Top 7 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet | 2021 Reviews

Boots substantially affect your snowboarding experience. They either build or break your overall snowboarding success. Feet sores, toe grazes, and frustration caused by unfit snowboard boots should not ruin your entire experience.

But if you think finding the boots that would best fit you is already trouble, snowboarders with wide feet have it worse. Finding a well-fitting pair of boots if you have wide feet is a total headache since there are not many brands that offer wide-size boots.

Top 7 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet Reviewed

To save you from this trouble, we’ve listed our top picks for you.

  1. Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots
  2. Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boots Wide
  3. Burton Photon BOA Wide
  4. Salomon Dialogue Camo Wide JP Snowboard Boots
  5. Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boots
  6. HEAD Classic BOA Snowboard Boots Mens
  7. K2 2020 Maysis Snowboard Boots

#1. Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots

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  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.77 pounds
  • Closure: Speed Zone lacing
  • Liner: Imprint 2 moldable liner
  • Flex: Medium
  • Sole: DynoLite

Burton is one of the most favorite brands to provide high-quality snowboard boots even used by professionals. By far, the Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots are at the top of our list when it comes to wider versions of snowboard boots. The product claims to give an expert experience of top technology comfort and performance combined in one product.

This product uses top-technology features to enhance your overall snowboarding experience. For these boots to keep your feet comfy and warm and unbothered by outside temperature and impact, they use Imprint 2 moldable liner on top of a 3M Thinsulate insulation. This technology allows your feet to stay warm even in the coldest conditions. It also lessens the external impact that may affect your feet, helping you endure prolonged activities without foot fatigue. These boots feature EVA footbed, which protects your feet from cold and impact and keeps them dry. This footbed also integrates a B3 Gel Feature and a sleeping bag reflective foil to maintain the warmth inside the boots.

Aside from comfort, these boots also enhance overall riding performance. Its best feature is its speed zone lacing system which is best if you always crave for speed. This technology provides a firm foot fitting grip that balances your upper and lower foot nicely. The outsoles are also perfectly designed for a firm grip on steep terrains or slippery ice through DynoLite technology. These boots also feature a Power Spine backstay to control your speed and provide better balance. This feature regulates your riding speed by redirecting power to your shoes for quicker response and riding momentum.

These boots are your best option for both comfort and performance. However, when it comes to flex, these boots have moderate ratings, so they are best for intermediate to expert use.

Imprint 2 liner that protects your feet from both cold temperature and impact
A moderate rating which makes it only best for intermediate to expert use
Rubber DynoLite Tech outsoles for a firm grip
Balance of lower and upper feet
Speedzone Lacing System

#2. Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boots Wide

Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi Snowboard Boots Wide

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  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 6.35 pounds
  • Closure: Zonelock
  • Liner: ShadowFlex
  • Flex: Medium
  • Sole: HiFive EC+
  • Footbed: Ortholite C3

If you are a rider who is also particular of design, Salomon Snowboards Hi-Fi Snowboard Boots will aesthetically please you. It features classy but sturdy externals. Above its aesthetic factor, the model also offers performance and support at the same time.

This medium-flex product is mostly for freestyle riders who fancy activities in terrains with all types of surfaces. Salomon lives up to its quality of versatility and impressive performance.

This particular product uses a Zonelock lacing system that allows individual adjustment to each zone. This feature enhances a better and more customized fit for its users. On top of this, it also uses a heat-molded liner that is adjustable to your feet. Its liner’s design provides better protection to the crucial parts of your feet, including your heels and ankles. It also uses Sensifit in its wrapping panels to give the best snuggle to your feet.

It also features an Ortholite C3 insole and a HighFive EC+ outsole that ensure your feet are always safe from snow, low temperature, and intense impact.

Lacing system that allows customizationMidsole is stiffer than the rest of its footbed
Ankle and heel protection
Outsole grip can be better
Nice feet snuggle
Classy aesthetic

#3. Burton Photon BOA Wide

Burton Photon BOA Wide

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  • Closure: Dual Zone BOA Coiler Closure System
  • Liner: Imprint 3 liner
  • Sole: Vibram Ecostep Rubber Outsole

The broader version of the Burton Photon BOA is another trusted option for wide-footed riders. This pair is for those who search for comfort with the most precise fit. These features are a favorite for many casual and professional snowboarders.

Burton Photon BOA highlights a tight-grip Boa Closure System that uses Lockdown lacing. This type of lacing composes three individual adjustable lacing sections that customize and enhance foothold. Its Imprint 3 lacing system, on the other hand, ensures the best ankle and heel protection.

External grip and traction are also of improved quality through the Vibram Ecostep Rubber Outsole, which is 30 percent from recycled materials. These allow for better external control and calculated mobility. It also uses a B3 Gel rubber that ensures your feet are intact to any type of slippery surfaces.

This feature also integrates a lightweight molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) insoles that do impact absorption. It also has reflective foils to protect feet from low temperatures. Its additional feature of snow-proof internal gusset also ensures your feet are maintained dry and warm.

Temperature and impact absorbent insoles
Tightness always depends on the strength of the user
Excellent customized fit
Difficult lacing due to its three portion lacing system
Stable grip and traction

#4. Salomon Dialogue Camo Wide JP Snowboard Boots

Salomon Dialogue Camo Wide JP Snowboard Boots

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  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Closure: Zonelock
  • Liner: Thermo-moldable, gold
  • Flex: Medium
  • Sole: Flight EC+

Salomon is also a trusted brand that provides the best snowboard boots to any type of snowboarding beginners and professionals. Salomon created this particular design for snowboarders who have wide feet. It seeks to prevent foot fatigue and toe blisters due to ill-fitting boots.

These boots add up to the long list of Salomon favorites, but you will notice that its design is simpler and less bulky than the older ones. With a medium-flex rating, you will find these boots stiff for better support but soft for better mobility. This feature allows you to use these boots in a broader range of activities.

Comfort should never be a compromise in terms of performance, and Salomon seeks to address this through Gold 3D Flex technology liner. It is a heat-moldable liner that adjusts to your feet’ unique features for a more comfortable and stability-ensuring ride. It also uses RF3 lateral flex panels that stretch across the boot ankles. To better fit you, the closure also uses a Zonelock lacing system that allows individual lacing of the upper and lower boot zones.

The inside of the boot also maintains comfortable and dry feet rest through an OrthoLite C2 footbed. This material is a prominent material used by many top-rated boots that absorbs both impact and liquid particles.

For the outsoles, the Wide JP Snowboard boots use EVA foam at critical points such as heels, toes, and ankles for comfort and protection. Balance and grip are also not a question due to its lightweight Lo-Fi outsoles that improves boot traction to a range of surfaces.

Outsoles that promote good grip and tractionDoes not feature the best shock and impact control
Zonelock Lacing
Only best for intermediate to expert riders

#5. Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boots

Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boots

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  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 6.24 pounds
  • Closure: Powerlock
  • Liner: Platinum Exhale
  • Flex: Stiff

Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boots are best for mountain-riders. Long expeditions are never as easy. Thanks to the dual lining system of these boots, which ensure good foot grip and comfort on top of needed ventilation. Its stiff flex is also perfect for rocky surfaces that require excellent responsiveness for steep hikes.

Wide-foot riders should not worry about the low performance of sized-up boots anymore. One of these boots’ unique features is its Powerlock closure system, which enhances performance and ease.

The problem with dual-lined boots is that insulation is too much, but ventilation is too little, which causes feet to sweat. Salomon seeks to address this by using liners that are heat-moldable Platinum 3 Dimension Exhale Liners with effective moisture absorption. Insoles are also Mystic Footbed 3 designed, which allows excellent feet ventilation.

The outsoles are also best for critical hikes since they contain the best grip and traction. What’s best about these features is that liners and all materials are washable, so they are easier to maintain.

Excellent moisture absorption and feet ventilation
Insole fitting may vary due to stretch and flexibility
Easier to maintain, washable materials
Best for mountain-riders

#6. HEAD Classic BOA Snowboard Boots Mens

HEAD Classic BOA Snowboard Boots Mens

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  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Closure: BOA Lacing System
  • Liner: ThermoFit
  • Footbed: 3D Molded Insole

HEAD Classic BOA Snowboard Boots offer one of the best fits in the market. These boots are for snowboard riders who love precisely-fit boots.

To achieve this perfect fit system, HEAD Classic BOA uses a ThermoFit liner system made with ethylene-vinyl acetate cushion plus a 3D molded Foot Precise Guidance (FPG) insole. Your fitter will only heat the boot and let you step in to provide the perfect inside mold for your feet features. This feature makes the feet-snuggle more comfortable and precise while giving your heel and arch-area the best support.

The lacing system of these boots is also unique. You only have to push a knob in the area or division that needs tightening. Moreso, these boots also contain L-pads to protect your feet’s critical pressure points, such as your ankle.

ThermoFit liner that provides the best feet-snuggleLaces can loosen up quickly
Unique lacing system
Insole foot protection

#7. K2 2020 Maysis Snowboard Boots

K2 2020 Maysis Snowboard Boots

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  • Weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Closure: H4 Boa Lacing System
  • Liner: Intuition 3D Control Foam Boa Liner; Boa Conda Liner Lacing
  • Flex: Medium-Stiff
  • Sole: Harshmellow Dampening
  • Footbed: 3D Formed Dual Density Footbed

Although a less prominent brand than others in this list, K2 Maysis also comes close to the quality of its top competitors’ offer. This product provides gentle comfort and an excellent outsole grip. Its medium flex construction adds better durability and response to your boots.

This brand uses an H4 Boa lacing system that divides your boot into four sections for a better-adjusted foot grip. K2 Maysis also features two liner systems. The Intuition 3D Control Foam Boa liner controls overall comfort for prolonged activities through 3D molded EVA insoles. On the other hand, the Boa Conda liner lacing allows liner fit that provides better heel and ankle protection.

Of all this brand’s features, the most remarkable yet are the outsoles. The outsoles use Harshmellow Dampening technology that provides excellent impact absorption to protect your feet from fatigue. The grip and traction of the outsoles to many types of surfaces are also impressive. Snowboard riders need not worry about comfort and support since K2 Maysis knows how to deliver.

Dual-lined feature for both comfort and supportRequires force for better-fit tightening
Excellent traction and grip
Less flexible for beginners
Adjustable lacing

Top Pick: Your Best Option for Wide-Size Snowboard Boots

Generally, a practice that is done widely by many wide-footed snowboarders is getting a sized up version of their boots. While it may be the best solution at hand, it still does not solve the many adverse effects of ill-fitted boots in the long run. To help you with this dilemma, we provide you our top pick for wide-size snowboard boots.

Burton is already a reputed brand when it comes to boots, but the Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots are a cut above the rest. These boots are your perfect choice if you have been living through the discomfort and low performance of boots not suited for you. This pair will provide you both the utmost comfort and expert execution. It uses a Speedzone Lacing system that allows impressive speed on top of DynoLite outsoles and PowerSpine backstay that ensures support and safety.

Besides these features, your feet will also be at best comfort through its Imprint 2 liner that controls and maintains warmth while also shielding external impact. It protects your feet from extreme snow temperatures and intense riding impact.

These snowboard boots will genuinely enhance your comfortable and expert-like snowboarding experience.

Best Snowboard Boots Brands 

Snowboarding has always been a top recreational resource for many riders who are fond of having physical activities outdoors. However, a fun snowboarding experience gravely attributes to your equipment, most notably your snowboarding boots.

Ill-fitted boots are both problematic and dangerous to use. They cause feet fatigue, toe bruises, and in most unfortunate events, injuries. With the popularity of the activity, many brands that produce this equipment also increased. You will find a multitude of options on the internet that offer many different eye-catching features. But when it comes to performance, there are only a few top brands you can trust. Here are two brands to look for when searching for high-quality snowboard boots.


Burton is already an established brand when it comes to snowboarding boots and equipment. Its older designs feature the best performance in terms of speed, grip, and traction. You can ensure that the products can endure the test of time and wear and tear.

With its newer designs, Burton also addresses issues of comfort. It uses top technology features that guarantee expert-level performance but also do not compromise comfort. Some of its highlights include liners, such as Imprint 2 Liners, as in their Ruler Snowboard Boots that allow impressive insulation for warm and dry feet. It also improves comfort even at prolonged, extensive rides since it provides the best impact absorption.

This brand also features the most stable soles in the market, such as DynoLite outsoles, that have improved grip and traction. You can be confident that you can have the best riding responses and support to lessen snowboarding accidents.


Salomon Group has been providing quality sports equipment for over a decade already. This French brand is known to offer a range of products that include sports shoes and clothing. Of its most notable designed products are its snowboard shoes.

With a brand that has wrestled the challenges of time, you can ensure that whatever they manufacture is of the best quality.  Like their reputation, these products can endure many things. Salomon prides itself on products that are versatile when it comes to activity compatibility. Whether you are into snowboarding, trail running, or many more, their products will surely fit you.

For instance, their snowboard boots use state-of-the-art design and technology to fit many types of activities in different environments. Some of their latest models, such as the Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Camo Wide JP Snowboard Boots, use perfectly-crafted designs to fit many types of riders as well. No matter what kind of activity in any kind of environment or whatever your size needs may be, Salomon offers something for you.

Their boots also offer excellent performance on top of remarkable comfort. For better comfortability, materials used in their liners, such as the Gold 3D Flex, ensure that your feet are adequately insulated and dry. These materials are also famous for their impact absorption functions that protect your feet from an external knock.

They also use lacing systems, such as the Zonelock lacing system, that allow for better fitting boots. This feature is on top of a heat-moldable liner that adjusts to your feet’s unique features.

For outsoles, Salomon ensures that they are of the lightest weight possible, but the best performance when it comes to grip and traction. Some of these materials include Lo-Fi outsoles and EVA cushions that protect essential parts of the feet.

In looking for the best snowboarding experience, looking for the best pair of snowboarding boots is vital. The saying that an excellent pair of shoes will bring you to better places is real. Elevate your snowboarding journey through a trusted pair of boots. Check these brands to start your search.

Buyers’ Guide: Features to Consider in Choosing the Best Snowboard Boots

Finding and using the right snowboard boots is a critical part of your snowboarding experience. Many injuries and accidents are due to ill-fitting and inadequate quality foot equipment. Incorrect products may only give you anxiety due to unstable footwear, foot fatigue because of inappropriate foot support, blisters from wrong boot sizes, etc. So, if you want a better and safer snowboard ride, choosing the best snowboard boots is a requisite.

However, finding the best snowboard boots is not as easy as knowing the size of your foot or which design will match your outfit. There are some features that you need to consider. Especially for beginners, this can be a challenging quest.

Many brands offer unique features that may catch your attention. They start by stating comfortable liners, adjustable fittings, and many more. However, being keen about which features are to be of top priority is always worth it. Here are some essential features that you should consider.

Snug Fit

Boots and any types of footwear are generally fit tighter upon purchase. In time, after a few uses, the fitting becomes more appropriate too. However, in choosing the right snug fit for your snowboard boots, any sign of discomfort and pain means that it is not the correct size. Many buyers settle for compact and small dimensions even if there is a pain because “they will eventually fit,” but this is incorrect. Some wide-footed riders also opt for one size bigger boots to fit their size, but it also causes more damage in the long run.

Remember that your sizes may vary depending on the type of product, which is why testing and trying it first is a must. Not because you are size seven in your doll shoes doesn’t mean you are correctly seven in your snowboard shoes.


Many products highlight unique features in their liners. Liners are essential since they provide your overall feet support and comfortability. In general, the best coatings to look for are still heat moldable liners. These types of boot liners give better support to your feet since they adjust to the features of your feet. They also make a better comfort inside your boots and ensure that your shoes are of the best fit.

Heel support

This feature is probably one of the essential things to consider in finding any type of footwear. Poor heel-hold often results in blisters and bruises. Besides, intact and stable heel support allows better balance and flex balance between the upper and lower portions of the boots.


The footbed is also another essential part of your snowboarding boots. In general, a significant factor that sets your shoes apart from typical footwear is its ability to absorb external shock and tension. Snowboarding can be strenuous to your feet, especially with the incorrect products. The footbed of your boots must provide excellent impact prevention to avoid foot fatigue and injuries.

Proper insulation is also a must-have. External temperatures can be extreme, especially to your feet, which have direct exposure to the snow. Your footbed must ensure that your feet are always warm and dry.


Outsoles are essential in avoiding accidents. Make sure that when you choose your snowboard shoes, you consider the brand with excellent outsoles. Look for outsoles that are best for grip and traction for many types of surfaces. This feature reduces your chances to slip and have injuries. It also allows better mobility on the snow surface. The right outsoles result in professional-level snowboarding control and skills.

Finding the best snowboarding boots may be tedious and tiresome, but it always pays. You can not improve your skill without proper boots. Moreover, quality boots will also save you from future injuries and damage. So, do not take your mission to find the best snowboard boots for granted. Look out for these factors.


Snowboarding can be a lot dangerous and delicate with the incorrect pair of boots. Finding the best-fitting pair of boots is already a challenging quest for those who need the broader versions. Some wide-footed riders resort to getting a sized up pair of boots, which does not resolve many disadvantages in the long run. The good thing is that many brands already offer high-quality snowboard boots for wide-footed riders.

Brands and products such as the Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots or Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Camo Wide JP Snowboard Boots offer both quality performance and comfort. You do not have to worry about fatigue with features that ensure the best fit, quality comfort, and improved impact protection. These features do not out rule performance as well. You can still enjoy an expert-level performance in terms of stability, speed, and security with boots as these.

Finding the right pair of snowboarding boots for you might also be challenging. It will require you to check for many considerations such as fit, liners, outsoles, footbeds, etc. However, no matter how tedious, the result will always be worth it. Let your best pair bring you to greater heights in your snowboarding journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Do I need a professional boot fitter?

When buying the best snowboarding boots, having a professional boot fitter is not a requirement. However, seeking professional help is always worth it. In finding the right pair for you, there are many considerations. You should consider foot size, riding style, environment, outsoles, and many more. A professional will help you assess these and identify your needs considering all factors, including your riding style and skill.

Should I get heat-molded liners?

Like professional boot fitters, heat-molded liners are also not a requirement but an essential. Many top brands already use heat-molded liners in their boots. Finding the best-fitting boots might be a difficult task. Heat-molded liners help you get better-fitting boots through adjusting to your feet features. This feature allows better comfort in the lining of your shoes. It will also enable a better breaking-in process, which most footwears require.

Should I use specialist footbeds/insoles?

Most brands already offer specialist footbeds or insoles. It might cause you an additional cost, but if your fitter advises you to use one, it is for the better. Customized insoles provide better support and control. These types of features are usually for those with some feet condition, such as flat feet.

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