Top 7 Best Freestyle Skis | 2021 Reviews (K2, Atomic, Volkl)

Whether the park is beckoning you this season or you just need some airtime, freestyle skiing might be the best thing for you. And you’ll be out there looking for one of the best freestyle skis. Unlike other forms of skiing, freestyle skiing is a lot more creative, albeit exploring scenic views, enjoying an indoor dome park, or cruising through urban features. Apart from throwing flips and spins off jumps, you’ll want to satisfy that inborn speed demon in you by racing down several courses brimming with banked jumps, turns, and bumps.

Therefore, if you are a side-hits enthusiast and enjoy taking laps through the park, check out our winners and runners-up for “premium” best freestyle skis. These products are slightly different from other skis and we will tell you everything you ought to consider while making your choice, of course, that’s after you see our top picks.

Top 7 Best Freestyle Skis Reviewed

  1. Atomic Infamous Skis – Best Overall Freestyle Ski
  2. ARMADA Edollo Skis Mens – Best for Budget
  3. K2 Sight Skis Mens – Best Premium Pick
  4. Rossignol Sprayer Xpress Package-Mens
  5. Atomic Punx Skis-170cm Brown
  6. Nordica Soul Rider Skis
  7. Volkl Alley Skis Mens

#1. Atomic Infamous Skis – Best Overall Freestyle Ski

Atomic Infamous Skis

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  • Length: 151cm, 161cm, 171cm, 176cm, 181cm
  • Waist: 86mm
  • Radius: 17.5/15.5m, 17/16.7m, 19.9/17.9m, 20.5/18.5m, 21.1/19.1m
  • Tail: 112mm, 114mm, 115mm, 117mm, 118mm
  • Tip: 112mm, 114mm, 115mm, 117mm, 118mm

The Infamous is among the latest series of skis by Atomic, a renowned Sports Outdoor Gear manufacturer in the U.S. Although it is widely marketed in the Park and Pipe class, the Atomic Infamous proves to be far more flexible when you put it to a snow test. But it may not be your first choice if you are in the market for a pro-level or an advanced park skier. It is an ideal freestyle ski if you are new to half pipes, rails, and jumps or if you are an intermediate skier as it caters to these types of riders.

One thing you’ll really like with the Atomic Infamous is the lightweight build. It is because it’s made of a light Wood Core to reduce overall weight and give you better agility and liveliness. Atomic’s Step Down Sidewall 2.0 technology avoids damage and offers a smooth, comfy ride. Although this piece of equipment has an excellent price, Atomic’s two-year warranty makes the price range even better.

Many skis don’t come with that kind of assurance, which is particularly true for park skis. Imagine all the various ways you can crack or chip a ski when riding the rails. If you choose the Atomic Infamous, at least you are sure of getting a couple of months out of them before you need to replace it. Plus you’ll get to choose from a wide selection of ski sizes to match your height.

Sturdy, chip-proof, crack-resistant edges on boxes and railsSlightly insufficient turning radius
Suitable Park Rocker profile for park skiing
Unsuitable for expert skiers
Convenient underfoot for stable landings
Decent factory warranty
Excellent pop

#2. ARMADA Edollo Skis Mens – Best for Budget

ARMADA Edollo Skis Mens

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  • Length: 164cm, 172cm, 180cm
  • Waist: 98mm
  • Radius: 19mm
  • Tail: 120mm, 121mm, 123mm
  • Tip: 129mm, 131mm, 133mm

Available in three-select-sizes, nothing lets you ski like Henrik Harlaut than his very own Armada Edollo series skis. These products are made with Armada’s thick-steel-edge design with burly comp series technology for the base. Whether the 172-cm, 180-cm, or 164-cm sized version, they are built to withstand session after session of hard use that redefines park and pipe confidence.

However, be careful not to understate this model; with AR Nose Rocker and 98mm waist, the Edollo provides an excellent solution to cruise the mountains in the quest for natural hits. The AR Nose Rocker pairs the modern tip rocker with a conventional side-cut and standard arc to ensure you turn easily, without compromising edge stability.

To create an unbelievably dynamic ski, Armada combines lightweight Poplar with full-length, higher-density Ash stringers. This ski gives you all the power you need to lift you to new levels. In addition, Edollo packs AR75 sidewalls that enhance the edge pressure under your boot with capped tip and tail design to let you initiate turns smoothly.

5-impact-edge to withstand impact damageUnsuitable for beginner and intermediate skiers
Built with durable, recyclable material
Limited selection in this version
Enhanced underfoot edge pressure
Capped-ends for stress-free turns
2-year factory warranty

#3. K2 Sight Skis Mens – Best Premium Pick

K2 Sight Skis Mens

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  • Length: 149cm, 159cm, 169cm, 179cm
  • Waist: 88mm
  • Radius: 19.5m
  • Tail: 110mm
  • Tip: 116mm

Whether you are eying your local rail jam championship this year, or simply need to hone that trick you’ve been learning since the previous season, begin by getting your Sights ready. The K2 Sight ski series is available in four distinct expert-level park ski sizes. The Sight is a universal-terrain twin rocker with a gradual-extending rise at the tip and tail, giving extra flexibility and control in all terrains with its twin-tip skis.

For a perfect all-terrain performance, the K2 makes Sight skis with Aspen Core, a lightweight and sturdy all-round core material. You will also like the linear carbon stringers built into the K2 Sight’s Triaxial Braid, a patented technology that provides some added rebound and pop available on factory team and free-ride skis. It also packs a proprietary TwinTech Sidewalls innovation. This is a robust sidewall construction, initially meant for twin-tip skis, making their top edges hardier to ski versus impact damage.

Lightweight and strong construction material
Unsuitable for experienced freestyle skiers
Extra-durable sidewall technology
Not the best country tool
Up to four different dimensions
Versatile, all-terrain design
Two-year factory warranty

#4. Rossignol Sprayer Xpress Package Mens

Rossignol Sprayer Xpress Package Mens

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  • Length: 138cm, 148cm, 158cm, 168cm, 178cm
  • Waist: 80mm
  • Radius: 13m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 22m
  • Tail: 103mm
  • Tip: 110mm

The Sprayer Xpress by Rossignol is an all-mountain twin-tip freestyle ski for progressing junior freeskiers. The wood core design plus cap construction provide a lightweight, versatile, and durable feel all-mountain and freestyle skiing. Its conventional arc and extended sidecut help to preserve powerful boost and edge stability for all-weather skiing.

This GW B83 RTL model has a poplar wood core, consisting of a poplar core and fiberglass. The combination gives it massive fluidity and responsiveness. Poplar sustains Sprayer’s lively feel throughout its lifetime for an unmatched ownership experience. The Rossignol proprietary Rossitop CAP construction comes with side-to-side rolling top-sheet material, eliminating sidewalls and offering lightweight, easy-to-use performance.

Cap construction for outstanding durability
Needs adjusting to the user’s weight, boots, height, and ability
Comes with US-based customer support
Adjusting comes with the cost of a certified technician
Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
Includes kids’ freestyle models
Excellent carving performance

#5. Atomicn Punx Skis 170cm Brown

Atomic Punx Skis 170cm Brown

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  • Length: 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 175cm
  • Waist: 86mm
  • Radius: 14.2/15.0m, 3/16.0m ,   18.5/17.0m,   19.6/17.5m
  • Tail: 112mm
  • Tip: 122mm

Punx 7’s younger version, the Atomic Punx 5 is available in five distinct length-size freestyle skis. Designed with the future X-Games’ winners in mind, featuring the Atomic Park Rocker and twin tips, it is an ideal stick for hard training and greasing your tricks. And it’s fairly bomb-proof with an extra durable build.

To optimize its weight while maintaining stability and shock absorption, the Punx 5 is made with poplar wood. In addition, the Densolight is an agile foam-like core that prevents vibrations, allowing for effortless skiing. Atomic’s innovative full-cap construction removes sidewalls through the top sheet folding down over the edges for easier handling. And for enhanced rails durability, the Atomic Punx 5 comes with resist-edge finish. Note that you’ll want to get this Park and Pipe type ski if your skill level is between intermediate and advanced.

No-side walls easy-to-handle design
It has similar tip and tail widths for all ski sizes
Light wood core construction
Unsuitable for beginner skiers
Shock-absorbing foam core
Two-year factory warranty
Crack-resistant edges

#6. Nordica Soul Rider Skis

Nordica Soul Rider Skis

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  • Length: 169cm, 177cm, 185cm
  • Waist: 97mm
  • Radius: 14.5m, 18.5m
  • Tail: 124mm
  • Tip: 134mm

Nordica is a reliable company that makes tons of excellent gear. You’ll often see people adorned in their ski boots, gloves, and other wearables. Their Soul Rider 97 series is not only a top-quality piece of equipment but also one you would be in luck to have this season.

Even though the Soul Rider 97’s excellent in the park and delivers a desirable performance on rails and jumps, they also work when you are downhill. It gives them versatility and balance for those who like jumping around the mountain, particularly expert and strong intermediate skiers.

Excellent waist width allow for riding through powder and crud
Could be more flexible on tip dimensions
Energy 2 Carbon design for smooth rides at top speeds
Limited ski-sizes selection
Affordable for most freestyle skiing enthusiasts
It’s not ideal for beginners
Rockered tips for enhanced control
One-year manufacturer’s warranty

#7. Volkl Alley Skis Mens

Volkl Alley Skis Mens

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  • Length: 148cm, 158cm, 168cm, 178cm
  • Waist: 81mm
  • Radius: 13.9m, 18.9m,  21.8m
  • Tail: 104mm
  • Tip: 111mm

The Alley skis by Volkl are park-based designs that are flexible and forgiving enough to function as your first pair of snow gliders. They come with a longitudinal sidecut and easy-to-steer 81mm waist for exceptional maneuverability. While the camber rocker style may sound old fashioned, it delivers the power and pop you require to go big. Moreover, the directional twin-sidecut gives you extra taper at the tail, and sufficient tail rocker for switching rides with full confidence.

Volkl’s freeskiing models have the trademark Völkl Multi-Layer Wood Core with two distinct wood densities, and the Alley series is no different. It uses a dense ash core in the binding attachment section to ensure safer screw retention and prevent bindings from pulling out. But the rest of the snow glider is made with a soft, supple poplar core, allowing for snap and flexibility. For extended durability, the brand uses its proprietary Power Shell Cap Construction that eliminates a plumb sidewall. This build ensures a relaxed, round flex configuration, with an exceedingly friendly quality of the ride.

Multi-layered wood core for versatility and durabilityShorter-time, one-year-limited warranty compared to models with a 2-year guarantee
It’s the cheapest skier series on this list
Unsuitable for expert riders
An excellent first-time twin-tip to own
Maintains stability at high speeds
Robust box build to endure rails

Top Pick – Best Freestyle Ski

The Atomic Infamous series is our overall best freestyle ski because it is an excellent introductory snow glider. This year, the Infamous is available with more tail and tip rocker and reduced camber underfoot to deliver a more playful feel to any beginner. It comes in a super strong light wood core and snap to allow you go after rails and boxes. Also, the Infamous features Atomic’s proprietary Step Down Sidewall 2.0 invention, adding a smooth flex and anti-vibration properties. This ski will serve you year after year without giving in to wear, thanks to its 2.2mm thick edges that provide extra durability against boxes and rails. Atomic’s two-year factory warranty is also an added benefit that you won’t find with many freestyle skis. Overall, the Atomic Infamous model is a fun, pocket-friendly ski in the Pipe, Park and beyond.

Best Freestyle Skis Brands

Armada Edollo Skis

No skier has single-handedly transformed freestyle skiing over the last decade more than Henrik Harlaut, one of Armada’s signature athletes. The Edollo, Henrik’s signature ski, has been supporting him every step of the way. The brand believes in pushing the envelope year every year just like their signature athletes do. Built to the precise specs of skiing’s most ingenious trio, Armada’s Signature Series represents the influence of Henrik Harlaut, Tanner Hall, and Phil Casabon, providing pro performance on every type of terrain.

The brand’s inception came in the wake of 2000 when most legacy ski manufacturers identified it with alpine racing. What you know today as free-skiing was a diversion from anything of the previous years, sharing more in the freedom of skateboarding and snowboarding than skiing. While the new style left enthusiasts wondering, it gave birth to the Armada brand through a new generation of skiers who wanted to celebrate the style they were pursuing.

And in November 2002, the venture relocated from its basement office based in Truckee, California to the company’s owned premises in Costa Mesa, the beach city housing numerous of the world’s renowned surf and skate brands. It explains why athletes have been driving the company, with Eric Iberg being the brand’s first team-manager.

Among Armada’s various hallmarks is Zero Series, an initiative rooted in their founding principles, the company’s Innovation Lab and the very reason it exists. Zero Series has taken the ski industry to a new level by constantly finding ways to best serve Armada’s Signature Series athletes while challenging industry standards. The brand has since been awarded for redefining Big Mountain skiing, eradicating any threat from hand-ups through BDog’s new edgeless model. And the Armada Edollo is about one thing, uncompromising premium quality.

K2 Sight Skis

K2 has always maintained a strong presence in the freestyle ski industry since the company’s 1962 inception by brothers Don and Bill Kirschner in Seattle, Washington. The American brand, K2 Sports, LLC is well-known for spearheading fiberglass ski technology, resulting in significantly lighter and livelier skis compared to their metal and wooden generations.

K2 skis have a rich history of famous users such as the Olympic and World Cup champion Phil Mahre, his twin bro, Steve Mahre, an Olympic silver medalist and World Champ, the great Belgo-Italian amateur-level skier Laurent Donato, Spider Sabich, a pro champ, and others. Furthermore, K2 owns Adio Footwear, skater Chris Miller’s 1999 founded skateboarding footwear and apparel company.

The Sight is part of their 2018/2019/2020 and most likely 2021’s freestyle lineup. K2 Sports’ Sight series wins by delivering park-skier-oriented design that still emphasizes on the brand’s all-mountain performance. They have made some exceptional skis for those who enjoy flipping, spinning, and making the mountain their playground.

Rossignol Sprayer Xpress Skis

Rossignol has been the standard in winter sports for more than 100 years, producing skiing gear and accessories to make riding simpler, more enjoyable, and more inspiring. The brand caters to amateurs and competitive athletes alike, through athlete-based, technical inventions in design and construction that have continued stretching the limits of what riders and skiers can achieve on snow.

The company’s line of products delivers cutting-edge versatility, usability, and performance to anywhere the snow takes you, whether you are back-country-bound or resort-based, to guarantee an unmatched experience. The French manufacturer owns several subsidiary brands, including Rossignol Apparel that aims to grow the brand into premium sportswear, active, and contemporary fashion department. Their iconic 110-year history crest, a three-color rooster logo, embellishes Rossignol’s footwear and clothing collections.

Dynastar is the Rossignol’s specialist ski brand, delivering steadfast skiing devotees with high-end products for a challenging and exciting mountain experience. The segment was recently celebrating the 50th anniversary, having been founded in 1953 in Chamonix Valley, Mont Blanc. Lange is another subsidiary of Rossignol, which has been making boots for the world’s greatest champions for over 50 years. Used by multi championships and World Cups’ winners, Lange has undoubtedly proved its prowess in the top-tier boot sector, setting the industry’s gold standard.

Other brands include the Mont Blanc-founded Kerma that focuses on alpine ski poles and has engineered innovations, such as the safety wrist-strap. And the brand has been improving its products’ performance standards for 50 plus years to meet the needs of all skiers. In Montebelluna, Italy, Rossignol’s Risport brand has been delivering pure gold for ice skaters for nearly half a century.

Atomic Austria GmbH – A Pioneer In The Ski Industry

The Austrian company, Atomic Austria GmbH, popularly known as Atomic, produces and sells skiing gear such as skis, bindings, ski poles, bags, boots, helmets, goggles, clothing, as well as protective equipment. The brand is an Amer Sports Corporation’s subsidiary, which has been a subsidiary of Anta Sports, a Chinese group with sister brands like Sports Tracker, Precor, Wilson, Salomon, Suunto, and Arc’teryx.

Atomic’s long-standing record in the skiing industry, spanning over a half a century ago when Alois Rohrmoser established the company in 1955. Atomic’s expansion began in 1971 with its second production plant in Altenmarkt im Pongau, where most of its ski manufacturing still takes place. They were the pioneer west-block brand to set up shop in the eastern-bloc region, when they started production in Chepelare, Bulgaria, in 1981. Eight years later, in 1989, Atomic was the first single-source-supplier for bindings, poles, skis, and boots.

For a company that produced 831,000 skis between 1991 and 1992, Atomic has had some incredible breakthroughs in the skiing market. For instance, in 2008, they unveiled the Doubledeck series to the industry, the first-ever technology to auto-adjust the flex and radius to a skier’s style and skiing conditions. Another milestone came in 2009, when they developed the LiveFit, an innovative skiing boot that auto-adapts to the rider’s foot. In the same year, most of Atomic’s products have also been integrating several Rocker technologies. Their most recent landmark was made through Memory Fit, a heat-fitting tech, which adjusts the boot to the user’s foot for maximum comfort.

You’ll find a good selection of Atomic ski models such as Piste, Freeskiing, FIS Race/Race, and All Mountain skiing. Although we primarily know this brand for its skis, they have been running a line of snowboards since 1992, winning awards for performance and designs, besides helping athletes win several tournaments and championships.

How To Pick The Best Freestyle Skis – A Buyer’s Guide

Freestyle skiing entails different types of skiing. Three main categories include:

  1. Freestyle Backcountry skis
  2. Freestyle Park Skis
  3. Freestyle All-mountain Skis

Let’s tell you how to pick the best freestyle skis in each of these groups.

The Right Length For A Freestyle Backcountry Ski

Backcountry skiing is perhaps the most accurate use of a freestyle ski. You’ll need a wide and agile piece of equipment to learn and sharpen deep-powder tricks – freestyle backcountry skis with waist widths of about 100mm for optimum snow support. Like any FS ski, FS BC skis are twin-tipped and can have a lightweight conservative camber and oftentimes a flat or reverse camber. They also have two long rockers that help riders maintain the tips on top of the powder surface.

Note that BC skis are longer than traditional models to stay afloat and 5-cm to 15-cm taller ski than you is ideal.

The Right Length For A Freestyle Park Ski

These ski types are specifically meant to jib the street and shred parks. And like every FS, all park skis and all-mountain skis, although a bit narrower and are sometimes rocker-free. It boosts effective edge length for extra grip, even more useful on the pipe’s icy walls. FS park skis are typically more methodical and demanding than their all-mountain brothers. They have a stiffer flexed, most suited for advanced and expert riders.

To pick the appropriate length, you must first define the ski’s use:

  • Park and Pipe Type: Go for a ski with the same measurements as your height.
  • Street and Jib Riding: Choose something that is a few centimeters shorter than you. It will feel more stable and versatile.

The Right Length For A Freestyle All-mountain Ski

FS all-mountain skis typically have between 80-mm and 95-mm waist widths. Also, they allow you to switch the ride backwards without any issues, thanks to the twin-tip profile. To let you make freestyle moves and balance easily, freestyle all-mountain skis often have tail and tip rockers. This makes them feel agile and performs both off-piste and in parks.

If you are looking for the best flexibility when riding, we recommend lengths between your height and less than five centimeters. However, you’ll want a shorter ski for a park-oriented ride, ranging from 5-cm to 10-cm below your height. Avoid anything shorter as you’ll lack stability, especially when landing tricks.


We’ve been testing skis for a long time and one thing we have learned is not to have substandard gear. To ensure you have fun riding and skiing, it’s essential to use the right equipment or you risk great discomfort or even your safety. If you intend to hit the park more frequently, you obviously need a decent pair of freestyle skis. There is a product that will work for you on our list of best freestyle skis, no matter your budget or skill level.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How to choose between amateur and intermediate skis?

Beginner skis should be more forgiving, lightweight and with a soft flex whereas intermediate skis ought to be stable and predictable.

Can you use a pro ski as an intermediate skier?

Most intermediate users can control their skis, albeit still cautious. They may not often ski aggressively, especially when using an expert-level ski that requires safe skiing and excellent control even at high speeds.

What makes freestyle skis different?

Freestyle skis are similar to their power counterparts, though not as fast. They are built to function primarily off-piste, although they also give a decent performance on piste when needed.

Are twin tips any good?

Twin-tips are an adapted version of their alpine brother that are created to help a skier take off and land backward during jumps, as well as skiing backwards or switching down a slope.

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