Top 9 Best Snow Brushes | 2021 Reviews (Subzero)

Wintertime poses an added challenge on keeping all your things free of snow, which admittedly gets pretty exhausting. While that may be the case, the manufacturer continues to develop ways to make snow clearing more convenient, letting you get the job done with significantly less effort.

Snow brushes let you clear your cars of unwanted powder efficiently, ensuring your safety as you drive. This tool also enables improved fuel-savings, letting you traverse roads with reduced drag. Finding the best one for your vehicle might become overwhelming with the abundance of options, so we round up the best ones below.

Top 9 Best Snow Brushes Reviewed

  1. Subzero Hopkins 2610XM – Best Overall
  2. Birdrock Home Snow Moover – Best Value
  3. MATCC Car Snow Brush – Editor’s Choice
  4. True Temper ABTT5212
  5. AstroAI Snow Brush
  6. Subzero Hopkins 532 Mallory
  7. Amazon Basics Car Snow Brush
  8. Snow Joe SJBLZD
  9. SnoBrum Original

1. Subzero Hopkins 2610XM – Best Overall

Subzero Hopkins 2610XM

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  • Heavy-duty broom
  • Steel Extender Handle
  • Blade with Integrated Squeegee

The Subzero Hopkins 2610XM tops this list effortlessly for its versatility, allowing for the most efficient clearing on sedans and SUVs. Its capability to provide you with a complete package in one tool lets you get rid of the heaviest snow on your vehicles, enabling you to hop in and leave immediately.

A heavy-duty broom guarantees the most potent snow-clearing capacity that will brush off the thickest snow buildup on your car in a snap. The same feature promises an impressive 52-inch wide clearance to allow for more convenient cleaning on any vehicle with significantly less effort. You will have a firm grip on this snow brush with the soft cushioning allowing full control of the cleaning process.

Its steel extender handle promises excellent durability that will withstand constant usage, ensuring that this snow brush will be a worthy investment. The same material promises to be excellently weatherproof, letting you keep it longer. Its extending capacity allows you to reach for the entire car roof without walking to the other side, letting you finish in record time.

Its massively wide blade comprises a squeegee that enables you to clear out melting snow efficiently, letting you veer away from unnecessary wiping. If ice builds up in your car, an ice scraper on one end enables you to remove them safely, ensuring that you do not damage your vehicle.

The squeegee on the blade lets you work on melting snow.Relatively expensive
Heavy-duty broom allows for efficient powder clearing
The steel extender handle enables better reach.

2. Birdrock Home Snow Moover – Best Value

Birdrock Home Snow Moover

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  • Rotating Thick-bristled Brush
  • Removable Non-scratch Jaws
  • Foam Grips with Aluminum Construction

Birdrock Home’s Snow Moover will make it hard for you to look anywhere else with its abundance of customizing options that enables you to tailor-fit accordingly. Choosing the deluxe model creates quite the dent on your wallet, but will enable the most convenient clearing that will let you get to driving immediately.

Its rotating brush lets you switch from thick bristles to the softer side comprising foam and smaller bristles for more efficient clearing. This feature lets you clear out wet and heavy snow effortlessly, and enables you to squeeze into narrower spaces to get rid of powder completely. The massive clearance width ensures that you get the job done immediately, letting you save time and energy.

You will not worry about tougher layers of ice for this snow brush comprises an ice scraper that promises superior efficiency. The same feature also guarantees not to leave any scratch marks on your vehicle, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition. Storage after use will be very convenient for its detachment capacity enables you to save space during off-season.

This snow brush’s lightweight construction will allow the most effortless movement, letting you focus on clearing than maneuvering. A foam padding guarantees a firm grip to ensure optimal cleaning and control. Its extending handle comprises of Aluminum promises a 60-inch reach, letting you cover more areas within a single swipe.

A double-ended rotating broom allows for efficient snow clearingQuite expensive
Aluminum construction promises excellent durability.
Foam padding provides a firm grip.

3. MATCC Car Snow Brush – Editor’s Choice

MATCC Car Snow Brush

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  • 270-degree Pivoting Brush
  • Ice Scraper
  • Foam Grip

MATCC’s Car Snow Brush lets you clear out snow on your entire car effortlessly with its exceptional built. The completely detachable construction allows for the most convenient storage, taking up significantly less space during off-season.

The 270-degree pivoting activates by pushing a button in the middle of the brush, enabling full control of the brush’s direction. This feature lets optimize every swipe, ensuring that you clear the entire area with significantly less effort. It also allows you to squeeze in narrower areas, ensuring that you can clear as much snow as possible.

Its brush’s fork design allows for optimal snow clearing capabilities that will not scratch the vehicle’s surface, letting you worry less on inadvertent damages. On the opposite end, a detachable ice scraper lets you remove tougher layers of snow efficiently, letting you get on the road immediately.

A sufficiently thick foam grip allows maximum comfort as you work, reducing strain on your hands as you work. The same feature lets you fully grasp the snow brush, maximizing every movement for more efficient cleaning with less effort. Its extending handle lets you reach a significantly more massive area, letting you do away with getting a ladder to reach the middle of your car roof.

The 270-degree pivoting brush allows for more efficient clearingSomewhat expensive
Extending the handle allows for more coverage areaNo squeegee
Foam padding provides comfort and ample grip.

4. True Temper ABTT5212

True Temper ABTT5212

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  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam Brush
  • Pivoting Head
  • Telescoping Ergonomic Handle
  • Ice Scraper

True Temper ABTT5212’s unique set of construction materials ensures that you get the most of this snow brush, guaranteeing efficient cleaning with less effort. Its relatively steep price tag promises the most hassle-free cleaning that will let you get on the road immediately.

What sets this snow brush apart is the use of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam brush, which veers away from the standard plastic bristles. Unlike the material mentioned earlier, the EVA foam brush promises optimal contact with the car’s surface with significantly reduced car damage risk. The same material promises optimal snow clearing capacity, letting you clear off and absorb wet snow without needing a squeegee.

Its pivoting head allows for optimal movement, ensuring that every swipe clears an entire area effortlessly. The same feature lets you reach narrower areas, guaranteeing that you clear the entire vehicle of snow before heading out. An ice scraper on the brush’s opposite end lets you remove harder layers without damaging the car, ensuring that it will be completely snow-free for the safest drives.

You will not struggle to reach for the car’s top with the impressive 52-inch length letting you forget about needing a ladder. Its telescoping ergonomic capabilities ensure that your hands remain comfortable in the toughest blizzards, letting you finish the job with less struggle. The same feature gives you a firm grip on the snow brush, letting you have full control of your sweeps for improved maneuverability.

EVA foam brush guarantees excellent snow clearing capabilitiesSomewhat expensive
Telescoping ergonomic handle allows for firmer grip and better control.
Pivoting head and extending allows for more coverage area.

5. AstroAI Snow Brush

AstroAI Snow Brush

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  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Shaft
  • Polycarbonate (PC) Brush Bristles
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Cotton Handle
  • Detachable Ice Scraper

The compact construction of the AstroAI Snow Brush lets you store it at the car’s trunk to let you clear excess snow anytime. Its relatively affordable price enables a broader range of users to enjoy its benefits.

Its Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) shaft promises excellent durability that will withstand constant usage. Unlike steel, the plastic construction will be highly resistant to rust and moisture, letting you use this snow brush for the coming winters.

Polycarbonate (PC) bristles on its brush promise exceptional clearing capabilities that enable the most efficient sweeping. This material also promises to significantly reduce damage to the car’s glass and pain, guaranteeing they remain in excellent condition.

An Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Cotton handle promises excellent ergonomic capabilities to ensure comfort as you work. The same handle material provides a firm grip that reduces your struggle as you sweep snow off your vehicle. 

This snow brush’s ice scraper lets you crack tougher layers of ice without breaking your car’s windows or windshields, protecting you from unnecessary expenses. It also allows for more efficient scooping on slightly moist snow, letting get rid of them completely in one scoop.

Detaching the brush from the ice scraper lets you split the work with a buddy, letting you finish immediately and get on the road.

Detachable parts allow for compact and convenient storage Does not provide as much reach
EVA handle promise improved grip and comfort No squeegee
ABS plastic guarantee excellent durability

6. Subzero Hopkins 532 Mallory

Subzero Hopkins 532 Mallor

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  • Four Rows of Bristles
  • 4-Inch Scraper Blade
  • Contoured Soft Foam Grip

Unsurprisingly, the Subzero Hopkins 532 Mallory is one of Amazon’s bestselling snow brushes at the moment for its incredibly affordable price tag. This feature lets you keep one in every vehicle you have, letting you clear them of snow anywhere, anytime.

The four rows of heavy-duty, plush bristles promise excellent clearing capabilities that ensure the most efficient cleanup. This feature makes this snow brush highly capable of clearing heavy snow, and will be able to power through the toughest downpours.

A 4-inch scraper blade lets remove tougher ice sheets on your vehicle with reduced risk for damage, ensure that they remain in excellent condition. The same feature enables you to scoop up moist snow, allowing for the most efficient cleanups that will keep your vehicles snow-free in the heaviest blizzards.

Its contoured soft foam grip allows for optimal hand placement to ensure a firm grip. The same feature enables you to do the most efficient sweeps with significantly less effort, maximizing your energy. This 26-inch long snow brush allows for sufficient reach on the car’s exterior, letting you work on an area with less struggle.

You need not worry about this snow brush taking up space in your car with its compact construction. Carrying it around will also be very convenient with its lightweight quality, allowing for the most natural maneuvers.

Four-row bristles promise impressive snow clearing capacityReaching the car roof might pose a struggle
Lightweight and compact for the most convenient storageNo squeegee
Contoured soft foam grip ensures comfort and control.

7. Amazon Basics Car Snow Brush

Amazon Basics Car Snow Brush

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  • 8-inch Snow Brush
  • 4-inch Ice Scraper
  • Foam Grip

The Amazon Basics Car Snow Brush’s compact construction lets you keep one in the car, letting you be prepared for the toughest blizzards every time you step out of the house. Its all-in-one construction lets you veer away from the assembly, letting you get to work and finish the job done immediately.

An 8-inch snow brush guarantees the most efficient snow clearing that will let you get on the road immediately. The same brush guarantees an excellent compromise between firmness and gentleness in contact to ensure that despite constant sweeping, your vehicle will remain scratch-free.

Its 4-inch ice scraper promises to remove tougher ice sheets effortlessly, ensuring that your entire vehicle will be snow-free after every session. This scraper also promises optimal contact with the car, scooping everything without damaging the vehicle to keep its paint job clean.

A foam grip allows for the most accurate fit on your hand, ensuring that you remain comfortable as you work. It also enables a firm grip on the snow brush to ensure improved maneuverability, letting you work efficiently.

This snow brush offers a sufficiently long 25-inch reach to cover a significant area of the car, letting you work on one side effortlessly. Its lightweight construction prevents immediate exhaustion, letting you exert full effort the entire time for the best cleanups.

8-inch brush allows for efficient, non-damaging cleanupYou might need a ladder for cleaning SUVs
25-inch reach allows for significant coverage areaNo squeegee
Lightweight and compact 

8. Snow Joe SJBLZD


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  • 18-inch Foam Head
  • Extension Poles
  • Ice Scraper

The Snow Joe SJBLZD lets you do away with using standard brushing, but promises to deliver cleaning performance that will be just as excellent. Its relatively affordable price tags enable everyone to enjoy its benefits, ensuring that every purchase will be a worthy investment.

Its 18-inch foam head promises superior clearing capabilities that will not damage any surface, ensuring that all your vehicles’ paint jobs will remain intact. The same material promises optimal contact with the car to ensure efficient scooping for the most effortless cleanups. This snow brush’s wide clearance enables a massive coverage area, letting you finish and head for the road immediately.

Extension poles increase this snow brush’s reach from 33 to 52 inches, letting you work on their vehicle without the constant side switching, letting you save on energy. The same feature lets you tailor-fit accordingly, enabling the appropriate height for optimal maneuverability. You need not worry about storing as the poles are collapsible and will fit in brackets at the snow brush’s back.

An ice scraper enables more effective clearing of harder snow layers, guaranteeing that your vehicles will be snow-free in no time. The same feature will scoop excess snow that will not be absorbed by the foam head, improving its efficiency. You will not struggle with carrying this snow brush from one point to another as it promises to be lightweight for the most convenient transfers.

Ice scraper guarantees effective snow scooping that will not damage the car.Foam might not provide as much snow clearance
Extension poles allow for a more customized fit  
Impressive coverage area

9. SnoBrum Original

SnoBrum Original

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  • Polyethylene Foam Padding
  • Rolled Steel Handle
  • Telescoping Handle

The classic construction of the SnoBrum Original enables everyone to clear their cars before leaving their homes, significantly reducing accidents. Its simple design allows for fuss-free cleaning, letting you get to business and finish immediately.

A Polyethylene foam padding allows for the most efficient snow clearing that lets you veer away from damage-prone brushing. The same material promises to work on moist snow, absorbing excess moisture to reduce possible fog buildup on car startup. You will not struggle to move the padding on the car, for it allows the smoothest glides to eliminate snow in one swipe completely.

Despite the relatively affordable price tag, its rolled steel handle promises excellent durability to withstand constant usage. The same material promises to be sturdy enough to allow for the most powerful sweeps to keep your entire car snow-free in record time. You need not worry about the handle becoming brittle from the cold as this material promises to be excellently weatherproof, guaranteeing an impressive lifespan.

Its telescoping handle gives you full control of its height, letting you reach the car roof and the other side effortlessly. This feature allows for more efficient movement, letting you save time, energy, and be on the read in a snap.

Polyethylene foam padding lets you remove moist snow effortlessly  Requires some assembly
Telescoping handle enables a more massive reach.No ice scraper
Rolled steel handle guarantees excellent durability

Top Pick: The Subzero Hopkins 2610XM

The Subzero Hopkins 2610XM outshines every snow brush in this list for its impressive functionality that does not create a huge dent on your wallet. Its ability to answer every possible problem makes it an ideal pick, ensuring that you would have everything you could need as you clean.

While other snow brushes provide at least one impressive trait, their lackluster overall performance makes them fall behind the Hopkins 2610XM. Snow clearing is already a difficult task; finding a snow brush that will let you reduce effort exertion will ensure that you have more energy afterward for the drive.

What to Consider Before Buying a Snow Brush

The best snow brush will be the one that can help you clear the heaviest snowfalls with the least amount of effort. Finding one that will also keep you not damage your vehicles will avoid unnecessary expenses.

A snow brush mainly comprises of a handle and broom head. Manufacturers nowadays include squeegees or foam padding and ice scrapers, so it will be best to find variants with these for more efficient clearing that will not exhaust your energy.

Choosing a snow brush with a telescoping handle will let you have full control of its height, increasing your reach and allowing for more efficient movement. This feature will also help you save time, lessening the need for you to switch sides as you clean constantly. While snow brushes with fixed handles will provide more stability as you maneuver, it will require more equipment for the harder to reach areas. This factor will be mainly on your preference, so it will be best to find one where you would be most comfortable working with.

Manufacturers offer an array of options for the broom head’s material; it will be best to keep in mind that some may be too stiff and might cause scratches on the car’s surface.

While snow brushes with foams or plastic pads solve this issue, there will be a chance that won’t provide as much clearing on powder, so it will be practical to find a sweet spot.

Other features like ice scrapers, chippers, and squeegees will make cleaning your vehicles more convenient, so snow brushes with these features will be a more practical choice. While ice scrapers let you remove harder layers of snow, chippers will let you break the chunks without risking car damage. These two features will ensure that you rid the entire vehicle of snow before driving, ensuring your safety. Squeegees will absorb excess moisture immediately after you clear the area of snow, reducing the possibility of fog buildup upon startup.


Finding the best snow brush will ultimately allow for time and energy savings, letting you get this wintertime chore done with less effort. While the decision seems pretty straightforward, finding the perfect one will keep your cars free of snow and will ensure your safety as you drive.

This product list offers various options to choose from, but it will be best to know how each factor and material affects the snow brush’s efficiency. Being aware of these elements will ensure wiser decision-making, guaranteeing that you make the most out of every purchase.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need an ice scraper?

While the brush will be perfectly able to remove snow on your car’s bonnet, roof, and bumper, it might cause scratches on your windshield and windows. There are many ways to safely and efficiently get rid of ice on the car’s glass parts, but they all end with your scraping off the excess. The de-icing process will loosen the ice and enable you to scoop with significantly less effort, reducing the risk for breakage.

Why do I have to brush off snow on my car?

Aside from being illegal in some countries, allowing snow to build upon your car will affect its performance. It will create significantly more drag as you move, which will double given the car’s effort exertion on the snowy pavement. Your wiper blades might become brittle as well, and overall, will create avoidable expenses. Constant snow clearing on your vehicles will ensure your safety during wintertime and help keep your car in excellent condition.

Won’t bristle snow brushes ruin my car?

Generally, this type of snow brushes should be able to cause damage to your car. They are usually the most like variant as they can clean in smaller areas like between windshield wipers. However, some materials are excessively firm and sharp, which might scratch your vehicle if you sweep the wrong way. It will be best to look at what materials comprise the bristles to ensure that it will not cause an added expense.

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