Top 5 Best Snowboard Cameras | 2021 Reviews (GoPro)

Snowboarding apparel, tools, and other accessories are considered essential for a successful snowboarding experience. But many other snowboard enthusiasts cannot just consider their essentials complete with a touch of technology.

Shredding some of the most picturesque snowboarding destinations while doing incredible stunts should not go undocumented. Thus, many riders cling to snowboard cameras to ensure their unforgettable and precious moments on the mountains or their unbelievable tricks in the parks are memorialized through camera recordings.

There was a time when snow sports recordings can only be done by professional photographers or videographers using bulky and heavy recording equipment. Now, there is already a huge selection of action cameras that you can carry around to record the whole thing. They also come in snow-particular features, so you know they are reliable even with harsh weather conditions. Here are some of our top snowboard cameras for this year.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Cameras Reviewed

  1. GoPro HERO7 Black – Best Overall
  2. Olympus TG-Tracker – Best for Budget
  3. DJI Osmo Action Cam – Editor’s Choice
  4. YI 4K+ Action Camera
  5. Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera

#1. GoPro HERO7 Black – Best Overall

Hydroslide Magna Kneeboard

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  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 ounce
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Resolution: 4K, 60fps
  • Still Resolution: 12MP
  • Lens Angle: 170 degrees
  • Waterproof: 33 ft.

GoPro is a leading brand that offers high-quality and most innovative action cameras in the market. The latest version of the GoPro HERO models, the GoPro HERO7, only proves that this brand has already mastered manufacturing topnotch sports cameras.

For starters, you can already ditch that protective camera housing you have because GoPro HERO7, unlike many other cameras in the market, can already stand on its own. This snowboard camera is completely waterproof of up to 33 feet, so a little drizzle or that sudden snow downpour should not worry you that much. It also comes with versatile mounting options with tools and other accessories to experiment with different positions and points of view. However, the snowboarder viewpoint attached to the rider’s helmet is still the most preferred.

The camera also produces excellent photos and video recordings with a maximum resolution of 4k in 60 fps. The still shots are also at a decent quality with 12 megapixels. This camera is also pocket-friendly and is extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about additional baggage when carrying your device around.

This model’s primary reason is at the top of our list is the advanced image stabilization feature of this camera, putting all the quality features of its competitors far behind. The GoPro HERO7 features the HyperSmooth technology that integrates internal stabilization hardware to the camera’s exiting premium software. As a result, a more professional look to your shots is easily taken, even during your toughest rides on the most difficult settings or surfaces.

This model also uses other high-technology features that include voice command options to access and use even while riding easily and a responsive touchscreen that is even gloves-friendly. It also directly connects to Wi-Fi, so you can have real-time and live streaming of your rides, sharing your snowboarding moments with your friends and to the global audiences.

Voice command and touch screen featuresThe voice command can get a little less responsive
Durable and waterproof to up to 33 feetBattery life only lasts an hour or less
Excellent photo and video qualityAn expensive option
Convenient social media sharing
Advanced image stabilization

#2. Olympus TG-Tracker – Best for Budget

Olympus TG-Tracker With 1.5 Inch LCD

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  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounce
  • Battery Life: 95 minutes
  • Resolution: 4K, 30fps
  • Still Resolution: 8MP
  • Lens Angle: 205 degrees
  • Waterproof: 100 ft.

This action camera is probably the most innovative and high-technology option on this list. The Olympus TG-Tracker offers a lot of sensor features that you will find useful in your trips.

Judging by its look, this camera has an unconventional built that already indicates it has everything your traditional action cameras won’t ever have. It features a 1.5-inch LCD screen that flips out like a camcorder. This construction, along with its controls, can easily be used even with your snow gloves.

Among all the snowboard cameras we have encountered, this Olympus TG-Tracker might already be the sturdiest with its durability as supreme as a god. Even without any protective cases, this camera is already waterproof to up to 100 feet. It won’t even crash or break even if you put pressure or weight of up to 200 pounds to it. With this kind of rigidness, that little drizzle and snow downpour you have in the mountains or the high-impact you have to endure when having some unavoidable crashes are nothing.

This camera also takes crisp shots and recordings, featuring incredible white scale balance that quickly adjusts to different light conditions. It even has a built-in flashlight to ensure you get the right amount of light when recording even in the shadows or foggy areas. It has a still resolution of up to 8 megapixels and a video quality of 4k and 30fps. You can also use its slow-motion features limited to 720p and 480p. You can also turn on its five-axis image stabilization technology, but you should expect the same stabilization quality our premium pick has.

What makes this snowboard camera unique is its built-in sensory functions. TG-Tracker has a built-in GPS that comes with a lot of sensors too. This feature is an excellent addition to your regular snowboard cameras. You will never have to worry about being lost while shredding in the woods with this available GPS. Your camera can detect changes in elevation, speed, and more. You can also easily connect this device to your social media accounts through a separate application you can install on your phones. This camera’s batteries also last a bit longer, staying functional for up to 95 minutes.

Excellent image and video quality even for low light conditionsThe menu and control system is a bit complicated
A flip-out screen like in the regular video cameraThe stabilizing technology is not that great
Rugged and durable construction
Waterproofing to up to 100 feet
Sensory data

#3. DJI Osmo Action Cam – Editor’s Choice

DJI Osmo Action Cam

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  • Product Dimensions: 1.7 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
  • Resolution: 4K, 30fps
  • Still Resolution: 12MP
  • Lens Angle: 145 degrees
  • Waterproof: 36 ft.

The DJI Osmo action camera is another incredible option for snowboard riders who like having a recorded copy of their rides. This model features almost the same qualities our premium pick has, only at a lower cost, so if you are on a tight budget, this can be the best that you can get.

This camera is DJI’s first model for action cameras, and we won’t lie, the DJI OSMO is already supreme even with its first model. Its design features a 1.4-inch LCD screen and another rear screen where you can preview your taken shots. The camera’s construction includes a durable and high-quality metal material that can take light impacts from your rides, plus rubber handles that make the camera easy to grip, even with your gloves. Because of its compact design, close to the more prominent GoPro cameras, mounting is also easy as it matches all types of mounting tools and accessories.

You can also expect high-quality and professional-looking shots from the specs of this camera. It can also adjust to different light conditions, from foggy flat lights to bright sunbeams. Its neutral density filters can handle almost any type of light conditions you can encounter in the mountains. Resolutions also range from 720p to 4k at 60fps. If you want to see better colors and more crisp outputs, you can also turn on the camera’s high-definition resolution features.

DJI has already previously produced and manufactured some of the best drone cameras that many photography enthusiasts love. DJI has integrated the stabilization features of its drones to its first-ever action camera model. The brand’s unique Rocksteady stabilization software does an impressive job of producing smooth photos, even with high-energy motions.

Unfortunately, the only tradeoff is that this camera does not feature any Bluetooth or social media sharing.

Excellent performance in any light conditionsDifficult to match with a range of devices
Good range of resolution optionsNo available social media sharing
Great stabilization features

#4. YI 4K+ Action Camera

YI 4K+ Action Camera

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Battery Life: 70 minutes
  • Resolution: 4K, 60fps
  • Still Resolution: 12MP
  • Lens Angle: 155 degrees
  • Waterproof: 33 ft.

YI’s  4K+ action camera is also a great snowboard camera option that provides the same quality and performance of many high-end action cameras. The only advantage is that this camera is a lot smaller and more lightweight.

The construction of this camera includes a 2.2-inch touchscreen with a single and easy-to-use button. It also features a replaceable 1,200mAh battery that can last you up to 70 minutes of functioning time.

Although this camera’s stabilization is not as great as those featured in the previous brands mentioned, the quality of photos and videos taken with this camera also look sharp and crisp. This camera produces vibrant color profiles, which you can achieve by adjusting many available colors and exposure settings.

YI also pioneered the live streaming functions of snowboard cameras. This camera is fully Wi-Fi ready, allowing you to easily upload your shots to your social media accounts through various devices.

Incredible live streaming functionsBattery life is a bit shorter
Many color and exposure settingsA less durable option
High-quality photos and videos
Small and lightweight
Wi-fi available

#5. Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera

Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.77 x 0.94 inches
  • Weight: 2.19 ounces
  • Resolution: 4K, 50fps
  • Lens Angle: 170 degrees
  • Waterproof: 40 ft.

This action camera from Crosstour is one of the best budget action cameras you can find in the market. This camera comes with a protective housing that allows incredible waterproofing qualities of up to 40 meters. It also features incredible stabilization to produce better photos and videos, even when in motion. The model is also Wi-Fi ready, so you can instantly upload and share all the photos and videos you took.

Although its batteries’ battery life is not as good the batteries of the models mentioned above, its purchase comes with two more batteries that you can always carry around during your trips.

Photos and videos are also ensured to be of great quality because of its adjustable focal lengths, a 20mp sensor for still photos, and video quality of 40k.

Comes with two extra batteriesNeeds to have a protective housing for waterproofing
Excellent photos and videosBattery life is much shorter than that of other brands
Wi-fi ready

Top Pick: Best Overall Pick for Snowboard Cameras

Keeping a record of your most cherished snowboarding memories, either to re-watch it by yourself or to share it with the world, is always a great idea. And to do that, you will need an excellent snowboard camera.

Our top pick is the latest GoPro HERO7. Although this is a pricier brand and model, you will find this one great investment. The HERO7 dropped the need for protective cases already. This camera can stand alone with a waterproofing quality of up to 33 feet, so a little snow and rain should no longer bother your device.

It also produces incredible images with a resolution of up to 12 megapixels for still photos and up to 4k and 60fps video qualities. GoPro has also easily left all its competitors behind when it introduced its HyperSmooth stabilization technology that creates professional shots and recordings even at high speed and motions.

Aside from its look, this camera also screams sophistication with its high-technology features that include voice command and responsive touchscreen, making use convenient even when riding. Nothing can also keep you from sharing your moments with the world since this camera allows instant connection and upload to your smart devices for easy live-streaming.

Brands With the Best Snowboard Cameras

With the multitudes of reputed camera brands in the industry, finding a high-quality snowboard camera is already not impossible. However, especially if you are a beginner, you might get lost in the plethora of options spread before you. To avoid this dilemma, you can narrow down your options and look into models manufactured by the following brands.

1. GoPro

GoPro is an easy choice. No matter which sport you play or activity you do, GoPro will always be the first name to pop out when you talk about action cameras. This brand has already developed the best action cameras that are not limited to snowboarding alone. They are sturdy enough to be versatile for many other activities, extending to underwater activities like scuba diving. We can say that GoPro sets the standard for many other camera brands in the market.

2. Olympus

Olympus is also a known camera brand with a broad background in the industry, dating too many years of experience. Even before the trend for action cameras ever existed, Olympus has already been a prominent brand that produces topnotch cameras that many professionals and photography or videography enthusiasts use. Olympus has never ceased to innovate and continually develop their brand’s quality. Even being a more senior brand than many of its competitors, Olympus has still proven through its newest action camera models that it can remain superior in the industry.

3. DJI

Surprisingly, even when this brand has just recently ventured in the development of action cameras, the quality it has debuted with is already topnotch that even those who have already spent years in mastering the field will have difficulties beating. DJI is a premium brand that previously produced quality drone cameras. DJI’s unique quality and the advantage are integrating its drone cameras’ high-technology features to its newly-modeled action cameras. If you are looking for the same high-end brands’ same high qualities and features, but at a friendlier price, DJI is a great option.

Rider’s Guide to Selecting the Best Snowboard Cameras

Snowboarding is just as exciting for the audiences as it is for the riders. There is always a thrill in watching snowboarding rides in awe-striking snowboarding destinations. It is also always a delight to relieve your most unforgettable experiences in the terrains by re-watching your recorded trips and rides for riders. Whether you like it sharing your moments with the world or you just want to memorialize your experiences, an excellent snowboard camera will do the job for you.

There are already many action cameras in the market that are particularly made for the snow sports enthusiast. Some of them are versatile enough when it comes to weather conditions, so either you want to play it cool shredding the groomers or being more daredevil in venturing the backcountry steeps, these cameras can adjust.

Some of them even have incredible features specifically designed to meet the techy snowboard rider’s needs. You will already find snowboard cameras with the clearest resolutions, biggest memory capacities, and even capable of live recording and recording. These snow-particular cameras also feature snowboard cameras’ most standard features that include weatherproofing or impact and shock absorption.

If you are trying to identify which snowboard cameras are worth investing in, here is a simple guide of the features you have to consider.

1. Protective Housing

When snowboarding, you cannot control the weather conditions you will need to endure. Thus, you need to have a device that can withstand almost anything.

Without the proper protection, snow and rain droplets can get into your valued device, destroying the whole thing. In general, there are only a few cameras that are completely weatherproof or waterproof. There are various digital cameras that photography and videography professionals use in extreme temperatures but at really high risks.

Meanwhile, snowboard action cameras have protective casings that make the device resistant to water or moisture caused by changing weather or temperature conditions. Some underwater action cameras can even get up to 50 feet down, being completely waterproof. Although this type of feature is unnecessary snow sports like snowboarding, waterproofing capacity is still a recommended feat. It just ensures that your device would not suddenly stop functioning because it was drenched.

Moreover, the protective housing of your snowboard cameras also functions to enhance your device’s durability. It acts as a great impact and shock absorbents, as a few bumps and falls are unavoidable when riding.

2. Weight and Size

One of the many reasons snowboard riders veer away from traditional digital cameras and prefer action cameras is size and weight. Action cameras are much smaller and more lightweight than any other camera options. They can just be easily attached to your body without adding any unnecessary and unwanted weight that might restrict your moves. They are often pocket-sized, fitting most of your snowboard pants’ zipped pockets, so it is easier to carry them around. Unless you are a professional photographer, we suggest you choose compact models for recording your snowboarding journey.

3. Battery

As much as possible, you would like a snowboard camera that can stay functioning and recording for as long as you ride. However, snowboard action cameras’ batteries usually don’t last that long because of their compact designs. Some don’t even last an hour, while some can last up to a maximum of one and a half hours. However, you can always carry extra batteries or portable chargers to boost your batteries whenever needed. Many action cameras already come with extra batteries upon purchase, so it is one consideration you should also make when buying.

4. Wi-Fi

This feature is not a necessity for many users. Cameras come with a memory card, and if you don’t have plans on broadcasting your experience to the world, then there’s no necessary use for Wi-Fi readiness. However, Wi-Fi connectivity also comes with a lot of advantages. This feature lets you connect your snowboard camera to your smart devices like phones, computers, or tablets directly. This feat is useful for better viewing of your shots or recorded videos.

Many riders also opt for Wi-Fi ready snowboard cameras because they let them post all taken videos or photos to their social media accounts instantly. Upload your shots to your Facebook or Instagram accounts in an instant and without any more hassles.

5. Mount

Another feature that makes snowboard action cameras stand out for many snowboard riders are the many mounting options available for this device. When purchasing one, you would also usually get mounting tools and accessories with it. Most of the time, snowboard riders attach them to their helmets to get a magnificent first-person point of view. Because of being lightweight, action cameras don’t usually result in any hassle or inconvenience when attached to the rider.

6. Camera Specs

Other features that you should consider are the more technical specs of the snowboard camera.  In reality, snowboard cameras are not created equal, and some cameras are just bound to take better shots than others. Here are some of the specs you should consider in your snowboard camera.

  • Image stabilizer – Most action cameras are built with an image stabilizer that lets you take good recordings and photos even when mobilizing. This feature is useful, especially that snowboarding requires a lot of movements. It prevents your shots from being of low quality even with unexpected jitters or movements.
  • Video – The highest video quality available in some cameras in the market is 4k video, although not many action cameras offer this high-level spec. In general, the fame rate you should look for to achieve decent video shots should be at least 60 fps. High-definition resolutions ranging from 1440p to 1080p are also recommendable.
  • Sensor Quality – The sensor quality of your cameras is determined in megapixels. In essence, larger sensors produce photos and shots with better quality. This feature is useful, especially when you create posters or other posts or materials that require zooming your photos. If not, 12 megapixels should be a great sensor size for recreational photography.
  • Focal Length – Focal length is how narrow or how wide your shots can be. The shorter the focal length, the wider your angle will be, while long focal lengths produce narrow-angled shots. For sports photography and recording, cameras with shorter focal lengths are the most recommendable. You will be amazed to see a wider vision of your shots with cameras of this feature.


Whether you like doing fun rides at the park with your family or seeking new adventures and conquering new heights in your backcountry destinations with your friends, snowboarding provides you with great fun. Thus, immortalizing your memories through recordings or photographs, to either relive in the future or share with the world, is always a nice idea. Good thing, snowboard action cameras already exist.

Gone are the days when only professionals or experts with bulky and high-end equipment can do sports photography and videography. With the advancements of technology the world witnessed in recent years, manufacturers have also found a way to develop cameras meant for action.

One that gained pretty significant support is action cameras for snowboard riders. These cameras have specifications and built that is particularly dedicated to action-packed winter sports like snowboarding. They have waterproofing capacities, great stabilization features, and many other features that are responsive to the needs of the techy-savvy snowboard riders who love recording their mountain experiences.

You can find many high-quality options in the market, but one that greatly caught our interest is the latest GoPro HERO7 camera. GoPro has outdone itself in developing a topnotch action camera as the HERO7. This model can easily put its competitors left in the limelight with its flashing features and qualities.

HERO7 does not require protective casings anymore since this model already has a built-in waterproofing capacity of up to 33 feet. Snow and rain downpours should not worry you anymore since you can guarantee that your snowboard camera is made to withstand any of those.

When it comes to video and photo quality, the GoPro HERO7 also does not know any compromise. It delivers only the best photos and videos that can match that of many digital or mobile cameras with its 12 megapixels still photo resolution and up to 4k and 60fps video quality. Rigorous motions do not even bother this camera from taking professional-looking shots. It features a HyperSmooth stabilization technology to ensure your shots are always clear.

Apart from these, you also have more high-quality features such as its voice command and touchscreen features. With all of these enumerated features, the only question we can ever raise is, “what’s not to like?”

Keeping your experiences to your memories is nice, but memorializing them through photos and videos also offers a different joy level. Check out the snowboard cameras we have listed to help you record your whole snowboarding journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between digital and action cameras?

The digital and action cameras have a lot in common, but they also have many differences. Depending on the specs, both offer incredible shots and video recordings. But in general, just like the name suggests, action cameras have more features that support the motion and high-energy use. For example, action cameras have better stabilization features compared with digital cameras. They also have other useful features like waterproofing or shock-absorption, to support rigorous movements. However, digital cameras provided clearer still shots. In general, action cameras are made to record movements, but digital cameras create better photos.

How do I solve my problem with my snowboard camera’s battery life?

Because action or snowboard cameras have compact designs, their batteries are usually not as powerful as their digital counterparts. At most, action camera batteries can only last up to one and a half hours. Battery life is still bound to get even shorter when using some other features like its Wi-Fi or the highest resolution possible. Unfortunately, there are no other solutions to this except for bringing extra batteries or portable chargers. When you purchase snowboard cameras, rechargeable batteries and some portable chargers are also available. You can opt for purchases with these freebies too.

Where should I attach my snowboard camera?

Snowboard action cameras come with a lot of accessories and mounting tools. Many riders attach their snowboard cameras to their helmets. This position gives an excellent view that gives a snowboarder perception. It’s almost as cinematic as it can get. However, since most snowboard cameras come with different mounting options, camera positioning is also something you can experiment on, depending on the shot you are visualizing to take. Some also prefer it to be just worn on their chests like body cam.

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