Top 10 Best Small Snow Blower | 2021 Reviews (Toro)

Keeping your driveway free of snow during the blizzard season could get pretty challenging. While shovels could do the work, motorized snow shovels and blowers continuously prove to be a more practical choice. These pieces of equipment significantly cut down clearing time to ensure that you work smarter than harder.

Snowblowers have become a favorite among consumers who wish for a more effortless operation on days with a heavier downpour. We provide you with the best ones currently on Amazon to help with your search for the perfect one for your home.

Top 9 Best Small Snow Blowers Reviewed

  1. Toro 38381 Power Curve – Best Overall
  2. WEN 5662 Blaster – Best Value
  3. Snow Joe iONMAX 18SB – Editor’s Choice
  4. Craftsman 179CC
  5. Earthwise SN74018
  6. Greenworks 2600402 Pro
  7. EGO Power+ SNT2103
  8. PowerSmart DB2401
  9. Ryobi RY40860

#1. Toro 38381 Power Curve – Best Overall

Toro 38381 Power Curve

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  • 15-Amp Motor
  • Power Curve Technology
  • Zip Deflector

Toro’s 38381 Power Curve tops this list for its ability to clear your patios and decks of snow efficiently. Its relatively affordable price tag allows more people to enjoy its benefits, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase.

This snow blower series comes with a 15-Amp motor, but you taper down to a smaller, 12-inch, 7.5-Amp variant for tinier spaces. Choosing the 15-Amp motor will give exceptional snow-clearing power, though, and will let you get the job done immediately. It promises an impressive 700-pound snow throwing capacity per minute, guaranteeing that your porch will be clear of snow in a snap.

An impressive 18 inches wide, 12 inches deep snow clearance guarantees that you finish the job immediately, letting you save on time and energy. Power Curve technology clears this snow blower from top to bottom, guaranteeing optimal snow throwing that reduces clogging. A quick chute lever lets you fully control the snow throwing direction, ensuring the most efficient snow clearing operations. You need not worry about this feature falling off as a zip deflector locks the chute in whichever angle you choose, guaranteeing the snow thrown out stays in one area.

Its ergonomic handle allows for the most comfortable and firmest grip, guaranteeing that you move effectively without the added strain on your back and arms. Six-inch wheels at the rear allow for the most convenient transfers and make the smoothest glides on most surfaces.

Zip deflector allows for optimal snow throwing.Moving on gravel might pose a struggle
Relatively low-maintenance
Customizable motors

#2. WEN 5662 Blaster – Best Value

WEN 5662 Blaster

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  • Power Bar
  • 13.5-Amp Motor
  • 180-Degree Quick-Adjust Chute

The WEN 5662 Blaster lets you clean your porches and decks effortlessly with its impressive overall performance. Its corded electric construction lets you do away with constant charging, letting you get to work immediately. 

A Power Bar brings this snow blower to life, allowing for the most convenient initiations. The insulated handle will give you ample grip on this snow blower, allowing for ample control and optimal movement. Six-inch wheels allow for the most convenient transfers and enable you to move faster on snow, letting you clear an entire area effortlessly. Its 13.5-Amp motor creates a maximum of 2000 auger rotations per minute, guaranteeing optimal snow crushing capabilities. This feature also reduces the risk of immediate damage as it crushes ice chunks before expelling into heaps of powder. An impressive throwing distance of 20 feet, with a clearance of 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep, guarantees that you finish your entire driveway in a snap.

You will have full control of the snow throwing direction the 180-degree quick-adjust chute. A spring-loaded button lever quickly adjusts the angle of the chute’s arc to optimize its throwing and will allow more efficient clearing. An extension cord wrangler will let you finish the entire backyard without having to move electrical outlets constantly.

Quick-adjust chute allows for optimized snow throwing.  Not suitable for medium to heavy snowfall
Impressive motor and clearing capacity

#3. Snow Joe iONMAX 18SB – Editor’s Choice

Snow Joe iON 18SB

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  • 40V 4.0 Ah iONMAX EcoSharp Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Auto-rotate Chute
  • Dual-Blade with Steel Auger
  • Brushless Motor

Snow Joe’s iONMAX 18SB impressive overall performance that works comfortably within your budget makes it an ideal choice. The brand lets you have a variety of purchasing options with its inclusions allowing for better customization.

You will have ample time to finish an entire deck with its 40V 4.0 Ah iONMAX Lithium-Ion Battery promising an exceptional 52-minute runtime. The quiet motor system enables you to work anytime without disrupting the entire household or your neighbors, letting you have better use of your spare time. Its highly-sustainable construction promises to let you get optimal performance without creating more harm to the environment. A LED light will let you work before the sun comes up, letting you maneuver safely and more efficiently. The improved visibility will also ensure your safety as it enables you to see the clearance ahead. The 180-degree auto-rotate directional chute lets you effortlessly work as it veers away from constant readjustment. It promises an impressive 20-feet snow throwing distance, ensuring that your entire area will be free of powder after every operation.

The dual-blades on the steel auger promises an 18-inch wide, 8 inches deep snow clearance guaranteeing that this snow blower will outlast any snowstorm. A massive 500-pound snow throwing capacity per minute ensures that your house will be free of powder with significantly less effort. A brushless motor creates maximum surface contact for efficient shoveling without damaging the floor. 

The LED light provides improved visibility and more guided maneuvers. The directional chute can be unreliable sometimes
iONMAX Lithium-Ion battery exceptional performance and sustainability 
Brushless motor construction efficient snow clearing

#4. Craftsman 179CC

Craftsman 179CC

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  • 23CC 4-Cycle Engine
  • Zag Tread Wheels
  • Auger Assist Drive

Despite the hefty price tag, the Craftsman 179CC promises excellent snow clearing capabilities that ensure your house will be snow-free in no time. Its impressive overall performance guarantees that this snow blower will be a worthy investment that will withstand constant usage.

The 23CC 4-cycle Engine guarantees that gas and oil will not mix, ensuring your safety and efficiently extending this snow blower’s lifespan. This feature also promises the most powerful snow clearing performance to rid your home of heaps of powder. You need not worry about this motor easily breaking as it promises excellent durability that can take a beating. Its 8 x 2-inch Zag Tread allows for the most convenient transfers from storage to your yard, letting you save your energy for the snow clearing. The same set of wheels promise the smoothest glide on any surface, ensuring optimal maneuverability on any surface.

An Auger Assist Drive uses rubber auger grips for the most convenient movement on the thickest powder. It promises and impressive 21-inch wide, 13 inches deep snow clearing capacity, guaranteeing that no blizzard will be too strong for this snowblower. A 190-degree chute gives you full control of snow throwing direction to ensure the cleanest finish on any area.

23CC 4-cycle Engine allows for the most powerful operation that does not compromise safety Quite expensive
Zag Tread wheels promise improved maneuverability on any surface.
Auger Assist Drive allows for optimal and efficient movement on thick snow.

#5. Earthwise SN74018

Earthwise SN74018

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  • 40V Brushless Motor
  • 4.0 Ah Battery
  • Dual Blade Auger

Earthwise SN74018 proves excellence should not come at nature’s expense, guaranteeing that a highly-sustainable snow blower could perform efficiently. Its affordable price tag promises a consistently powerful overall performance that allows a broader range of users to enjoy its benefits.

A 40V brushless motor guarantees the quietest runs that enable you to choose the most convenient time for clearing without disrupting your household and the neighbors. The same feature allows optimal contact with the ground, ensuring that this snow blower efficiently scoops everything up without damaging the surface. You need not worry about damaging this snow blower from constant usage as it promises to be extremely low-maintenance. Despite having a battery, a quick charging dock included in every purchase fuels the 4.0 Ah battery immediately, letting you get to work in a snap. The same battery pack will give this snow blower’s motor ample power for the most efficient clearing runs. It promises an impressive 18-inch wide, 12 inches deep snow clearance, guaranteeing that you finish any area of the house effortlessly. LED lights to improve visibility to let you work anytime with sufficient guidance for optimal movement.

Dual-blade augers promise the most efficient snow clearing operations on the toughest ice, guaranteeing that your front and backyard will remain snow-free.  Six-inch wheels will allow you to transfer this snow blower from one to the next and allow for smoother movements as you plow through snow. 

23CC 4-cycle Engine allows for the most powerful operation that does not compromise safety Relatively short runtime
LED lights allow for improved visibility
Highly sustainable 

#6. Greenworks 2600402 Pro

Greenworks 2600402 Pro

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  • 80V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Brushless Motor Technology
  • 180-Degree Rotating Chute

Greenworks 2600402 Pro allows the most effortless snow clearance in any area of the house, guaranteeing that it will be worth every penny. Despite the relatively steep price tag, the brand includes a battery and charger to ensure optimal performance every time. 

The 80V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery guarantees a sufficiently lengthy 45-minute runtime, letting you finish your entire deck area with no charging hassle. The same period allows you to go through all corners and sweep off the powder in an area for more efficient snow clearing. A relatively short 30-minute charging time enables you to get back to work with a fully-packed battery to finish getting rid of snow in the entire house. Its brushless motor guarantees the most efficient clearing that will not damage wood or pavement, ensuring that your decks and driveways remain intact. This snow blower promises 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep of snow clearing capacity, guaranteeing that it could withstand the heaviest snowfalls effortlessly. You can immediately relax after every clearing session as its motor require the least maintenance but will remain to perform excellently.

You will have full control of the snow throwing direction with its 180-degree rotating chute, ensuring the most efficient cleaning every time. An impressive 20-feet snow throwing distance will guarantee that your entire area will be free of powder, ensuring your safety every time you step out of the house.

80V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery allows you to finish an entire area in one runRelatively expensive
Brushless motor technology lets finish immediately without damaging floors.
Exceptional snow clearing capacity 

#7. EGO Power+ SNT2103

EGO Power+ SNT2103

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  • Two EGO 56V 7.5 Ah ARC Lithium Batteries
  • On-Board Chute Control
  • Brushless Motor

Despite the shocking price tag, the EGO Power+ SNT2103 promises an excellent overall performance that will make you forget about corded and gas-powered snow blowers. The impressive power and clearing capabilities makes this snow blower worth considering to combat the strongest snowfalls.

You would need two EGO 56V 7.5 Ah ARC Lithium batteries to activate this snow blower’s Peak Power Technology, enabling the most powerful snow clearing. The latter feature makes the EGO Power+ SNT2103 able to crush heaps of moist snow effortlessly, letting you work anytime you want. The push-button start protects you from unplanned initiations and will let you start working immediately to save time. The On-board Chute Control gives you the liberty to choose where the snow gets expelled, ensuring that you clear the entire area of the unwanted powder. An impressive 35-feet snow throwing distance guarantees that your entire house, driveway, and sidewalk will be free of snow, ensuring your safety as you step out. A 21-inch wide, 12 inches deep snow clearing dimension guarantees that the strongest blizzards are no match for this snowblower.

Maintaining the brushless motor will be fairly easy, for it requires minimal cleaning to remain in excellent condition. The same motor quality promises maximum contact on the ground, guarantees efficiency, and lets you maximize battery life. This snow blower has LED headlights that will give improved visibility to guide you as you work at any time of the day.

Onboard chute allows for exceptional snow throwing optimized clearing.Expensive
ARC Lithium batteries promise the most powerful motor capacity
Excellent snow clearing capabilities

#8. PowerSmart DB2401

PowerSmart DB2401

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  • 40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp Battery
  • 2200RPM Motor
  • 180-Degree Chute Rotation

The incredibly lightweight built lets everyone contribute to this winter chore, and is perfect for continuous snowfall days. This snow blower’s built also enables the most natural movements with the least struggle to plow, giving you enough energy for other activities afterward.

A 40V 4.0 Ah battery provides 25 minutes of continuous runtime, letting you finish you’re a significant area effortlessly. This battery pack promises to be durable but completely environment-friendly, ensuring that you do not harm nature during usage. Its quick charging capability lets you resume clearing in no time, letting you finish your entire house quickly enough. The 2200RPM guarantees an 18-inch wide, 11 inches deep snow clearing capacity to ensure that strong blizzards will be no match for this snowblower. A push-start button that conveniently beside the ergonomic handle allows for the most convenient startups and will give you a firm grip on the blower for optimal movement. A safety switch reduces the risk of accidents, allowing the elderly and younger ones to do the job.

Its 180-degree chute rotation gives you full control of the expelled snow’s direction, letting you do away with additional cleanup post-clearing. A handle connected to the chute allows for the most convenient adjustments letting you finish up quickly. The 25-feet throwing trajectory ensures that the entire clearing area remains free of snow, letting you have ample stability whenever you go out.

180-degree directional chute allows for full control of snow throwing directionRelatively short runtime
Impressive snow clearing capabilitiesSomewhat expensive
Exceptionally lightweight

#9. Ryobi RY40860

Ryobi RY40860

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  • Active Dual Discharge Battery Ports
  • Variable Speed Auger
  • 180-degree Directional Chute

Despite the hefty price tag, the Ryobi RY40860 promises a powerful performance that will let you forget about gas-powered and corded electric snow blowers. You will find this snow blower’s exceptional capabilities worth investing in, which guarantees a long-lasting purchase.

The snowblower comes with two 40V 5 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries that promise the longest possible runtime to let you finish an entire area in one go. Its Active Dual Discharge Battery Ports efficiently release battery power to maximize each pack’s capacity and extend its lifespan. Unsurprisingly, the Ryobi puts two powerful battery packs to ensure its exceptional motor performance. The variable speed auger the runs with the brushless motor promise to create an impressive 21-inch wide, 13-inch deep snow clearance that guarantees that no blizzard will be too strong. A push-start button lets you get to work immediately, letting you finish at top speed with enough energy left for the day.

A 180-degree directional chute lets you control where snow will be expelled, ensuring optimal throwing. Its 35-feet snow throwing trajectory ensures that the entire will be free of unwanted snow, giving you a firm grip on the ground as you step out. LED headlights to allow for improved visibility on darker days, with a telescoping handle allowing for convenient storage.

Variable speed auger enables better control.Telescoping handles might cause injury
Impressive snow clearing capacityExpensive
Excellent battery performance

Top Pick: The Toro 38381 Power Curve

The Toro 38381 Power Curve outlasts every snowblower in this list for its capability to get the job done without breaking the bank. You cannot underestimate its compact construction, for it promises impressive snow clearing capacities that let it fit the house’s narrow corners. While there are more affordable variants in this review, their lackluster overall performance makes them fall behind.

Toro 38381’s excellent overall performance that promises exceptional snow clearing capabilities guarantees a wise purchase that will withstand constant usage. Its Power Curve Technology guarantees the most efficient snow expulsion, letting you finish the job immediately with significantly reduced stress. Giving you the option to have a lower motor system allows for better customization, letting you tailor-fit accordingly. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Small Snow Blower

While buying a small snowblower allows for more convenient storage, it will be best to check if its capabilities will fit your needs. Knowing what to look for will allow for wiser decision-making, letting you invest in the appropriate snowblower to clear your house in the winter efficiently.

Aside from its compact construction, it will be best to check if the handles are telescoping or foldable for more efficient storage. This feature will make a more economical choice and enables you to save more garage space. 

You cannot compromise on the motor and power systems, though, for these features will mainly determine the snowblower’s effectivity. While we cannot expect the strongest clearing capabilities, maximizing the clearing dimensions will ensure that you get the job done immediately. Finding brushless motors will enable optimal snow shoveling to ensure that your house will be clear of powder, so it will be best to choose these types of snow blowers. Choosing a battery-powered snow blower over corded and gas-powered snow blowers will have its pros and cons, but will ultimately allow optimal clearing radius. While corded electric and gas-powered snow blowers let you veer away from constant charging, the former limits your range unless there are extensions cords present. On the other hand, gas-powered snow blowers solve both problems, but will ultimately be less eco-friendly.

The ability to control the snow blower’s speed enables you to maximize battery life, so it will be best to find one that gives you the option. Having wheels or tracks will also allow for smoother glides on powder, which will allow improved maneuverability. LED headlights will also improve visibility on darker days and will guide you towards the optimal movement to save time.


The best small snow blowers are the ones that can efficiently get the job done without compromising on quality and durability. While it is important to find one that will not eat up and entire storage space, it should not compromise on clearing capacity to ensure you of a wise investment.

While this list provides an extensive array of options, it will be best to tailor-fit to your area’s needs accordingly. Knowing what to look for and how each factor will affect your snow blower’s effectivity enables smarter decision-making, letting you save on time, money, and effort.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why would I choose a small snowblower over a more massive one?

While massive snow blowers let you get the job done in record time, these will ultimately require more storage space, which may be impractical on smaller households. Given that you will be using these snow blowers for a limited time, it will be best to find one that will be more convenient to keep post-winter season. Small snow blowers also enable you to squeeze through narrower spaces for more efficient cleaning, which might be a struggle with huge variants.

Do I need snow blowers with dual battery packs?

This decision will be mainly up to your preference, but it will be ideal for larger spaces or areas with a heavier and more frequent downpour. While snow blowers with single battery packs promise excellent runtimes, not all of them will be as powerful as variants with two batteries. The latter will most likely allow for better clearing on thicker snow or will have a longer lifespan on a full charge. It will be ideal for checking on the motor’s performance and comparing it to the battery life to find a sweet spot between the two.

Why should I choose a snowblower with a brushless motor?

Snowblowers with brushless motors will mimic a shovel’s concept of scooping up snow without the added effort of digging through them. This variant will allow for optimal contact on the ground, ensuring that you get everything expelled and letting you save time and battery life. Choosing a brushless motor also ensures your floors’ quality, making it an ideal choice for wooden porches and decks.

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