Cover by Epic is among the best snowmobile covers available today. You will not regret selecting this black snowmobile travel cover that fits most snow scooters of up to 106 inches long because it is sturdy.

The manufacturer utilized Polyester, a hard-wearing fabric capable of safeguarding your snowmobile against harmful sun rays, varying weather conditions, moisture, and dust.

Besides, the weather and ultraviolet or UV-resistant Epic snowmobile cover features an elastic cord sewn to deliver a snug and custom fit for your motor sled. This advantage will keep the snowmobile cover secured on your snow machine.

The Snowmobile Storage Cover by Epic can eliminate tears or rips through the double-stitched reinforced seams. You also do not have to feel troubled or anxious about keeping the product safe because of the included storage bag you can utilize when not using the cover.

If you feel unhappy with your purchase, Epic offers its buyers a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Low-costFew customers complained about the color fading
Highly sturdy material
Protective against unwanted elements like dirt and snow
Lightweight and easy storage
Long-lastingaExcellent fit



The snowmobile cover by Rain-X beats all the other four products in this list. It offers comprehensive protection for snow scooters. This 3.09-pound motor sled cover delivers absolute protection.

The non-scratch fabric’s soft interior eliminates your worry of your vehicle’s windshield getting scratched. Plus, the fabric’s exterior is water-resistant and offers breathable protection against most, if not all, of the harmful elements.

Thus, with the Rain-X Snowmobile Cover, you can get peace of mind for your snow machine against the long-term impacts of changing weather conditions, water, dust, rain, and the sun’s hazardous ultraviolet or UV rays.

Furthermore, this product eases your anxiety about your snowmobile getting harmed by the snow, dirt, and other unwanted elements. The water-resistant nature of the Rain-X Snowmobile Cover is another of this product’s many plus factors. Besides, you get more benefits for your black motor sled with the tight and snug fit offered by the elasticized bottom or fully elastic hem.

Rain-X’s snow scooter cover also has more security benefits, thanks to the straps and the buckles that keep your skimobile in place. Above all, what makes the Rain-X Snowmobile Cover a winner in this list of the best snowmobile covers is that you enjoy a seven-year warranty. You can always feel that you get the manufacturer’s support for your purchase.

Buyer’s Guide to Snowmobile Covers

The best snowmobile covers abound in the market today. They come in various protection level offerings, sizes, construction material, and designs.

You must avail of the snow scooter cover that can deliver full protection and coverage for your snowmobile. You can find this product by considering these three key elements:

1. Size

When buying a snowmobile cover, your purchase should deliver full coverage to safeguard your skimobile against the harmful external elements. The product you will buy should be large enough to cover the entire snowmobile.

Hence, you should know your motor sled’s length and width. You can find the size or dimensions of your snowmobile in the vehicle’s specifications. You can also record your snow scooter’s width and length yourself using a tape measure.

2. Materials

Manufacturers of the best snowmobile covers typically utilize lightweight and sturdy synthetic material. Polyester is highly well-known as the fabric used in making the best snowmobile travel covers.

The fabric utilized should resist the damaging external elements, such as the long-term effects of changing weather conditions, debris, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays, dust, dirt, snow, and rain.

Plus, you can be sure that the product you are purchasing is durable and long-lasting if the material used is robust and thick enough. The dependable material or fabric guarantees that your snowmobile gets the protection it needs when transported or stored.

3. Design

Since there are plenty of various designs of snowmobile travel covers, you must select the product that offers a customized and snug fit for your snow scooter. In this manner, the cover will not get blown off by the wind. Besides, you can prevent it from becoming a danger for other motorists.

The best snowmobile covers typically have a tough exterior that prevents any kind of weather damage. Plus, they have a soft underside or interior that safeguards the finish of the skimobile. You can also find security straps and an elastic hem bottom in these premium products.

The size, material, and design are among the essential elements you need to consider when purchasing a high-quality snowmobile cover. You can read reviews regarding your choices first before heading to the store. This step will help you determine which products offer your snowmobile the utmost long-term protection at an affordable cost.


When buying the best snowmobile cover, your primary purpose is to outsmart the elements that pose serious threats to your snow scooter. These hazardous factors comprise the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays, snow, dirt, grime, rain, and many other elements that can undermine your snowmobile’s internal and external portions.

This online discussion featured the Rain-X Snowmobile Cover as the best snowmobile cover. It is because it offers a high level of protection for motor sleds. Plus, the product is of durable construction, making it long-lasting and helps buyers save their hard-earned money.

Indeed, the best snow machine covers in this article are capable of outsmarting the damaging elements. You do not have to worry about spending huge sums of cash to pay for them. Above all, they facilitate your snowmobile to maintain its excellent appearance and best performance during the winter and the long haul. Thus, you can get peace of mind and more enjoyment in your passion as a snowmobiling aficionado.

Happy shopping for the best snowmobile cover today!


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I am buying a snowmobile cover. What important features should I consider for my purchase?

If you plan to travel a lot, the snowmobile cover you should buy should be a trailerable one. You should remember that not all snowmobile covers offer this benefit. Also, the product you are choosing should be a universal snowmobile cover. This type of motor sled cover offers a high level of protection. It can halt debris damage. Besides, a universal snowmobile cover is the best choice because it offers all-weather protection and is safe in high winds. Hence, you can expect zero serious accidents and merely pure safety and protection for your skimobile.

How do snowmobile covers safeguard my snow machine?

The safety of your snowmobile is significant. Your vehicle may be strong when you use it in Winter Wonderland. Also, a snow machine can be tough in the snow as you warm it up and drive it. Nevertheless, your snowmobile’s engine can get damaged quickly as it gets exposed to the destructive external elements.

Thus, with the help of snowmobile covers, you do not have to worry about taking your skimobile to the repair shop. Top-rated snowmobile covers are essential for your snow machine’s maintenance, and they extend your vehicle’s life.

Moreover, they safeguard your snowmobile from the damaging external elements like the long-term impacts of varying weather conditions, dust, rain, snow, grime, and so forth. Availing of the best snowmobile cover lets you reduce their harms to your motor sled. Hence, you can expect your snowmobile to stay in the best form for the upcoming winter and the long run.

What steps are involved in cleaning snowmobile covers?

Cleaning snow scooter covers typically involves using a water or garden hose. You can use this piece of cleaning equipment to rinse off the unwanted materials. You can find more pieces of information and cleaning advice regarding cleaning snowmobile covers from online reviews.  

Furthermore, you can check the specific product maintenance or cleaning directions on your snowmobile cover’s packaging. The cleaning tips you find will usually help you best tidy the product and prevent causing harm to it in the cleaning process.

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