Top 5 Best Snowboard Knee Pads | 2021 Reviews (Bodyprox)

Snowboarding is an outdoor physical activity that can make you susceptible to many accidents or injuries. Thus, you must ensure you use adequate protective gear always to keep your most vital and most vulnerable body parts safe.

Snowboarding mainly puts much pressure on your overall balance and control. It is for this reason that your knees receive much of the stress when you are riding. This body part is vital in keeping balance stability and movability. Because of this stress, your knees are one of the most prone to injuries.

From your patellar ligaments to your ACL, your knees are susceptible injuries caused by riding. Moreover, snowboarding can also cause hard falls with substantial impacts that your knees have to absorb. Scrapes, wounds, and bruises are sometimes unavoidable because of snowboarding accidents. All of these unwanted injuries are preventable using a good pair of snowboarding kneepads. Here’s our list.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Knee Pads Reviewed

  1. Demon Hyper X D30 Knee Pads
  2. Bodyprox Protective Kneepads
  3. Knee Pads for Work by Thunderbolt
  4. JYSW Knee Pads
  5. MoKo Knee Pads

#1. Demon Hyper X D30 Knee Pads

Demon Hyper X D30 Knee Pads

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  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Kevlar, neoprene

Protection, performance, and comfort – Demon United does not disappoint. This product is one of the most prominent and widely used snowboard kneepads in the market. It is also many professional athletes’ choice, and it is easy to see why.

The Demon X D30 kneepads are versatile enough to function in many riding sports and activities. These are initially partners of many mountain bikers, but they also have optimum performance in winter sports.

Its outer cover is a Kevlar material, which is prominent because of its abrasion-resistant properties and durability. Many high-performing kneepads also use this composition since they ensure optimum protection from external impacts. It uses a D30 construction matched with foam padding to enhance security further. There is no doubt that it holds CE 1621-1 certification to rectify its protective quality, even for extreme sports like motorcycle riding.

If you think Demon United compromises comfort for high performance, then you are wrong. The ease of this product will surely surprise you too. It uses a soft lining to ensure that your skin does not suffer from further clothing abrasions. Furthermore, its neoprene composition also adds another layer of heat insulation to keep your knees warm at all times. Although it has an outstanding performance in maintaining the warmth of your knees, breathability is still superb. This material allows for proper ventilation, avoiding overheating of your knees, which also makes it perfect even for biking activities done in hot temperatures.

Installation is also at ease, and stability is unmatched. Its construction features double stitches to ensure durability and a form-fitting design that enhances a comfortable and stable fit. The kneepads also come with adjustable velcro straps, so you can always adjust the size to your best fit, making them less prone to moving while riding.

Comfortable and breathable materialsSizes are a bit smaller, so it is better to purchase one size bigger version
Velcro straps to adjust fitting
More expensive than other brands
Form-fitting design

#2. Bodyprox Protective Kneepads

Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads

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  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 4.96 ounces
  • Material: Rubber, EVA

Completing your snowboarding set can sometimes be a bit pricey. If you are looking for a trustworthy product that won’t hurt your pockets, it is for you. Bodyprox Protective Kneepads are high-performing but budget-friendly. It comes in a unisex, multi-functional design that can work best for both male and female riders for many types of rides.

This product uses durable but lightweight materials. But its most remarkable is still its design. Although it does not feature velcro straps, its anti-slip feature makes it cling to your knees firmly to provide a snug comfortable fit. Its tightness might worry, but believe us when we tell you that it allows the best mobility. It has flexible rubber compositions that work best in insulating heat for your knees and allows excellent movement. What adds to its comfortable feature is that it does not cover your leg, making it easier to move.

These pads are also excellent in reducing pressure to your knees, lessening the chances for fatigue, pain, and accidents. There is no doubt why many professional athletes love this product. They are comfortable, perform great, allow mobility, and reduce impact and fatigue. Given the price, this product is a definite catch.

More affordable than other brandsThe protection it offers is not as great as some of its competitors
Excellent protection and comfort
No velcro straps to adjust the size
Convenient movability

#3. Knee Pads for Work by Thunderbolt

Knee Pads for Work by Thunderbolt

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  • Product Dimensions: 16.22 x 10.11 x 4.48 inches
  • Weight: 1.57 pounds
  • Material: Nylon, Neoprene, PVC

These kneepads are initially for work purposes, but they also make one of the best snowboarding kneepads. If you are looking for heavy-duty kneepads, Thunderbolt might just have the answer.

This product is bulkier than many of its counterparts, but protection can still not compare to anything in the market. Its outer core is a heavy-duty, anti-slip, and anti-scratch material that absorbs even the harshest impacts you can have while riding. This material also makes this product one of the most durable ones you can ever find. It has a carefully-thought design that allows optimum protection to all the critical parts of your knees, from your patellar tendons to your quadriceps. It uses a thick gel padding for impact absorption and neoprene lining for the best heat insulation and comfort.

This product also features an adjustable strapping system that allows you to customize its fit to yours. Even with its large construction, you won’t be worried about mobility because these kneepads know how to adjust to your activities.

Gel padding and neoprene lining for best protection and comfortIts design is not primarily for sports
A fastening system you can customize to your fit
More bulky design
Heavy-duty and durable

#4. JYSW Knee Pads

JYSW Knee Pads

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  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 8.1 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Material: EVA foam, soft linen

These JYSW knee pads are also high-quality and versatile kneepads that you can use for many purposes. Whether you like high-impact sports like snowboarding or skiing or only want calm yoga sessions, these pads will work best for you.

Its construction includes EVA foam padding that provides excellent impact absorption. Its lining also uses soft cloth material, making the product comfortable to use even in extended hours. Its core is also a stretchable and flexible material that allows excellent mobility.

What makes this product best for winter sports is that it has anti-slip and water-resistant properties. It means that even during snowy and rainy weather conditions, your knees remain warm and dry. Its anti-slip properties also ensure that it maintains a snug fit to your knees, reducing unnecessary knee movements that may increase fatigue and injuries. It also uses velcro strap fastening, which is great to adjust the size of the product to your knees.

Excellent padding and cushioningWorks best in not worn over clothes
Flexible and durable materials
Comes in only one size
Adjustable size

#5. MoKo Knee Pads

MoKo Knee Pads

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  • Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.1 x 5.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.99 ounces
  • Material: EVA foam, soft linen

If you are looking for kneepads that can still function best even with other sports, the MoKo Knee Pads are for you. These kneepads are widely popular with athletes, including athletes for ball games, rides, and many more. What makes this product best for these professionals is that they offer excellent protection but allow high mobility. This feature attributes the materials used for its construction.

These kneepads from MoKo use flexible rubber-like materials that make movements not hurdled. On top of this, the materials used also include excellent shock-absorbent properties that protect your knees from external impact. Even with dense compositions, this product still features excellent breathability and ventilation. You should not worry about overheating or sweating because of this feature.

Although the product does not come with adjustable velcro straps, fitting is also not a worry. You can ensure that the compressive property of this product delivers an excellent hug to your knees. The product is also lightweight and easy to maintain since it is completely washable.

If you are someone who enjoys a wide range of sports, this product can be your go-to.

Lightweight materialTends to move, especially when running
Excellent mobility
Padding is a bit too stiff

Top Pick: Your Best Choice for High-Quality Snowboard Kneepads

It always pays to invest in high-quality protective gear, especially for high-energy and high-impact sports or activities. Most often, you will find yourself thanking your equipment for saving you from imminent harm. Your protective gear is usually your life-savers.

In snowboard riding, snowboard kneepads should be part of your essentials. They protect one of the most important and one of the most sensitive parts of your body, which is your knees. In searching for the best kneepads that can complete your snowboarding gear up, we found the Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads. Among all brands encountered, this remains a top pick.

The Demon Hyper X D30 offers maximum protection matched with unquestionable comfort. Its construction includes a durable and abrasion-proof Kevlar cover, soft cloth lining, and neoprene foam padding. This type of composition offers the best protection from the external impact that can be from accidents. It also allows comfortable rides, maintaining desirable warmth, and breathability. This construction is also what makes this product versatile and useful for many types of riding activities.

Fitting also comes best through its form-fitting design and adjustable velcro straps. This high-performing top-quality product is truly worth every dime.

Best Brands: Most Reliable Snowboard Kneepad Brands

If you are having trouble looking for the best snowboard kneepads, you can probably start with the brands. Top brands have gone far lengths to build their reputations, so you know they will not offer products that can straight out ruin their names. Most often, trusting these brands will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. We encountered three top brands you can trust.

Demon United

Demon United produces some of the best products to gear you up for your snowboarding adventure. They have mastered integrating protection, performance, and comfort all at the same time. Their products are usually fully-certified, which is why you know that quality is supreme. Although this brand might be a more expensive option, investing in it will be more beneficial.


Bodyprox is a brand that many athletes and professionals love. Suppose you are wondering why you should experience their products. They offer products that are durable, comfortable, and allow excellent mobility. On top of these, this brand will also be your best option if you are looking for high quality but cannot hurt your budget anymore.


Thunderbolt is a brand that mastered providing durable and heavy-duty protective gear and equipment. These designs are perfect for many types of high-energy and heavy-impact activities. Protection matches with comfort are their specialty. Trusting this brand is also a wise choice.

Buyer’s Guide: Features Your Snowboard Kneepads Must Have

It should be a primary consideration to keep your vital and vulnerable body parts protected when snowboarding. You want to create unforgettable memories through fun and enjoyable experiences and not through riding injuries. Thus, precaution from sometimes unavoidable and unexpected accidents is necessary.

Your knees are as important as your other body parts, but they do not often receive much regard. They absorb most of the shock for your body when you ride since they are the most responsible for your balance and control. Also, snowboarding rides are not free from impact falls that your knees have to absorb. These things should be enough reasons for you to adequately protect your knees and, hence, the use of quality kneepads.

Advantages of Wearing Snowboard Kneepads

Investing in high-quality snowboard kneepads are to your advantage. Kneepads serve a lot of purposes, but we have only listed a few.

Heat Insulation

If your hands or feet can get cold, your knees do too. There is a list of joint problems that can affect from freezing temperatures. Pains, swelling, or tenderness are only some complaints we often hear because of cold weather conditions. Snowboard kneepads’ construction and design specifically intend to maintain proper heat insulation to avoid these problems. These gears will do a great job of keeping temperatures warm even at the harshest weather.

Reduced Knee Pressure

Reduced knee pressure will come most handy, especially for older riders. When you ride, your knees receive a significant amount of stress that can lead to quicker fatigue, thus, more injuries. Snowboard kneepads absorb much pressure, also reducing your likeliness to have more accidents or injuries.


Shaky knees, especially when they are already fatigued, are dangerous. Snowboard riding requires many but stable movements, and snowboard kneepads can support your knees to avoid unnecessary moves. It increases stability and balance, thus, reducing the chances of injuries or accidents.

Features Your Snowboard Kneepads Must Have

Since your snowboard kneepads will serve a vital body part that enhances snowboarding ability, it is only necessary that you be critical about them. To ensure that their performance can be reliable, here are some features your snowboard kneepads should have.

Protective Padding

Your snowboard kneepads also serve as shock and impact absorbers for your hard falls. It is best to ensure that your kneepads can be trusted when it comes to lessening the impact of accidents or falls. Some kneepads use materials such as neoprene, gel, vinyl, nylon, and many more.


Your snowboard kneepad’s cushion is its outer covering. This layer adds to the ability of your kneepad to absorb the impact of accidents. Many brands use hard plastic, rubber, gel, or many others. However, the best quality kneepads use softer materials as their composition, such as neoprene, to maintain mobility. Rigid materials such as hard plastic usually make it difficult to move, affecting balance and stability.


Your snowboard kneepads also do heat insulation, ensuring your knees are always at desirably warm temperatures. However, overheating is also possible, especially when using dense materials. For better breathability, you can look for kneepads made of neoprene and other light but durable materials.


Some riders are already not particular when it comes to their kneepad’s designs. We say constructions are also important. Snowboard kneepads come in two models: the pull-over design you can put on like a sock and the one that uses velcro tapes. Among these two, kneepads with velcro straps are preferable. They are easier to use, you can adjust them to your fit, and they tend to move less than its counterpart.


Although this is not a requirement, finding a product that you can use for many purposes is a joy. Many snowboard kneepads already innovate to be able to adjust for many purposes. You can use them for many types of riding activities in many parts of your body, such as your elbows.


Just like any other high-energy activities, snowboarding can also pose various risks and dangers. Engaging in this activity means making yourself susceptible to many injuries or accidents. Although these things may be an inevitable part of your snowboarding adventure, you can always prepare yourself to lessen the harm and damage. Protective gears are beneficial for you.

Snowboard kneepads are always essential since they protect one of your body’s most critical and most vulnerable parts while you ride – knees. Your knees need as much protection as your other body parts because they perform a significant role in maintaining balance and control. Your snowboard kneepads will significantly help protect your knees from external impact, icy weather, and shaky movements.

If you are wondering which snowboard kneepad will help you best with these functions, you might want to consider the Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads. This product from Demon United has an impressive performance. Its outer Kevral covering ensures maximum absorption of external impact through an abrasion-resistant, durable material. The product’s neoprene padding allows heat insulation and ventilation, while its ultra-soft cloth lining provides comfort.

It also comes with a form-fitting design that allows a more comfortable snug fit to your knees. On top of that, it also uses adjustable velcro straps to customize the kneepads’ fit to your knees, making it more stable even while riding. What makes it more worth it is that you can also use this for many types of activities. This feature makes this product best for adventure-seekers who fancy many kinds of rides.

If all these recommendations still do not convince you, no hard feelings. For this reason, we also shared some of the qualities and features you should look for in your snowboard kneepads to help you decide on your own. Exploring many high-quality products is always fun. You can use this piece as your guide in identifying and choosing what will best work for you. So, gear up and have a terrific snowboarding adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I determine my size?

A: Most snowboard kneepads come with an adjustable size. They use either form-fitting lining, adjustable velcros, or both. Many products come in one size fits all. However, some brands also offer a range of sizes. They usually provide size charts to determine which size will best fit you.

Q: Should I use my snowboard knee pads under or over my pants?

A: Depending on your kneepads’ material, you can use them under or over your pants. Bulky designs will be difficult to use under your pants. On the flip side, kneepads with anti-slip features may work best when they have direct skin contact.

Q: What type of fastening is most advisable?

A: Snowboarding requires a lot of movements, which is why secure fastening is essential. Without this feature, your kneepads might just slip off. The most advisable type is still the one that uses velcro straps since they are easily adjustable, plus you can customize the fit to your knees.

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