Top 7 Best Ski and Snowboard Locks | 2021 Reviews

Snowboarding is a widely loved recreational activity for individuals, friends, and families during winter. Some even snowboard professionally as an official winter sport. If you live in a country with a winter season, you might have probably tried this activity already at least once.

You might also be aware that snowboarding equipment, especially a snowboard, is quite expensive. This equipment certainly costs much, no matter what the brand is, which is why it may be easy targets for thieves. Imagine having your whole snowboarding trip ruined just because your snowboards got stolen. We don’t want that happening, so you should always leave your boards intact and safe.

For this purpose, snowboarding locks are essential. Locks come in different designs and functionality, and they usually fasten your snowboards to something. Here are our top snowboard locks to help you secure your snowboards.

Top 7 Best Ski and Snowboard Locks Reviewed

  1. Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock by Ski Key
  2. Master Lock Cable Lock
  3. Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock
  4. Safeman Multifunction Quick Lock
  5. Burton Cable Lock
  6. Snowjam Compact Ski/Snowboard Lock
  7. Dakine Micro Lock

#1. Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock by Ski Key

Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock

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  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Available Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow
  • Warranty: Lifetime; comes with two keys per set

If you are not a fan of tedious functions and long how-to-use lists, the Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock from Ski Key is for you. This brand offers a simple but sturdy product with straightforward uses that allow you to lock your snowboards with ease. This product testifies that great things do indeed come in little packages, given its quality over its weight of only over two ounces.

Ski Key has excellent recommendations from many snowboarding parks and resorts across America because of the quality of its performance. This product also has positive reviews from a lot of customers. These locks complement your snowboard’s overall aesthetic with five different available colors while excellently securing it.

The set comes with two keys for the lock, giving you a spare in case you miss your primary key. For unfortunate instances where you lose both keys, you can contact their accommodating customer support to assist you in snapping your lock through specialized tools.

However, unlocking this product without a key on your own will be a trouble since it features materials that cannot be cut even with durable cutters. On the other hand, this also gives you the comfort of not being anxious about thinking of the snowboard you left. The durability of this lock is most probably already an automatic turn off for thieves. Another best feature is that this product also comes with a lifetime warranty that you can use if it did not live up to its durability claims.

Comes in five different colorsCannot be unlocked by a master key in case you lose the set of keys provided
Lifetime warranty
More expensive than some brands
Cannot be cut
Easy to use

#2. Master Lock Cable Lock

Master Lock Cable Lock

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  • Product Dimensions: 6.56 x 3.75 x 1.06 inches
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Available Colors: Blue, Green, White, and Red
  • Design: Protective Vinyl Coating
  • Lock: 3-digits combination

For the top security of a broader range of equipment, the Master Lock Cable Lock is your best and most inexpensive option. This product can be useful not only for your snowboards, but also with many of your equipment, such as bicycles, sports bags, skates, skis, and many more. If you also always have a bulk pack when going out for your winter sports activities and trouble keeping all of them intact and secure, Master Lock Cable Lock can do the job for you.

Its best feature is its 3-foot retractable braided-steel cable that allows you to cover more items in its security. It also provides better support for your equipment. A protective vinyl also protects the exterior of the cable, preventing frequent scratches and damages, and thus increasing durability and sustainability.

It also features a keyless lock system so you won’t have to have that anxiety rush when you reach your key in your pocket and find out it’s not there. It uses a three-dial combination that you can customize so that it will be easier to remember.

The contents of the product are still pretty lightweight, only weighing over three ounces, which makes it more convenient to pack. For decor purposes, you can also choose from among four available colors.

3-feet long retractable cableA 3-feet long cable may not cover all equipment needed
Durable and versatile design
Susceptible to more clutter because of cable
Keyless lock system
Eye-pleasing design that comes in four colors

#3. Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 0.9 x 3.7inches
  • Cable: 2.4 x 900mm
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces
  • Design: Protective Vinyl Coating
  • Lock: 4-digit combination

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock is yet another versatile option. Although its primary allocation is for snowboarding equipment, it is also usable to many other items you need to organize. If you like keeping it clutter-free through one latch, you will love this Bosvision product. On days when you cannot snowboard, you can also use this lock on your bicycles, strollers, luggage, and many more.

This product also offers a keyless lock that allows you to customize your 4-digit lock combination. This feature comes handy since pre-set codes can sometimes be challenging to remember. It also gives a harder thought time for thieves who plan on stealing your items. For better security, you can also change your passcode from time to time.

It also uses a retractable steel cable that allows you to incorporate more tightness in your item security. It is useful in avoiding advantageous culprits to access the contents of your baggage. On top of this, this cable is also vinyl-coated, making it more protected from inevitable damage caused by frequent use. With that feature incorporated, this product may even last longer. It only means that you can enjoy all your money’s worth and more in a more extended period.

Keyless 4-digit lock that you can customize
4-digit combinations can be more difficult to remember
Vinyl protection for better durability
A bit bulkier than other products
3-feet retractable steel cable
Versatile functions

#4. Safeman Multifunction Quick Lock

Safeman Multifunction Quick Lock

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 0.9 x 3.7inches
  • Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Cable: 0 – 30 inches 100% rust proof cable
  • Available Colors: Blue
  • Lock: two keys

The Safeman Multifunction Quick Lock is another favorite for many snowboard riders and resorts. This product lives to what its name suggests. It provides top-most safety in quicker and more straightforward functions to a broader range of purposes. You can use this in your bicycles, luggage, and many more.

What accounts for its reputation is its tensile strength. Safeman features a cable that has a capacity of 2,460 pounds of tensile strength. This feature provides better protection against thieves and other third party ingresses. It is also easier to use through a quick-release button for better adjusting and retraction.

Besides this feature, this product is also 100 percent rust-proof. It has a high resistance against rust and corrosion, even in extreme weather conditions. Although this product costs more than the previous cable locks mentioned, its quality and performance live up to its cost.

100 percent rust and corrosion resistant
Does not support a master key in the case of missing keys
Easy cable adjustment and retraction
More expensive than other brands
Practically unbreakable
High tensile strength

#5. Burton Cable Lock

Burton Cable Lock

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  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 4.1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Cable: 30 inches
  • Available Colors: Translucent Black and Lime
  • Lock: 3-digits combination

Burton is a known brand that provides top quality ski and snowboard equipment. One of its most remarkable products is its cable lock. It is a multi-purpose latch that functions in many types of stuff too. It is a handy and portable device that houses an outstanding performance.

The pocket-friendly feature of the product attributes to its ergonomic design. It is relatively small and light, but its shape supports usable functions. The design allows a better handgrip through the design contours to promote a more comfortable and stable use.

Its packed and straightforward design does not stop Burton from providing high-quality cable. The strength of the product’s steel cable will surely amaze you. It allows better support for latched snowboards, deterring any external efforts to snatch the equipment. The material is also weather-proof, which makes it best for external use. This feature allows better product sustainability and maintenance, giving you the chance to enjoy your money’s worth in the longest time possible.

Lightweight and portable
Weaker steel tenacity
Weather-proof materialPerfect for light items
Ergonomic design

#6. Snowjam Compact Ski/Snowboard Lock

Snowjam Compact Ski/Snowboard Lock

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  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Cable: 2-feet heavy-duty steel cable
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Lock: 3-digits combination code

If you are an on-the-go type of ski or snowboard rider, a portable and lightweight snowboard lock option is for you, and Snowjam offers just that. Snowjam Compact Lock is a pocket-friendly device that does not compromise the quality of performance. Even with its size, this product can still compete with its bulkier counterparts.

This device uses a 3-digits combination of personalized passcode, which removes all the worries of having a key to carry around. It is lightweight and small in size, which allows it to fit packed baggage and even pockets.

Even given its size, this product contains a heavy-duty steel cable that offers impressive durability and strength. This feature allows a better grip on your valued equipment. Its materials are also both weather and corrosion-resistant. This product can endure the harshest weather, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. You can ensure that this product has a slower deterioration process, and you can enjoy using it in a more extended state.

Its compact design makes it portable and lightweightVery simple and unstable lock design
2-feet long heavy-duty steel cable
Weather and corrosion-resistant

#7. Dakine Micro Lock

Dakine Micro Lock

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  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 2 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Cable: 30 inches retractable cable
  • Lock: 3-digits customized combination code
  • Available colors: Green

Dakine yet again provides us with top-quality snowboard essentials. It acknowledges the need for more secured equipment and provides a solution to that. Its Micro Lock is a sleek but sturdy response of Dakine to the growing snowboarding trend. The compact design of this product does promote not only portability but also ensures quality performance.

Its sleek design allows you to carry it around, especially if you are an on-the-go type. It also features an extension button to its cable that easily adjusts the length of your steel cable. This feature is much useful, especially in tightening already latched items. The ease of using this device attributes to this feature.

Sleek and compact designBulkier than other cable locks
Portable and lightweight
Cables are not as sturdy
Cable extension button
Easy use

Best Snowboard Lock: Your To Pick for Best Snowboard Security

Securing your snowboards whenever you have to leave them behind is essential. Especially when it’s the peak winter season, snowboard parks and resorts can teem with both riders and thieves. Your snowboards are an easy target for thieves since they are quite expensive, so your must-haves should always include snowboard locks.

Our top pick for keeping your snowboards intact and secure is the Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock from Ski Key. This brand is significantly more expensive than other brands, but the quality is worth it. Ski Key offers the best durability, which does not allow breakage of the lock, plus the most straightforward access and use. Thieves will automatically pass when they see your snowboard is Ski Key secured.

It is lightweight and comes in different colors to complete your snowboard look. Its set comes with two keys, and the best part is that it has a lifetime warranty which you can access through excellent customer support.

Best Snowboard Locks Brands 

Snowboarding is a favorite winter recreational activity in many countries with the winter season. This outdoor sports activity is popular among many sports and adventure enthusiasts, groups of friends, and families. Annually, hundreds of people flock in snowboarding resorts and parks to enjoy the activity.

With this trend, many brands also commit to advocating better snowboarding experiences by providing only the best snowboarding equipment. One essential when it comes to snowboarding items is your snowboard lock. This item secures your most valuable items from thieves who also like to take advantage of the season. If you are searching for brands you can trust, we have made a list for you.

Ski Key

Ski Key offers a range of ski and snowboarding products with their locks being one of the most notable. Although these are more pricey versions of your needed item, they provide the best quality and durability. Many users and resorts most recommend its top products for a particularly sturdy material that does not break. It also provides a lifetime warranty to most of its products.


Bosvision manufactures multi-purpose lock cables that are both durable and easy to use. Its notable snowboard lock product features a keyless 3-digit lock technology on top of a 3-feet braided wire cable. You can trust this product to secure many items in one latch and be confident that its materials allow it to survive long term usage.

Master Lock

Master Lock also provides high-quality cable locks that are useful for a broader range of items. The product is versatile enough to be used indoors and outdoors for equipment such as bicycles, strollers, luggage, and many more. It ensures top-most security through a personally customized 4-digit combination code that you can also change from time to time.

Your Guide to Buying the Best Snowboarding Locks

As a rider, you should always include snowboarding locks in packing your snowboarding trip essentials. Whenever you go out for snowboarding trips, you carry valuable items and equipment such as your baggage, ski, or snowboard. These items are always hot in the eyes of corrupt individuals who like taking advantage, so you should not leave your belongings unattended.

However, you inevitably leave your stuff at some point. You should not worry about your items’ security. A topnotch functioning snowboarding lock can guard them for you. But how do you identify a good snowboarding lock? Here are a few considerations you should make in picking which lock to buy.


A product that is of high-quality materials that makes it durable is a treasure.  Often, products as these are difficult to find, but you will always find the quest worth it. A durable product does not only ensure topnotch security but also support prolonged use.

In checking for durability, you have to be keen on its materials. Top-rated products usually use rust-proof aluminum, high-quality steel, and sturdy plastic materials. These materials allow products to sustain themselves for more prolonged use.

Ease of Use

Your snowboard locks are not supposed to give you a significantly harder time for ensuring security. Easy and convenience of use are always necessary. Your snowboard lock should properly perform its purpose of securing your belongings, but it should not require complicated and hard-to-understand functions.

Locking systems should also not be complicated. Locks can either be through keys or multiple digit codes. Make sure that your lock does not act up during crucial times.

It will also be better if cables are easily retractable. This feature will allow you to easily adjust your cable’s lock to your equipment and require lesser effort from your end.


The set of equipment you need to pack for your snowboarding trips is already bulky. As an additional essential, your snowboard locks should also be portable to avoid any more hurdles. It should be something you can always carry around for whenever situations require you to leave your equipment. You can search for the most lightweight and handy items with designs and colors that may match your snowboard and equipment aesthetics.


Snowboarding is a fun activity to engage yourself, your peers, and your family, but corrupt minds also like to take advantage of it. You don’t want to mess up your snowboarding trip by looking for missing snowboards instead. For this reason, securing your equipment, especially your snowboard, is vital. Snowboard locks are a great and wise addition to your snowboarding must-haves.

Of all the snowboard locks you can find on the internet and other physical shops, the Ski and Snowboard Fat-Ski Lock offered by Ski Key may have the best quality. It is of best durability, which does not allow it to be cut by anyone, even with the sharpest cutters. Unlocking this product in cases of missing keys requires the use of specialized tools. Thieves will have second thoughts trying to engage with this unique lock system.

Its design is lightweight and straightforward, which makes it more convenient to pack and use. It also comes in five colors to satisfy your aesthetic needs. If the brand does not live up to its promised functions, you can always use its lifetime warranty. There is no question as to why this brand is greatly-recommended by many resorts and snowboard riders.

Remember that quality and durability are of top priority in choosing which locks you will entrust your snowboard. You must ensure that these products can provide top-security to your valued snowboarding experience. Update your to-bring list for your next snowboarding trip and make sure to tick the snowboard locks item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What should I do when I forget the passcode to my locks?

Passcodes are unique to each of the locks. Some brands also allow you to create your combinations, but some also have pre-set ones. You should not forget your passcodes since it is private, and overlooking it might mean not retrieving your lock ever again. But in case you forget your passcode, some locks break with industrial-strength cutters. You can open some others through the assistance from the brand itself.

Do snowboard locks come with warranty?

Not all brands support a warranty system. Although, all the brands listed in our reviews offer the best performance guarantee.

How much do snowboard locks cost?

You can buy quality snowboard locks from between 12 to 50 dollars, depending on the type and the brand. The price of snowboard locks does not necessarily inflate, even during peak seasons.

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