Armada Skis Review | Epic Skis Or Ripoff? [2021]

Every time a new winter skiing season comes up, passionate skiers ready themselves by updating their skiing gears. With several ski brands globally, Armada stood among the rest for its principles of style and progression. They embody the new-school and versatile skiing style by creating the unique graphics that will make your skis and personality stand out in the winter slopes.The Armada ARV 96 and Edollo skis completely embody who they are as a brand. Their athlete-driven brand inspires athletes and passionate skiers to live and breathe the ski lifestyle. 

This Armada Skis Review will help you make informed decisions on how to buy Armada skis. You will find a product review, a glimpse of Armada’s company history, Armada skis buying guide, and an FAQ section.

Whether you’re looking for professional skis or freestyle ones, Armada skis got you covered. Compare the top Armada skis with this comprehensive product review. 

Top 10 Best Armada Skis Reviewed

  1. ARV 96 Men’s Skis 2020 by Armada – Best Overall
  2. Edollo Skis 2020 by Armada – Best Value
  3. Tracer 98 Men’s Skis 2018 by Armada – Editor’s Choice
  4. Victa 93 Women’s Skis 2020 by Armada
  5. Tracer 118 CHX Skis 2018 by Armada
  6. ARV 84 Skis 2020 by Armada
  7. ARV 106 Skis 2020 by Armada
  8. ARW 86 Skis 2020 by Armada
  9. BDOG Skis 2020 by Armada
  10. Magic J Skis 2019 by Armada


#1. ARV 96 Men’s Skis 2020 by Armada – Best Overall


ARV 96 Men’s Skis 2020

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The Armada ARV 96 will get you playful, just like the puppy found on the ski’s top sheet. It is a combination of stable ash wood and springy poplar in the core that ensures the ski remains playful and responsive. The rockered tip and tail enhance the skis’ maneuverability, perfect for skiers who enjoys playing around the trees or floating above a couple of inches of fresh snow.

The ARV 96 makes an ideal ski for skiers who want to hit the park or the mountains. Its AR75 sidewall construction gives it a feeling of maneuverability, dampens out vibrations, and provides an edge grip when you need it. Armada designed these skis with the AR Freestyle Rocker for a playful performance when dipping into the trees for soft turns, finding your speed on groomers, or lining up a big jump.

The Spin Tip lowers the ARV 96’s swing weight, while its length and horizontally laminated hardwood drive transfer energy towards the snow. Meanwhile, the 2.2 Impact Edges make the ski durable and thicker to withstand damage from rails or rocks. Those who want a ski that takes on the steeps, deeps, park, and in between, the Armada ARV 96 is a perfect choice.

Easy to ski in short to medium turnsBulky at long turns

#2. Edollo Skis 2020 by Armada – Best Value

Edollo Skis 2020

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Back on its second year, the Armada Edollo Skis continues to stay on top among the park ranks. Known for its buttery and stable feel underfoot and ghoulish graphics, Armada built this pro model with ultimate stompability and maximum nose-press  ability.  

The new iteration of the Edollo is almost exactly its older model. Its softer tail gives the skis more balance despite the cambered tail and rockered nose. Armada retains its decent degree of torsional stiffness than other models from other brands. However, the edges got slightly fatter and far more superior with its tail rockered skis. 

The poplar-ash wood core provides the skis a lightweight and lively ride but reinforced with the most durable base materials and the thickest steel edge in Armada’s tool kit, ensuring the pair will last longer even you beat them up in the rails.

Fun to play around despite worse conditionsNot well suited for big jumps unlike before

#3. Tracer 98 Men’s Skis 2018 by Armada – Editor’s Choice

Tracer 98 Men’s Skis 2018

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Launched in 2018, the Armada Tracer 98 is the perfect charging ski for those who want to ramp up their speed. Its extremely agile, versatile, and adventurous and great for all terrains. As a part of Armada’s latest new Tracer series, the Tracer 2018 can take you anywhere and do anything you want to. It has a unique versatility that makes it a great blend of big mountain and touring ski.

The Tracer 98 makes a great tourer as it is light and comfortable enough to take you anywhere, although it works best towards the descent. It also works best as a touring ski that can hold an edge to remove you from tricky spots, and as a hard-charging ski when the terrain opens up.

At 98mm waist width, the Armada Tracer 98 has great flotation off-piste and works well on-piste when on slightly cruddy or chopped up trails. It remains smooth and stable at high speeds, allowing you to enjoy on the piste. With impressive responsiveness and good edge hold, the Tracer 98 knows what you want on groomed runs.

The Tracer 98 is a user-friendly ski, especially for skiers who want to build confidence off-piste. It also makes a great ride for those who want a ski that can handle terrains changes while giving you the same level of security and confidence on-piste. 

A quick and playful performanceHas trouble on hard snow

#4. Victa 93 Women’s Skis 2020 by Armada

Victa 93 Women’s Skis 2020

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The Armada Victa 93 is mostly known for its twin tips and directional shape. Its standout feature is the lack of rise in the tail, like its AR Nose Rocker up front. It has a poplar wood core with carbon-kevlar struts to enhance its stability, energy, and responsiveness. Compared to other Victa models, Armada designed Victa 93 to be more forgiving and playful. 

The Victa 93 also makes a good resort ski with its versatile performance. However, it doesn’t intend to go outside the ski resort boundaries, but it has several uses. It is also a fantastic front side ski that doesn’t hesitate to go into the trees or off the groomers. 

In the ski industry where manufacturers compete in energy, power, performance, and material, the Victa 93 takes a more refreshing entry. Although it is not the stiffest and the most powerful ski, the Victa 93 can offer you a precise and playful feel that rewards good technique. 

Playful and forgiving performancePoor crud performance

#5. Tracer 118 CHX Skis 2018 by Armada

Tracer 118 CHX Skis 2018

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Passionate skiers will enjoy the Armada Tracer 118 as they go cruising or pushing the ski to its limits. The Tracer 118 is a pure freeride ski with a strong bias for powder runs due to its fairly wide waist. It also makes an ultimate big mountain performer that takes the Elf Shoe Technology on its nose that combines with a slight tail rocker to produce a surfy, hard-charging, and weight-efficient skis.

The Tracer 118 is perfect for skiers who need versatile skis to manage various snow conditions and handle high-altitude objectives. The rocker in the tip and the slight tail rocker gives the Tracer an agile performance, while the camber underfoot provides a great snow contact. The skis inside contain a combination of ash wood and poplar in the core reinforced by layers of two strips of Titanal and woven fiberglass. 

These features make the Tracer 118 a reliable ski that can handle the steepest descents while maximizing maneuverability and flex.  

Performs well in all snow conditionsLooses stability when on gromers

#6. ARV 84 Skis 2020 by Armada

ARV 84 Skis 2020

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The Armada ARV 84 makes a great setup for aspiring skiers wanting to bridge the gap between all-mountain ripping and full-on park skiing. These skis work best in the moguls when launching off big jumps in the park and pipe. The wood core, cap construction, and twin-tip shape make the ARV 84 a fitting contender as a true all-mountain tweener ski. 

The multidirectional nature of the ARV 84 makes it suitable for park riding and all-mountain situations. When in the moguls, the turned-up tail allows a smooth transition between turns, leading to more success in keeping balanced and quicker turns. With the poplar wood core, the ARV 84 shines through, creating a more energetic, fun, and springy feel to the ski.

Combining the wood core and cap construction create energy and quickness that brings the ARV 84 to life. The cap maintains the materials together in a single cohesive unit, making it ideal for those who consistently ski from tip to tail. From endless moguls to big-time park laps, the Armada ARV 84 is a perfect playful setup.

Great setup for all-mountain and park skiingDesigned exclusively for young riders and beginners

#7. ARV 106 Skis 2020 by Armada

ARV 106 Skis 2020

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The playful yet stable ARV 106 2020 from Armada is as fun as surfing the snow or thrashing at the pro park. It is a high performance and high-speed ski reinforced to absorb concrete, walls, and rails. It utilizes the Smear Tech feature, a 3D beveled bases in the tips and tails, which makes the skis less likely to encounter crud and self-centers in deep snow, allowing you to float while sliding in any direction.

The ARV 106 features the Armada AR 75 Sidewall construction that absorbs any concrete, wall, rail, or high-speed chatter that your ski presses on. Its poplar ash cores combine with high density and full-length ash stringers and lightweight poplar. These features add energy to the ARV 106 with a powerful booster on undiscovered elevations.

The AR Freestyle Rocker puts together rockered tips and tails with positive camber underfoot, making the skis charge through uncertain snow and maintain a solid carve. Meanwhile, the Armada S7 base makes the ski more durable and low maintenance with an additional speed for optimum quickness.

Charges through unpredictable snowThe tail gets washy, particularly on steeper lines at high speeds

#8. ARW 86 Skis 2020 by Armada

ARW 86 Skis 2020

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The Armada ARW series is the most dedicated all-mountain freestyle lineup for women. It offers everything you need with added style and grace. This time, the ARW 86 makes a graceful entrance by making skiing much smoother. It is a high-performance women’s ski that is light and playful, ready for your everyday park fix.

Skiers looking for fast maneuvers, job machines, tranny finders, spin and style masters, the ARW 86 is the perfect ski for ladies. Using the full cap and semi-cap construction, Armada designed the AR75 Sidewall to eliminate high-speed chatter. It also has a lightweight poplar ash core combined with high density, full-length ash stringers to create a lively park ski to overpower new elevations.

Not only that, the ARW 86 makes a great ski for beating your mates and clearing knuckles down the hill due to its S7 base with a speed additive for quickness. With the 2.2 Impact Edge, Armada heat-treated and built the ARW 86 to maintain the durability and avoid excess weight. It gives the skis greater balance and feel of the entire ARW collection.

Lively park ski with powerful boost on new elevationsLoses grip and can't hold an edge on icy and hard-packed conditions
A dedicated all-mountain freestyle ski for womenNot ideal for skiers who carve on groomed slopes

#9. BDOG Skis 2020 by Armada

BDOG Skis 2020

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Catered to the pop and press mastery of the top urban skier, Phil Casabon, the Armada BDOG skis are back for 2020 with upgraded shape and construction. Prior the 2020 model, BDOG appeared as a narrower ski than the Edollo. It has a pretty traditional shape with no taper and little tail rocker. 

The new BDOG 2020 looks quite different from its last version. Besides its 4mm wider waist, the new BDOG has a more tapered shape with straight sections at its tips and tails. Armada designed these straight sections in the tips and tails for more surface area which you can slide, butter, and press the ski to keep it from hooking up.  

The BDOG 2020 has a recommended mount point that is entirely dead-center. It also has a more modern, tapered shape and an added rocker profile on its narrow width, rarely seen from other ski brands.  

Perfect for intermediate park skiers trying harder tricksNot ideal for newbie skiers

#10. Magic J Skis 2019 by Armada

Magic J Skis 2019

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Armada dedicates the Magic J skis to powder enthusiast and big ski rider, Tanner Hall. The Magic J 2019 comes in at a whopping 127mm underfoot and 290cm length. Obviously, these skis aren’t ideal for hard-pack or groomers. Its shape, technology, and playful character make magic J a true backcountry freeride ski perfect for the most demanding big mountain enthusiasts.

Starting with the Hybrid Ultra-Core, Armada combines hard and softwood laminates through the ski for improved agility while maintaining control and integrity. The additional fiberglass laminates provide a consistent flex pattern and torsional stiffness. Meanwhile, the widest point at the tips and tails at the waist gives it a more surfy and playful feel to satisfy the most demanding skiers.

The Magic J is more maneuverable on deep snow, allowing smears and other fun stuff. The combination of the EST technology and the skis’ unique shape provides more character to its performance. It works best when ripping through the backcountry big mountains or treating the outdoors like a giant playground. Overall, the Armada Magic J 2019 is a great ride for any demanding skier who’s looking for ultimate performance in steep terrains or fresh snow.  

Relatively big skis that requires effort at shortwavesPlayful skis for big mountain enthusiasts

Buyer’s Guide: What to Know When Buying Armada Skis

Since 2002, Armada has designed and produced top-tier skis with premium versatility. With so many models released from the previous years, you may be overwhelmed to pick which one works best for your ability level. Here is a helpful buying guide for Armada skis to help you make a decision.

ARV Series (All-Mountain Freestyle)

The ARV series is the liveliest model among Armada’s ski series. Armada designed these skis for the all-mountain, freestyle skier packed with performance and durability. From backcountry, side, park, the ARV series give skiers a step up in the terrains. Some latest models include the ARV 116 JJ, ARV 106, and ARV 96.

Declivity Series (All-Mountain Directional)

Inspired by the preferences of resort-based skiers, Armada introduces its newest ski line, the Declivity series. It features the most technical builds Armada has ever achieved, designed from the ground up with no limits. 

The Declivity series has deep roots from Armada’s Innovation Lab, the ZERO collection. This ski series focuses on bringing a pure, uncompromising performance.  From chopped up powder to perfect groomers, tracked out crud to slush, the Declivity series will is a perfect choice. Its freshly-released models include the Declivity 92 TI and the Declivity 82 TI. 

Tracer Series (Freeride/Touring)

Tracer’s series proves that Armada likes to do things differently. Although the previous models boast of its stable and predictable performance in versatile conditions, the Tracer series keeps it unique by adding a subtle rocker and taper regions. With this, they designed nimble and playful skis with the ability to release the tail on command. The Tracer series consists of four models, including the Tracer 118, 108, 98, and 88.

Signature Series (Athletes Signature Skis)

Armada produced the Signature series to meet the preferences of the most creative freestyle skiers: Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, and Tanner Hall. Armada aims to deliver professional ski performance from the puckering AK spines, icy Quebec streets, and all terrains. The Armada Signature Series consists of three models, the Magic J, BDOG, and Edollo.

Zero Series (Innovation Lab)

Rooted in Armada’s founding principles, the Zero series is Armada’s Innovation Lab. It provides skiers the freedom to create and nurture every athlete’s ideas. The purpose of this innovative collection is to serve ski athletes and challenging industry standards. The Whitewalker, Stranger, and ARV 116 JJ UL are some of their leading Zero ski lineups.

Armada Skis: Company & History

Armada skis started in 2002 between a handful of professional skiers and a photographer after brainstorming on what makes a great ski company. Its founders adapted the team-based model in skateboarding and snowboarding into the ski brand through their company motto, “we are what skiing will become.” From there, the team behind Armada worked hard to become one of the influential ski brands worldwide.

What makes them unique as a ski brand is their new-school style of skiing. Armada boasts of their most unique graphics, making sure your skis will stand out anywhere you go. They team up with renowned creative artists that produce the most distinctive skis available.

Armada started as one of the few brands that solely produces twin-tip skis. Soon, they branched out by sharing their premium creations, from skis, poles, gloves, mid-layers, and more.


Armada became popularly known as an athlete-focused ski brand with design-obsessed, athlete-driven, and technology superior ski products. Their ski line has become a reference for mountain lifestyle and modern skiing distributed globally in over 40 countries.

Armada ensures that they produce premium quality skis with their athletes, engineers, artists, and designers. Their top-of-the-line skis prove that Armada skis are worthy of being called as the best worldwide.

That covers the Armada Skis Review and buying guide. The best Armada skis that suit you depends on your preferred skiing style, ability level, and other personal factors. Those who are still undecided may try the ARV 96 that is available for both men and women.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get Armada to sponsor me?

Five of the best skiers worldwide co-founded Armada. With this, they have very high standards on ensuring they get the highest-caliber skiers on board. After all, they want to support the best skiers worldwide. Armada approaches sponsorship as an outreach mentality. They discover and recruit the best ski athletes to join their team. Armada’s team will contact you if they are interested.

How can I purchase products at

Buying products at Armada is as easy as any online store. Drop by at their website and choose from their product lineup, including the right length and size. Click on ‘Shopping Cart’ to proceed with the checkout. A pop-up window will appear on Armada’s website, where you enter your delivery address and billing details.
Afterward, choose your desired payment method, double-check if you got all the information right, and click ‘Buy Now.’ After a few seconds, Armada will send you an order confirmation via e-mail.

Am I eligible for a proform program at Armada if I am working as a full-time mountain professional?

Armada believes in encouraging the working ski professional who drives and supports the ski industry. With this, qualifying ski professionals for the AR PRO store can purchase selected Armada products with a discount through the Amer Sports Pro Club. Participation in the program is a privilege, so Armada advises skiers to adhere to all the regulations, or your access will get revoked.

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