Top 10 Best Electric Snow Shovels | 2021 Reviews (Snow Joe)

Wintertime allows for an abundance of activities that we can only enjoy with snow. While this may be the case, maintaining our houses around this time of the year poses quite the challenge, as the powder’s constant buildup requires cleaning. The use of regular shovels does the trick, but manufacturers offer an easier, more effortless solution through electric snow shovels.

Choosing the best electric snow shovel could get overwhelming with the vast array of options available in the market. This list aims to make the search easier by narrowing the best ones currently on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Electric Snow Shovels Reviewed

  1. Snow Joe ION 13SS – Best Overall
  2. Snow Joe 323E – Best Value
  3. Toro 38381 – Editor’s Choice
  4. Greenworks 2600802
  5. Greenworks Pro 2600602
  6. Earthwise SN70016
  7. Earthwise SN70010
  8. WEN 5662 Blaster
  9. XtremepowerUS 1600W Ultra Electric Snow Thrower
  10. Snapper XV 82V Max

#1. Snow Joe ION 13SS – Best Overall

Snow Joe ION 13SS

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  • Cordless
  • 40V 4.0Ah Eco Sharp Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2-Blade Paddle Auger

The Snow Joe ION 13SS ranks among the top two of this list for its excellent overall performance. This powerful snow shovel will make clearing your powder-filled a breeze and will allow for a clearer driveway on the harshest winter.

Its cordless construction lets you walk from end to end without the risk of tripping on the wiring. This feature also allows for freer movement, for you can mow the snow on the entire front and backyard with unhampered shoving. An incredibly lightweight built of 14.5 pounds will allow for the most convenient transfers from the garage to the front yard and make shoveling relatively effortless.

A 40V 4.0Ah Eco Sharp Lithium-Ion Battery guarantees that this snow shovel will last long, ensuring that it will be a worthy investment. It also promises no carbon emissions as it runs, ensuring that you do not contribute to global warming. This snow shovel promises an incredible 52-minute run time on a fully-charged battery that ensures you finish an entire are before the battery drains.

Snow Joe ION13SS’s 2-blade paddle auger runs with a 500W brushless motor, which promises to be highly-efficient without the irritating noise. A push start button brings this snow shovel to life and will be powerful enough to clear a 13 inches wide path and 6 inches deep.

Cordless design allows for more convenient storage and usageLimiting snow throw direction
Highly-sustainable battery Quite expensive
Heavy-duty motor

#2. Snow Joe 323E – Best Value

Snow Joe 323E

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  • 2-Blade Paddle Auger
  • 10-Amp Motor
  • Corded Electric

You cannot underestimate Snow Joe 323E’s comparatively more affordable price tag than the ION 13SS, for it can perform just as excellently. Its cheaper range allows more people to clear out their powder-covered desks, effortlessly, catering to a wider range of users. 

Like the ION 13SS, a powerful 2-blade paddle auger cuts through the snow with a 13-inch wide and 6 inches deep trail, allowing you to clear a path effortlessly. This feature also lets you veer away from going through the same path, letting you save more time.

A 10-amp motor runs with the push button, which lets you get to work immediately. This feature also promises to remain as quiet as possible, reducing the risk of creating disruptions. Its ergonomic handle allows for the most convenient adjustments to allow anyone to contribute to this task and allows for more comfortable shoveling. The same handle comprises a safety switch that will prevent accidental activations to ensure your safety.

Its corded electric power system lets your veer away from constant charging, letting you get to clearing out snow immediately. The same feature promises to keep your snow shovel’s lifespan longer, as batteries tend to lose efficiency as they get old. You need not worry about the cord keeping you from clearing the entire front deck as this snow shovel allows for a 20-feet cleaning radius.

Corded electric power allows for immediate shoveling.Limiting clearing distance
2-blade paddle auger allows for wider, deeper clearing
Comparatively more affordable

#3. Toro 38381 – Editor’s Choice

Toro 38361

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  • 7.5-Amp Motor
  • Cord-Lock System
  • Plastic Body

It unsurprising that the Toro 38361 comes as one of the top-selling snow shovels as it gives you the option to invest more in your equipment. While this snow shovel provides more than enough power to clear your front porch of snow, the brand offers a higher, more heavy-duty variant that allows you to have full control of its capabilities.

The 7.5-amp motor promises to be strong enough to efficiently shovel through residential areas, ensuring that your home stays free of snow. This motor capability also enables enough control on the snow shovel, allowing better maneuvering on your powder-filled houses. 

You will not need to go back and forth on the same path with this snow shovel’s impressive clearing capacity of 300 pounds per minute. Its 20-feet blowing capacity ensures that your house will be free of snow, ensuring your safety as you step out. Clearing a standard 50 x 20 feet area with snow up to 4 inches deep will take a measly 20 minutes, letting you finish the job immediately. 

Carrying this snow shovel from storage to the deck will be more convenient, with its lightweight built at 12.5 pounds. Its plastic body promises excellent durability that veers away from rust and other immediate weather-induced damage.

7.5 Amp motor provides enough power and controlCord not included upon purchase
Plastic body guarantees better durabilityRelatively expensive
Sufficient snow clearing capacity

#4. Greenworks 2600802

Greenworks 2600802

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  • 8-Amp Electric Motor
  • Adjustable Auxiliary Handle
  • Corded Electric Power System

Greenworks’ 2600802 snow shovel’s affordable price tag lets everyone eliminate heaps of snow blocking their driveways in the wintertime. Its compact construction allows for the most convenient storage and will let you move effortlessly through thick powder. The same built allows you to move through narrower spaces, assuring that you clear the entire deck.  

An 8-amp electric motor gives you sufficient power to effortlessly clear a path in the harshest winter. This feature also allows ample control to let you maneuver efficiently through any surface. Its adjustable auxiliary handle lets you guide the snow shovel better and enables a firmer grip to ensure you get a clear driveway immediately.

The push start button enables you to get to work immediately and lets you veer away from time-consuming charging sessions. It also reduces the risk of accidents as its battery-less construction prevents inadvertent explosions. A cord lock ensures that you do not trip on the wiring as you clear paths, guaranteeing your safety.

Its plastic construction promises to withstand the constant beating, guaranteeing that you get your money’s worth. This material also guarantees a snow shovel highly-resistant to weather damage, promising to remain functional for longer.

8 Amp motor provides ample snow shoveling capacities without compromising controlSnow propelling trajectory could be overwhelming
The plastic body promises to be highly weatherproofLackluster clearing performance
The Push-start button lets you get to work immediately.

#5. Greenworks Pro 2600602

Greenworks Pro 2600602

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  • 80V 2.0 AH Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • 12-inch Clearing Path

The Greenworks Pro 2600602 snow shovel lets you go the distance with its cordless construction. You will be able to clear the entire back and front yard effortlessly with this build, ensuring that your entire deck will be snow-free.

An 80V 2.0 AH battery promises to be powerful to let you get most of the job done with impressive 45-minute run time on a fully-charged battery. The same Lithium-Ion battery pack promises to last long enough for you to maximize this snow shovel’s capabilities, making it a worthy purchase. Its brushless motor construction promises the quietest operations, that will allow you to work without disrupting the neighbors. The same built enables optimal surface traction for efficient shoveling, letting you get more work done for less effort. You will also have a snow shovel that will last longer with this type of motor.

A push start allows for a more natural initiation and will keep you safe from tripping on cords. Its ergonomic handles allow for a more comfortable setup that lets you mow with a neutral stance, reducing injury and body ache risk. You can easily clean up your driveway with its impressive 12-inch wide clearance that allows for up 6 inches of deep snow to be thrown out effortlessly.

8 Amp motor provides ample snow shoveling capacities without compromising controlCumbersome battery maintenance
Ergonomic handles ensure comfort as you work.Relatively expensive
Cordless construction lets you move freely

#6. Earthwise SN70016

Earthwise SN70016

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  • 12-Amp Motor
  • Rear Wheels
  • Cord Retention Hook

You cannot underestimate Earthwise SN70016’s highly affordable price tag, for it offers an impressive set of features to ensure that you look no further. The same affordability allows a broader range of users to enjoy its benefits, making it a practical choice for residential use.

The 12-amp motor promises a highly powerful snow throwing capacity of 430 pounds in a minute, ensuring that you get the job done immediately. This impressive feature comparatively works like any gas-powered thrower, efficiently clearing out unwanted snow in your house. You will not worry about snow clogging its motor for a Snow Clean machine expels excess powder efficiently to avoid inadvertent damage. 6-inch wheels at the rear enable improved portability to allow for the most convenient transfers from storage to the decks. The same feature will allow improved snow maneuverability, reducing the risk of getting stuck while you mow.

A cord retention hook ensures that your footpath will be clear of obstruction, ensuring your safety as you shovel. You will find this in the auxiliary handle that allows for an ergonomic fit to ensure your comfort as you work. A two-blade auger promises to efficiently crush chunks into powder for an improved clearing, ensuring the most powder-free pathways in the harshest winters.

Ergonomic handles and cord retention hook ensure comfort and safety as you work. Steel parts are not as weatherproof
12-amp motor powerful snow throwing capacity 
Highly affordable

#7.  Earthwise SN70010

Earthwise SN70010

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  • 9-Amp Motor
  • Curved Dual Blade
  • Adjustable Auxiliary Handle

Earthwise’s SN70010 snow shovel proves that size does good things indeed come in small packages. Its incredibly compact construction lets you squeeze through the narrowest spaces, allowing for a more efficient cleanup that will leave your house snow-free.

Despite its relatively smaller frame, this snow shovel’s 9-amp motor promises to deliver a performance that will let you clean up faster and with significantly less effort. Clearing sidewalks and patios will be fairly easy with its 10-inch clearing width with a 5-inch depth, ensuring that your everyday chore will be hassle-free. An impressive 25-feet throwing capacity ensures that you create enough clearance to avoid mini avalanches that will make you re-do the entire process. You need not worry about ruining the floor as the curved dual blade promises to deliver efficiency without the risk of damaging the surface it comes in contact with.

The incredibly lightweight construction allows for the most convenient transfers, letting you work from one area to another in a snap. This feature also lets you move freely as you shovel, extending the time before exhaustion kicks in. 

Anyone can take part in this chore as the adjustable auxiliary handle allows for a more relaxed fit. The same feature enables optimal grip on the snow shovel, letting you work efficiently for less effort. You need not worry about unintentional unplugging while you work as a cord retention hook keeps the cable in place, which also keeps you from tripping.

Compact construction allows for better cleanup and more convenient storageSteel parts are not as weatherproof
Ergonomic handles and cord retention hook ensure comfort and safety.Limiting width clearance
9-amp motor gives sufficient shoveling power 

#8. WEN 5662 Blaster

WEN 5662 Blaster

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  • 13.5-Amp Motor
  • Quick-Adjust Chute
  • 6-inch Wheels

WEN’s 5662 Blaster snow shovel is perfect for clearing massive spaces with its heavy-duty construction. Its excellently sturdy frame allows for the most stable shoveling on the thickest powder, guaranteeing clear paths in a snap.

The impressive 13.5-amp motor guarantees that this snow shovel could take a beating and will outlast the thickest powder. Its 20-ft snow throwing capacity ensures that you clear everything in sight for less effort, ensuring you can walk safely. This motor also promises to shovel a maximum of 490 pounds of snow per minute, making it the perfect companion post-blizzard.

A massive 18-inch wide clearing width makes shoveling the entire back, and front yard a breeze, and will let you finish the job quicker. No snow will be too thick with its excellent digging capacity of snow up to 7.8 inches deep, guaranteeing its potency. Controlling this snow shovel will be fairly easy with the quick-adjust chute, enabling optimal maneuverability. Its 180-degree rotation capability allows for quicker adjustments, letting you have an improved sense of direction to finish the job in record time. 

6-inch wheels will let you veer away from carrying this snow shovel, letting you save energy for the work itself. This feature also helps improve the quick-adjust chutes capacity for better maneuvering, allowing for smoother yet powerful glides on any surface. 

13.5-amp motor allows for excellent snow throwing capabilities The corded electric power system will require extension cables for bigger spaces
Quick-adjust chute enables optimal maneuverabilityMassive built will require more storage space

#9. XtremepowerUS 1600W Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

XtremepowerUS 1600W Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

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  • Adjustable Directional Chute
  • Weather-resistant Cutter Blade
  • Instant Start

The XtremepowerUS 1600W Ultra Electric Snow Thrower allows for the effortless snow clearing jobs that will make you forget about other snow shovels in competition. Its tough construction promises an excellent overall performance that will make snow clearing days hassle-free.

An adjustable directional chute lets you control the snow thrower’s direction, ensuring that you clear your decks efficiently. This feature also allows for better maneuverability, guaranteeing that you keep snow heaps in one area. Easy-glide wheels on the bottom give you the liberty to switch directions effortlessly, ensuring that you clear an area effortlessly. Its plastic cutter blade promises to be highly weatherproof and abrasion-resistant, ensuring its excellent durability. This feature promises a massive 18-inch width and 10-inch deep snow clearance, guaranteeing that no blizzard will be too strong for this snow shovel. The same blade material, combined with a scraper at this snow shovel’s bottom, clears with significantly less risk of damaging any surface.

Despite the minimal assembly requirement, turning this snow shovel on will be effortless with the instant start button. The same feature also lets you veer away from constant charging, extending this snow shovel’s lifespan, and makes it extremely low-maintenance.  

Weather-resistant blade ensures excellent durability and efficient snow shovelingMassive built will require more storage space and could pose a struggle for smaller people
Relatively low-maintenanceThe corded electric power system will require extension cables
Reasonably-pricedAssembly required

#10. Snapper XV 82V Max

Snapper XV 82V Max

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  • Briggs & Stratton 82V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Battery
  • 12-inch clearing
  • Bottom-focused Motor Weight

Snapper XV 82V Max is perfect for your light snowfall days with its highly convenient construction. This electric snow shovel enables you to dig snow effortlessly, letting you veer away from the exhausting conventional shoveling.

Purchasing a Briggs & Stratton 82V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Battery ensures that you maximize this shovel’s capabilities. The same battery pack promises an impressive fully-charged run time of 45 minutes, allowing you to finish an entire deck before it depletes. A fast-charging dock included in the battery’s purchase will enable you to finish both the front and back yard immediately, letting you finish the job quicker. You can clear paths up to 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep into the snow with this snow shovel, giving ample dimensions that make this snow shovel competitive. It will be perfect for days where snow is lightly but continuously falling, ensuring your safety and reducing powder build up on your driveways. 

A bottom-focused motor weight makes this electric snow shovel highly stable, making you worry less about damaging it during storage. This feature also enables improved control on your maneuvers, ensuring that you get optimal surface contact for efficient clearing.

Bottom-focused weight allows for improved maneuverabilityLimiting motor capacity
Cordless construction enables freer movementBattery sold separately 
Relatively low-maintenanceQuite expensive

Top Pick: The Snow Joe ION 13SS

What makes the Snow Joe ION 13SS outshine every other snow shovel in this list is its ability to deliver an excellent overall performance within a reasonable price range. While it allows for impressive snow clearing capacities, it remains compact for the most convenient storage and portability, making it comfortable to use.

The other snow shovels fall short with their inability to cover all bases – either too bulky, expensive, or small, making them the less ideal choice. This comparison does not necessarily mean that they are ineffective, but they will cater to a more specific set of needs.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Snow Shovel

The best electric snow shovels will efficiently cover all the possible issues you could have before purchasing. Determining the frequency of snowfalls, accessibility to outdoor electrical outlets, and your available storage space will help you find the perfect fit. This knowledge will allow for wiser decision-making, ensuring that no money goes to waste.

Checking how much and how often snowfalls occur in your area will let you determine the practicality of buying an electric snow shovel. While this piece of equipment supposedly clears pathways, these cannot dig through wet and massive depths of powder. It will be best to check on this factor before purchasing; otherwise, snow blowers might be a more appropriate choice,

While it will generally be better to have a cordless electric snow shovel, its battery pack will significantly contribute to its weight. This type of shovel will help you clear the entire space without the hindrance of cables, but will become cumbersome to maneuver the longer you work. An electric cord-powered snow shovel will be more lightweight than the former but will require access to an outdoor electrical outlet. This type of shovel will let you spend more time clearing than charging but could require the use of extension cords to finish a relatively massive space.

Checking on your storage capacity will also be practical since electric snow shovels are usually not collapsible. It will be best to choose one that will fit perfectly in your available space, or move some things around before purchasing to save on storage.


Choosing the best electrical snow shovel allows you conveniently clear out your powder-filled decks without significantly less effort. Finding the perfect one enables you to quickly and efficiently finish this chore and reduce injury risk as you step out of the house.

While this extensive list provides sufficient information on every product, it will be best to be familiar with the factors that affect an electric snow shovel’s performance. Finding the best one that will fit your needs will guarantee that you maximize its capabilities, ensuring an optimal performance that gets the job done.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the difference between an electric snow shovel and a blower?

As the name suggests, electric snow shovels take on the functionality of a regular shovel, with the added power that lets you work with less effort. On the other hand, snow blowers take on a lawnmower’s working concept, which requires pushing for path clearing. While both efficiently throw out snow to clear your patios and decks, one will most likely be more appropriate for your home than the other. It will be best to check on your weather conditions to ensure you choose accordingly.

Will constant charging of the battery pack damage the electric snow shovel?

While these battery packs are generally prone to immediate wear and tear, it does not necessarily damage the electric snow shovel itself. Manufacturers usually make a separate charging dock for these batteries to ensure the shovel’s and your safety, reducing the accident risk. 

Why buy an electric snow shovel?

Buying one is not exactly a need, but it will significantly reduce the effort you would exert in digging and clearing snow from your patios and decks. While regular shovels do the same thing, this activity takes a toll on your body, which could lead to injuries. 

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