Top 8 Best Cheap Snowboards | 2021 Reviews (Nitro, K2)

Snowboarding is a winter sport primarily rooted in other sports like skiing, skateboarding, and surfing, where the main action is sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard attached to your feet.

Well, of course, you already know that. What we want is to share with you the best value snowboards in the market. If you are just begun with snowboarding and is looking for the best cheap but still gives great performance snowboards, we got you!

There are many snowboards offered by numerous brands and outlets online but finding the best ones at cheaper value is quite overwhelming. This is because snowboards are generally pricey. Expect to pay an average of $200 or more when buying your snowboard. Yes, this is usually the standard price for cheap adult snowboards. If new to this sport, it might as well try out cheaper in value but still high performing snowboards. But for intermediate to experts, we still have something for you! Performance and quality don’t need to come at the expense of the snowboard’s price.

 Top 8 Cheap Snowboards Reviewed:

  1. Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard – Best Overall
  2. K2 Standard Snowboard – Best for Budget
  3. Salomon Lotus Snowboard – Editor’s Choice
  4. Burton Ripcord Snowboard
  5. Roxy Ally Banana Snowboard
  6. GNU Carbon Credit Asym BTX Snowboard
  7. CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard
  8. Rossignol Diva Lf Snowboard

#1. Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard

Nitro Prime Snowboard

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  • Terrain: All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Flat-Out
  • Shape: Directional, Radial Sidecut
  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Price: $299.95

“Entry-level boards” are just a disguised for “crappy-board-made-with-cheap-materials” snowboards. But this is far from what Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard delivers. Do not be fooled with its price. This is one of the best value snowboards in the market that stays true to its performance even on a very affordable price.

It has a hybrid flat camber profile, having a traditional lift on its tail and nose, making turns and maneuvering smooth and effortless.

It provides excellent float, traction, and press-ability in any terrain.

Its core uses tip-to-tail poplar wood making the snowboard super lightweight and the perfect balance of flex and response.

With its directional shape, riding anywhere is possible because this snowboard gives great progression. It is in medium flex, giving a smooth response in tearing up the mountain slopes.This board is great if you are just a beginner in snowboarding.

With its just enough support and excellent design, you will see yourself advancing in no time!

But this not just for beginners. If you are a pro rider whose into perfecting their turns, Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard is an all-mountain board suitable for anyone whose into a fun snowboarding day.

Directional camber form for icy surfacesBase of the board looks dull in actual
$127 cheaper than average price
Can be used by pro and beginners
Progressive and very responsive
Perfect for all-mountain terrain


#2. K2 Standard Snowboard

K2 Standard Snowboard

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  • Terrain: Freestyle, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Catch-Free Rocker Baseline –Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Shape: Directional Twin, Traditional-Shaped Board
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Price: $359.95

The K2 Standard Snowboard is a choice for riders who are just getting started or intermediate riders looking for an affordable but high performing snowboard.

It has a soft flex, perfect for a learning rider like you. With its flat baseline, contact points are moved off the snow, making learning how to carve and turn is relatively easy.

Specifically, it has a Catch-Free Baseline, meaning it has a small rocker in its tail and tip. Thanks to its baseline design, it can deliver more support in your curve learning and opens quicker progression in every terrain condition.

This is designed to be ridden with the nose facing downhill, but thanks to its directional-twin shape, this snowboard still allows you to perform tricks like frontside 180, where you ride with the tail first rather than the nose of the board.

The snowboard comes in a 2 x 4 hole pattern, allowing more options for mount bindings.  It also uses Hybritech in its sidewall, providing low swing weight while extending the wood core to the board’s tip.

Has earned good reputable rating from many ridersNot suitable for more aggressive riding
Comes at an affordable price with its qualityDeck is a litte too flexible
Allows more option for mount bindings
Easy to maintain and repair


#3. Salomon Lotus Snowboard

Salomon Lotus Snowboard Womens

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  • Terrain: Freestyle, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Flat / Chamber / Flat
  • Shape: Directional Twin
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Price: $299.95

The Salomon Lotus Snowboard is an all-terrain and freestyle board for female riders of all ability levels but works better for beginners. It is one of the best snowboards with creative and best design. It looks so high-end and performs like it too!

It has a flat profile loaded with camber under the bindings, optimizing stability and responsive when needed. With its Bite Free edges, a fully detuned tip and tail, controlling and keeping things up are made easy, resulting in a more progressive and hang-up ride.

This board can easily be maintained with its built characteristics, offering a longer-lasting glide with its extruded base.

Its sidewalls have a molecular structure of ABS, meaning a durable bar with rubber nuggets are placed inside, resulting in a perfect blend of toughness and necessary properties for impact absorption.

It is a directional-twin designed snowboard that allows your freestyle to move with a directional flex for power, ready to hit all-mountain slopes.

With a softer flex, learning new tricks and progressing in this winter sport is so much easier!
Comes at a very affordable value but still high in qualityToo soft for some riders
Extruded base structure for any snow conditions
4 x 4 insert pattern for bindings
Suitable to all rider ability level

#4. Burton Ripcord Snowboard

Burton Ripcord Snowboard Mens

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  • Terrain: All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Flat
  • Shape: Directional
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Price: $379.95

This is an all-mountain snowboard, ready for your whole mountain exploration. They are your go-to snowboards, giving a great versatility. If you’re a newbie and faces dilemma what snowboard to buy, Burton Ripcord Snowboard is your way to go!

It is a directional designed board with directional flex, allowing you to have more float, flow, and control over your board in various terrain or conditions.

With its forgiving flex, newbie riders’ occasional mistakes are understandable. Even experts can take advantage of its Flap Top profile and Easy Bevel edges and enhance their riding ability. A flat profile gives better balance and consistent edge control.

It’s the perfect snowboard for rising riders and still in the journey of mastering their craft because Burton Ripcord Snowboard is all about helping you in progression.

Can still be used by more aggressive, expert ridersPoor performance in the terrain park and halfpipe
Good choice of snowboard for heavy powderDoesn’t have the best turning and carving in tests
Wide, soft, and stable for beginnersPoor hold on edge in icy conditions


#5. Roxy Ally Banana Snowboard

Roxy Ally Banana Women's Snowboard

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  • Terrain: Freestyle, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Camber / Rocker / Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Price: $399.99

Roxy Ally Banana Women’s Snowboard is perfect for riders who want to have a fun ride switch. This snowboard is filled with all the fruity tech you need for a more fun ride around the mountain or resort.

It is a True Twin designed board, meaning the nose and tail is identical, distributing flex evenly throughout the board, with its soft-medium flex and Original Banana rocker, a perfect blend for exceptional performance.

The snowboard features Original Banana; a rocker is placed between your feet with flat to mild camber to contact points.

A solid pressure between your feet allows a smooth and easy turning and fantastic hold on the ice edge.

This snowboard has an impressive ability to hold and control all conditions, thanks to the Magne-Traction designed edges. It is powered by seven strategically placement of edge serration technology.

Moreover, Roxy Ally Banana Women’s Snowboard is your sustainable snowboard with its Aspen/Paulownia wood core construction.
Light enough for freestyling in the parkMight be not enough performing for advanced rider
Sustainable construction materialsMay be too soft for dynamic movements
Great ice edge holdDesign is too feminine for some users
Easy turning


#6. GNU Carbon Credit Asym BTX Snowboard

Gnu Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard Mens

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  • Terrain: Freestyle, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Camber / Rocker / Camber
  • Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Flex Rating: Soft – Medium
  • Price: $299.99

The unique and exclusive features of Gnu Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard brought this board in the spotlight. It has an impressive and useful technologies and design, delivering a high performing snowboard.

This snowboard understands and contours your unique body fits. GNU snowboard is built with asymmetric balancing concepts; turn and heel side turn is designed differently, harmonizing to the natural asymmetrical human body.

This results in a more confident, comfortable, and less tiring ride.

It has a softer flexible heelside, and more in-depth side cuts, giving you more précised control over your snowboards. It is also impressively sustainable while still being sturdy, light, and poppy by using Asym-Core-Paulownia wood as its core material.

Moreover, with Magne-Traction technology on its edge, unreal edge hold and control over your board are provided.

With GNU Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard, the fun and easy snowboarding are on your side!
Asymmetric core profile for an intuitive and playful rideIntimidating speed for newbies
Technology advanced easy freestyle ridingDesign is too basic
Great edge control for icy conditionsNot for beginners
Low-maintenance snowboard base
All-mountain versatility
Sustainable materials


#7. CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard

Capita Indoor Survival Snowboard Mens

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  • Terrain: Freestyle, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Flat / Camber / Flat
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Price: $429.95

For intermediate to advanced riders, CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard delivers a heavy duty, extra thick, and high quality performing snowboard. Celebrate the season and enjoy all terrain with your awesome and impressive snowboarding skills using the playful CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard.

It is in a True Twin design, meaning the board’s nose and tail are identical, making the flex evenly distributed throughout the snowboard.

That results in an easy-riding snowboard with a perfect blend of balance and versatility.

It comes in directional flex, allowing you to ride easily and maintain control through all conditions and terrain. Its radial sidecut allows you to start and end a turn on the same arc smoothly.

For enhanced durability, a heavy-duty, extra-thick Inlaid HD Titanal Struts is integrated into the board’s core for structural reinforcement.

This translates into a snowboard suitable for more aggressive and exciting snowboarding action.

All-Mountain; designed for full mountain explorationToo heavy and thick for some users
Inlaid HD Titanal Struts for durabilityNot suitable for beginners
Twin shape for balance and versatilityPoor edge grip or hold
Great tip and tail for expert riders
Heavy-duty, extra thick

#8. Rossignol Diva Lf Snowboard

Rossignol Diva LF Snowboard Womens

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  • Terrain: All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Rocker Type: Rocker / Camber / Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex Rating: Stiff
  • Price: $374.96

Rossignol Diva LF Snowboard is the queen for the cheapest snowboards but high in quality in this rundown. This exciting all-mountain snowboard features a supportive stiff flex, ready to take off in more exciting, fun, and aggressive slopes.

This is the perfect snowboard for expert riders, with its versatile 60% camber and 40% rocker.

The middle camber allows excellent balance, while the rocker covering the tip and tail enhances float and offers more control.

This is in a directional all-mountain stiff, delivering improved control and stability while providing a slightly softer flex in your forefoot for more finesse and comfortable turn.

A perfect blend of symmetrical board construction and flex disperse, Rossignol Diva LF Snowboard is built-in True Twin shape.

This delivers more versatility and stability when riding switch, perfect for freestyle.

Thanks to its 5S Serrated Edge technology, unreachable areas requiring a strong grip are reached, resulting in increased edge hold and stability without having that aggressive feel.

All-mountain snowboard, suitable for all-terrainMight be too stiff for dynamic movements
A perfect blend of balance, control, and floatNot for newbie riders
Twin shape gives more balance and control
Gives a stronger grip during freestyle
Evenly dispersed flex
Serrated edge hold

Top Picked Best Cheap Snowboard: Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard

As for we are more focused on rising snowboard riders in this article, Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard is our winner in this rundown.

With its straightforward and essential features, it is surprising that it comes at a very affordable price!

Introducing a lightweight, all-mountain snowboard that gives balance, support, and enough flex throughout the board, Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard is your go-to snowboard.

For riders who are just getting started, Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard is your perfect way to go. It is perfect for all-mountain terrain, meaning it is almost suitable for all types of conditions.

It is highly progressive, lightweight, but still proving a forging medium stiff, just enough to support you in your learning.

What makes Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard even better is that experts or pro snowboard riders are still welcome to use this. It provides excellent float, traction, and press-ability in any terrain.

Shattering the misconception “cheap-price-cheap-materials,” Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard delivers high-quality features, support, and progressive performance, suitable to any condition, terrain, and rider ability level at a very irresistible price!

Top Brands for the Best Cheap Snowboards 

Many outlets in the market offer snowboards. Buyers usually think that high-end brands’ products are always on the pricey side.

Consumers’ biggest misconception is in finding the cheap snowboard; we should opt to buy from not-known or shady brands. Gladly to burst your sad thought, here are the top 10 well-established brands that offer cheap but packed with high-quality features.

  1. Burton
  2. Rossignol
  3. GNU
  4. CAPiTA
  5. Nitro
  6. K2
  7. Salomon
  8. Roxy
  9. Yes.
  10. Lib Tech

Quality performs not need to come at the expense of price. Especially if you are still getting started, opting for the cheaper once is forgivable if not the best decision a rider can make.

Many companies in the market offer snowboards at a cheaper price but still provide quality, similar to the high-end snowboards. With the right and enough knowledge of which brands to rely on, you can snowboard without having to break your budget!

A Quick Rundown of Snowboard Anatomy

Here are the key components that make up a snowboard, might as well keep it in mind when reviewing snowboards in your selection.

  1. Shape – directional and true twin are the most popular board shapes.
  2. Flex – this translates the board’s ability to be bent or twist, turn or carve, and tell the snowboard’s responsiveness.
  3. Camber, Rocker, Flat – the usual snowboard profiles
  4. Length and Width – this will dictate your fit with the snowboards.

Getting the Best Snowboard – What to Consider When Buying a Snowboard?

There will always be a perfect snowboard for every rider. You just need a little guidance, essential information on things to consider, and you will match with your perfect snowboard in no time!

Here are a few primary elements to consider when choosing a snowboard.

  1. Snowboard Type

There are four main types of snowboards: the All-Mountain, Freestyle, Freeride, and Powder Snowboards. Each performs differently. It varies from which terrain condition you are getting in action with.

  1. Size

When it comes to sizing, you have to consider the board’s length, width, and thickness. Knowing this will give you stronger support, enhances stability and balance, and improves progression.

Here is a quick hack to know if it is the right length for you: for standard length, the top of the board should reach up to your chin; for beginners, we recommend that you opt for a length that reaches up to your nose; if you are a heavyweight rider, go for a longer snowboard.

  1. Design

Besides your snowboard should be visually appealing, you also need to consider its construction, material, and technologies.

First, check the stiffness of the board. This is a basic one; harder or stiffer boards are high in speed while the softer one gives smoother turns. Stiff rating varies to the standard of the brand.

Second, get to know the snowboard’s profile: camber, rocker, flat, and hybrid.

This affects your float, control, turns, jump, or curve, basically, your performance. Companies have leveled up their game in today’s time, providing a hybrid profile, rocker-camber-rocker, as the most popular design.

Finding the best snowboards isn’t that complicated. Get to know the snowboard first before getting into action with it. If you know what you are looking for, you can easily find your match.


High performing, comfortable, durable, and excellent quality is the final goal when choosing the best snowboard— but with a budget that needs to be met? No problem!

Here’s a quick rundown of our best recommended cheap snowboards: Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard, K2 Standard Snowboard, Salomon Lotus Snowboard, Burton Ripcord Snowboard, Roxy Ally Banana Snowboard, GNU Carbon Credit Asym BTX Snowboard, CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard, and Rossignol Diva Lf Snowboard.

By now, you probably have a certain snowboard in mind. Whatever your choice is, we are glad to be a help.

Just an extra reminder, Nitro Prime Screen Snowboard is our winning contender among the best snowboards, perfect for beginners, and still suitable for expert riders. You can never go wrong with a straightforward snowboard, easy and smooth ride just for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is the difference between skiing and snowboarding?

Snowboarding and skiing do have a lot in common. In fact, Snowboarding has its roots in skiing. The most obvious difference between skiing and snowboarding is the equipment. There are no poles used in skiing; snowboards come with a single snowboard, while skis require a pair of skis. In skiing, you will be required to buy separate ski boots appended to the skis by binding. In snowboarding, your foot is attached to the snowboard utilizing special boots.
Lastly, snowboards are ridden with feet roughly facing sideways, perpendicular to your movement. While in skiing, skiers are leaning forward, facing, and feet are straight ahead.

What is the average price of snowboards?

Snowboard prices vary from age, terrain type, and rider’s ability level. For beginners, a cheap snowboard price starts at $200 up to $400+. If you have been snowboarding for a while, your cheap snowboard price starts at $600. Sure, there are $1000+ worth snowboards; these are usually custom-built or just a luxurious snowboard. Kids’ snowboards cheap price starts at $30 to $60. But remember, the snowboard is just one of the many costs of snowboarding.
Snowboarding is quite a costly sport, but investing in high-quality equipment will last longer, saving you from wasting money. Equipment you might need to buy includes bindings, gloves, goggles, outwear, helmet, and some maintenance.

 How can I buy snowboards in the best value?

There are many store websites on the internet that you can use to your advantage. Store outlets like Amazon, Evo, eBay, or Craig’s List offer big sale season from time to time. When in the clearance sale period, rush to their store and catch the best snowboards at the most affordable prices. Make sure to buy months before the winter season. But in case you missed the sale, we have listed the eight best cheap snowboards for further references.

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