Top 10 Best Snow Blower Brands | 2021 Reviews (Ariens)

Every winter, when snow falls down the streets of the neighborhood, most people get excited as they watch white turfs envelop the whole city. However, the next morning gets troublesome when you want to get out of your house and walk the streets, but thick piles of snow are in your way. 

Arthur Sicard, a Canadian inventor, invented the snow blower in 1925. The first snow blower consists of a four-wheel truck chassis and motor, the scooping part for the snow, and a snow blower having two adjustable chutes with a separate motor. 

Snow blowers allow you to plow through hard, soft, or packed snow and throw it far away from the machine at approximately 90 feet away as it conquers the load on its way by its strong tires and motors. Most snow blowers have augers to cut through the soft or hard-pack snow for easier cut and push the whole machine.

Toro was the first brand to innovate the walk-behind Snow Hound snow blower in 1952. After some time, Ariens popped into the snow blowing industry and has been soaring through the market until today. Other manufacturers followed through and are innovating different technologies to make their products unique. 

The following list shows the best snow blower brands in the market for 2020, based on its long-running reputation, popularity in amazon, people’s reviews, and approval of other reputable brands. 

Some brands may relatively be new in the snow blower industry but have been garnering good reviews and are constantly rocketing website review charts. 

Top 10 Best Snow Blower Brands Reviewed

  1. Ariens
  2. Cub Cadet
  3. Troy-Bilt
  4. Toro
  5. Briggs & Stratton
  6. Craftsman
  7. EGO
  8. Greenworks
  9. Husqvarna
  10. Snow Joe

#1. Ariens – “The King of Snow”

ariens snow blowers

Ariens boasts of its long-running reputation in the snow blower industry. They launched their snow blower series in the 1960’s, producing over a whopping 4 million snow blower products sold worldwide, and counting until today. They earned their spot as the top one best brand of snow blowers, and they are also officially ranked as the number one best-selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world.

Henry Ariens made a gas-powered rototiller in their house’s garage in 1933 when the Ariens snow blower company was born. He started the Ariens company with his sons in Brillion, Wisconsin, constantly flowing with new ideas to build. 

In the year 1960, Ariens produced the self-propelling Sno-Thro snow blower, which offered an alternative to snow shoveling. They are still manufacturing hassle-free powerful machines after 60 years, constantly adding more improvements to be more serviceable to consumers.

Their Sno-Thro series is widely known for providing various models for specific purposes. They classify their series into nine categories: Track, Professional, Platinum, Deluxe, Compact, Classic, Crossover, Professional 21, Path Pro, and S18. These models are ergonomically designed for specific purposes and constantly updated with innovations for better performance.

They have been widely known as one of the best manufacturers of snow blowers. They have claimed and learned how the best snow blowers have an all-steel construction through the long years of testing and verifications. 

They have constantly been adding models for their snow blower series that will cater to the different needs of people who want the snow out of their way. Various models for each series are made with a single stage or the two stage, which cater to most, if not all, residential and commercial needs. 

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#2. Cub Cadet – “Unlocking Possible”

cub cadet snow blowers

Cub Cadet caters to the needs of various communities in need of clearing snow in their vicinity. They offer specialized models for different snow blowers, from single, two, and three stages. They cover the needs of people from residential to commercial and professional. Their machines have been well-known since 1961, which started their company a little while after Ariens.

Cub Cadet started as a premium line of lawn tractors, a branch of the International Harvester Company. In 1993, their first steerable track-drive snow blower was released. Many manufacturers have emerged by then, but Cub Cadet was the first to release the world’s first three stage snow blower in 2013. 

Their three stage snow blowers allow greater coverage for clearing larger pathways and areas to give a more efficient and powerful performance than the single stage snow blower types. They were able to provide for commercial and professional needs in snow blowing, with their innovative technology.

They ask a series of questions to know which snow blower would best fit their consumer. They also categorize their snow blowers into single, two, and three stage snow blowers so you can easily find what you need. 

Their single stage snow blowers have a high-performance auger that instantly removes up to 6 inches of snow accumulation. Their two stage snow blowers are easy to handle despite their relatively bigger bodies, clearing up to 12 inches of thick snow and slush. Finally, their three stage snow blowers are powerful enough to remove up to 23 inches of thick snow accumulations at a steady, comfortable pace. 

Club Cadet deserves the second spot as their snow blower products have been selling in the market for the longest time following Ariens. Their snow blowers are also known to handle anything thrown in between the snow, which can work from simple, smooth, uneven, and gravelly terrain. Their snow blowers are sure to serve their purpose once you try them. 

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#3. Troy-Bilt – “Overtested for Your Enjoyment”

troy bilt snow blowers

This former Rotiller Inc. company originated from Troy, New York, manufacturing rotary tillers in 1937. They’ve been manufacturing reliable tools and machines for more than 80 years. Now, they offer a complete line of products, including snow blowers. 

They offer various models for single, two, and three stage snow blowers that offer well-tested and proven performance. Troy-Bilt thoroughly tests their snow blowers in water, gravel, and different parts of the world where there is snow build-up. They pride themselves on meticulous testing standards that make their product versatile. 

Their snow blowers are proven to withstand any snow surface conditions. Different snowy regions have varying surface types. Some regions have soft snow, some have slushy and rocky, while some have hard-pack snow. Troy-Bilt ensures that their snow blowers are tested in every situation and are put through the worst scenarios to guarantee their product’s durability and longevity.

Their snow blowers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to maneuver. Troy-Bilt was the company that innovated the first smart feature of putting pneumatic tires retrofitted with airless tires to maximize the durability of their snowblower tires. These kinds of tires can withstand unpaved driveways that have abrasive surfaces and can be easily maneuvered around. More manufacturers have been copying this technology, hence making snow blower tires stronger than ever.

Troy-Bilt’s expertise in engineering powerful and durable machines, which they apply on their snow blowers, makes them one of the most reputable snow blowers brands. Their smart, innovative technologies and passion for guaranteeing the longevity of their materials make their products indestructible. 

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#4. Toro– “Count on It”

toro snow blowers

Toro has been in the industry for more than a hundred years, providing innovative solutions for outdoor activities such as turf maintenance, snow and ice management, landscape, to name a few. They pride themselves on their thriving innovation as they strive to improve their technology every day for their products’ improved performance. They also strive for sustainability as they think of new ways to benefit their customers and the environment.

Toro was established in 1914 and is considered the number one brand for farm tractors in the United States. Eventually, they entered the snow blower business in 1951, introducing the industrial-grade Snow Boy. Then, the first Toro homeowner snow blower was introduced the next year, the Snow Hound.

They offer snowblowers with various uses that will cater to your different needs. They mostly offer single stage snowblowers, which can manage up to 6 inches of snow. They have a single high-speed auger in the front with rubber paddles that cleans the surface and propel the machine forward. Their design is quite simple, which makes for a low maintenance machine. They have an innovative quick chute adjustment design wherein you can adjust the chute direction angle with just a lever’s pull. You can also easily maneuver their snow blowers in any direction with the rear wheels.

They also offer their twin stage snow blower for 2-3 ft of snow thickness, but their single stage design is their bestseller. They have the traditional and commercial snow blowers to choose from. They sell their snow blowers come in different sizes to adjust to people’s comfort. 

They categorize their snow blowers according to the type of surface your lawn has, the slope, and the region’s size where you plan to use the snow blower. They have prepared a simple quiz to help match you to their perfect product. 

Overall, their snow blowers are mostly used by homeowners due to their user-friendly design. Their electric and battery type snow blowers also make it easy to maintain and store. 

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#5. Briggs & Stratton– “ReadyStart Engines”

briggs & stratton snow blowers

Another long-running company has made itself well-trusted in the market as it is known as the number one brand for outdoor tools. They are considered as the world’s largest producer of air-cooled petrol engines. 

An inventor named Stephen Briggs and an investor named Harold Stratton made a partnership in 1908 that sparked the company, Briggs & Stratton. They used to produce agricultural tools and military tools. They are still a thriving business until now and are well-known for manufacturing household tools.

With their company’s broad experience in tools and machines, they could manufacture snowblowers and other modern, useful household machines. Their products are known for their durability and functionally dependable materials. They even produce parts that other brands use to build their products. Briggs & Stratton has been in the industry for so long that their parts are proven effective and trusted.

Their company offers a series of single stage and double stage snow blowers that cater to residential and commercial needs. They boast of their push-of-a-button start engines, which are user-friendly. They have a buying guide to aid you in choosing the right snow blower for your household.

They offer single-stage snow blowers where it tackles light to moderate snowfalls with ease to clear the snow on your pavement and pathways. Their two-stage snow blowers are subdivided into light and medium. The two-stage snow blowers have both types of self-propelled transmission with forward and reverse speeds to propel the unit automatically to assist you. 

The medium dual stage snowblower differs from the light type as it can work on gravelly surfaces. It is engineered for a stronger machine, which does not clean down to the ground like the light dual stage snow blower. Overall, these snow blowers are easy to use and have life longevity designed by the Briggs & Stratton company. 

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#6. Craftsman– “A Brand That Stands a Test of Time”

craftsman snow blowers

Craftsman made their debut in the 1920’s. They are known for their powerful electrical house tools, even up to the present. Their tools were described as powerful, with rugged construction, well-balanced, and can be easily handled. They are known to be master mechanics and homebuilders many can trust.

They offer all-around snow-blower models from single, two, up to three stage, which have limited choices of models but are guaranteed to serve their purpose for a versatile performance. Their models are generally 21in wide from single stage blowers, which can take 6 inches of snow thickness. They also offer their 24-30 inch two-stage snow blowers that can take up to 21 inches of snow depth. Finally, they offer one 28in three-stage snow blower model that can conquer 21in of snow thickness.

Their tool is mostly electronic, even with their snow blowers. They make their snow blowers environmentally safe and sustainable. Their snow blower models are known for their versatility and great control. You can switch directions with a lift of a finger and change the self-propelled speeds singlehandedly. 

Their products are all proudly made in the USA, and with their good reputation, they are usually found as sponsors of different events and contests. They offer a membership club for their customers to get notified by their activities and important announcements. Truly, Craftsman continues to live up to its good reputation for the last one hundred years. 

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#7. EGO– “Every Tool Delivers Power Beyond Belief”

ego snow blowers

EGO company is known for its battery-powered tools. The leading consumer publication rates them as the number one battery-powered platform based on power, durability, performance, and value. 

They ensure that their tools can be powered by universal battery compatibility for your convenience. This technology of battery-operated tools reduces the noise and fumes from gas, which helps eliminate pollution. 

Their ARC Lithium battery is the company’s innovative technology that powers their products, delivering much power, superior performance, and long-lasting run life. Their batteries are designed to work with any EGO tool and machine, making their products manageable altogether.

EGO prides themselves with their snow blower products, which are the only cordless snow blowers powered with PEAK POWER technology, with the power of two ARC Lithium batteries combined in one machine. Their snow blowers have amazing power, which exceeds most snow blowers as they have the power to throw the snow at 35-50ft away from the machine. Their steel auger design breaks hardpack snow and ice. 

Additionally, their snow blowers are easy to use, with their self-propelled features at adjustable speeds in forward and reverse directions. It also features two to four LED headlights that will be useful when the environment goes dim. The chutes are adjustable at 200 degrees, which makes their snow blower flexible as well. 

Their snow blowers generally take up an average of 20in snow depth and can run for more than an hour when fully charged. They have a limited choice in snow blowers, but their power and flexibility exceed most snow blowers that are in the market today. 

Their PEAK POWER technology exceeds expectations and delivers great power while reducing noise and fume pollution, making their products a smart choice. They have been working on new cordless technologies for more than ten years already, and they have earned praise from various professional names like Forbes, Pro Tool Reviews, and The Home Depot, to name a few. 

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#8. Greenworks– “Ultimate Power. Better Than Gas.”

greenworks snow blowers

Greenworks is a relatively new company based in Seattle, Washington, established by Chriss Allen in 2007. He aims to eliminate gas-powered tools in your garage with battery-operated ones for substitute. Though they are new in the industry, they have proven themselves over the years with their powerful battery-operated tools. Most people find their products relatively cheap yet durable while delivering high performance. 

Their snow blowers offer a cordless battery-powered design that eliminates the hassle in maintaining oil and gas, noise, and stamina-reducing vibrations that comes with the gas-powered tools. They offer various models for their snow blowers, from 12in snow shovels to 22in snow blowers that are all cordless and battery-operated at 60V.

Their snow blowers are also brushless, which gives more power and torque. The machines can propel snow 20-30ft away and have two speed augers set on light or high settings depending on how heavy the snow is. Like most chutes, theirs are adjustable at a 180-degree angle. Dual LED lights are also featured for greater visibility during dim situations. 

Their tools are mostly manufactured in their plant in Changzhou, China, near Shanghai. They also have offices that are in Toronto and Germany. They are constantly improving their technology to produce affordable yet high-performance products that will make gas-powered tools obsolete, making them one of the leading battery-powered outdoor power tool companies. 

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#9. Husqvarna– “Feel the Power”

husqvarna snow blowers

This company was launched as “Jönköping Rifle Factory” by a Sweedish monarch’s decree to produce musket pipes in a place called Huskvarna. Today, they are known for producing different outdoor tools, motorcycles, and other related accessories, including snow blowers that are constantly getting good reviews from different websites.

 People who prefer gas-powered snow blowers might want to look into this brand as they are one of the longest-running reputable companies in the world. Their snow blowers are built to endure harsh winters with their durable built and powerful performance.  They offer their snow blowers for homeowners, commercial, and professional markets. Their snow blowers are generally largely built two-stage types.

Their snow blowers range from 24-30in wide coverage having a key electric start with electronic fuel injection. Various models are available, categorized into the powerful homeowner, the heavy-duty powerhouse, and the ultimate professional that will easily start the engines by pressing a button. Their machines won’t have any problems starting, the problem with battery-operated machines that are usually tough on the lowest temperature conditions. 

Their tires are made for no slipping and sliding mechanisms and can blast through any snow conditions. If you want to feel the power, durability, and no-cold-start features of a snow blower, this brand offers it along with their 10-year warranty, guaranteed to make you satisfied with their product. 

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#10. Snow Joe– “Smart Tools That Get the Job Done”

snow joe snow blowers

Snow Joe is a relatively new company that was started in 2004, wherein they launched their electrically powered snow shovel under a hundred dollars, which they dubbed the “Snow Joe.” The following year, they launched other outdoor electric tools that are manual, cordless, and electric such as lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers.

In 2013, they innovated the iON, their first cordless and gas-free snow blower that is battery-operated. The company has received praise from consumers, bloggers, and other media that made them soar to being one of the best brands for snow blowers from a relatively early start compared to the other brands. 

Their snow blowers are offered as electric or cordless battery-operated technology that is offered at a budget-friendly price. Their snow blowers are known for their lightweight yet powerful bodies that would be perfect for anyone’s use, especially for those who are physically weaker than most tall and stronger-bodied people. The ease of use and lightweight property of their snow blowers makes them more popular in most reviews.

Their affordable price yet great performance also makes them popular on amazon and other online sellers. They offer various sizes and varied specific features for their snow blower models to cater to many people with their specific needs. 

Even with the late emergence of Snow Joe, their innovations in technology and well-engineered products make them competitive with other seasoned brands. They managed to gain popularity from their variety of snow blowers and are now selling other outdoor tools that will cater to the needs of many. 

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Choosing a Snowblower Brand

Consumers usually prefer well-known brands because of their reputation and popularity. Many reviews have proven the efficiency and effectiveness of these well-known snow blower brands. 

These snow blower brands are also usually endorsed and advertised by other reputable names and brands that trust their products. Events and contests get these popular brands as their sponsors because of their popularity and trusted and proven products, making them even more popular for the masses.

Some brands have become popular due to their long-running business that evolved from manufacturing small tools to these complex snow blower machines. Other brands have emerged and have offered useful new technologies that consumers love, making them popular instantly. 

In the snow blower industry, you can choose between various brands based on your preference in the type of power source they offer, the size or power they can perform, how long their warranties are, and the like. Different brands have different beliefs and signatures for their products but better be smart in choosing and go with the trusted and proven ones dominating the market for the longest time. 


Many manufacturers are emerging and are trying to market their snow blowers, but a few managed to maintain a good reputation and have a thriving business in the industry. Most manufacturers like Ariens and Cub Cadet have long been established and are thriving because of their consistent innovation and their hard-earned experience from the past years.

However, other late brands that have emerged have offered new technologies that the masses loved, making their brand name skyrocket to the best snow blower brands. As technology advances, these well-known brands should keep on looking for new ways to serve people’s needs better, or they are bound to slip-off the best list, with other new brands to take their place.

The best brands are determined by their long-running reputation, popularity in amazon, people’s reviews, and other reputable brands’ approval. They constantly evolve and improve to maintain their reputation to be trusted by many snow-blower consumers worldwide.

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