Top 6 Best Ski Poles for Kids | 2021 Reviews (Zipline Ski)

Skiing is a fun sport, but some parents are wary about their children’s safety because this sport can be prone to injury. However,  the rate is only two injuries out of every 1000 alpine ski days, which is smaller than the number of injuries that one can get from football.

Because of this, if you allow your child to adhere to safety precautions, skiing can be both fun and beneficial to you and your children. First, you can finally get them off from using gadgets. It can improve their mood and improve their physical health. Skiing can also be an excellent bonding activity for you and your kids.

However, you cannot jeopardize your kids’ safety by buying low-quality equipment.  

That is why this review will give you some ideas which are the best ski poles for kids. You will also know which to select for their use.

Top 6 Best Ski Poles for Kids Reviewed

  1. Blurr 16.0 by Zipline Ski – Best Overall
  2. Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles by Salomon – Best Value
  3. Worldcup Racing Kids Ski Pole by Leki – Editor’s Choice
  4. Boundary Carbon Ski Pole by Black Diamond
  5. Razor Carbon Pro Ski Pole By Black Diamond
  6. Racing Kids Ski Pole by Leki

#1. Blurr 16.0 by Zipline Ski – Best Overall

Blurr 16.0

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  • Material: graphite carbon composite 
  • Adjustable shaft: no

If you are looking for ski poles with high-end graphite carbon composite construction, you will love the Blurr 16.0 by Zipline Ski. Because of this construction, you can trust that these ski poles are durable and lightweight. The ski pole tapers from the handle’s 16.0mm to the tip at 14 mm, making this pole stiff without sacrificing the lightness. 

This model is not only for kids but also for adults. These ski poles come in different sizes that even kids can use. This model is the Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise’s choice.  This model uses a powder basket, making it an excellent choice if your kids love riding the backcountry, whether they are powder skiers or freeskiers. The basket measures around 9 mm that is excellent enough in tackling the powdery snow of the terrain.

Besides that, this model uses the Zip Touch Dual Density Grip, which is the brand’s signature trigger finger ZipGrip built along with thermoplastic to follow the shape of your kids’ hands. This feature also prevents their gloves from slipping. Also, this model comes with adjustable velcro straps. 

Blurr 16.0 is the best choice for experienced kid skiers who love backcountry skiing because of these features.

Excellent for both beginners and professional skiersPain peels easily
Comes with adjustable straps
ZipGrip feature

#2. Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles by Salomon – Best Value

Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

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  • Material: aluminum
  • Adjustable shaft: no

If your kids are beginners in skiing, they will benefit from Salomon’s Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles. This model has a high-end aluminum construction that is rigid and sturdy. Besides that, this model makes use of ergonomy that is ideal for the kids’ size. It uses standard junior grip, standard tip, junior strap, and junior basket. You do not have to worry about their arms having strain or fatigue because of this model’s size and weight.  

Although this model has a lightweight construction, it is durable and can withstand alpine skiing conditions. What makes this model even more impressive is that it comes with a junior strap that helps keep your children safe. 

The only problem is that these ski poles have plain construction. It does not have the advanced features that advanced users can appreciate. 

Comes with junior strapsNot the best choice for kids with experience
LightweightComes with a limited choice of colors
Fitting grip

#3. Worldcup Racing Kids Ski Pole by Leki – Editor’s Choice

Worldcup Racing Kids Ski Pole

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  • Material: aluminum
  • Adjustable shaft: no

If your kids are into racing, they will love the Worldcup Racing Kids Ski Pole by Leki. Looking at it, you will see that these ski poles are for racing because of their bent structure. Ski racers have their own needs and preferences that are different from backcountry and alpine skiers, which is evident on these ski poles. 

These ski poles have aluminum construction with a user-friendly design, which you can see on the bent part. Racing ski poles must have bent shafts to aid aerodynamics and speed. The bent feature also helps in added safety if in case of accidents. 

Besides that, this model features a release trigger feature that helps protect the wrists just in case your kids crash. This feature also provides a comfortable grip. What makes the Worldcup Racing Kids Ski Pole better is that it comes with a velcro strap that adds to the kids’ security. 

Quick-release trigger featureNot for alpine or backcountry skiing
Ergonomic designHeavy 

#4. Boundary Carbon Ski Pole by Black Diamond

Boundary Carbon Ski Pole

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  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Adjustable shaft: no

The Boundary Carbon Ski Pole by Black Diamond is one of the best ski poles to use if you are looking for other excellent ski poles for alpine skiing. What makes this model even better is that it uses carbon fiber with aramid reinforcement. It also has a rubber grip and features a SwitchRelease strap.

This model is an all-rounders ski pole for alpine skiers. Because of its carbon fiber construction, it is lightweight and durable. The basket is three-inch in size, which is not bad considering that it is for alpine skiing. What makes this model even better is that the baskets are interchangeable.

This model has a reinforced bottom, making it durable and resistant against cracking. The strap uses SwitchRelease technology that allows your kids to free from the straps fast in dire situations.  Your children will not have a problem holding the ski poles because of the rubber grip that comfortably fits their hands.

Carbon fiber constructionReattachment of the strap can be difficult
Quick-release strapNot for backcountry or race skiing
Reinforced bottom Expensive 
Comfortable grip

#5. Razor Carbon Pro Ski Pole By Black Diamond

Razor Carbon Pro Ski Pole

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  • Material: aluminum and carbon fiber 
  • Adjustable shaft: yes

If you want ski poles with both aluminum and carbon fiber construction, you should go for the Razor Carbon Pro Ski Pole by Black Diamond. Like the Boundary Carbon Ski Pole, this model uses SwitchRelease technology that allows your kids to break away from the straps in dangerous situations. 

Aside from that, this model uses Flicklock Pro technology with aluminum construction, making the ski poles lightweight. This model has both aluminum and carbon fiber construction: 14 mm aluminum in the upper part and 12 mm carbon fiber in the lower. Because of this construction, you can trust that this model is extremely durable, which it should be, considering that it is a backcountry ski pole model.

This model is another excellent choice if your kids are into backcountry skiing. Besides that, it comes with the FlintLock Pro adjustment system that allows you to adjust and lock the length according to your children’s height. Aside from the backcountry adventure, this model is also excellent for touring skiing because of the ski poles’ ability to provide added momentum in skiing in rough terrains.

Uses both aluminum and carbon fiberFragile carbon fiber construction 
Adjustable lengthExpensive
Grip for touring

#6. Racing Kids Ski Pole by Leki

Racing Kids Ski Pole

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  • Material: aluminum 
  • Adjustable shaft: yes

Leki is one of the famous brands for ski poles that cater to kids and youths. That is why it is not surprising that it does not disappoint with its ski poles. One of them is the Racing Kids Ski Pole, which has all the features children will love when skiing in races that include bright-colored and catchy graphics.

Despite catering to youths, the ski poles’ quality is superb because the kids can use them in rough terrains. The Racing Kids Ski Pole model has an aluminum shaft and PAS Hard grip, making adjusting strap and release effortless.

This model is available in different sizes to accommodate kids with diverse heights. The only problem with this model is that the basket is small. That is why these poles are not usable in backcountry skiing. 

Catchy graphics that kids love Small basket
Uses PAS Hard grip 

Top Pick

There are tons of ski poles that you can choose on the market. However, it is hard to entrust your child’s safety to equipment with subpar quality.

That is why excellent ski poles are worth investing because you know that they have the features that can provide enough support for skiing. However, there are tons of choices on the market.

Because of this, this review listed some of the best ones that most users love. What stands out among them is the Blurr 16.0 by Zipline Ski. 

Although this ski pole model is expensive, it is worth the price because its graphite carbon composite construction ensures durability. You do not have to worry about the ski poles breaking down while your children are in the middle of their adventure.

Aside from that, the adult version of this model is one of the recommendations of David Wise, a gold medalist in the Olympics.

This model also has tons of features, such as the ZipGrip, large powder basket, etc.

Parts of Ski Poles

Ski poles compose of only a few parts. However, the role they play in skiing is crucial because it aids the skiers’ balance and rhythm.

Knowing these parts can help you understand this review, and you will also have more idea which features are best to select for your kids.

The main parts of the ski pole are the basket and shaft. Some ski poles also come with a strap near the handle.


The basket is the part that prevents the pole from sinking into the snow. There are two main types of baskets: powder and standard.

The powder basket, as the term describes, is the basket that you use for powdery snow. This basket is large in diameter, so the pole will not sink entirely in the snow when your kid trudges or hike into the powdery snow.

The standard basket is smaller and lighter, which is the ideal one to use on typical snow. 


The shaft is the part that connects the grip to the basket and the snow. It accommodates the skier’s height to make the ski pole usable.


Not all ski poles have straps, but some of them do. It is one of the crucial parts that a ski pole must-have because it helps keep their grip on the handle to avoid losing the ski pole when they perform.

Some straps come in adjustable sizes to accommodate the different sizes of kids.


The grip is the handle that the skiers hold when they ski. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ski Poles for Kids

Now that you know the main parts of a ski pole, you should know the factors to consider when buying the best ski poles for kids. You have to consider the material, weight, features, size, etc.


Even children vary in size. That is why it is not a surprise that ski poles come in different sizes too. The ski pole’s ideal size is that its length should be above the waist from the ground, almost at the same level as the tip of the elbow.

Knowing what size to buy is easy.

If you want to buy from a shop, you get the right size without a need for a tape measure. All you need to do is have the kids bend their elbow at 90 degrees while holding the ski pole upside down. The kids’ grip should be right under the basket, and the shaft should reach the ground.

If you want to buy online, it is the time that you need a tape measure. Your kids have to do the same procedure of holding the tape measure with their elbows bent at 90 degrees. Pull down the tape measure to the ground and find the measurement. 

After knowing the measurement, add two increments. 

Manufacturers have size charts that you can refer to. If you see that your child’s size is in between, go for the shorter pole length.

Many of the ski poles for children have adjustable shafts, which is a useful feature when they are on the hike or need to store them. What makes an adjustable shaft even an ideal choice is that children can still use the ski poles when they grow old.


When choosing the ski pole for a kid, weight is crucial for carrying it easily on the slopes and avoiding fatigue and strain.

It is easy to think that lighter is the best choice. Although it can be true, lightweight ski poles can be costly, and extremely lightweight ski poles are not advisable because they can be fragile in tough situations.

However, you should not settle for low-quality ski poles because they will not last for a long time. Worst, they might break while your kids are skiing. 

Also, you should be careful in choosing ski poles with aluminum construction. There is cheap aluminum, and there are high-quality ones. You will know more about this later.


Most of the ski poles for kids have adjustable shafts and small grips. The adjustable shaft is a practical feature because it allows kids to use the ski poles when they grow older.

Many manufacturers create ski poles that are specific for boys and girls. Commonly, girls have smaller grip and ridge gaps, while still functional and fitting for the girls to use.

Types of Skiing

There are different types of skiing, which are alpine, racing, and backcountry.


Alpine skiing is the most common type. The ski poles that skiers use for it are straight and durable and have excellent grip because of the terrain. The basket is standard in size.

The ski pole used for alpine skiing is also usable for recreational skiing. 


The typical ski poles used for racing have a lightweight construction. The ski poles are also bendable, which is a useful feature for added safety and dynamics. In this type of skiing, ski poles’ speed and usability are crucial.


Backcountry skiing involves a lot of snow, which also includes hiking. Because of the tough terrains, the ski poles are thick. The basket is also large enough to prevent the pole from sinking from the powdery snow.


The material used for the shaft comes in different constructions, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and carbon composite. 

Aluminum Alloy

The aluminum alloy is the most common material for the ski pole’s shaft construction. It has an anti-corrosive and durable feature that makes it an ideal material to use for several sports equipment, such as ski poles.

However, aluminum alloys come in different ranges of strength, which you can only see if you look at the number series. The higher number means that it is more durable than, the less one.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber also has a durable construction. It does not bed, and it is also strong. What makes it ideal is that it is resistant to environmental challenges, such as the cold and strong wind.

What makes the carbon fiber even more ideal is its shock-absorbing nature. This construction is stronger and lighter than aluminum alloy, but also more expensive because of its features.

Carbon Composite

Carbon composite is typically a mixture of thermoplastic and fiberglass to create a stiff and lightweight material used for ski poles. 

Added Features

Because there are tons of selections on the market, various manufacturers develop various features to add to their products. The adjustable shaft feature is an example, which is an added feature that you should look for if you are looking for the best ski poles for kids.

Other added features are notches and nesting baskets that make storing easier. 


You only want the best for your children. That is why you are willing to support them in their life passions, even if it takes risks.

What you can do is to buy them the best equipment that your children can use effectively for their chosen sports. This review listed some of the ski poles that you can choose. The most advisable one is the Blurr 16.0 if your children are into backcountry skiing.

However, if you cannot find the best ski poles, you can find the best ski poles for kids on your own by considering the factors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Are Ski Poles the Best for Kids?

Ski poles are there to provide balance, accuracy, support, and rhythm in skiing. They support the kids if they want to perform maneuvers or slow down when they are in a race. However, children who use ski poles commonly have basic knowledge of skiing.

When Can I Buy Ski Poles for My Kids?

Commonly, if your kids turn eight, they are already eligible to use ski poles for skiing. Sometimes, children who know some skiing basics, such as doing short turns, ski bumps, and parallel skiing, can also start using ski poles. However, it still depends on the school where your children attend. Most believe that focusing on learning excellent technique is a better way for the children to learn.

Why Does the Weight of Ski Poles Matter?

Skiers should consider the ski pole’s weight to lessen arm fatigue. It is advisable to use a lightweight ski pole so that the skiers can have the freedom to perform more actions and maneuvers. The only problem is that lightweight ski poles commonly cost more, and these are also less durable. It is also unwise to go for a ski pole that is extremely light because it is prone to damage and accidents. Because of this, the ideal weight should be strong and lightweight enough to allow your kids to perform various tricks and maneuvers.

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