Ariens Snow Blowers Review | Top-Quality or a Flop? [2021]

Are you trying to get the snow out of your front lawn this winter season? Look for the best Ariens snow blowers that most love. You can trust their products as they are one of the longest-running reputable brands in the snowblower manufacturing industry.

Many features will be considered to ease pushing the whole body of the snowblower through thick snow. You need to consider the specifications and weigh each product’s pros and cons to know which would best suit your needs.

Luckily, we have made the job of selecting the best Ariens snowblowers for you to choose from. 

Dive into the list below and know more about the best Ariens snowblowers that are on the market today. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?  

Top 6 Best Ariens Snow Blowers Reviewed

  1. Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24' Two-Stage 254cc Snow Blower – Best Overall
  2. Ariens Professional RapidTrak 32' 420cc Track Drive Snow Blower – Best Value
  3. Ariens Path-Pro 21' Single-Stage Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice
  4. Ariens 225621 Compact Two Stage Snow Blower 
  5. Ariens Professional 32' 420cc Two-Stage Snow Blower 
  6. Ariens ST30DLE Platinum 30 SHO 414cc Two-Stage Snow Blower 


#1. Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24' Two-Stage 254cc Snow Blower – Best Overall

Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24

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This snowblower has been in many reviews’ most recommended and the best seller among all other Ariens models. Its two stage gas powered build makes a powerful snow plowing machine that thrives on medium to thick snow at a budget-friendly price. It is electrically powered to start but can be taken away by the power source by a recoil-start pulling mechanism to run its engine.

Its 254cc AX engine can blow the snow up to 50ft. It is self-propelled and easy to manage, having its levers for chutes turning at 200 degrees and adjusting for forward and backward speeds. Its machine has the same power as the next wider model, 28″, but is more lightweight and would perform better because of its size to power ratio.

This snow blower’s tires are unidirectional, designed to tread on icy surfaces because of its incredible grip. Its tires and body are durable overall and can go over uneven surfaces. Its enclosed design makes it protected from debris, and so far, there are no complaints of it getting jammed.

Its manageable yet powerful machine makes it user-friendly with many people, even for petite and lightweight-bodied users. You would expect Ariens to be relatively pricier than some snow blower brands. However, if you’d like a manageable yet powerful two stage gas-powered Ariens snowblower, this model would be the perfect snowblower that you would give a great performance at a reasonable price. 


Powerful two stage gas-powered engine yet lightweight relative to other Ariens deluxe models that can plow through medium to thick snowRecoil-pull start mechanism needs some good pulls before the engine starts
Manageable for a wide range of users and easy to controlMay take some time to get used to the controls
Can tread on the icy and uneven surface
Durable and doesn’t clog

#2. Ariens Professional RapidTrak 32' 420cc Track Drive Snow Blower – Best Value

Ariens Professional RapidTrak 32

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This snowblower is built for professionals who want a powerful machine to clear wide heaps of snow in a short amount of time. Some homeowners are also interested who wants a quick and powerful snow clearing. 

Ariens has innovated RapidTrak technology for this model’s series to combine the wheeled and track Sno-Thro machines giving you the best of both worlds. This system is designed for rapid speed, matching the wheeled Snow-Thro model. 

Its track design allows for ultimate grip and traction for a steady treading on any surface. It is also easy to adjust the back wheels, making a fast and easy to maneuver the machine.

It comes with high-speed three-blade steel that crushes anything on its way. Conquer and type of snow and surface with this big and powerful snowblower that will surely clear anything on its path at your control.

This snow blower may come with a hefty price than the other models, but it serves with its great performance and be worth every dime. If you want to get your hands on the most powerful snowblower, Ariens has produced, this is for you.

RapidTrak technology gives it the wheeled and track features offering great traction and speedHeavyweight and wide-bodied making it harder to store and maintain
Powerful and fast snowblower that clears anything on its wayRelatively more expensive than most snow blower models
Works on any surface with its powerful steel blades

#3. Ariens Path-Pro 21' Single-Stage Snow Blower – Editor’s Choice

Ariens Path-Pro 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Blower

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This small yet powerful snowblower is a single stage type, which almost work like a two stage snow blower. It has a lightweight body that is easy to move. It can clear up light to moderate snow up to 9in thick. It has an electric start that can save your back from pulling.

Its beastly 136cc to 208cc engines will plow through the snow and send them flying at a maximum distance of 35ft from the machine. Additionally, the scraper bar and reinforced paddles on its mouth will ensure the snow will be cleared to the surface, leaving it nice and clean. 

It has large semi-pneumatic wheels that withstand uneven and tough surfaces and offer great traction, stability, and agility. Overall, this single stage gas snow blower is manageable yet powerful. On top of all that, this type of model is one of the cheapest choices in the Ariens snowblower series that offers great performance despite its small and lightweight body. It also has a great casing, which makes it durable, and has folding hand bars for easy storage.

One of the cheapest models in Ariens snowblowersMay have a tough time clearing snow on larger driveways and extremely thick snow
Has powerful engines that clear up to the surfaceSome find the belt problematic and may need adjustments
Can be easily maneuvered on any surface
Small and lightweight

#4. Ariens 225621 Compact Two Stage Snow Blower

Ariens 225621 Compact Two Stage Snow Blower

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This two stage snowblower is built to clear even on tight spaces due to its compact design. It is light and manageable, yet has an all-steel construction, which leaves everyone wondering how that would be possible. 

It has a powerful engine with a 110V start that runs on an electric outlet but can be operated without one by pulling to start. It has a cast-iron gear case that allows for more snow clearing, throwing the snow at a maximum distance of 40ft. You can also control the chute and cap rotation through a remote.

This snow blower is self-propelled and has auto-turn steering, made into a zero-degree turning radius delivering smooth, precise turns. Its whole body is made of 100% steel, giving a durable build and a more powerful plowing capacity. Its 15in large directional tires offer grip and agility for a better hold on slippery surfaces.

This low maintenance and easy to use snow blower have all these features yet have a budget-friendly price for a second stage type of Ariens snowblower. If you’re looking for convenience and great traction, this snowblower offers a reasonable price for you.

Durable and powerful that can conquer thick snow and slippery surfacesSlow reverse
Easy to control cap and chute rotation with a remote
Has a compact body for its two stage design
Has an auto-turn steering 

#5. Ariens Professional 32' 420cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Professional (32') 420cc Two-Stage Snow Blower 926076

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This snow blower is built for commercial and intense residential use. It is designed to clear the thickest heaps of snow with its extra plowing capacity design built to withstand any condition. This model’s series takes up the thickest of snow up to 60ft at a rate of 79-102tons/hr, the most intense among all models and the most expensive among most snow blowers in their line of products.

This snow blower means business and will take on anything on its way with its three-steel auger blades. It also has two belts that efficiently capture engine torque, reducing belt wear when moving thick snow. Overall, this snow blower has an all-steel frame and dash that makes it heavy duty and powerful. 

This snow blower is manageable even with its heavy body, as it can propel itself automatically and even has an auto-steering feature, with a zero-degree turning radius, delivering smooth and nice turns. It also has an easy turn of the key and one-pull start so you can start operating it. It sips less fuel while consistently throwing snow with power.

If you’re looking for a snowblower that can take on the thickest snow, Ariens presents this Professional model series for you. This snow blower would mostly fit commercial uses, but if you have a large area to clear and you mean business with the thickest snow, this snow blower can handle it.

Can deal with the heaviest and thickest snow in a large area with its wide body and powerful buildOne of the most expensive snowblowers
Heavy-duty materials making it durable and more powerful than everToo much for small to regular-sized areas
Easy to start, control, and maneuver around Needs extra work for maintenance
Clears snow at a fast rate Too large for a regular storage

#6. Ariens ST30DLE Platinum 30 SHO 414cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens ST30DLE Platinum 30 SHO 414cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

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This Platinum snowblower is loaded with top-end features you would enjoy. This two stage gas snowblower has the latest technology that some snowblowers would miss, so if you want an all-around snowblower, you may want to take a look at this.

This snowblower features a Super High Output (SHO) impeller that plows snow at 83tons/hr. and throws it as far as 55ft. It also has an industry-leading auger ratio with cast-iron gear case, allowing more clearing of snow. Like most Ariens snowblowers, this model also has a 100% all-steel frame and dash, making a durable and heavy-duty overall machine.

An optional Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine is also featured in this snowblower, making for an easy-start engine. It uses less fuel but is still consistent with its efficiency and power. This snow blower is manageable as it can propel itself automatically with an auto-steering feature, having a zero-degree turning radius, delivering smooth and nice turns.

Overall, this snowblower delivers power and convenience for an easy snow blowing experience. It even has heated handgrips, adding comfort to your body when you’re out in the cold for longer sessions. If you are looking for a snowblower that has it all, with its technology and great build, you will never go wrong with this snowblower.

Has advanced technology that maximizes the features of the machine to amplify their effectsOn the expensive side of Ariens’ two stage snow blowers
Comfortable and convenient to use even for longer sessionsTires are skinnier than expected for most snowblowers
Use less gas yet is consistent in delivering incredible power
Plows fast and throw snow at a fast rate with easy controls
Durable, heavy-duty

A Brief History of Ariens: Snow Blower

Henry Ariens made a gas-powered rototiller in their house’s garage in 1933 when the Ariens snowblower company was born. He started the Ariens company with his sons in Brillion, Wisconsin, constantly flowing with new ideas to build. 

In the year 1960, Ariens produced the self-propelling Sno-Thro snowblower, which offered an alternative to snow shoveling. They are still manufacturing hassle-free powerful machines after 60 years, constantly adding more improvements to be more serviceable to consumers.

Their Sno-Thro series is widely known for providing various models for specific purposes. They classify their series into nine categories. They have constantly been adding models for their snowblower series that will cater to the different needs of people who want the snow out of their way. Various models for each series are made with a single stage or the two stage, which cater to most, if not all, residential and commercial needs. 

Types of Ariens Snowblowers

Single Stage Gas Powered

These are lightweight yet beastly types of snowblowers, which clear smaller areas than the two stage snowblowers. Even with its small body, Ariens snowblowers are known for its consistency in power and easy to control snowblower machines. 

Two Stage Gas Powered

These are the best-selling types of snowblowers from Ariens. They have a wider coverage of clearing width than the single stage. Although they are more expensive, they serve to clear thicker snow and have stronger engines to move faster.

Ariens Snowblower Series


This single stage type snowblower is the new release of Ariens. Like Ariens’ other snowblowers, it delivers a powerful performance and cleans up to the surface like a shovel. It is the smallest snowblower from all of Ariens’ snowblower series.

Path Pro

This single stage model is the best-selling single stage type of snowblower from Ariens as it performs like a two stage model yet has a smaller and lightweight body for easy storage and control. This model is also relatively easier to maintain than the other two stage bigger models.


This snowblower is a hybrid or transition from the single stage to the two stage, having the power of a two stage snowblower that clears up more snow than a single stage type, yet with the single stage precision of clearing up snow.

Professional 21

This two-stage snowblower is a commercial-grade tool designed to be moved from side to side to clear different areas. Its smart lift system gives easy loading and unloading without much exhaustion. The spring-loaded scraper also gives a clean finish on the surface.


This type is the smallest among all the two stage Arians snowblower models and only comes in one design. It is built with compact durability. It gives easy maneuverability as its electric start will fire it up and get it moving with ease. Its strong engines will throw snow up to 40ft away.


It is a powerful performing two stage snowblower that is designed to fit into small spaces. This machine will be easy to store commercially and even at home. It has large grippy tires that can move on slippery and uneven surfaces, making it an all-around snowblower.


It is considered a snowblower beast as it has a straight-forward power with an EFI machine option, allowing less gas consumption with power consistency. It is also the best-selling type among all others in the Ariens’ Sno-Thro series, with its balanced, reasonable price with the power plus additional technologies it offers.


This snowblower has fully loaded technologies that give extra convenience and comfort to the user, even for longer snow blowing sessions. It also uses an EFI engine option for less gas consumption yet powerful output performance.


This snowblower gives a versatile wheeled and track engine in one machine. Its RapidTrak technology gives versatility to in any condition. Its traction is superb, maintaining stability in slippery situations, uneven, sloping surfaces, and high snow piles.


This snowblower is Ariens’ top of the line heavy-duty duty commercial and heavy residential snowblowers. It has the strongest engine capacity when it comes to clearing up the thickest snow in large areas. It is also built for a durable and long-lasting performance for the toughest snow build-up situations.


Ariens, dubbed as “The King of Snow,” boasts of its long-running reputation in the snow blower industry. They launched their snowblower series in the 1960s, producing over a whopping 4 million snow blower products sold worldwide, and counting until today. They earned their spot as the top one best brand of snowblowers, and they are also officially ranked as the number one best-selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world.

They have been widely known as one of the best manufacturers of snow blowers worldwide and have claimed and learned how the best snow blowers have an all-steel construction through the long years of testing and verifications. They are constantly improving the technology in their snowblowers to improve performance in their snowblower series constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I replace a tire on my snowblower?

The first step you need to do is to make sure that the gas cap is secured to prevent harmful spillage while you’re replacing your tires. You need to unscrew the connecting screw from the blower and slide the wheel and tire assembly off the blower’s axle then replace a new tire on the blower’s axle. 

Finally, place any other needed washers to the linking points. Insert the fastener to the linking point and tighten it using the screwdriver or socket driver.

If you are not an expert and have no knowledge of replacing your tires, it would be safer to ask a technician to do it or have you guided for the procedures.

Won’t you get shocks from using snow blowers?

A decent and reputable snowblower will have insulating properties that will prevent this from happening. Especially from the handles, they put a soft rubberized grip to make the handle comfortable and shock-free. You are more likely to get shocks from touching the plastic that rotates inside the machine due to the static build-up. You won’t get shocked if you are careful and are using the machine properly.

What type of gasoline is recommended for Ariens’ snowblowers?

Ariens recommends the use of clean and fresh gasoline that is purchased in the current season. It is preferable to do regular fuel fill-ups rather than storage to maintain the gasoline’s freshness guaranteeing your snowblower’s engines’ full performance and longevity. Use gasoline with 87+ octane with at most 10% ethanol, ideally at 0%. They recommend the use of high-quality fuel stabilizers to help keep your fuel and carburetor clean.

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