Top 5 Best Men’s Snowboard Pants | 2021 Reviews (Burton)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional rider. When you’re out for a snowboarding trip, the right gear is essential. Snowboarding is an extreme winter activity that requires you to stay in frigid winter temperature outside. Hence, your need for apparel that will protect you throughout the ride.

One important gear to tick off your list are your snowboard pants, which are specifically made to help you withstand the harshest temperatures when snowboarding. Most of them come with many features, including a waterproof outer layer and a comfortable sweat-resistant lining. No matter what the features are, the goal is the same: to keep you warm.

However, the market is teeming with snowboard pants available, making it almost impossible to select which one is best, especially if you are a new joiner. Don’t worry because we got you covered. You can start by considering the following snowboard pants.

Top 5 Best Men’s Snowboard Pants Reviewed

  1. Burton Cargo Snow Pants – Best Overall
  2. Columbia Bugaboo II Pants – Best for Budget
  3. Volcom Freakin Relaxed Fit Chino Style Snow Pants – Editor’s Choice
  4. Quicksilver Forest Oak 15k Snow Pants
  5. Arctix Snow Sports Cargo Pants

#1. Burton Cargo Snow Pants – Best Overall

Burton Men’s Cargo Snow Pant Regular Fit

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Insulation: DryRide Durashell
  • Seam: Fully-taped
  • Breathability: 5,000g
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm

As always, Burton has again topped the list of the best snow products, and this time, it is its Cargo Snow Pants. These snowboard pants are a perfect combination of insulation and breathability. When it comes to keeping you warm during your ride, the Burton Snow Pants is supreme.

These snowboard pants have an outer layer composed of a double layer of DryRide fabric with excellent water-repellent properties, so you never have to walk or ride with wet pants. Inside is a lining composed of taffeta and mesh combination, further enhancing the pants’ temperature regulation properties. This composition also makes it breathable for just the right amount of insulation that won’t lead to overheating or over-sweating in the inside of your pants. Add to that is a zipped venting option to customize the regulation of heat.

Aside from the stated construction, the Burton Cargo Snow Pants’ seams are also fully taped to ensure that no wind, snow, or water can penetrate to your legs. This feature will surely keep you warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

Its standard features also make this product loved by a range of snowboard riders, from beginners to experts. It has an adjustable waist design, so you don’t have to worry about gaining or losing a few inches in your waistline. It also has adjustable cuffs that you can elevate above mud when hiking to your destination. It also has plenty of zipped and hook-and-loop pockets to ensure you hold everything you need, including your phone or other essentials while riding.

What’s more, this model also comes in a range of sizes from extra small sizes to plus sizes, so you won’t have to worry about not getting the right size. The only compromise is that its regular fit might be a little slim for some riders, so you can consider having one size larger if you are not a fan of tight pants. Anyway, the waist is fully adjustable, so you can still ensure that your pants will not fall off when you are riding even with a bigger size.

Excellent insulation and heat regulationThe regular fit size may be a little slim for some
Adjustable waist and cuffs
Waterproof outer layer
Fully-taped seams
Plenty of pockets

#2. Columbia Bugaboo II Pants – Best for Budget

Columbia Men’s Bugaboo II Pant

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Insulation: 40g Micro-temp insulation
  • Seam: Fully-taped

The Columbia Bugaboo II Pants might just be the best shell pants in the market, offering an excellent waterproof construction. These snowboard pants have a versatile design and construction that you can use in many winter outdoor activities. If you are also a versatile adventure-seeker that does a lot of skiing, snowboarding, trail running, or hiking, these pants can be your go-to.

This product is prominent to many seasoned riders because of the maximum protection against external or outdoor elements. It doesn’t heavily matter if there is a downpour of snow or rain, or it is just a windy winter day, overall. This model knows how to keep you dry and warm throughout your ride. This ability is mainly through its construction. Its outer shell is made of a completely waterproof fabric made from the combination of nylon legacy twill and a polyester tricot lining, perfect for blocking any external elements that may affect your ride.

The inside lining also offers excellent insulation through a 100 percent polyester 40g MicroTemp insulation material. This lining composition ensures that your body retains its needed warmth even at freezing temperatures. The overall construction, primarily the materials use, made this product one of the most durable options in the market.

Apart from its durable element-proof construction, the Columbia Bugaboo II Pants also offer some of the best features snowboard pants usually have. This model has hand pockets where you can keep your valuables, a snap gusset lower leg that you can adjust when needed, plus an internal leg gaiter. The OMNI-TECH technology used by Columbia in this design also ensures that heat is well-regulated inside your pants, so you don’t have to worry about sweating.

The only downside is that OMNI-TECH reduces the heat insulation function of these pants. For a better warming capability, OMNI-HEAT lining is a better option.

Breathable construction to avoid sweatingMay not offer the best warmth in extreme weather conditions
Excellent waterproofingFitting and size is inaccurate
Durable product

#3. Volcom Freakin Relaxed Fit Chino Style Snow Pants – Editor’s Choice

Volcom Men’s Freakin Relaxed Fit Chino Style Snow Pant

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Insulation: V-science 2-layer shell
  • Seam: Taped

These Volcom Freakin Chino Style Snow Pants do the best of both functionality and comfort. These pants are made from durable and lightweight 100 percent polyester material and use a combination of V-science 2-layer shell and V-science stretch Oxford to provide insulation capabilities and high-performance support. This construction makes up a product that is both comfortable enough and stretchable enough to allow movements during your ride.

The construction also makes these pants perfect for outdoor physical activities such as snowboarding and skiing, since the composition does not restrict movements and control while riding. It also features a modern relaxed fit that conveniently matches all body build types, still without compromising stretchability for movement. So, if you are an adventure-seeker who loves to get active outside, even in harsh weather and frigid temperature, you’ll find these pants a great partner.

The inside lining of these pants also uses breathable materials to ensure that even with your high-energy movements, proper ventilation still prevents your legs from sweating too much.

Apart from these features that promote and enhance movement, these pants also have crucially taped seams. This design ensures durability, so even when you do many movements, tearing your pants apart is almost impossible. The taped seams also ensure that external elements such as snow, rain, or the cold breeze can get into the inside of your pants, allowing the best comfort while keeping you dry and warm throughout the ride.

However, maintenance can be tedious since you cannot just easily throw these pants into the laundry as they require dry cleaning.

The V-stretch technology allows unrestricted movementsDoes not come with sizes for heavy-built riders
The V-science shell offers excellent waterproofingYou can only use dry cleaning for maintenance
Crucially taped seams
Breathable lining

#4. Quicksilver Forest Oak 15k Snow Pants

Quicksilver Men’s Forest Oak 15k Snow Pants

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Seam: Fully-taped
  • Materia: Recycled polyester

Quicksilver lets you have a high-performance snowboard pants in style at a very low cost in this Quicksilver Forest Oak 15k Snow Pants. Whether you are a snowboarding or skiing fan or a mountaineering enthusiast, these snowboard pants will not disappoint.

Apart from its stylish design, one impressive feature of these pants is the material used in the construction. The Forest Oak 15k snowboard pants are made of recycled polyester material, both environmentally friendly and element-proof. You can expect that this construction can block all water or snow to get in contact with your skin, leaving you warm and dry. Add to this is the product’s fully taped seams that enhance protection and improves durability at the same time.

It also uses a mesh lining known for its breathability to ensure you can still be sweat-free even with extended highly-physical use.

The modern relaxed fit that runs a bit baggier makes you look good wearing it and offers great comfort when used for activities. It also has multiple pockets with one having a zipper-lock to keep your essentials while riding particularly. To make it even comfier and more stylish, these snowboard pants from Quicksilver also come with a jacket-to-pant attachment system, a feature that is usual for Quicksilver’s snowboard pants.

Made from environment-friendly recycled materialsDoes not offer the best heat insulation
Fully-taped seamsThe design is a bit large
Stylish design

#5. Arctix Snow Sports Cargo Pants

Arctix Men Snow Sports Cargo Pants

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Insulation: ThermaTech Insulation
  • Seam: Taped

These Snow Sports Cargo Pants from Arctix is another excellent choice for riders who enjoy doing many activities during the winter. This product promotes comfort, durability, and functionality in one. What makes it unique is its design that covers your entire legs up to your boots. Its boot gaiters function to keep your boots and feet warm and free of snow or water for the entire trip. It also has convenient boot zippers that you can easily secure or open whenever needed.

This product also comes an 85-grams ThermaTech insulation technology to ensure you retain desired temperatures even when the temperature outside drops below zero. It also features a reinforced ankle and scuff portions with 600 Denier Ballistic that enhance the pants’ overall durability, prolonging your product’s inevitable deterioration process. It is also lightweight, so packing it with your luggage during your travels will not be challenging.

Finally, this design also comes with other functional features, including multiple zipped pockets that can hold your gloves, keys, towels, and other essentials.

ThermaTech insulation technology to keep you warmThe cut is a bit weird, having a baggy bottom part
Impressively covers up to the boot area
Comfortable construction
Lightweight and durable

Top Pick: Best Overall Pick

There are tons of snowboard pants in the market you can explore. But if your selection gets difficult, our most recommended yet is the Burton Cargo Snow Pants. Burton is one of the most prominent brands in the industry, so its quality is unquestionable.

We can say that this product has formulated an excellent combination of insulation and breathability to provide you the best comfort when you ride. It has two layers of waterproof out shell to keep your pants dry in different weather conditions. Its lining is also a comfortable combination of taffeta and mesh that does the best work in insulation but is also extremely breathable. It also has an adjustable venting option that allows you to control and regulate the temperature inside your pants, so you can avoid overheating or excessive sweating.

It also has the standard features every snowboard pant needs, including adjustable cuffs that you can roll up during muddy hikes. It also has an adjustable waist design, so you don’t have to worry about strictly maintaining your waistline over the whole winter season. The plenty of pockets will also allow you to keep all your essentials at once, reducing your lodge visits throughout your ride.

Best Men’s Snowboard Pants Brands

There are multitudes of manufacturers and brands available in the industry that offer the best snowboarding or skiing apparel. Brands continually compete in providing some of the best features to aid you in your snowboarding journey. Snowboard pants usually differ in materials, construction, design, and many other components, and brands constantly venture on continuously improving each component. Some of the best brands successful in constructing and manufacturing the best snowboard pants you will find in the market include the following names.

1. Burton

Burton is already not a surprise to be on top of the list. For years, this brand has already championed the industry. Burton always gives only the top quality available from snowboards or skis to snow apparel and other essential tools. Many other brands find this brand as one of the toughest competitions. Its effort to continually innovate and develop its quality is one of the many reasons why the brand remains on top. Thus, we can conclude that trusting this brand will not leave you with regrets.

Apart from its trusted quality, Burton also offers a massive portfolio of products you can explore. If you want to be handed many options, you will enjoy looking into Burton’s product collections.

2. Columbia

Columbia is also a trusted brand that offers some of the best and top-quality snowboard pants and other snow apparel. Although Columbia is not as prominent as the previous brand mentioned, it ensures its quality does not run far from the highest quality standards. This brand also ensures that performance and comfort are of top priority when manufacturing a product. As a result, you will find Columbia’s products to be offering excellent features that promote comfort and, thus, enhance performance. You can never go wrong in trusting this brand.

You will also find Columbia’s collections some of the most durable and most versatile snowboard products, so you know you always get your investment’s worth.

3. Volcom

Volcom is known for integrating science into its products to develop one of the best and top-rated qualities in the market. Some of the most notable features it introduced to the market include its v-science technology that offers the best outer shell protection, stretchability, and breathability features. When you use Volcom snowboard pants, you can already expect an excellent performance. They are constructed so that movements and control vital in highly physical activities like snowboarding, are not restricted but supported. Thus, if you are an active rider who likes to have many movements and other physical outdoor activities other than riding your boards or skis, Volcom can provide everything you need.

Getting the Best Men’s Snowboard Pants: Buyer’s Guide

Identifying the best products to complete your snowboarding gear can get both confusing and tricky. Especially with the outspread of varieties in the market, choosing is always a difficult activity. Some have almost the same features, while some have unique and seemingly more important components. But what features should you be looking for when identifying the best product?

Snowboard pants perform an important function when you are snowboarding, keeping you warm throughout your ride. You do not want the harsh temperature to get in the way of your enjoying snowboarding activity. Thus, winter-specific apparel is necessary. Your snowboard pants are designed with many features. Some are unique, and some are not. Here is a guide, especially for beginner riders, on the features and components you should consider when choosing the best snowboard pants.

1. Warmth

The primary reason you need a snowboarding-specific pair of pants is that it requires long exposure to freezing temperatures and snow. Without the right apparel, you may just be freezing the entire trip, ruining the whole experience. Snowboard pants are created to save you from this hurdle. However, not all snowboard pants are created equal.

In selecting the best snowboard pants, insulation is the first thing you should check. Usually, this feature comes with the material used for the pants. Most snowboard pants use a water-resistant outer layer. This material will save you from being wet from snow or rain, saving you from the cold.

You shouldn’t confuse thickness from warmth as well. Many brands and manufacturers already use high-performing lightweight materials that offer the best insulation. We can say that bulky and heavy are not a trend anymore because of their hassle, especially travelers.

Additionally, you can check for the seams of your snowboard pants. Ensure that your pants are properly seamed to guarantee that no snow and rain may penetrate your pants to your skin. All of these attributes provide the best insulation capabilities when put together.

2. Fit

Snowboard pants also come in various sizes. Some pants are designed to be loose and baggy, while some tend to have a tighter fit to your legs. Many brands and manufacturers also cater to a broader range of snowboard riders of all body types. Some are specifically made for women, some are for more petite riders, and some are for those on the heavier side. You can always look for a pair of snowboard pants made specifically for your build.

You also have to be careful in being specific with your size because, just like other clothing brands, some manufacturers and brands also have inaccurate sizing. Fitting the product before purchase is an essential step. However, if you are just buying online, you can look for reviews and other customer feedback to give you a hint about the reality of the pants’ sizes.

Additionally, you also have to consider adjustability in your snowboard pants, especially in the waist area. Sometimes, losing a few pounds or gaining some additional fats throughout the season is unavoidable. Your snowboard pants should at least be able to adjust to these sudden and unexpected changes in your size. Many snowboard pants come with adjustable waist areas to keep up with your body changes as well.

3. Durability

You wouldn’t want to use an almost disposable pair of snowboard pants. What a bad experience it would be to have your pants getting ripped while you are riding. When buying a product, the goal is for that product to last you an entire season. But wouldn’t it be greater to find something that can last you seasons?

What indicates durability in a pair of snowboard pants is the fabric used. The extensive and prolonged exposure of fabric to low temperatures can make it brittle, making it more prone to wear and tear. One excellent fabric that can endure the common wear and tear is ripstop.

Aside from fabric, you can also look into the quality of its construction. Look at how the pants were sewed or crafted. It also indicates the durability of the pants you are eyeing.

4. Movement

Your snowboard pants should also not hinder your movements. Snowboarding is a high-energy physical activity that will require you to have a lot of snappy and quick movements. Your pants should not get in the way.  Rather, your snowboard pants should support and enhance your movements.

Whether you like your pants baggy or a little fitted, you should ensure that the materials used are flexible enough. Many snowboard pants have elastic portions in crucial areas like the knee part. Additional support, such as kneepads, is also added in critical points or areas.

5. Price

Especially when you are a new rider venturing on to this new field, completing your gear might cost you a lot. The snowboard alone is already a priced investment. You have a set to complete, and many of these essentials can get expensive.

Thus, another primary concern when buying a pair of snowboard pants is the price. As much as we want to obtain a high-quality pair, a price that will send us broke for days will still hurt. The price of your snowboard pants, or any other product, is not always conclusive to substandard quality. There is also a broad range of choices in the market for snowboard pants of low cost but high performance. Find this pair, and it’s already like finding treasure.

Reading reviews and other customer feedback will greatly help. Before purchasing, check for reviews to see if the product is worth buying. Ensure that your investment in the product you are considering will not be put to waste first before even purchasing it.


Completing your snowboarding essentials or gear may get a bit tedious. You have to make many considerations if you want to assure that you only have the best products in your set. Although the process might get a little tricky, pricey, and challenging, the high-performing products you can have from a successful selection process will bring wonders to your overall snowboarding journey.

One of the items in your snowboarding set that you need to take a careful account of is your pair of snowboard pants. You have to ensure that your pants do not block you from an excellent performance. Rather, your pants should help you enhance your movements and skills. Ensure that they perform best in keeping you warm and dry throughout your ride, as it is their primary function.

If you are still searching for the perfect pair, you can consider the Cargo Snow Pants from Burton. Burton is already a known and reputed brand in the industry, so its product being our top pick is already not a surprise. Over and over again, this brand outdoes itself in producing innovative and high-quality products that are truly difficult to match.

This Cargo Snow Pant from Burton excellently performs its primary function of keeping you warm even in freezing temperatures, but it also offers something more. These pants are excellent in resisting extreme weather conditions using an outer shell of double layers of water-resistant fabric, combined with fully-taped seams. This construction ensures that no wind, snow, or rain can affect your temperature inside.

Meanwhile, the lining provides incredible comfort with a combination of taffeta and mesh fabrics. This composition also performs well in heat insulation to ensure that your legs keep just the right amount of needed heat, even in sub-zero temperatures. Apart from that, these pants also ensure that no overheating or excessive sweating will affect your overall performance, providing an adjustable venting system that you can use whenever you deem necessary.

It also has plenty of other standard features that anyone will love. It has a fully adjustable waist design that can always match your size even if you have gained or lost some inches in your waistline. It also has plenty of pockets that you can use to contain your essentials, so you don’t have to worry about frequently visiting your lodge. It also has adjustable cuffs that you can roll up to higher when you have to go through muddy terrains. Overall, we can say that we found just the right combination of performance and comfort in this Burton product.

If you still find these features a little less impressive, you can try considering the other products reviewed on our list. If not, the market is wide enough for you to explore. After all, the guide given in this article can already be enough to equip you with the information and knowledge you will need to make the best decisions when selecting the best pair of snowboard pants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I just use my regular working pants when snowboarding?

It is most advisable to use snow-particular pants for a winter sport activity like skiing and snowboarding. Your regular pants might give you a hard time under extreme snow conditions. Snowboard pants have snow-particular features such as waterproof outer shell, insulation linings, venting systems, and a lot more, primarily to keep you warm and dry during your ride. Without these features, you might just get heavy, wet pants that will hinder you from moving freely and comfortably during your ride. If you want the best experience, proper gear is essential.

What is the difference between skiing pants and snowboarding pants?

Usually, skiing pants and snowboarding pants have no difference at all. Both pants are snow-particular, and they do a great job of keeping you warm and dry throughout your skiing or snowboarding trip. The only difference is that some snowboarding pants can be a bit baggier in design compared with skiing pants. Nonetheless, you can still use either of these pants for doing both of the activities.

Do I still need to wear some other items of clothing inside my snowboard pants?

In many cases, your snowboard pants are already enough. They are made to endure even the harshest temperature or weather conditions. Most of the time, they are multi-layered, meaning their outer covering composition differs from their lining. However, it still depends on you and the temperature outside. If you feel like the temperature can still get a bit too cold for you, you can add a lining layer inside. Some use additional tights or fleece layer before the pants. However, extra care is needed in adding too many layers, since overheating and over-sweating are possible.

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